Filipino boys masturbating gay porn free Lukas visits the clinic

Filipino boys masturbating gay porn free Lukas visits the clinic
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Mistress is sitting outside in the garden, enjoying the coolness of the afternoon, with a glass of red wine at Her side, Her slave, kneeling humbly before Her wearing only a collar and chain, Mistress enjoys reaching out and caressing Her slave now and then.

Mistress rests Her tired feet on alan's knees lightly touching Her cock…erect for Her use as expected. Mistress reaches down and tweaks Her slaves nipples, enjoying his groan of pain. Oh dear excuse Mistress a moment, help Her up, it seems Mistress has guests, please wait here as Mistress goes to see who is at the door.

What a surprise, My pet, two of Mistress lady friends, Anne and Sally, have arrived go and get some more wine and glasses, please My pet. Mistress's friends look on in astonishment as Her sexy slave gets up from his kneeling position and obediently goes inside to do as told. Oh My pet, the questions, the curiosity.

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Mistress laughingly and with great pleasure and pride in Her slave tells them that alan is the most wonderful slave Mistress has ever had the pleasure of owning. Of course Mistress friends want to know how obedient he really is Mistress tells them he will do whatever She tells him to as he knows Mistress's pleasure comes first.

Their minds seem to digest this, then the requests come, hard and fast…My slave walks in as we are discussing him…don't be shy My pet, Mistress would never let anyone hurt you, but My pet, Mistress friends have never experienced the pleasure an obedient slave can give and Mistress loves Her friends and would like for them to know the pleasure She does.

Mistress also knows Her friends well and She knows that neither of them have ever had a true orgasm, knowing that with Mistress direction, Her slave can gift them with this, Mistress decides to put Her plan in action.

She first needs to get Her friends used to idea of having a slave around.

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So My pet just come and kneel on the floor beside My feet facing My friends, head bowed. Mistress and Her friends enjoy their wine and the talk carries on as though he is not there, now and then Mistress reaches out and caresses his head, back, asschest, cock wherever Mistress feels the urge to.

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She smiles to Herself when Her friends sneak longing glances at Her slave, knowing what they are wanting but also knowing they are too shy to put it into words. alan go and kneel on the floor between them, facing Me.

Mistress gives Her friends permission to touch him anywhere except Her cock hesitantly they reach out, getting more and more brave as they realize how sexy and amenable he is. Their hands get more excited as they realize that they can do as they like to him, one pinches at his nipple, making him jump, Mistress gently warns Her friends not to hurt him too much as he is still a bit shy right now…Her friends laugh and agree but they just can't resist pinching his ass (it is so sexy, My pet) Mistress sits back with Her wine and enjoys the show, carefully making sure Her slave is not too overwhelmed and that Her friends are obeying Her instructions.

Mistress voice alerts Her slave as She tells Her friends to stop, sit back and watch. Come stand here in front of Mistress, My pet, good boy. Turn round face Mistress friends.

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Mistress comes to stand behind Her slave, and brings Her arms round him and slowly starts caressing his chest, playing with and squeezing his nipples, Her friends are sitting on the edge of their chairs, Mistress understands their yearning but She wants them so aroused they will do anything She orders. Mistress breasts against your back causes Her cock to rise and Mistress friends eyes widen at the sight they are mesmerized as Mistress reaches down and plays with it, well done, My pet She says and Her slave smiles with pride.

Mistress friends start squirming in their chairs and Mistress tells them to remove their clothes, leaving only their underwear on…they are such a sexy pair, one blonde the other brunette, both eager and, Mistress has no doubt, very wet.

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Mistress orders Her slave to kneel between them again, facing them this time. Mistress guides Her slaves' hand so that he has a hand on each of their knees… Mistress is standing just behind her friends, where he can see Her, watch for Mistress directions slave. Mistress uses Her own body to show him what She wants Whatever Mistress does Her slave must copy on Her friends Mistress starts caressing Her thighs, just touching the edge of Her panties, as Her slave follows Her example Mistress friends instinctively spread their legs inviting, offering, needing.

Tease them My pet as Mistress is teasing Herself&hellip.tantalise, offer pleasure never yet experienced. Mistress allows Her fingers to brush Her crotch…Her friends gasp as his hand rubs against them and they convulsively clutch his hand tighter to them.

Mistress knows they are ready for anything, She also knows Her slave, so She orders Her slave to pleasure them as he would his Mistress knowing that it would be easier for Her slave to pleasure one at a time Mistress tells Anne to play with herself, keep herself hot and wet.Her slave cant resist peeping as Anne's fingers play.

Then he is called back to his duty by Mistress pulling on Her cock…slave do as ordered now!!!!

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Mistress orders Her slave to remove the damp panties and to slowly ease two fingers into Sally's pussy. Mistress laughs with delight as Sally gasps and squirms, trying to get Her slaves fingers deeper in My pet, you know what to do, pleasure her and make sure she releases like never before as he obeys Mistress, Mistress turns Her attention to Anne. Slipping Her hand inside Anne's bra Mistress gently strokes the nipple, Anne groans as Mistress gently pulls and squeezes…the noise Her slaves hand makes in Sally's damp pussy urges Mistress friends to a higher and higher arousal.

Mistress stands back and watches Her slave pleasuring Sally and Her heart swells with pride and adoration, he is indeed a good slave, Mistress thinks as Sally cums and cums screaming with the release on and on for what seems like forever, then droops back, drained, exhausted. Mistress then guides Her slave to Anne who is almost on the floor from all her squirming…again please My pet.


Mistress then goes to Sally and puts Her arms round Her gently pulling her head to Her breast She strokes her hair as she slowly comes back down to earth…then they both lazily watch Her slave pleasure Anne, both secretly smiling, knowing Anne is going to have an awesome experience.

As she screams her release&hellip.over and over, Mistress and Her slave exchange a secret look - She of pride and extreme pleasure in Her pet and he proud that he has obeyed and pleased Mistress this day. Mistress now decides to give Her friends an idea of just how obedient Her slave is.

Come stand here My pet in front of Mistress, good boy. He does as he is told and Mistress friends are awed and jealous of Mistress cock, so hard and already oozing pre-cum. Mistress orders Her slave to control himself, as Mistress is going to enjoy Her cock, Her slave is NOT to cum until Mistress so desires. Mistress friends lean closer as Mistress slowly licks Her cock, spreading the pre-cum round and round making sure Her cock is nice and wet all over, Mistress smiles and takes Her whole cock into Her mouth deep and tight, sucking, enjoying Her slaves gasp as he fights for control, knowing Her friends are enjoying this too…Mistress sucks and licks and nibbles as Her slave starts to squirm and groan, Mistress feels Her cock swell in Her mouth and knows that he is close to losing control…but She knows he will obey and control himself so She takes him deeper and slowly sucks Her cock easing it out of Her mouth little by little.

Mistress looks up at Her slaves flushed face, sees the tension there, knows that he has fought a hard battle to obey Mistress and She is both honoured and pleased. Looking at Her friends Mistress beckons them nearer. Tells Anne to take Her cock in her hand and Sally to play with Her slaves balls slowly squeezing.

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Mistress orders them to ensure that he gifts Her with an orgasm. Mistress then sits down facing everyone and sips Her wine as She watches Her friends play and tease Her slave.

Poor slave is getting frustrated as Mistress friends either don't know what to do or they are enjoying playing so much they have forgotten Mistress instruction. Mistress takes pity on him and orders him to come and lay back in the chair next to Her then orders Anne to taste him&hellip.lick and suck don't cum yet, My pet!

then Sally gets a turn Mistress wants them to know the pleasure of tasting Her cock!

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Mistress then orders Her friends to sit down again, pours them each a glass of wine and orders Her slave to cum for Her right now!!! As Mistress and Her friends watch Her slave, he uses his hands on Mistress cock and surrenders himself in full, hard and welcome release as Mistress ordered.

Mistress friends are awestruck at the how hard and how long Her slave cums &hellip.Mistress is not She knows the power She has over Her slave and expects no less from him.


Well done My pet you are truly a good boy!! Come, My pet and kneel back at My feet, as Mistress and Her friends enjoy each others company. Mistress knows they will want to play again&hellip.and is already starting to make plans for the next time