Upskirt a vecina con calzon blanco

Upskirt a vecina con calzon blanco
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It was a hot sunny afternoon and I'd come in from the garden to cool off. After grabbing a cold beer I went into the lounge and lay on the sofa. Fairly soon I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep. My partner soon to be my wife was out for the day and I was just completely relaxed and expecting no one. I was dreaming about shagging some gorgeous young blonde and although more or less asleep knew that I had an erection which was a bit uncomfortable so I turned over and straightened it.

I'd just given myself a sensual stroke (outside my shorts) when a noise above my head entered my consciousness. I was lying on my back with my head toward the street door so movement of the door was above my head! I heard a familiar voice speak my name but I did not open my eyes.

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It was Jen, my fiancée's daughter. I didn't know she might call in or I would have dressed a bit more conservatively. As it was I was very aware that my erection was probably showing and that it would be quite embarrassing to get up and speak to her.

I decided to play possum! Jen is a big girl of about 30. She is a single mother with two young girls and she must have been calling in on her way home from a half day at work. She is about 5ft 3 tall with a big voluptuous ass and enormous boobs. Her best feature by far in my opinion though was her hair. It was long and curly, cascading down past her shoulders framing quite a pretty face. She had always been a friend to me since I met her mother but that was as far as it went.

We had always acted with the utmost propriety to each other and had never even slightly flirted so this was a weird situation to be in. There I was lying practically naked in front of her with a big cock straining in my pants and her with the best view of my body she had ever witnessed.

I heard her move round to the side of the sofa and call me again softly, "Nick, are you awake?" I did not move and remained silent. Perhaps she would just go and leave me in peace? Then I felt a hand upon my chest. She did not shake me but gently stroked across my right nipple, first one way and then back again. The decent man in me told me to open my eyes and sleepily come alive but the devil in me made my cock twitch and told me to pretend to be asleep.


I made no noise but almost imperceptibly heaved up my chest. I like my nipples being played with! Jen's hand again rubbed gently across my nipple and back again. I heard her go down onto her knees and immediately felt her breath on my chest as she leaned over and making a very faint groan, licked my nipple. This time I could not keep still and I, faintly groaning, pushed my chest up at her. She did it again. I groaned again and she responded by pulling away for a moment before diving back down and sucking my nipple into her hot mouth.

I pushed up to meet her mouth and then I felt her hand at the waistband of my shorts! "Nick?" she asked again and I knew she was just checking to see if I was awakening. I did nothing and Jen gently put a finger inside the waistband and pulled it away from me.

She let out a whistling breath as she viewed my manhood and after a few seconds she returned to sucking my nipple as she slid her hand into my shorts and dropped it on my cock, palm down, fingers toward my balls.

Her hand stayed quite still for agonising seconds before she moved it around and curled her fingers around my pulsating cock. I rewarded her with a push of my hips upward in her hand. She moved it slowly up and down my shaft just once before she pulled it away from me, snapping the waistband back down.

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She lifted her head. "Nick?" she asked louder before waiting a few seconds and returning her hand to my cock. This time she lifted my waistband away so that she could hold me with her other hand. After a few gentle strokes she moved her head down closer and I squirmed about on the sofa in delight as she licked away the precum that she had brought from my bursting cock. I could feel her lovely hair on my stomach sensuously tickling me.

We both groaned! Now she got much bolder as she went down my body further and took my cockhead into her mouth. Her tongue darted about on it as she really started to pump her hand up and down my cock. I pushed up at her groaning much louder and this made her pull away and kook up at my face. I already had my eyes open and ignoring the startled look on her face I whispered "Don't stop Jen". "Oh god.

I'm so sorry I just don't …&hellip." She tailed off blushingly lowering her eyes. This was obviously a turning point. A crossroads. Decision time! Could I get her to carry on? We both knew the consequences if we got caught or somehow her mother found out.

Or she could not live with the guilt and told her! Disaster! "Don't worry" I said softly, "I loved that and it will be just between us". I reached out my arm and stroked her ass and the tried to pull up her skirt so that I could feel her skin. Unfortunately she was kneeling on the front part of her maxi-dress and it was impossible to pull it up. She sensed what I was trying to do and came up off her knees and by the time she was standing I had my hand pushed between her legs and cupping her mound.

"Take it off Jen" I asked firmly and she immediately complied. Wow! She was wearing no bra and her huge breasts bounced free on her chest. She did have on a tiny red thong which did little to cover her fat pussy and a deep camel toe was clearly visible. The thong was also clearly wet. I reached up and stroked it and she pushed her hips forward in response. I slid my fingers into the side of the thong and found her hot very wet slit.

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Two fingers found their way inside her and I started to push them in and out. " Oh god!" she moaned as she parted her legs and started to shake and push her hips forward repeatedly, "I can't stand up". I shifted toward the back of the sofa as she fell to her knees on the front and in one smooth movement she was laying facing me, my fingers still inside her. She reached down and again took my cock in her hand and started to pull on it.

We played with each other's sex for about a minute until she breathed in my ear "Oh Nick, I'm gonna cum". She was thrusting her hips at me and lifted her top leg up and over my waist. Juice came pouring out on my hand as she really started to moan loudly. "Oh god I shouldn't be doing this. It's so wrong but, but, it's&hellip. Oh! FUCK!" she shouted, "make me cum Nick". She almost screamed as her orgasm hit her and she bucked so much against me that I couldn't keep my fingers inside her.

She finished with my hand trapped between both our legs as she shuddered through it. "Christ you needed that I think" I nuzzled into her ear through her beautiful hair.

She was actually panting, out of breath as she asked "And what do you need?" "I need to fuck you", I smiled and with that she got up and stood facing me as she squirmed out of her thong, her pendulous breasts swinging before my eyes.

I pushed down my shorts and pulled her by the arm on top of me. She reached down and guided me into her and I could feel her hot cum filled pussy slide down the length of my cock.


It felt like the first time I ever entered a woman for the first time. A sort of buzzing sensation rather like what you get during the start of the orgasm. It actually felt like I was cumming then and there. She started to hump me slowly but quickly began to speed up and I could tell she was close to it again." Oh god, Oh god.

I'm gonna cum again. I'm sorry. I can't stop. Oh god I'm cumming" she moaned as she bucked and ground her pussy down on to me. I felt her wetness flow down my groin and that was enough to start me off. I pushed up hard into her and just left it there as high as I could go. As deep inside her as I could get and then just let it happen. I didn't tell her till I was half way through it because I wanted to really feel it.

I just wanted it to last as long as possible. "No don't cum in me" she said, grinding her pussy down into my groin and then humping herself into a further orgasm."Oh fuck. Oh god I'm cumming again. Oh Yes cum in me shoot it all inside me. Give me your fucking baby. Oh god!" she screamed as she ground herself into me and collapsed onto my chest, our mixed cum almost running out of her. We stayed locked together for quite a time before I asked her if she was OK.

" I can't believe we just did that. We were never supposed to do that. It will kill my Mum I feel so ashamed" She spoke these words directly into my chest, not daring to look me in the eye. "Jen don't worry. Your Mum will never find out and there's no reason to regret it. It was lovely and I for one will never forget it. We're not going to have an affair so It probably won't happen again.

It's just been a VERY pleasant encounter. It could have been anyone for either of us". "You'll keep it to yourself?" she asked, "and it will never happen again?" " Absolutely" I assured her as I pushed upwards into her with my still hard cock.

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"After today!" "Today?. Again?" she said in a very sexy voice at the same time starting her pumping motion above me again. I reached down between us to feel the wetness down there and after coating my fingers I bought my hand back up and we both licked the cum off them.

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"Will you cum in my mouth next time?" she asked. "You bet I will!" After that day we never spoke of it again and Jen never visited again unless she knew her mother was there.

Sometimes if she was in my sight only I'd run my hand across and down my groin just to remind her. She found a husband a couple of years later, moved away and now we rarely see her.