Japanese girl masturbate in public place and toilet

Japanese girl masturbate in public place and toilet
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{ } scenes are flashbacks. ~ -----The only thing she truthfully remembered of that cold night was staring into the glowing headlights as they passed by. Her skin was dry, yet felt brittle, and she trembled as she embraced herself from the chilling breeze.

The young woman was alone, and frightened.

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~ -----"You cannot possibly expect me to do that, mother!" she shouted with the full fury of her voice. Her mother had seemed awfully irritable recently, and even though Amy gave no mercy with her reluctancy, she knew there was only the faintest of hopes that she would succeed in getting her way.

After all, being a redhead she seemed to think she had an excuse to try and get her way. However, today her mother seemed lighter in tone, yet, all the same, just as stern. "There's no discussing it, Amy. It's already been decided." Amy knew she could not conquer her mother, at least not this time, and as she turned to leave the room she mumbled a single word "Bitch.". Had her mother heard her, she was not certain, but she knew she had gotten away with it and with that she was satisfied.

~ -----The rain struck fiercely down from the sky, stinging her skin like frozen needles. She curled her arms tightly around herself, hoping that the thin raincoat she had would hide her from the harsh weather, but knew that it would not. How long had it been now? Three or four days it had seemed, but track of how many times the sun rose and fell had left her along ago. This night, however, had seemed exceptionally short, but as the overwhelming glow rose from behind her she noticed that its regular warmth was not there; it had also come far too quickly.

Turning sluggishly she felt an aching jolt through her nerves. Her fingers sank slowly into the soft, wet earth and was entirely surrounded in the crisp blades of grass. There was no day, but something more miraculous, for as her eyes began to focus she noticed that the bright light that sat just behind her was no sun, but the headlights of a vehicle.

-----Ignoring her pain she carelessly pushed herself to her feet, slipping in the mud.


A hand firmly bound around her wrist and pulled her up, preventing her from falling to the cold ground, and as she gratefully looked up she no longer cared who it was who had saved her. -----Even a serial killer would have been a ray of light in her dark life. ~ -----A blood curdling scream ripped the air violently, and Amy's eyes flung open.

Stardled, she spun her body to face the source of her awakening, and an intense glare took form upon her face. "YOU LITTLE SHITS, I'M TRYING TO SLEEP!" Her younger sisters stopped short, staring at her wide-eyed, but then only giggled. "We're telling mom that you said a bad word!", and almost as soon as they had lashed their tongues out at her they were gone down the hall, once more screamingin their childhood glee. -----"I cannot believe she made me watch them." As she said the words she already began to dial the numbers into the phone.

The ringing seemed to go on forever, but finally a familiar voice, that of her boyfriend, emerged in the phone. "Hello?" "Hey Paul, it's me. Look, my mom made me watch my little sisters so I can't go out, but can you get over here?" She sounded somewhat pleading, but at the same time Paul knew she wasn't actually asking him anything.

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"Sure, I'll be down there in a bit, bye." She softly sat the phone back into its cradle, and raised herself to her feet. -----"Alright, guys! My boyfriend's coming over in a few minutes so you better not bother us! You've got the whole upstairs to play. If either of you bug me or Paul while he's here I swear to god I'll make you wish you hadn't been born my sisters!" Giggling was heard, and followed by a brief moment of silence the older of the two young ones spoke from the other room.

"We already wish we weren't!" Her voice faded in a staccato of giggles, and then the house went silent. ~ -----"So, what's your name?" He was younger than her parents, she could tell by the youthful glimmer in his eyes and the lack of wringling in his face. His hair was a lush, ebony thicket, and his skin appeared to have at one time been deeply tanned. There were slight traces of hair growing around his jaw and chin, as well as above his lip, and his eyes were a typical brown.

In the simplest of terms looked like an average, twenty-something man. She found him somewhat attractive for his advancement on her own age, but it was his voice that seemed to comfort her. "My name's Alexia, how about you?" He smiled softly, seeming very sweet in nature, and in a polite tone he responded "I'm Matt. So, where are you heading?" -----It was a thought had never really had crossed her mind.

Where had she been going? She shrugged softly, letting out a long held sigh, and told him the closest to the truth which she could. "To be honest, I'm not really sure. All I know is if you hadn't have come along I might not of made it the night." Her words had struck him as real, perhaps it was her appearance. Even though her hair was wet, matted, and tangled, her skin was soaking wet, as well as her clothing, and there was quite a bit of mud and grime along her hands and pantlegs, as well as a few bruises and cuts, a beautiful young woman could be seen.

Her eyes were a sapphire blue, and her skin was pale; fair, not pasty. She seemed to have a nice build to her, it could be seen by the clothing which clung to her form from the dampness.

Amy appeared as if she had been on her own for weeks, and he truly felt sorry for her, but at the same time was grateful to have the company of somewhat as appealing as she was. -----"So, uhh.


how long have you been out here? And come to think of it, why are you out here?" Something in her eyes changed, then, and slowly they motioned away from him. Something he had said had struck a nerve with her, but just as he prepared to tell her it was alright not to answer, she spoke. "Well, I'm not sure how long it's been.

but you wouldn't believe me why I was out there if I told you." "Oh, wouldn't I? C'mon, at least give it a shot." He seemed sincere, and for some reason she believed she could really trust him. Working up her courage, she took a deep breath and revealed her story to him, or at lesat the best she could.

~ -----"Hey, Paul" Amy said as she openned the door for her boyfriend. He was reasonably tall, about 5'10", and he had long, wavy brown hair.

Her parents never liked him because his apparent rebellious clothing often smelled of cigarette smoke, even though she said that it was just from his family being chain-smokers and he didn't actually do it. She knew Paul was a smoker, he had gotten her on the habit when she first started hanging out with him. "So, where are the kids?" "Do you really care? They're probably playing in the street or something. Did you bring beer?" A grin came across his face and he laughed, "No, but I'm sure the kids'll be fine, we can go get some." "Alright." Amy replied, "Just give me a second." And with that she headed for the restroom.

-----She looked into the silvery reflection of the bathroom mirror, examining herself for any last minute preparations she may require. She always felt she could look better, always somewhat self-conscious of her appearance. Her skin was pale with a few freckles, her eyes were a deep green, and she was rather short.

She had reasonable lips, all though somewhat on the thin side, and her build was average.

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Making adjustments to her bra she managed to make her breasts appear to be D's, an entire cup larger. She threw on some eyeliner and some lip-gloss, and with that ran off to join Paul in the car. -----"You look great in that tank-top." He said as she slid into the passanger seat.

A small smirk formed on her face and she winked at him. "Not for long." Taking on a somewhat excited reaction he started the engine and they drove off.

~ -----The drive was silent for a while. Alexia relaxed herself against the inside of the car door, staring off into the dark sky. The glimmering starlight made the normally cloaked tears in her eyes shimmer with a gentle glow. How could something so horrible have happened to a girl so sweet? As Matt watched her from the driver's side of the car his heart could not help but ache within his chest.

"Listen. there's not a lot you could have done about it." "Please, don't do that. I just want to forget that it ever happened." There were tears flowing down her cheeks at this point, and she looked pleadingly into his eyes, greatful to see that comforting smile return to his face, "Look. I know you don't like to talk about it but it isn't something that you can just forget.

I'm gonna take you to the police station." There was no longer a sorrowful expression on her face, but instead only confusion. "The police.? No, you can't report this! I don't want anybody to know about it." "I get that but it has to be reported, you don't want it happening to anyone else, do you?" -----The drive seemed to last for an eternity afterwards, and as they entered the dim lights of the nearest town she dreaded the familiarity of civilization.

She curled up in her seat, bound her arms around her legs and rested her head on her knees. And just as she slowly drifted off to sleep a loud screeching could be heard, and she felt her stomach sink.

~ -----"Right here in the parking lot?" Amy said as the car came to a hault.

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She looked over at Paul, who had a grin on his face. She knew how serious he was. "What, something wrong with it? It's dark out, nobody's going to see." "Oh, I don't have a problem with it. It just seems kind of creepy here, that's all. Put back your seat." As she watched him do as she told him she pulled herself over to the driver's side and straddled his thighs.

Reaching down she pulled the tab from beneath the flap on his crotch and unzipped his jeans. Pulling the flaps open she tugged his jeans towards her, gripped the rim of his boxers and pulled it down, revealing his erection to her.

She giggled softly as she saw it and reached up the back of her tank-top to undo her bra. Her nipples were erect, it could now be noticed through her shirt, and before she could make any further actions Paul graced her hips and pulled her forward, allowed her to push herself down onto him.

A skirt and nothing beneath equals no challenge, which had always seemed to be her saying. -----Amy gasped from deep within her throat as she felt his hard dick push deep within the grasp of her moist self.

Placing her hands against his shoulders she began to slide up and down along his cock, gasping with each motion.

She loved the feel of his rough hands grasping her hips, and in appreciation of the satisfaction which she was receiving she leaned down and kissed him hard, pressing her chest against his. It didn't take long for them to finish, and as she moaned out in pleasure from her orgasm she felt the erruption of cum explode within her. -----She straightened her top, pulled her skirt into place, reattached her bra, and sat back in the passanger seat. As she pulled looked into the mirror to fix her hair Paul reconfigured himself and started the engine of the car.

"Want a beer?" He pulled a bottle from the six-pack he had bought just a few minutes before their session, twisted off the cap and handed it to her. They pulled out of the parking lot and headed back for Amy's house. ~ -----As the night grew into silence, and her warm tears coated her cheeks, Alexia stared at the cracked and blood-streaked windshield.

Had what she just seen really happened? There was more than enough evidence to prove it had, but it seemed like something out of a nightmare. -----Pushing open the car door, Matt slowly slid himself from the car. He cautiously stepped out into the glow of the highbeams and looked just in front of the dented grill of the car. Clutching his mouth with his hand he dropped to his knees and unleashed a spurt of vomit onto the ground.

His eyes were filled with tears, and widened as he heard the passanger-side door open. "Don't come out! Stay in the car!", but his shouts were too late.

As he looked back to the car he saw a pair of glistening white eyes staring down at the wreckage from a silhouette, bordered in a painfully bright glow of two oncoming headlights. ~ -----Paul brought the car to a hault on the street just a few yards away from Amy's driveway. There was a car parked out front with its headlights on. The windshield was cracked badly, so it was evident there was an accident.

A man was crouching down out near the front of the car, and a girl stood at the open passanger door. "I wonder what happened. there's not another car out front." "Must of hit a dog or something. Wanna go check it out?" "Nah, I'm too tired, you go deal with it I'm going to head inside." As Paul got out of the car he slowly began to feel his stomach sink; something wasn't right. -----Slowly he approached the wrecked vehicle, and with a faint quiver shouted out to the two nearby.

"D-do you need any help?" The man crouching next to the car looked back to see Paul standing there. He knew that the tears in his eyes were visible, and just as he felt an eerie chill go up his spine he heard a scream. Standing beside the wreckage was Amy, staring down at the road. Quickly, he ran over to his girlfriend and saw what she was staring at.

-----On the road, just in front of the car, lying in a growing pool of blood were two young girls; Amy's sisters. -----Quickly Paul looked away and attempted to embrace Amy, but during the minor struggle to push him away he noticed something even more frightening than the sight on the road.

Standing just outside of the passanger side of the wrecked vehicle was a young girl, drenched and filthy.

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Her eyes were locked onto his own, a deep emotional swirl of madness and panic caught between them. ~ -----{A horrible pain shot up her spine as she felt herself be slammed against the hard ground.

Two forceful hands reached down and tore open her blouse, and not too long after she felt a cool breeze rush across her exposed breasts as her bra was removed. Her arms were forced together above her head and her attacker's forceful hand grasped and pinned her wrists to the asphault.

She felt two cold fingers slide into the bottom of her underwear and tug them carelessly down her thighs, and as she let out a desperate cry felt a powerful hand strike her across the face.

She was dazed, and her vision blurred. She laid back with a heavy panting; she could no longer resist. -----Arching her back she tried to let out a scream as a massive amount of pain shut up through her body from her slit. She could taste blood flowing from her gums and tried to spit the taste from her lips, but she was far too weak. The blood spattered across her cheek and chin, and she fell back. There was no denying it, she was no longer a virgin, and as she felt the forcive cock press deeply within her tight, sore womanhood she let a trickle of tears flow from her eyes.

-----He held her hips firmly in his hands and began to thrust violently within her. She had seemed unusually tight, and as he glanced down he noticed blood splattered along his shaft and pubic region. He gasped out in a deep groan as he barrelled into her tight flesh, and as much as he tried to resist he could not prevent himself from releasing his cum into her.

Slowly, gently, he slid his hard shaft out of her bleeding, torn pussy, and wiped the grime from himself with her torn blouse. As he stared into her half-open, pain filled eyes he smiled grimmly. -----It may had been more satisfying to rape the poor girl than to have cum inside her. -----After taking a short rest he lifted the girl up from the ground, placed her onto the newspapers he had lain on his back seat, climbed into the driver's side of the car and drove off.

He stopped the car on the freeway about twenty miles away, and when he was certain nobody was looking tossed the now incapacitated girl to the side of the road, completely nude, along with a fresh pair of female jeans and a raincoat. With one more grin of satisfaction he spat on her, got into his car, and drove away.} ~ -----As she stared into Paul's eyes, Alexia felt tears slowly begin to form.

Standing just before her, as clear as anything around her, was the very man who stole her purity.