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Hot gay scene UK lads take turns face boning each other  and
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Please bear with me, I'm new to this, but I've read a lot of these, and loved so many of them. I decided it was my time to take a shot.


My grammar and spelling are not fantastic, and if anyone wants to give suggestions for directions of this story or others, they would be more than welcome to do so.

:) BTW Sorry I know there is NO sex in this one, but if people like it, It is just a set up for a whole story that could happen I couldn't believe it, I was already at my new school. It seemed like just a week ago we had moved to this humid hell hole.

Yet in reality it has been almost three months. I already miss home, I miss waking up and looking around town and walking wherever I wanted to go. My mother made me come with her after she was moved.


And I have hated it since. Back home I had many friends and I would take naps in the sun and read. It was wonderful. But what choice did I have, I had to come. At least I had made one friend so far. I was 17, turning 18 in a few months. And I was alone. I joined band but we hadn't started yet, and I had looked but found no speech and debate club. So I was stuck being just a regular nerd. I was pretty average after all.

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Almost 6 foot tall, alittle over 180, and dark blonde hair and glasses. So on this first day I walked into the school with Marissa, fucking terrified of my first day. What if it was too hard? What if it was too easy? The kids could hate me, or they could chase me down.

In my brain I knew everything would work out fine, but in my heart, I knew anything could happen. She walked me in and got me my schedule and we hugged and departed. What the fuck was I supposed to do alone? I looked down and I saw that I had my Pre-calc class first. As I made my way down the stairs to the second floor I looked as saw, AP US History, English, finished my day with French.

Fuck, I had all of my hard classes at once; I can't do this.


After I sat down I began to like the teacher, but as the students walked in, no one said a thing. I just sat in my back corner and sweat.

Kids of all sorts walked in, some tall, some short, even an exchange kid. I felt so out of place.

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This isn't where I belonged I should be home in my small school joking around with friends, not sitting in this jail lost and alone. What could I do?

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Class started to drone on and I sit in the back half paying attention. I still seemed to understand more than the others, math was easy for me.

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I wasn't the best at math, but I didn't need to try so why whould i? instead, I doodled. But as I heard the door open my head snapped up. Finally, in walked a familiar face. Attached to that face was a skinny but lean, muscled body. His brown hair was cut short but soft and it flowed over his green-blue eyes. This beautiful boy was Lukas, Marissa's younger brother. Thank god. He spotted me and walked over, he smiled and sat next to me. "Man, I didn't realize you would be here, you're only a sophomore." He laughs "Yeah, I doubled up last year so im a little ahead." He taps my shoulder and gets to work.

Thank god I finally had someone to talk to in my first class, I really didn't want to start my days alone and bored. However, my friend left one problem. How could I keep my eyes off of Luke? I'd had a crush on this boy since I met him a month or so ago at Marrissa's house.

He was hilarious, smart, interesting, and fucking adorable… really who wouldn't like him. From that moment on I heard nothing, no matter how much Toret talked, I got nothing from him. I was to damn busy talking to Luke or simply staring at him. Out of no where the bell rang and I ran off to class. The rest of the day was fairly boring.

History and Englih passed by without anything of real interest. I met and chatted with a few people about where I lived and how I got here. By the time the bell for fourth block rang I had made 3 friends and my teachers seemed to like me.

Now I got to relax in French class. I love to speak French, I want to learn more languages but wanted to get fluent in French first, and my teacher was awesome. I walked in and talked to Madame for several minutes before finally sitting down. The class flew by as we mostly just talked and listened to music. It was great compared to English. Hell at one point I debated over the war in Iraq with my partner in French.

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It was great. The next two days went pretty similar, I had one or two friends in each class and it was getting better. I started to relax and challenge myself in school. I went out and looked for new clubs and finally got used to the confusing building. At the end of French class on that Friday my teacher called me over. She asked me If I could stay after and help one of her students in French one. She knew I could handle it and wanted to get involved, and this way, she could go home.

"Grégoire, vas-tu ici, si tu plais. J'ai un élevé dans le deuxième bloque qui n'est pas excellent. Il est nécessaire qu'il recevoir l'aide, est que tu peux reste ici au jour d'hui ? « I agreed and waited, working on my English homework. Then I was surprised to hear his voice. What was Luke doing here? But then it made sudden sense when Madame sent him over to me. I looked up "Damn since when do you take French?" He sits down "I could say the same, I wasn't expecting you" "Ohh?

Et pour qoui pas moi?" He laughs « Sorry man I don't speak that much French haha. I just started and it makes no sense." "well you came to the right man, I've been taking it for years" "Hmmm, I guess I never pictured you as fluent in French" "Not quite fluent yet, but you'll get here too" We sat around as I guided him through conversation until I found the root of his problem and retaught him conjugation.

Finally after an hour and a half of joking and laughing and having fun, Madame chased us out. I looked at him "Hey if you wanna come over later with Marissa, I can help you a bit more while the movie is on." He looks up "that would be great, thanks again so much for the help." He hugs me and walks away.

Damn that boy even smelt amazing. I couldn't control myself and walked to my car with a growing boner and pictures of his cute smile plastered in my brain. I ran to my car and hopped in, flying toward my house to get ready for the night. I set up some drinks and pulled out some movies up in my room. I sat here at my computer and played around on the Sims, yet every boy turned out to be the same skinny smiling boy who joked, excited but pessimistic, knowing nothing would happen. He was too great to like me.

I ran down as the doorbell toned off and my jaw dropped as I opened the door. There he stood looking more gorgeous than ever. He was in a tight white tee and sexy little shorts with some flip flops on.

His skinny stomach and lean strong arms and everything looked amazing on him. I smiled and welcomed him in with a hug and a wave in "Hey where is your sister?" "Ohhh she got grounded for 'mouthing off to dad', I know I think it is as stupid as you do, but what can we do?" I shrug my shoulders "Damn that sucks" "But hey, you've still got me and that's the party" I laugh saying "Sure" We walk up to my room and I show him my tv.

We through in whatever movie is on top and sit down on my bed. We chat for a bit, then I stop. "You know, this is how you get better at French, use it at the most random moments, when the two of us are sitting here.

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Its great practice." He laughs and agrees and we speak in slow rough French as he stumbles, he even makes that look so cute. "See its not that hard." We talk about the movie and his sister and our school.

We make fun of teachers and I sneak long peaks at him. I couldn't take it anymore. He was so gorgeous and so sweet as he was just a big goofy sexy boy. "So Luke, do you have a 'Special woman' in your life" He gets a little quiet and looks at the TV. "Well&hellip. Ok you see. No, I guess not" "Well, is there one you want?" "Well kinda, maybe&hellip.

What about you?" "There is someone, but I don't think you wanna hear about me." He laughs a bit shaking his head, saying why not. But we sit there slightly awkwardly and I finally give up "Come on, what's her name, stud, I'm sure you could pick her up." "Might be harder than you think…" We both smile and laugh and I keep pressing.

"Well why?" "You see, actually…" He stops and I worry that maybe I made him mad. Then out of nowhere he leans over and I feel his lips on mine. I could not believe it. The boy who I had fawned over for so long had just kissed me.

How, I was so sure he was straight, even if not, how could he like me.

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Quickly those thoughts fly away as I feel his soft gentle lips. My mom cuts us off saying that there is a car outside. He pulls back blushing…We stare at each other half smiling but still almost nervous and scared. "Well good bye Greg… thanks for the help" He walks out and I respond as he's walking out my door "My pleasure&hellip.

Text me if you need some more&hellip. Help." WOW