Pumped up asian three some fuck scene

Pumped up asian three some fuck scene
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I couldn't believe my eyes as I walked around the apartment that for the next 2 semesters would be my home thanks to the housing apartment and too many freshmen and not enough dorms for us all. Being an honor student and having skipped a grade I was deemed as mature and thus far able to live off campus with the other upperclassmen.

I was 17 and living on my own. I came upon the biggest room I had ever seen it was twice the size of my bedroom and closet combined. It even had a little balcony off to the side and its own bathroom. I immediately claimed it as my own. I began to unpack as tears began to form in the corner of my eyes this was my first time away from home and I was scared as hell.

I thought of my mom crying as I drove away. I could hear her voice now saying "I love you Sophia and be careful" I would miss my family but I fought hard for my independence and I damn sure was going to enjoy it. The best part was I wasn't totally alone here. There was always Taylor. My on/off again boyfriend. We had started dating through high school. Even though he's older than me by some years.

He is a junior and I am a freshmen I placed the last picture on my dresser and studied it. I looked nothing like my mom and sister sans our pink pouty lips and grey eyes. They both have long black hair with perfect eyesight. At 5'9 my mom was a dancer and my sister followed in her footsteps.

They have what I like to call perfect bodies. Even at 50 my mom is hot. Where I inherited my father's hair curly and unmanageable in its uneven shade of red. With glasses too big for my face. I finally talked my parents into contacts this year. Then there are the freckles they are everywhere.

I am of average height at 5'0. My hips are too big and my butt too small in my opinion There's nothing spectacular about me except for my size DD breast. I've been trying to hide them since age 11 when all my friends were in training bras I was in a full B cup. Like today for instance I was unsuccessfully trying to hide them under 3 layers of clothing a tank-top a t-shirt and my favorite hoodie paired with my most comfortable skinny jeans and boots.

I studied myself in the mirror no matter what I did you couldn't hide them. An hour later I was in the bathtub relaxing. I sat there enjoying the bubbles around me. Classes would be starting in 2 days and I couldn't wait for this new experience, a chance to be a new Sophia. I must have drifted off to sleep because the next thing I remember the bathroom door was being pushed in. I screamed and jumped for my towel! "Who are you?" Asked the blonde with blue eyes I wrapped myself in my towel best I could.

"I'm Sophia your new roommate." She studied my face for a while. "Nice to meet you.

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I'm Katelyn and that's Rachel over there. "She pointed to the girl standing in the doorway with the long braids.

I eyed them both. They were both so beautiful. Katelyn with her long blonde hair blue eyes and dimples. Her long legs and perky breast and apple shaped butt. Rachel had an exotic look about her with her long braids and brown eyes. A beauty mark by her mouth made her even more beautiful.

Her frame petite and her breast the perfect size. "Look this was my room last year. I like it for the private bathroom and all but since you've clearly made yourself at home you can keep it.

She turned on her heels and walked out slamming the door behind her with a bang. "You have to excuse her; she's a little bitchy at times." "You think" I smiled at her "So I guess you want to get dressed? "she added Twenty minutes later while Katelyn sat on the edge of my bed I was finally ready for my date with Taylor tonight. I took one more look at myself in the mirror and decided to just pile my hair in a bun on top. This was my best effort in my cardigan, tank-top skirt and flats. I hope he liked it.

"So where you on your way to anyway?" "I'm on my way to meet my boyfriend." Applying my favorite perfume. "Oh, well have fun and put my number in your phone in case you get lost or something" she followed me down the hall. Talking the whole way . When I finally reached the kitchen I saw Rachel was there with some guy and they were discussing me His eyes lit up when he saw me.

She slapped his arm "Going out?" Before I could respond Katelyn answered for me. "Yes she is she's going to meet her boyfriend." "I'll see you guys later." I left before any other questions could be asked The last thing I heard before the door slammed. "Hell she's hot, Id fuck her . "You have no standards so clearly I'm not surprised. Rachel laughed I was nervous as hell waiting for Taylor and of course he was late.

When he finally did show up I could tell he was in full effect. He loved the attention that everyone gave him and he was eager to put on a show. His black hair was curly a new style for him. He was wearing his glasses today which looked exceptional with his polo shirt and blazer. He sat across from me staring into my eyes.

"What?" "Nothing, I can't just look at you " "Yeah you can but it makes me nervous." "Nervous huh? Well my job is done. No I just think you're beautiful. You try to look all prim and proper when you think I'm looking" I tried to hide the blush coming across my cheeks. He sipped his coffee 'You met your roommates yet?" "Ugh, please don't get me started. Only 1 of them is welcoming. The other one seems to have a serious issue with me for no reason. Their names are Rachel and Katelyn." His eyes wide.

"Wait you're roommates with Rachel and Katelyn?" "Unfortunately, why what do you know." I loved gossip and if it was about Rachel that would be better. "Nothing really Katelyn is pretty harmless. Actually she's Rachel's sidekick she does whatever Rachel wants. They've been friends since elementary school and have done everything together. Katelyn even broke up with her boyfriend and now he dates Rachel.

Some guy named Jeff. It must be hard to be Katelyn though and have to compete with a girl like Rachel. Have you seen that ass?" "Are you serious?" "I was joking damn." He laughed at his not funny joke Speaking of the devil I looked up and saw Rachel and the guy from the house Jeff I guess.

She was smiling until she saw me. I looked back at Taylor and his face had lost all its color. "What's wrong?" "Nothing, look don't worry about Rachel, she's a troublemaker. Don't listen to anything that' she says because 9 out of 10 it's a lie.


I watched as Rachel took a seat in the back. I was so over the whole situation. We left the shop and I felt Rachel's eyes on me the whole time. As I walked to my car he called my name. "Sophia?" I turned and looked he had this look on his face. "Come home with me" "I sighed and kept walking. Before I reached my car he was behind me kissing my neck and ears. His arms wrapped around my waist.

"Oooooh" I moaned as he pushed me against my car. He kissed my ears and neck. I arched my back. I felt his hand unbuttoning my skirt. "Are you crazy? Were outside." I tried 2 push his hand away but he had me.

He knew exactly what to do. With one lick I felt my legs buckle as he held me up. His tongue dancing around my neck.

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He pulled my panties to the side and stuck his finger inside of me. I gasped as he went deeper and deeper first one then two fingers until finally he had three inside of me. I slowly began to rock back on his hand. He knew exactly what to do and he does it so well.

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He moved his fingers around inside of me and I loved every minute of it. He went deeper and deeper until finally I knew I was about to cum.

I felt my legs go weak and my breathing got rough until finally I came all over his hand. He took his hand n stuck it in my mouth. I sucked my juices off his fingers. He leaned over and kissed me. His mouth so warm and inviting. "You ready to go now?" He grabbed my hand and led me to his car. I let him lead me at this point he could lead me anywhere. I just smiled. What else could I do? By the time we made it to his dorm I was uncontrollable.

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He threw me down on the bed. First he removed my shoes as he began to suck on my toes. Working his way up my legs .He pulled at my skirt and removed my panties. They were soaking wet by now. He traced the inside of my thighs with his tongue He finally made it to my most precious spot. He ran his tongue against my bare pussy. The sensation driving me wild. His mouth steaming hot. He dove in like I was his last meal ever.

His fingers massaging my clit. He spread my lips open and began to suck all the juices from inside of me. I bucked and cried like a wild animal in pain as I felt the sensation start to envelope me and take over.

"Oh shit, oh shit" I screamed as I felt the juices squirt from my pussy into his mouth. He licked his lips as he climbed up my body. He pressed his lips against mine. He ripped my shirt in half as he fondled my breast. My bra he undid with one hand. My nipples sprang to attention hard as rocks. He sucked each as he massaged his cock.

It grew as he touched and pulled it.

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I locked eyes with my favorite desert. I wanted him in my mouth and he obliged. I took him into my mouth gagging on the head a bit. Until all 8 inches were there. He slammed harder into my mouth his balls slapping across my chin as saliva began to run down the corners of my mouth and onto my breasts.

I massaged my breasts covering them in saliva as he slid out my mouth and began to fuck my breasts. He pumped harder and harder until finally I felt him about to cum.

"Where do you want it baby?" "In my mouth baby please in my mouth." I opened wide and drank him as he shot his load down my throat. I swallowed as much as I could but it still spilled over.

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What fell on me he scooped up and flipped me over. I spread my ass open as he spit inside.


I felt him massaging my asshole with his fingers until finally he was in up to his knuckles. He kept pumping until finally he had 2 fingers in. He spit 1 last time. I felt his weight easing on top of me as he pushed past the ring into my ass. I gasped at the pain and pleasure as he began to pump harder and faster in to me.

'Don't stop, please don't stop. Make me cum daddy please make me cum" I screamed with tears running down my face. He grabbed my hips and pushed farther and deeper into me. He picked me up his cock still inside of me and I sat on top of him.

I faced him as I bounced up and down gyrating and moving. Squeezing my breasts he kept up with my rhythm. Matching me beat for beat. I felt his cock begin to expand as I bounced harder and harder. 'Oh shit Soph I'm cumming, I'm fucking cumming" He screamed as he drained his cock in my asshole. Feeling that sent me over the edge. I loss it at that moment.

I began to massage my clit as I felt my muscles contract and I began to squirt all over his chest. I rolled off and lay beside him curled into a ball and drifted off to sleep. At that moment nothing else mattered I was with my man and I was the happiest I could be in the world