Homemade Latina Sextapes With Wonderful Spanish

Homemade Latina Sextapes With Wonderful Spanish
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The three slaves kneel panting by the bedside, each moving up and down rhythmically. Between each of their legs is a dildo, stuck to the floor and now drenched with their juices. Their slim bodies twisting and writhing while being impaled by them. The puddles beneath them were an inconvenience, but since I would have to clean the room soon anyway, I decided it didn't matter.

Kneeling on the bed, my erection throbbing with purpose, I call Sofia up onto the mattress. As she crawls up eagerly, the dildo pulls roughly out of her moist pussy. Sofia has always enjoyed that pain and trembles slightly as it happens. I like that about her. The others girls moan as they watch her go, both in jealousy and anticipation.

They know that tonight is a night with endless possibilities. It's a celebration of desire, of passionate excess. To have these girls willing to go to any length, any extreme to please me is my truest fantasy. To have it come to life before me is an ecstasy beyond compare. Sophia is on her hands and knees in front of me, bent over like a dog and panting like one as well.

Her tight pussy and ass are presented towards me while she faces her own reflection in the mirrors. I know Sophia enjoys that: to see herself being used, to see the depths that she'll go to. In taking my fantasy, I was giving her one of her own as well. It's not that I don't care about my slaves' pleasure, it's just that I enjoy my own so much more.

As I enter Sophia roughly from behind, she cries out in that strange mix of pain and pleasure. I've kept the slaves' dildos large, but not as large as me. I want it to hurt each time I enter.

This reminds them who owns them, and shows me their abject servitude when they continue to suffer willingly.


I can see her staring into her own eyes in the mirror, knowing that she has lost herself. Her breasts hang down from her chest like udders and sway each time I thrust into her. That degradation and dehumanization is another one of my pleasures: to have a girl cast away the very things that make her human in order to satisfy me. Sophia knows this. She has accepted it. I grab her hair with my left hand and pull her head back. Her eyes look to mine in the mirror as she feels my thick member throbbing deep inside her.

"You Know What I Want To Hear, Slave. Tell Me What A Slave Is Good For." I feel her tremble on me and her eyes unfocus briefly. Her pussy has become even wetter. "i am your slave, master. i am here for you to fuck, torture and kill." I grunt as I pound into her harder.

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Wrapping my left hand further into her hair, with my right I pick up the knife I laid aside earlier. I make sure she knows it's there. "Fuck Me For The Rest Of Your Life." Sophia moans and moves back and forth against me, fucking me with an eagerness I didn't know she had. I can feel her pussy tightening and pulling as she moved away, trying to milk my cock one last time. It was futile, of course. I wouldn't cum for her. In the end, she was just an appetizer for greater passions and she knew it.

"Beg, Slave." "please master, kill me! take this worthless slave's life! i only exist for your pleasure!" Pulling her head back even further, I expose her throat.

I can see all of her clearly in the mirror: her swinging tits, her arms kept down by the force of her will, the exposed length of her neck.

I bring the knife up to her and give her enough time to see it. Enough time to register that the end is here. Then I begin to cut. I saw into her neck quickly at first, the flesh parting easily to the sharp blade. It slows as it reaches her windpipe and I let her savor that feeling.

As it punctures, I can hear her ragged gasps for breath through the new hole in her throat. I look at the mirror and see that she has kept her arms down. She was an obedient slave after all. I make sure to cut all the way around her throat before severing her spine.

I want her to enjoy these final moments as much as I do. Her arterial spray has soaked the mirror and that end of the bed. Perhaps the final sight she saw was an image of herself being splashed in blood. Maybe what I do here is art, after all. Something to explore later. I roll the body off the other side of the bed and it falls limply to the ground, a now useless piece of meat.

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I toss her worthless head over as well and it rolls to a stop face up. The look of passion, fear and pain on her face keeps me aroused better than her living body ever could.

Turning back, I see that the other girls haven't stopped grinding on their dildos. They touch themselves sensuously, which I have decided to allow. The glazed looks of ecstasy on their faces is proof of their desire.

One look at my raging erection and bloody knife and they know exactly how this night is going to end. Next is Emma, scrambling up onto the bed at my signal. Without prompting, her mouth engulfs my cock, sucking with abandon.

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Perhaps she wanted the last juices of Sophia to be inside her. They were friends, after all. I allow her to continue and let the feeling of this snuff puppet eagerly sucking on her murderer's cock wash over me. Yes, it's all I thought it could be. Emma I have trained well. When we started, she was so tight in her pussy, ass and throat that she could barely fit me at all. Now my cock slides deep into her mouth without effort. Using my hand I grasp her throat.

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It has distended admirably, as I have taught her to. My grip tightens and I can see Emma start to change color. Knowing that I'm choking her, knowing that I've blocked her only means of breathing with my member, she still does not resist. Yes, I've trained her well, even in the face of death. But all things must come to an end.

Like Sophia before her, I turn her around on her hands and knees like the dog she is and enter her forcefully. Emma is not as tight as Sophia was, but she has her uses. I once helped her get over a crippling fear of dogs by having her fucked by one for half a day, sucking it off gratefully each time it came.

She has shown that she can learn. It's harder to make out her face in the mirror with all the blood covering it, so I push her face down into the stained sheets. I can hear her panting and her head turns to the side, letting me see her licking the still wet blood of the girl who died before her.

I decide to fuck this little temptress harder than I did the last. Filling just her pussy isn't enough, so I rise up on my heels and pound her harder.


Her moans and slurping sounds get louder, but they turn into a gurgling squeal when I pull completely out of her mid-thrust and shove all the way back in through her tiny asshole. Emma does not deserve any sort of mercy, nor does she expect it.

She cries and moans as I tear her sphincter open, fucking it with abandon. I switch back to her pussy after a minute, then back to her asshole. My cock is covered in her juices, her shit, and her blood. "Tell Me What You'll Give Me, Slave." Emma pants through blood-smeared lips as she tells the man who ruined her what she'll give him.

"i give you my body, to use. i give you my mind, to control.


i give you my heart, to break. and i give you my life, to take." I pull her head up just like Sophia, exposing her blood covered neck and chest. Emma was a good bitch, but not good enough to give me release. The knife is laid bare against her throat and I start to cut more swiftly. I can feel myself getting closer and I care less about Emma enjoying the pain than I did Sophia. To each their own pleasure, but all to mine. Emma's blood sprays out, covering the mirrors with even more filth.

I can barely see myself in the reflection, but I'm less inclined to care now. My cock slides out of the bloody ruin that is Emma's asshole.

My erection is larger than it's ever been before.

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I brush her corpse off the bed and it falls on top of Sophia's, the castoffs of my night of passion. Her head bounces off the bodies before it hits the ground. I can see her lifeless eyes staring up at me and my manhood throbs with urgent need. Looking over, only Mackenzie remains of my slaves.

Though the youngest, she is also the tallest, a lithe dancer in her former life. Now she climbs up onto the bed as eagerly as any of the girls before her. Facing me on her hands and knees, she makes a point of letting me see her lower her body down into the mess of blood that the other girls left behind.

Grinding and smearing it all over herself. Rubbing it into her breasts and pussy.

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I've always liked Mackenzie the best. Crawling forward, she nudges my blood and shit covered cock with her nose, gently licking the filth off it. Looking up at me with wide eyes, she wants me to see each stain and chunk disappear into her mouth and be swallowed. I can't be denied any longer. I grab the bitch by the hair and slap her hard across the face before flipping her face down lying away from me like the others.

Even dazed, she lifts her ass up to me, giving me access to her tender pussy. I push her face down into the blood as I fuck deep inside her, filling up the girl with an erection like none I've ever had before. I see bubbles start to rise by her mouth as I fuck her. She may drown, but I don't care. My pleasure, my release is all that matters. Looking to the side, at the bodies of the girls who died just to please me, at their heads staring up at me in a mixture of lust and longing, I feel my climax building.

Mackenzie is here beneath me, choking and dying on the blood of other girls while I fill her pussy with my cock. What happens to her is irrelevant now that my need has surpassed all restraint. Crying out with primal fervor I yank back Mackenzie's head, my knife hand held high. As I unload load after load of semen into her fertile young womb, the blade descends and slices open her neck halfway, leaving her spine intact. Arterial spray arcs up into the air as I fill her insides with my cum.

Her eyes stare into mine as the gurgling gasping coming from her windpipe chokes out her final love for me. The last twitches of her pussy milking what she can. She dies having felt me cum inside her. She has fulfilled her purpose. Her body is tossed on the pile with the rest, thick strands of semen dripping out of her. I hold her now-severed head in my hands and marvel at how perfect she looks in death.

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She is flawless and has a slight smile on her face. So beautiful.

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Mackenzie was always my favorite.