Con rica werita que conoci en el antro

Con rica werita que conoci en el antro
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Working at the hotel had it's perks, there was no denying it; Katie got her meals free from the excellent kitchens, it paid unexpectedly well for what was basically a part-time domestic role, and she got a significant discount on rooms at any of the other four and five star hotels in the chain that were scattered around the world in far flung and exotic locales.

The downsides were that it was for the most part mind-numbingly boring work; cleaning the rooms was the worst of it, the personal hygiene of some of the guests left a lot to be desired. But the worst part was the bad attitude that a surprising number of guests seemed to hold against the maids and porters. At times she felt treated like a slave, pandering to the whimsical needs of people with more money than sense, and being barked at for the dubious privilege.

Swings and roundabouts she thought to herself as she pulled off the now starchy semen coated sheet from the recently vacated room 152, all a part of life's playground. She had never felt intimidated by the more rude and pompous guests but it was difficult to hold her tongue at times, and the stress of her unreleased anger tended to give her pounding headaches. Paracetamol did little to alleviate them. After replacing the sheets and duvet Katie bundled the old sexually abused bedding into her cart and started off for the laundry.

Approaching the lift she was stopped by Bill, the assistant manager. 'Katie, I need to ask a favour.' he said with a harrowed look on his face that said she wasn't going to like it.

'Yes?' she asked tentatively. 'Can you stay back tonight? Laura's called in sick and she was supposed to be looking after the Bridal suite.

We have a couple of newlyweds in tonight and she normally handles all that.' 'How long?' she asked. 'Should only be till. maybe 1am, I'll let the night-shift handle them after that.' It had been a long day already and Katie really wanted to get home to a mug of cocoa and another chapter of 'Life of Pi'. 'Double time if you can do it!' he offered sensing her reluctance and it was too tempting for her, the extra money would come in handy and she wasn't in the next day.

She liked Bill too and he had always given her time off when she needed it. Katie agreed and Bill gave her a quick rundown of the usual routine for someone specially assigned to the bridal suite. It seemed pretty straightforward, nothing much out of the ordinary, just priority attention and the added power of being able to command the kitchen staff if any unusual culinary requests should be made.

Bill assured her that their probably wouldn't be any, that they usually just stumble in drunk, have a 'quickie' and fall asleep. How romantic, she thought, a drunken quickie on your wedding night.

but she didn't doubt the truth of it. Bill had been there long enough to have figured it out, and he was married himself. Katie had always imagined her wedding night as being a thrill ride of passionate love-making with a soundtrack of whispered declarations of undying devotion lasting until the break of dawn.

She also imagined that her divorce would be bitter and acrimonious. Love and hate inhabit people in equal measures she always found.


That was why she usually went for the type lacking in any real passion for life; the inevitable break up was so much easier than it was with the big-hearted types, though the time spent together was a lot less fun. Katie tided herself over with casual sex between boyfriends; sleazy ship in the night encounters that satisfied a need and left no relationship hangovers, but usually came with a crushing physical one the morning after. She was loathe to admit to herself that she enjoyed the anonymity of her one night stands, the heated, frantic, end of the night rutting, the freedom to be sexually aggressive without it seeming out of character.

But a part of her yearned for romance and connection, the part that was always sarcastically put down by her cynical side who told her that 'true love' belongs between the covers of Mills and Boon novels, not her bedsheets. With a heavy sigh Katie wheeled the cart of cum-stained laundry into the lift and pressed the button for the basement. The Bridal suite was spectacular. Katie had never had more than a glimpse of it before in her seven months in the job, and she was taken aback.

The suite appeared vast compared to the standard rooms she was used to tending, and bathed in a healthy golden glow. The view out across the river with the lights of the city's hectic nightlife sparkling on it's calm surface was beautiful, breathtaking. She had never seen the city of her birth look so attractive. The plush lilly white carpet seemed to absorb her weight with every step. She was tempted to lie down on it and feel it against her skin but resisted.

However she couldn't resist throwing herself onto the super-king size four poster bed and luxuriating in it's soft welcoming Goose down duvet and pillows. She had always imagined the bedding would be red; a passionate scarlet, but it was as flawlessly white as the carpets. The silky soft netting that hung from the posts was red though, and Katie could imagine her fantasy new husband parting the veils, as it were, to claim his marital prize.

There was nothing much to do really. The room was spotlessly clean and tidy, Bill had made sure the bedding was already changed by the previous shift, there were ample fluffy towels (also white) and the bathroom was fully stocked. The newlyweds were due in at 10pm and Katie had already arranged for the courtesy bottle of champagne on ice to reach the room before them.

She took the two Belgian chocolate truffles and placed them on the pillows, then smoothed over the bedding again, removing every last hint of a crease. The room was perfect. She considered one more roll on the bed, or maybe five minutes of rest to relax her aching legs but feared that she would fall asleep and be awoken by an angry couple yelling at her the one time she was given this responsibility.

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Bad idea she decided, but was left wondering if Laura had ever brought her boyfriend here for her evening sex sessions. She had used the executive suites a few times, and knowing her she probably had done. Katie felt a pang of envy and made a mental note to ask her sometime.

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10pm rolled by and the couple had still not arrived. Katie busied herself with some room service duty. A group of three; two glamorous girls and a guy, the businessman type, had asked for champagne.

She recognised the girls, they had been here before with various men and she wondered if they were escorts. She knocked on the door and it was the guy who opened it. Katie brought the champagne bucket in and placed it on the table by the bedside, noticing the two girls sitting on the bed in their skimpy dresses. She put the three glasses down beside it and could feel the sexual tension in the room. It was only after leaving that she realised in horror that her wandering mind had led to her give them the expensive champagne intended for the Bridal suite.

Katie dashed back to the room, but through the door she could hear glasses clinking and girls giggling. It was too late, and she couldn't very well charge them for her mistake.

She was about to return to the wine steward to arrange another bottle when she heard smacking sounds like kissing coming from the room, followed by some OOooo's and Ahhhh's. She stopped to listen, feeling like a voyeur and getting a little buzz of excitement from it.

'Ah, Jesus' she heard gasped out from the guy, and imagined that one of the girls had pulled out his erection. She heard a long MMMmmmmm from one of the girls followed by a repeated 'yes' from him. Katie raised an eyebrow, she was captivated.

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She guessed that he was being blown by one of them, maybe both - a typical male fantasy that would fit with her escort theory. The sounds continued and Katie's imagination began to run wild. Eventually she heard shuffling. One of the girls said 'Come on baby, fuck her with your big cock.' Katie's jaw dropped and her other eyebrow lifted up to match the first. She imagined it was the blond saying that while the brunette lay back on the bed spreading her legs for him.

'Oh god baby YES, Fuck me' she heard in a higher pitched voice, the brunette. 'Fuck her baby' the first voice added. She heard him grunting out with each thrust and pictured the blond lying by their side, maybe rubbing the brunette's clitorus and kissing her breasts as the guy fucked her. Katie was lost in the action and startled by the sudden bleeping of her pager.

'Shit' she said out loud then froze, pausing to see if the occupants of the room had heard. The sounds of sex continued unabated and Katie rushed off. Her couple had arrived. She was supposed to be at reception to see if they had any immediate needs to be tended to, but they were already on their way up when she arrived back. The champagne she remembered in a sudden panic and darted off to find the wine steward but he had left for the night hours ago after selecting the bottle she had given to the threesome.

Next stop was the wine cellar. It wasn't really a cellar at all, just a temperature controlled room where all of the drinks were kept. Ok, champagne. champagne she thought, searching the room, going from rack to rack. Finally she found it but had little idea of which of the bottles were suitable.

'Ayala Brut Majeur NV Champagne' she read. 'This will have to do she' she said to herself then placed it in a bucket and half filled it with ice. She made her way up to the suite and knocked on the door. It was answered by a handsome man who greeted her with a warm smile. 'Your champagne sir.' she said smiling back.

'Great.' he said and moved aside to let her into the room. The room was already stocked with glasses. The Bride was sat on the bed in her wedding dress; a beautiful sleek silk gown with criss-crossed lace folds under her heaving breasts.

'Your dress is beautiful' Katie said, offering a smile to the girl. She looked up, her long dark hair flicking round, and gave Katie a stony faced look of disdain. 'Open that' she said abruptly, glancing at the champagne. The groom settled back onto the bed and flung his arms back, stretching out. Katie took a pair of glasses from the cabinet and gripped the bottle, readying to pop the cork. It gave some initial resistance then flew from the bottle.

A splash of froth burst forth after it like a comedy ejaculation and splashed across the bride's face, over her breasts, and onto her lap. Katie's jaw dropped for the second time that night. 'Oh god, I'm so sorry' she offered as way of apology. The groom was laughing. The bride wasn't. 'You stupid fucking bitch' she screamed. The bride stood up and drew her hand back. Katie cringed but the groom was up on his feet quickly and caught her hand.

'Calm down.' he said, 'It was an accident.' 'Just get her out of here' the bride screamed 'get her fucking out of here.' He motioned her toward the door while his new wife rushed to the bathroom. 'Don't worry about it.' he said with a reassuring smile. 'She's always a little uptight, and it's been a big day.' 'I'm really sorry' Katie repeated shaking her head 'i didn't mean.' 'It's ok really', 'it was pretty funny actually,' he grinned and reached into his pocket, taking out a 20.

'Oh no, I can't take a tip after that' Katie said. 'You can and you will' he insisted, taking her hand and pushing the folded note into it. His hands were strong and Katie felt a spark of desire as he touched her.

She looked up at him with her big blue eyes meeting his and held his gaze for a lingering moment. 'Thank you' she mouthed silently and headed back downstairs to feel sorry for herself. She had been there only moments when the phone rang for room service and she was confronted with the voice of the angry bride.

'What the fuck is this pigs swill you've brought us? I asked for the Dom Perignon, not this cheap rubbish. You might drink this piss, but I'm not forcing it down me, not on my wedding night.' 'I'll bring it up right away.' Katie replied in her most pleasant tone.

She could feel a headache coming on. With the help of one of the porters she found the right bottle and rushed up to the room. The bride opened the door and snatched the bucket from her hand, examining the contents. She seemed to approve. 'Learned to read have you? She barked sarcastically. 'You open it' she said, handing it to her husband while she retrieved the old bottle. She jerked it upward, sending a spray of the bubbly fizz splashing out and over Katie then thrust the bottle into her hands.

'Now fuck off' she said slamming the door. Katie stood, Champagne dripping from her hair and face, and a dark patch over her breasts. Moments later the door opened again and Katie jumped but it was the groom.

She felt like storming in and punching his wife, but was calmed by his good humoured smile. 'I'm really sorry' he whispered, echoing her own sentiment from earlier, and taking her hands in his. 'Don't let her put you down.' he continued moving his mouth to her ear. 'You're a very sweet and beautiful girl, and for what it's worth I always thought I'd be doing this stuff with someone much more like you than her.' 'Circumstances' he added with a resigned smile.

He winked then returned to his evil spouse, closing the door quietly. Well that was remarkably candid for a newly married man she thought to herself. Katie didn't envy him, attaching himself to a rude, arrogant, sour faced bitch like that. And he seemed like such a great guy. He'd rather be in there with me she thought, and smiled to herself then returned downstairs.

She wondered what the circumstances he mentioned were; was she pregnant by him? Had they married for some sort of convenience?, business reasons? Was it an arranged marriage? Whatever it was, she knew it wasn't love and her headache had vanished. The following couple of hours saw little activity. They asked twice for bottles of wine and Katie was careful to make sure it matched their requirements exactly. The two scantily clad girls left, one of them handing a pile of notes to the other.

Katie felt a little disappointed to have missed out on the rest of the audio show and made another mental note to listen in again the next time they paid the hotel a working visit. At this time of night the place was awash with sex sounds from the rooms and it was making her a little horny. She decided she would dispense with the book and masturbate before going to sleep tonight, probably thinking of the bridal suite and the hot husband, but with her in the beautiful silky dress instead of Mrs.

Nastybitch. It was almost 1am, her finishing time when what would be her final call for the night came through. It was her and she wanted a can of whipped cream.

Katie obliged and hastened up to the room after a quick visit to the kitchens. She knocked tentatively and after a few moments of shuffling the bride appeared. She was dressed in a white silk cami top, swaying in the doorway with a vacant look on her face. She lurched forward.

'gimme tha.' she slurred out and stumbled out into the corridor.


'Are you ok Lisa' The groom asked from within the room. 'She's ok' Katie shouted, 'Just a little drunk.' Lisa slumped onto the floor and dropped her head into her lap, moaning softly. Katie strode into the room with the can of whipped cream in her hand to seek some help and was confronted with a sight that would drop her jaw a third time.

The groom was stretched out on the bed, naked. His hands tied to the bedstead with what she assumed to be white stockings, a blindfold over his eyes, and an impressive erection laying flat against his belly.

The words froze in her mouth. She tip-toed out and found his bride asleep on the floor. Katie bent down and hooked an arm around her and gently brought her to her feet.


She resented helping her but was inwardly pleased that she wouldn't be enjoying the pleasures of the hard-on waiting for her, not in this state. Step by step she brought her into the room and sat her down in the armchair in the corner of the room. Her head slumped to the armrest and she immediately resumed her sleep.

The sounds of a porn movie on low volume playing on the TV masking the sound of her sighs. 'What's going on?' The groom asked. Katie stood before the bed looking at him sprawled out, his well built physique a tempting treat to the eye. A light sprinkling of hair around his tanned chest gleamed with sweat from whatever they had been up to before this point.

His arms were strong and meaty, his legs thick and sculpted. Katie looked at the sleeping bride, then at the can of whipped cream, and finally to the erection still going strong on his stomach.

No she thought I can't. Nonetheless she found herself moving forward toward the bed. She knelt on the corner by his feet and he sensed her. 'There you are' he said and laughed, 'Are you going to keep teasing me like this?' he asked playfully. He deserves to at least have a good wedding night Katie thought, but knew she was making excuses for herself to indulge her desire for him. Again she glanced at Lisa and saw her in the same position as before, passed out.

Katie reached out and stroked the length of his member. It was a beast of a thing, swollen and rippled. It twitched to her touch. Her breath was becoming short, she was on the brink of doing something very wrong but it excited her in ways she hadn't felt in a long time. Notions of reasoned thought or right and wrong were inaccessible to her mind in the midst of sexual desire.

Fuck it she thought and slid her hand around around his cock. With the other she shook the can of whipped cream, checking again to make sure that the noisy ball in the can had not aroused the bride.

It hadn't. 'Oooo kinky' the groom said, Katie's groom now. She sprayed a fluffy trail onto the length of his shaft and ran her tongue along it, gathering most of the sweet cream into her mouth, then slid her lips over the glistening tip.

'Oh yeah' he groaned out, approving the attentions of Katie's mouth as she slid it up and down his cockgripping him at the base of his mighty shaft. Her free hand roamed upward stroking his taut abs and onto his bulging chest. She lashed her tongue around his sensitive bulging glans causing him to spasm and squirm under her, then sank back down onto his shaft, quickening her sucking and tasting his pre-cum mixing with the whipped cream.

Katie was loving the sounds he made in response to her, loving the pleasure she was giving him. 'Oh god' he sighed out, 'I thought you wouldn't do that' he added. Katie sucked harder, and noisily slurped on his cock, twisting her head around as she continued to suck on it.

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'Guess. oh god. you were just.oh fuck, that's good. just waiting.' he gasped out. Katie pulled off and jerked her hand up and down his meaty shaft. A trail of saliva hung from her lips connected to the tip. She ran it around her lips again and resumed sucking on him, completely forgetting his snoozing wife.

'I'm gonna cum.' He strained out. Katie stopped instantly, knowing that as much as she would love to give him his release, she wanted more from this. Instead she began kissing her way up his stomach, running her hands all over his abs and chest, his arms and thighs. She covered as much of him as she could with her lips and finally made her way to his face. She pressed her mouth against his, wondering if he would know that it wasn't his wife lavishing attention on him, but he responded with an equal passion, kissing back and taking her tongue readily, swirling his own around it.

Katie broke off from him and undid her top, pulling it over her head and threw it onto the floor, then unclipped her bra and added it to the pile. She pressed herself back against him allowing her breasts to squash against his chest, her hard nipples pressed into the flesh as she resumed kissing his mouth and neck.

'Wow' he gasped 'I don't know what's got into you, but I like it.' Katie was thrilled that she was clearly such an improvement over his wife, but felt a hint of resentment that he was attributing it all to her.

If only he knew. 'Are you going to untie me now?' he asked. Katie patted him on the chest and kissed his mouth again, her way of saying no, not yet. She unzipped her skirt and let it slide to the floor. Her panties followed and she took another glance at the sleeping bride, smiling at her as she climbed back onto the bed and felt the super soft luxury duvet against her legs.

She eased herself up and sat astride his thighs, looking at the eager hard-on waiting below her. She took it into her hand again, and stroked it gently up and down. It was still sticky, and Katie had the idea of adding more whipped cream. The groom laughed when he heard the can shake. The bride, Lisa, gave out a loud sigh and Katie turned to look, but she settled back down and it seemed to go unnoticed by her husband who's name she still hadn't caught, though the information had been readily available at the check-in desk.

She sprayed dollops onto his nipples and bent over to lick them off slowly and thoroughly.

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As she did so she pondered what had led her to this. Was this just revenge against his nasty wife? Was it a reward for his kind words to her? There were elements of both at play in her, adding to Katie's excitement. Was it some sort of misguided love thing, seeing the man of her dreams in a bridal suite?

Or was it just an opportunity fate had afforded her that couldn't go to waste. The groom made sounds of enjoyment as her tongue lashed his nipples. She considered giving him hers to kiss and lick but her breasts were a little bigger than Lisa's and she thought he would certainly notice. Would he mind?

She asked herself as she sat up and took his cock in her hand again and began stroking it slowly. Did he know already and was playing along? 'Oh god. please,' he said in shortening breaths and Katie knew what he wanted. She wanted it too and couldn't bear to wait any longer. Playfully she took the spray can and added a thick curl of cream to the tip before raising herself up and guiding his cock to her waiting pussy.

Slowly and tenderly she eased herself down onto his shaft, her mouth open in a silent cry of pleasure. Inch by glorious inch she slid herself down his stiff shaft, her wet tunnel giving way to the throbbing pole until she had the full length inside of her. He let out a long sigh and Katie took the opportunity of cover sound to let out her own. She had been with plenty of men in her life, some bigger, some smaller, but never had she taken a cock that felt like such a perfect fit.

A Goldilocks cock she thought to herself, amused. She rocked back and forth on it, feeling it throb inside of her. She wondered how it felt to him to have her pussy clamped around every inch his meat. His groans and sighs and gasped breaths told her what she needed to know.

Katie leaned over him again, kissing his chest, stroking his shoulders and arms and began to rise and fall on his cock, sliding up and driving herself back down onto it. Had Lisa opened her eyes she would have been treated to the sight of the maid's behind bouncing up and down, impaling her sex on her husbands manhood, but she remained blissfully unaware, and Katie couldn't have cared less.

She felt his efforts to thrust up in unison to her movement and together they quickened the pace. She kissed his lips again passionately, and desperately wanted to see the lust in his eyes beneath the blindfold, the lust she had mustered in him.

The groom had never experienced this before. Lisa had never been so good. She had never taken him in her mouth and her pussy had never felt so hot. so wet. so willing. He knew he didn't love her, and she didn't love him.

Neither did they really feel much attraction, and their sex had always reflected that, as though it was just something they should do as a couple, not because they really wanted each other. Her kinkiness had made up for it a little, but this was different. Her kisses were sumptuous and charged with electricity. Her hands roamed his body as though they were prowling for flesh. In a guilty moment he thought about the blond maid with her cute smile and sincere apologies, her big blue eyes and the way her hips had swayed when he watched her walk out the room in that tight little skirt.

He had felt a connection. Oh those sexy eyes, he thought as his bride rode him, those full red lips. He thrust up hard with the maid in his thoughts, picturing her naked on him and heard a gasp of pleasure from the girl on his cock. His guilt had passed as quickly as it came. Katie was in heaven, riding his hard cock like a cowgirl at the rodeo, hearing the slap of flesh on flesh as he filled her up. She wanted to untie his hands and let him caress her thighs and breasts while she fucked him but that risked him removing the blindfold too.

There was a look of bliss on his face, as though something had changed in him and his thrusts told her that he wanted to be as deep inside of her as he could get. She could feel her orgasm welling in her and reached a hand down to her clit.

With perfect timing he panted out that he was coming too.

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Katie slapped her body up and down on him and the orgasm exploded through her. She fell back, stretching his cock back with her still fully impaled on it and writhed in ecstasy, grabbing at the bedclothes and clamping his meat in her.

The groom couldn't hold on any longer, her pussy had him gripped and he shot his load into who he assumed to be his bride, picturing how the maid would look in the midst of an orgasm, taking his cum. He cried out in pleasure the likes of which he had never experienced before as his cock spurted it's seed deep inside of her. Katie felt the blast of hot thick cum unload inside of her and bucked her hips over and over with each fountainous burst.

She was gasping for breath and sweating but managed to raise herself back up and swayed on his cock, rolling her hips and coaxing every last drop from his aching balls while he thrashed beneath her. Finally he finished and she took a deep breath in unison with the groom, followed by another and another until finally they calmed.

A minute went by with nothing said and Katie sat with his now softening cock still inside of her. The maid was at a crossroads. She had just had the best sex of her life and he couldn't even use his hands on her. But more than that, there was something about him that lit her fire, something that wanted her to go for it, to remove the blindfold.

She contemplated her options. She could do it and risk being humiliated, sacked or maybe even arrested. She could do it and share a wonderful moment of realisation with him and find herself in the midst of a fairytale romance, floating on his Caribbean yacht. She could carry the sleeping bride over to the bed, slump her down next to him and let him assume it was her.

She could even leave things exactly as they are and just leave. There were countless possibilities. Actions and consequences spun through her mind at lightning pace. Katie bit her bottom lip, running the options through her mind over and over until finally she made her decision.

The End.