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Ladyboy nadia Bareback Action
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She should have known better, but she'd figured it out too late. That was all Carissa could think as she lay on her back with her wrists tied to the bed, completely naked. Anders Varrceau was his name.

He was one of those tall, sexy men who could use a French accent to devastating effect. He had one of those rugged faces, a five o'clock shadow enhancing the effect, and gray-blue eyes that seemed to promise things both dark and delicious.

If only she'd realized just how dark… She was three weeks into her six-week trip through Europe. The 22-year-old had had it all planned out, this reward to herself for graduating college. And then she'd met Anders in Berlin. After the nightclub he'd taken her back to his house. He'd romanced her. They'd spent a steamy night together…and in the morning she had found herself naked and cuffed to his bed with a note left on her bare chest. Remembering the words, they still struck her as creepy, demented, and yet sweet at the same time: "Mein Schatz, my treasure, I count myself the luckiest man in the world to have met you.

I love you and will never let you go, because that is what a real man does when he has found something precious: he never lets that thing go. Not ever. I'm sorry, Carissa. I know it's not reasonable to expect this of you. I know you have friends and family who will miss you very much. You will become a missing person, and perhaps those others who have loved you will learn to cope with their grief. I am too selfish. I have you in my veins. You're the drug I cannot go without, and so I will have you…no matter what.

Forever. Please forgive me." Carissa let the memory of Anders' note fall away as she heard the key turn in the lock at the front door. Her body awoke with anticipation. She could hear the light step of her 'boyfriend'-turned-captor coming up the stairs, down the hallway, until the master bedroom doorway swung wide open. There he was, the hunkiest eye candy in his impeccable, dark blazer and crisp, white button-down shirt.

He stepped into the bedroom as nonchalantly as any husband returning home from work. It wasn't even lunchtime and today he'd come home early. He looked at her as he closed the door behind him. She looked like a captured goddess. She was this gorgeous, slender young woman with long, dark-brown hair and medium-sized breasts. If he detected the pleading, haunted expression on her face, he didn't show it. "Hello, beautiful. How was your morning?" he said with a dark yet teasing sense of humor. He put down the groceries he'd bought on the way home and loosened his tie, pulling it out from the collar before he folded it and placed it carefully in the proper drawer.

He turned to her and leaned onto the mattress. Carissa glared at him. "You know how my day was, you bastard. You keep me tied up whenever you're not here." Anders' face had a mask of contrition as he leaned down and kissed her on the lips. She let him. She'd realized by now that constant resistance was just pointless. You had to pick your battles. She didn't have the energy to fight him on every little thing, not anymore.

"My darling girl is feisty. Mmm.

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You know me well, know what turns me on," Anders murmured. He trailed a hand up and down Carissa's inner thighs. She stiffened at his touch. The beautiful young woman closed her eyes as he bent over and gently lapped at each of her nipples, until they pebbled just so. She hated the sensations he awoke in her sometimes. It was so wrong. It made her ashamed beyond belief. And yet… She was his captive, true, but that didn't mean she wasn't conflicted. There was a part of Carissa that still loved Anders, despite what he'd done.

"Let's see if I can wipe that scowl off your face, my beautiful girl," Anders continued. He knelt at the foot of the bed and began to nudge his tongue between her cunt lips.

His tongue flicked up and down her pearled nub. Then he dove inside her, tasting her. Coaxing her. He patiently stroked her sex with his tongue. His hands explored elsewhere. His fingers massaged her skin and created trails of heat.

She hated it…almost. She squeezed her eyes shut until his fingers gently pinched her nipples. The two stabs of sensation made her open her eyes and look down. He was feasting on her sex now. Her pussy throbbed with the beginnings of an ache she couldn't quench. She hated that too. Almost. "Mmm. Such a good girl. You become wet for me. That makes me feel blessed. It's like a gift you give me. I cherish it," he whispered. Now he inserted a finger into her sex, then two.

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He pumped them gently in and out, in and out, as he knelt down again and slid his tongue lovingly against her joy nub. She let out a sigh.

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Her fists clenched as her cunt muscles clenched up with need. No. She had to stop him. She couldn't let him do this, not again. "It's all right, darling. Let me take you over the edge. I love you, baby. Let me show you how much." Those words, which might have been sweet if she'd been in any other place, if Anders had been any other man - right now they were tainted.

Yet part of her heart pulsed with something she couldn't quite put her finger on. She marveled at the care of his touch. He was patient with her, and dedicated. He lapped at her sex tenderly, finger-fucking her with firm yet careful strokes. The scent of her fluids became stronger as the wetness gathered onto his fingers, coating them with the proof of her arousal.

Carissa looked down as he gently nipped at her clitoris. She groaned as she felt his fingers slide deep inside, stroking the inner walls of her cunt. "Please," she sighed. "Stop." Instead, he kept licking, stroking, more fervent than before. His tongue battered furiously at her clit. His fingers lanced deep inside her wet and soon-to-be eager warmth. He kept pumping those fingers, like two miniature cocks, as his teeth tenderly captured her clit and squeezed it without biting - his attack as disciplined as it was devastating.

Abruptly, she realized that she was bucking her hips, thrusting her crotch towards his face. She had unwillingly given him yet another sign of her surrender. 'No, what are you doing, Cari? No…' She tried to summon up a fresh burst of self-loathing, but she was too mentally drained to even care.

Her delicate face scrunched up with pent-up desire as she felt heat permeate her body, especially the spot between her legs.

She began to quake, holding off the impending convulsions which would send her to oblivion. Her nipples hardened almost painfully now, and her cream trickled onto Anders' tongue. The man took the sign as encouragement, redoubling his efforts. He plunged his fingers all the way inside her and nipped at her clitoris hard as she felt herself lose control. "Anders!" she groaned. Her hips thrashed. He grasped her by the waist and held on, licking, sucking and swallowing her fluids as her pussy tried valiantly to flood the sheets.

Carissa's hands clenched up and pulled uselessly against the ropes that bound her. It took maybe minutes, but to Carissa it felt like so much longer.

She felt her cunt's spasms as her fluids continued to pour between Anders' lips. Finally, she came back to earth. Her heaving breasts slowly stilled, and she looked down as Anders pulled back, licking his chops.

His face glistened with her cunt cream, and his eyes stared intently at her with a devotion that sent chills down her spine. "My beautiful, sweet Carissa. Your nectar is the taste of heaven.

I will never grow tired of it." 'I wish you would, you bastard!' Carissa almost spat that at him, but she couldn't. She had to behave. The clever, hopeful, scheming part of her still saw escape as an option. Over the course of the last few weeks, she'd tried several times, and each time he'd caught her, she'd lost what few 'privileges' she still had.

She'd been reduced to…being tied up naked whenever he went out. It was humiliating. It was so many things she could hardly even acknowledge, even to herself. "Are you going to rape me again?" she said. Her tone accused him, and for a moment he looked hurt. "Does the pleasure I give you mean nothing? If it is so unwanted, why did you open your legs wider for me, Carissa? Why did you welcome me?


Why was your body hungry for my touch?" Technically, she could have stopped him from performing his cunnilingus. Her wrists were tied, but her ankles weren't. She could have closed her legs. She could have kicked him. Why hadn't she?

She told herself that all she'd done was give in to the inevitable. She'd just been playing along. It didn't mean anything. Not really. Still, that wasn't the point! With her emotions at war, she had to remind herself, 'If you butt heads with Anders at every turn, how will you ever earn back his trust?' Carissa tried to rein in the stubborn, feminist inside of her to embrace something else.

She looked away with a sigh.


Then she looked back at him. He turned away. "I was going to suggest you help me cook today. I have a new lasagna recipe I thought would be fun for us to make," Anders said.

"But now I see you aren't in the mood. I will leave you to rest for a while longer and come fetch you when the food is ready." "Please wait," Carissa sputtered. Her face softened. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say that. I just…untie me and I'll help you with the lasagna." Anders regarded her carefully. He shook his head. "I don't think so. I can see the rebellion in your eyes. You're not sincere about wanting us to spend time together.

I haven't broken your resistance yet. It's a pity." He moved off of the bed. She was desperate now. So she said the one thing that she knew would stop him cold in his tracks. "Fuck me." Anders froze. Carissa licked her lips. "I want your cock inside me. The pleasure you give does mean something. I know you aren't completely evil.

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Part of you cares about me, in your own sick, twisted way. I'm…I'm…maybe that's why I'm tired of fighting you, okay?" She widened her legs so that he could see the pink of her exposed pussy.

"So, go ahead. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Then untie me and let me help you make lasagna. I won't try to escape, I give you my word." Would it work? She had to hope. She prayed that the sincere look on her face would be enough. She did mean it, the part about not believing him to be totally evil. She didn't hate him, as much as she had every reason to and every right to… He rubbed his chin and gave her an appraising stare. He leaned down and his fingers gently fingered her quim.

She sighed and tried to revel in his touch. She looked at him and let the pleasure show clearly on her face as he began to roll her clit between his thumb and forefinger. "You give me your word?

No escape attempts?" he leaned half-way onto the bed. While his one hand continued to fondle her soft folds, his other hand gently cupped her right breast. "I give you my word, Anders.

Please." The muscular Frenchman abruptly stood up and unbuckled his belt. He dropped his pants to his ankles before taking off his socks, stepping out of the pants to kick them away. He slowly unbuttoned his shirt, the hunger lighting his eyes up in a way that made him look more than just human. Soon he was as naked as Carissa. He had a magnificent cock. Carissa couldn't help from staring at that erection, his manhood elongated and yearning to be buried deep inside her.

His eyes roved reverently up and down her bare skin. He slid his body atop hers. She looked deeply into his eyes. The slender brunette gasped as she felt his rigid shaft slide easily into her moistened sex, like a sword slamming home into its proper sheath. "Mmm. Darling, you feel like a goddess around my cock," Anders growled. "If tasting you was heaven, then submitting to the sensations you give me right now…words fail me," he grunted, pulling his hips back only to plunge them forward, fucking her with hard, deliberate thrusts.

Carissa stared into his eyes as she felt him pound her snatch with a steady cadence. She opened her legs wider and tried to relish the feel of his shaft ramming so deeply. Maybe it was wrong, but she was still a woman and he was still a man. Certain primal things couldn't be wished away.

He was making love to her - savagely, yes, and possibly against her will…or at least the fragments of her will that still resisted. "Anders…please untie my wrists. Please," she begged. His eyes flared with suspicion.

His hands clamped onto her wrists. "Sorry, baby. You know I can't do that. Enjoy the ride, darling. I love you so much." He leaned down to kiss her, and she accepted it. She kissed him back. Her tongue made a voracious pass at his, and he responded with the same amorous passion. Their bodies joined again and again as the mattress shook. His penis plunged until he vanished completely in her warmth, only his jostling testicles still visible.

Then he would pull back so that his cock, shiny and glistening with her fluids, gleamed for just a moment before it vanished once more. He fucked her like this for maybe a half hour. His stamina served him well, and by the time he was nearing climax, Carissa couldn't deny her own lust. She was panting as he fucked her. She kissed him hungrily. His tongue entered her mouth even as his cock penetrated her. She was still kissing him when she felt him groan into her mouth.

His body seized up, and then his cock was twitching inside her. She felt his warm seed spurt deep inside her pussy. He groaned as he collapsed gently on top of her. His one arm kept him from crushing her as he kissed the side of her face and then nuzzled her neck.

The gorgeous brunette sighed as she felt his cock go soft inside her snatch. If she was being honest with herself, she'd enjoyed their coupling. Her cunt felt alive with a fresh burn of desire.

Her loins were practically begging for a Round 2.

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She surprised herself now, too, because this intimate moment between them, brutal though it was too, gave the girl the perfect opening. "Anders…can we talk?" Anders' eyebrows arched. "You need to untie me. Then I want us to talk." "Carissa," he said, a tone of warning, "we can talk fine, as is. Say what you need to say." He looked down at her, arching his back even as their bodies were still joined. His cock leaked the last dribbles of cum inside her.

"No, I can't talk to you like this. Please," Carissa said. Suddenly her eyes were brimming with tears. She couldn't live like this! Like a complete prisoner. She'd tried and tried to be patient…but no matter what she did, he wouldn't believe her.

He just kept her tied up. He kept her as his virtual prisoner. She didn't want to deaden her psyche to get through this horror. She wanted…some shred of progress. There had to be something inside Anders, something good, that she could use to her advantage.

There had to be a decent man underneath, or maybe despite the man he was. "Please," she said, tears sliding down her face. "I won't even leave this bed, but I'm begging you, Anders, for the sake of my sanity, if you truly love me, please do this for me.

You don't know how painful it is to be completely helpless. To not even be able to move." Anders' face softened.

"I do know, my darling girl. I know all too well. I don't do this to you because I want things to be this way. I only do it from necessity." "And if I go crazy? If I lose my sanity because of this, would you be happy then?

To have an empty shell of a body to do what you want with?

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Or do you want me, do you want Carissa, the girl you say you love?" She choked back a sob. "If you won't even give me the smallest chance to earn back your trust, where else do you think this will lead? It'll become a self-fulfilling prophecy, Anders.

Instead of getting better, I'll only get worse…instead of being the girl you love, I'll become a lifeless, deadened husk of a woman. Please, just trust me this much. I promise not to try to escape." Anders looked at the naked beauty for a long moment.

He sighed. "You've promised me before. You've lied to me before. Five times you've tried to escape, darling. You've disappointed me each time." Carissa racked her brain for what to say next. She leaned up and kissed him even as the tears still glistened on her face. "I know I have. I know I don't deserve your trust, but I'm asking you for it because I'm desperate. Look into my eyes and tell me if I'm lying.

Is this me desperate to escape from you or am I far, far beyond that? Am I just desperate to keep my sanity alive? That's what you should ask yourself. Right now I'm in so much pain, I couldn't…I couldn't think about escaping even if I wanted to. I just need the smallest bit of freedom. It doesn't even have to be much.

I just…I need this, Anders. I need this so much." "Call me what you called me the first night we were together," Anders said suddenly. "My big, strong man," she whispered. "Will you please untie me?" Anders' hawk-like face took on a thoughtful look.

He drew off the bed and then came back with a Swiss army knife. He cut away each of Carissa's bonds and threw the tattered ropes into the trash.

Carissa sat up and rubbed her wrists. The feeling of having full circulation back in her hands felt like an unreal blessing. She smiled at him. "Thank you." He nodded at her, but his eyes were hooded. He didn't trust her. He looked like a predator about to strike. She had to disarm him, but how? "Here. Let me clean your cock," she said seductively. She leaned down and licked from the base of his penis to the tip. Then she repeated the motion, again and again. With satisfaction, she felt him shudder.

The slender brunette felt her captor's cock stiffen, freshly engorged with arousal as she slurped on it like a delicious treat. She closed her lips around his shaft and sucked him in greedily.

She pumped her mouth up and down as her hands slid around his firm buttocks, gripping his ass. To be honest, Carissa loved the feel of those muscles under her fingertips. Even if Anders was unhinged, Carissa's primal feminine self knew one thing: he was sexy as hell. In another life, maybe as a caveman's wife, she could have been content with him as her hunter-gatherer mate.

"Carissa," he growled, "you are doing far more than cleaning my manhood." She just looked up at him slyly and kept impaling her mouth on his dick. She lovingly cradled the underside of his shaft with her tongue. Carissa meanwhile slid one hand underneath his balls, fondling his testicles so lovingly as she took him deeper between her lips.

Her mouth formed a perfect O-shaped seal around his penis as she sucked him as fervently and obediently as she could. She kept pumping her rippling jaw back and forth until her nose pressed almost to his pubic hair. Now she held that difficult pose, her airway constricted with his cock half-way down her throat, until she felt a fresh trickle of pre-cum on her tongue.

That was when the pretty brunette pulled back, coughing and sputtering. Anders' seed clung to her lips in glistening strands. She wiped away the evidence of his lust with the back of her hand. "How's that for a proper cleaning?" she said with a wry grin. Anders looked at her, a little stunned. No sooner had she finished saying this, the girl was already gripping the base of his shaft with one hand.

With her other hand she resumed the soft caresses of her captor's testicles. "It looks like someone's ready for another round," she said seductively. Perhaps she'd come across a little too seductive in her tone, because suddenly Anders drew back suspiciously.


With some effort, he purged the lust from his expression. "Not quite yet, darling. I will go downstairs and prepare our meal. You stay here, on the bed - as you promised.

Is that clear?" Carissa nodded, surprised at how grateful she felt for this small gesture from him. He was letting her alone in a room without being tied up.

It wasn't much, but it was a start. "Yes. I'll stay on the bed. I promise." She decided to reward him by dipping her hand to her sex and stroking herself. "Don't be too long." His eyes flared with hunger as he watched her touch herself. She slipped two fingers into her sex and began rubbing her clit with her other hand.

She imagined his cock inside of her again - and it did the trick. A fresh wave of arousal coiled through her insides, making her cunt clench up with need. Her nipples became erect, taut little pink buds which stood out perfectly from her sexy tits. Anders stood there and just watched as she slowly brought herself to climax. It didn't take long; Carissa knew her body well and she wasn't ashamed of this, at least, giving herself the pleasure she needed to survive.

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Finally, with a low cooing, she shuddered on the bed. Her cunt twitched again and again and again, until she slowly drew away her fingers. All of them were glistening. More than that, the scent of her need filled the bedroom. The distrustful, well-built Frenchman had to acknowledge she hadn't been faking it. The suspicion faded from his heated gaze as he unexpectedly hastened toward the bed. Carissa had time to notice the length and hardness of his reinvigorated cock before he whipped her around to face the wall.

"Place your hands on the headboard." The lithe brunette barely had time to do so, kneeling on her hands and knees, before she felt Anders' thick cock slide into her sex from behind. He began pumping her roughly, his one hand firmly around the nape of her neck as his other hand dipped between her legs, rubbing her clit even as he fucked her for the second time.

"You sexy, little vixen. You think I would just leave you after you put on a show like that?" he growled. "Ooohhh…fuck me," she sighed. "Put your cock inside me. My big, strong man needs to fuck this pussy," she moaned, hoping it would please him. It did - whether because he chose to believe that her words were genuine, or because he was beyond caring in the throes of his lust, Carissa couldn't be sure. She just relished the feel of his cock slamming hard into her from behind, the constant cadence of their bodies smacking together until she felt the heat of arousal burning through her veins.

She cried out as a rare, unexpected orgasm erupted from the sheer force and depth of the thorough fucking he gave her. Soon enough, he chased her orgasm with one of his own. He groaned, thick ropes of seed shooting inside her now cum-soaked pussy. With a sigh, he emptied the last of his second load and pulled out.

He watched as excess jism oozed from her well-fucked snatch. She felt so dirty just now. But it was still more than worth it, if she was continuing to earn back his trust.

Carissa knew that now. "Mmmm. I'll be back, you little slut." Anders affectionately slapped her ass as he stepped off the bed. "Don't forget your promise." He left after taking the knife and the groceries, and locking the door behind him.

Like every other room in the house, the master bedroom could be locked from the outside with the proper key - a key only Anders had.

She waited for him now. The young woman wrapped her arms around her legs as she tucked them underneath her chin. Carissa thought of what she could do to earn the next scrap of trust back from this enigma of a man.

One way or another, she'd find a way to get back into his good graces. She'd find a way to be free. The End…Or is It? I hope you enjoyed the story. I do plan to write a sequel. Remember, don't be afraid to indulge your darker fantasies. Life is too short not to… ~gaggedKitty