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Euro spex teen fucked after pussylicking
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My first time actually writing about an experience, so sorry its not very polished. but this thread inspired me to write it down. Ok, so I'd been working at this mailbox, packaging and service store. Kind of like a Kinkos. I was a supervisor 20 something at the time, but that mostly meant I was usually the one to open or close, sometimes both. We opened the doors at 8:00 am, but I usually got there at 7:45 or earlier to prep the store to open.

It was usually slow in the mornings till like 10, depending on the day the next employee would come in at 9 or 10. One of the great things about working there at the time was that we hired several pretty hot women. I don't know about the rest of you, but women in "uniform" are kind of sexy (unless its just really baggy).

At the store the ladies wore nice fitting polo shirts, usually with pretty tight slacks. There was alot of slow times, and many of the girls were pretty flirty, even if they had a boyfriend. I'm not the hottest guy in the world, but i'm well built and tall, and most girls seem to like me pretty well. I'm the guy who don't act like hes after sex 24/7, just treats them good, talks to everyone, pretty good sense of humor. I also don't take crap from customers who are wrong and would try to push around the girls, so I would kick customers out for being abusive.

As you can imagine, this also put me in a great light to several girls who were used to dating pansies, though that wasn't my intention. Well there was this one girl, named Alison who was a pretty big girl when she started working with us, like 17 or 18. She was kind of short, but had a bit of extra weight, though not like gross, and she had great boobs. While she was working there she got on this huge diet kick and dropped like 30 pounds.

I hadn't worked with her in like a month because she was going to school and worked late afternoon to close while I was working the opening shift. Summer came around and she walked past me one day while I was fixing the copy machine and I couldn't help but notice her sexy ass out of the corner of my eye as she walked past. I didn't realize it was her at the time, I assumed it was a customer and I had that machine fixed in record time to hurry up and help her.

When I turned around she was walking behind the counter and thats when I realized it was Alison. I said "WoW" aloud, not being able to help myself. She turned me and said, "What?". I was kind of mesmerized, she had an amazing hourglass figure, but somehow still had pretty large breasts. I just blurted out, "You look amazing Alison.", She blushed and just said "Thanks". I repied that "I'm serious, I haven't seen you in quite awhile." She was probably 5 foot 2, long brown silky hair, with the amazing new figure and her eyes like sparkled bright blue.

I had noticed her eyes before, but they just went to a whole new level with her new look, plus i've always had a thing for small, short women.

to sum it up, I couldn't stop staring and smiling like an idiot. I don't know if others have noticed this, but girls that haven't always been considered "hot and sexy" are incredible when they change like this. They don't have the huge "full of themselves ego" most pretty women get, with guys hitting on them constantly.

Alison liked me pretty well, because I had always talked to her and such. now that she knew I thought she was sexy, she really perked up and opened up more.

She didn't quite believe how sexy she was, so it was like she thought she needed to flirt with me to get my attention and like her more. So all day she kind of experimented hitting on me back, saying I looked great and doing the old laughing more at jokes type stuff. She started to touch me more, just on the shoulder and stuff at first, once she realized I didn't mind(Ya right! Bring it on!). Unfortunately we were really busy that day, so not much happened beyond simple flirting and catching up with each other.

That was fine with me, I don't mind building up to the good stuff, makes it all the better. We worked together several times over the next week and things were going along great.

I would touch her all the time, getting her used to me, run my fingers through her long hair, brush against her hips as I moved past. Always try to catch her eye as I walked past. She started doing the same back to me, getting more bold each day. In fact, she was the first to move it past the "simple" flirting. One day I am sitting in the back on the packing table. For those that don't know this is basically a large flat table covered in carpet to package people's stuff on.

No customers were in right then and I was reading through a list of tasks I had written up for the day. She came walking up and laid her hand on my leg above the knee and said "Hey Josh" in a sweet voice. I was a little startled at first, not expecting her to make that move. But I just looked up and smiled saying "Ya?". Then she looked purposely at my leg and slid her hand down it and off. The she says "Oh! You've got some tape on your pants" and she reaches for it. Now, there really was some there, but now I wonder if she handn't just put it there when she put her hand on my leg.

It was halfway up my thigh, but she touched well above it before sliding her fingers down and lifting it off. It sent a shiver through me, I don't know exactly why but it was one of the sexiest moves a girl has done to me. I think it was just one of those times and places you don't see it coming. I immediately felt my cock stir. I don't think I've ever been more aware of what my dick was doing than at that moment.

I could feel it steadily unfolding from where it was trapped in the folds of my boxers and pants. All I could say was "Oh, thanks!" and laid the clip board I was holding onto my lap. I was a little embarassed because of being at work and such, but my eyes were locked with hers. Next thing I know the door dings and I really jump, my eyes darting to the door. I look back at her, and she just smiles and walks up front to help the customer. Meanwhile my cock is as hard as its ever been, the kind where you feel it just aching and you can't think of anything else, it wants out of my pants and is bulging like crazy.

I definately can't help customers in this state. I turn and sort of saunter as casually as I can out of sight and sit down at the desk in the back. I try to focus on printing up some business cards and such for a customer off the computer, and rubbing myself through my pants in hopes my erection will go down before more customers come in and I have to go up front.

Alison comes walking back with some things to package, looks over at me and asks if I can package it while she helps the customer with some other things.

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I of course say "sure", slowly getting up as she turns and walks out of sight. Just as i'm walking over focused on the items, she comes walking back and stops short. I look at her and see shes looking down at my pants with a kind of surprised look on her face, I don't think she realized she would have the effect she did.

She quickly looked away and walked to the table saying another item down saying "That too please".

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She walked away and I was just standing there during the whole thing. I was a little worried cuz she was obviously not experienced with guys too much and I didn't want her to be like freaked out and stop talking to me or something. That made my erection drop pretty quick, especially as I got back to work packaging stuff. A couple hours later it died down again and I was relieved to find out things were still good, because she walked up behind me and leaned over my shoulder while I was on the computer.

I glanced back a little to see her breast right next to my head and felt the familiar rise in my pants again. I said, "Hey sexy" in goofy voice as I turned back to the computer, playing it cool. I was looking at movies coming out that week and she leaned forward pointing with her opposite arm, asking "Whats that one?" and I could feel her right breast lay onto my shoulder, it felt so good, and I knew it was all natural.

she put her hand onto my other shoulder and I was instantly at full mast. my throat going dry. I was trying to play it smooth, and clicked on the link to open movie details for her as I tried to get my mind refocused. She just kept leaning on me asking questions because she couldn't see too well.

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Finally a customer came in and she walked off to help them, while I took my first breath in like 30 seconds. My mind was spinning and I couldn't think straight or focus. Unfortunately the next employee came in then and Alison had to head home shortly after that, but I couldn't wait to see her again or get her off my mind.

I wanted to get my hands on those amazing curves and feel her bare skin under my fingertips. The next week I got my wish. The girl I usually open with came down with mono that week and Alison was called in to fill her shifts since she was normally only part time hours. It so happened that Alison was also moving into a new apartment at the time, as part of her new life changes and didn't have internet access yet.

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She was taking some online classes and so I told her she could come in and use the computer at work if she needed to. So the next Tuesday I opened the store and soon after to my surprise and delight, in walked Alison. She said she had to do some homework on the computer, I was busy still getting things set up to open so I just smiled at her and said "Go for it" and watched her hips sway as she walked by. A couple early birds came by so I didn't get to see her for the next hour, and she was busy working on homework so I left her to get things done.

At 9am she was supposed to start working, and the customers were finally all gone. I walked back and she was finishing up her homework. I asked her, "Wheres your work clothes?" because she was wearing street clothes and she responded, "damn it, I totally forgot".

We had a extra set or two int he back for new employees and things like that, so I told her I'd grab them. I handed them to her, and she headed towards the bathroom to change. This is when fate took a hand and I got my first wish. The bathroom is basically 90 degrees from the desk, where you can basically see it out of the corner of your eyes from the desk. She walked in and flipped the switch and the light just flickers and goes out. The bulb was out. Not a big deal, except the fixture is a pain to change, you need a screwdriver and a ladder to to it and its tricky, so it takes like 10-15 minutes to fix.

I'm of course watching her as she walked into the room, deep down wishing I could be those clothes about to slide over her body. She calls to me telling me the lights out, and its too dark to change in there and see what shes doing. The door swings in and its a tiny room so you can't really close the door partway and have room to change. I tell her it will take me a bit to fix it and she just looks at me and says "Thats ok, I'll just change with the door open, customers can't see me." and then "No peeking" with a grin on her face.

I say "Of course not!" with a smile on my face I turn back to the computer. Now, you better believe I have never tried harder to look to the left with my eyes without turning my head.

I think I almost pulled an eye muscle as she slid her shirt over her head revealing a black lacy bra! Its the kind that cups just the bottom 1/2 causing her already generous endowment to push up and out, like they wanted to escape. I know a little gasp escaped my throat as I tried to pretend to look at the computer. She had to be at least a C cup and on her small body the effect was amazing, the way the light from the room and the shadows fell I was mesmerised.

She shook her shirt and I watched her breasts jiggle in their cups as I licked my lips. She turned to the side, raising her arms to slide the shirt over her head, I couldn't take it any more and turned to watch the scene.

it was like something out of a movie. I was staring so hard, my mind started to wander to other possiblities, like sliding that bra off to set those breasts free. I didn't realize she had her shirt on and was looking at me.

She smiled and blushed a little, still not used to the attention I think. I said, "I"m sorry, I couldn't help it, you're so gorgeous. I've dreamed of seeing your like that since I first saw you the other day." She said softly, "Really?" I got up and walked towards her, "I don't think you realize the effect you have." "I think about you every day, I've never been more turned on by a woman." At that, she glanced down to see the bulge in my pants.

I said, "Sorry, I can't help that". She looked at me and said, "I've never had a guy get excited over me", "I've never even seen a guys thing." I was shocked and just kind of blurted out, "Really?!" She looked down embarrassed and replied softly, "ya".

I stepped forward and took her hand, pulling her from the safety of her bathroom refuge. I just said softly "come here." I led her over to the other packing table that was behind the wall where customers couldn't see and sat her down and sat beside her.

I said, "I want to show you something" and I laid her onto her back and lay on my side beside her. I told her to close her eyes and gently stroked her hair. I kissed her ear and whispered "so beatiful" as I ran my other hand smoothly up her leg to her stomache. I continued to play with her hair and slid my hand under her shirt and onto her bare skin.

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She smiled slightly and kept her eyes closed. I played my hand across her belly, letting her feel my touch, the warmth of my hand. I slid my hand and her shirt up more. I kissed her again, down onto the shoulder. Then whispered, "Can I take your shirt off?" She still had her eyes closed but softly whispered "yes" as I watched her.

I said, "let me do it, keep yours eyes closed". I slid my hand beneath the small of her back under the shirt and gently up her back, then lifted her off the table a few inches. I said, "lift your arms" and slid my left hand up the front of her shirt, I let it brush across the mounds of her breasts and unbuttoned with one hand the two buttons so it would slide off easier. I lifted the shirt off, not as smoothly as I hoped(hey it only works perfectly in the movies and stories) I laughed playfully, saying "sorry" when it caught briefly on her nose.

She was smiling as the shirt finally slid up and off. Her beatiful breasts were inches from my face as I laid her back down. I was in another world, I couldn't believe this was even happening. I leaned in and kissed the top of her breasts, I cupped each one in turn with my hand. still running my other hand over her silky smooth hair.

I looked up at her and said, "Open your eyes", she looked at me, I could see the question in her eyes. I said simply, "You are amazing Alison, Thank You." She just smiled back and said, "I think you're amazing too." I was still running my hand over to smooth stomach, she leaned up on her elbows and watched my hand, then glanced over at the bulge in my pants.


I softly said, "You can look if you want." Then, "I'm a little embarrassed, but I trust you." She looked at me, a little unsure, I ran my hand over her again and reassured her saying, "Its ok, I'll lay back and you can do anything you like, I want to be your first." I undid the button on my pants and slid the zipper down… sliding my pants down a little so my boxers were mostly out and my dick pushing out straight.

I laid back and closed my eyes. For a long time I could just hear her soft breathing, and the feel her eyes on me. I nearly jumped when I first felt her hand on my leg, but I stilled myself. I could feel my cock twitching and pulsing… knowing she could see it moving up and down. Her hand slid up ever so softly and I felt it brush against the sensitive underside of my cock, making it twitch up and touch her.

She pulled back then reached in and unbuttoned my boxers. I felt my cock slide out into the air… freed at last.


I'm about 6.5 inches long, average length I guess, but kind of thick. Its straight with a slight curve up, now that its free it flopped against my belly. She was getting bolder and I felt her touch the head… my cock jerking uncontrollably from each touch. I reached down and slid the top down… saying softly, "slide them down." I lifted my hips and she continued taking them down the rest of the way. Since my cock was sticking through the hole, and as hard as I've ever felt, it was pulled downward with the boxers.

She didn't know how painful this is for a guy to "force it the wrong way", but I just gritted my teeth, not wanting to ruin the moment for her. Finally my cock sprang free, slapping up and a great feeling of relief flew through me as I laid back down.

(My eyes were closed the whole time) After another pause I felt her fingers begin to touch and caress it again. I felt them touch and then gently push my balls too. Finally I asked, "What do you think?" She said, "It looks big, and feels sort of crazy" with a little giggle, then quickly added "I like it." I then said, "wrap your fingers around it, see how hard you make it." The anticipation nearly made me cum when I felt her hand slide around my pulsing shaft.

I leaped up my eyes flying open as at that moment the door bell rang announcing a customer.

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My cock deflated even faster than my boxers went back up. I nearly fell off the table in my haste. With one last glance at each other we got our clothes on and headed up front, hoping the flush of our faces wasn't going to give us away. Our first encounter was over… To be continued.