Milf gets stuck Russian Amateur Takes it Like a Pro

Milf gets stuck Russian Amateur Takes it Like a Pro
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Fbailey story number 672 Her Panties Hanging On The Line The old lady next door had died and her children had sold the place. I really liked her. We had been very good neighbors for years. She would bake me cookies and I would mow her yard. Her daughters told me that a schoolteacher had bought the place.


Great, some old English teacher. A fine neighbor she would make. A week or so later I saw a moving van parked there when I went to work. For some reason I gave that moving van a lot of thought. I worked evenings and school teachers worked days so it was about two weeks later when I looked out my window. I saw a very cute young woman hanging up her laundry.

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She hung up pants, skirts, and blouses. Then she hung up sexy nighties, bras, and panties. Her underwear was on my side so I got to look at it for a few hours. I could not help but look. Her panties were hanging on the clothesline. She wore very sexy and very skimpy panties. Most looked expensive too.

She liked thong panties, in solid colors, and mostly silk looking. Her bras usually matched her panties. I watched her panties blowing in the breeze. Then she came out with her laundry basket and started taking her dry clothes down.

She took down the pants, skirts, and blouses. Then she noticed me. She smiled, she waved, and then she walked toward me.

She said, "Hello! I'm your new neighbor. My name is Gretchen but my students call me Miss Amore. Actually they call me the worst teacher in the school." I replied, "Hi Gretchen, my friends call me the horniest guy that they have ever met." She smiled and asked, "Are you putting me on?" I laughed and said, "Maybe!" Then she asked, "Do I make you horny?" I replied, "No!

I'm not into gorgeous sexy blonde schoolteachers anymore. However, my neighbor's sexy underwear is driving me absolutely crazy." She looked around at her clothesline and then she started giggling.


She had the sweetest smile I had seen in a long time. Then she asked, "What would happen if a gorgeous sexy blonde schoolteacher were to model your neighbor's sexy underwear? Would that get you horny?" I was in love! She was beautiful, she was intelligent, and she had a sense of humor.

She could easily be a ten in any man's book.

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I asked, "Would you like a glass of wine?" Gretchen said, "Yes, I would like a glass, red if possible. You do know that you don't have to get me drunk to get me into my own underwear." I laughed and asked, "Are you already in my neighbor's underwear?" She lifted her top up and I saw her pink bra.

It was lacy and very sexy. Then she lifted up her skirt and I saw her matching panties.

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Then she said, "My God, I am. I hope she doesn't mind." She followed me into the house and I poured her a glass of red wine. I popped a can of beer for myself. We sat on my couch and talked about ourselves.

She had a much better life than I had had. As she drank she turned around to face me. Her legs went up on the middle cushion and her panties were fully visible.

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There was a wet spot forming in her crotch too. She told me about being a cheerleader in high school and in college. She told me about her sorority days and then she talked about some of the wide parties that she went to in college. She had sex with many boys and several girls, she had done a few threesomes, and she had been in several group sex orgies too.

She liked nude sunbathing, nude beaches, and nude resorts. She also liked some of her students, both male and female.

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Then she said, "I especially like my new neighbor. Are my panties making you horny? I'm getting wet thinking about what you will be doing to me soon." The wet spot in her panties had grown.

She reached down under her skirt and the lifted her ass to remove her panties.

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She spread wide for me and said, "All of my lovers prefer my pussy bald, I hope you like it that way too." I sure did. Then as I watched Gretchen removed her blouse and her skirt. She looked right at me as she removed her bra. She had the thickest and longest nipples that I had ever seen.


I can only compare them to my thumb, half of my thumb, from the knuckle out. Yes, we are talking about her nipples and they were about an inch in diameter and an inch and a quarter long. They looked like baby dicks sticking out of her breasts.

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I crawled across the couch and sucked her left one into my mouth. It was not like any nipple that I had ever had in my mouth. It was substantial and I thoroughly enjoyed sucking on it.

I swear that Gretchen had an orgasm just from me sucking on it. I went over to her right nipple and started sucking on that one. Yes, she did have an orgasm, that made two for her. She scootched down on my couch, I removed my clothes, and then I rammed my cock into her as far as it would go. Then I stared fucking her. Gretchen said, "I can model another pair for you tomorrow and every day for the next four months." I asked, "Do you have that many pairs of panties?" She replied, "I can buy more.

Better yet, I can have a couple of my students model theirs for you too." I asked, "How old are these girls?" She replied, "The two that I'm thinking of are seniors and at least seventeen years old. That makes them legal in this state. They both make it a point to let me see their panties every day during class." I said, "They must be lesbians." Gretchen said, "Maybe so, but even lesbians will let a guy fuck them to get what they want…me!" All that sexy talk finally got to me.

I thrust into her hard and held it there as I fired off shot after shot of hot cum into her. Gretchen said, "Thank you, I really needed that. I haven't had sex in a month." I laughed and said, "I'd be happy to give you a daily injection." She asked, "Before or after breakfast?" I said, "If you spend the night in my bed you can find out in the morning." She said, "I really should take my laundry down before it makes someone horny." I replied, "Your not dressed for it." She said, "Then maybe I should wait until after dark, then go out.

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I love to run round outside naked." I smiled, I kissed her, and I said, "The girl of my dreams." The End Her Panties Hanging On The Line 672