Pawg toby cummin on black dicc

Pawg toby cummin on black dicc
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The Story takes place in Southern United states at the time slavery of negro people were legal. A white man and his wife owned a small cotton field with 3 slaves in the backyard of their house. Two of the slaves and the man died in a horse crash.

The women is about 20 years old and her remaining slave is 19 years old. He is a dark man, short hair, very muscular, about 6 feet, 5 inches in height. His name is Bobby. The white woman had long red hair.

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Her skin tone wasn't pale but not tan, normal. She is 5 feet, 4 inches in height, a small women. She has a beautiful body big breast and a nice ass a man would kill to get near.

Her name is Caroline. Caroline is relying on Bobby to make the living for her since her husband is dead. She isn't that bad of a slave driver she didn't whip Bobby much and gave him lemonade when he does a good job, plus she let him use her bathroom to shower (usually reserved for white folks), yet she wasn't a good slave driver she made him work 3 times as hard since her other slaves died.

The story opens with Caroline heading to the shower after a long day of house chores. Caroline walked down the hall in her evening gown, getting ready to shower.

She was exhausted and could really use a shower. She was about to enter the restroom when she heard water running on the inside. She knew Bobby just started his shower. She got frustrated and was about to tell him to get out when she got a better idea.

In her house there was a secret room that allows the person in it to see someone in the bathroom, but they can't see you. Her husband used that room to spy on her before they were married, but now that he was dead she could use that room without feeling guilty.

She rushed to the hidden room, having her curiosity get the better of her. In the room she had a perfect view at Bobby, but he had no idea she was watching. Bobby striped down to nothing at all. Caroline had a back view at him.

She admired his broad shoulders and his well toned ass. She wondered what it would feel like she wanted to pat it. He hopped into the shower he had to raise it since he was so tall. He turned around to soap his body down. He had an eight-pac and huge biceps. He could easily overpower Caroline and run away but he probably figured he wouldn't get far before the law enforcement caught him and lynched him.

His penis was 9 inches long and it wasn't even erect. She watched him scrub himself down head to toe. He was so buff so in shape Caroline couldn't help getting a little wet between the legs. She wanted to have sex with him but the society she lived in would look down on her for that.

She returned to her room feeling a bit hot. She laid down in her bed naked to cool off. She opened a window to let some air in. She started thinking about Bobby's cock. She couldn't get out of her mind that it was so long but not even erect. She fantasized Bobby humping her with his buff, muscular body.

She wanted him and bad but how? She fingered herself thinking of Bobby's beautiful black body especially his cock. 'Wow," she thought to herself as she masturbated on her bed, 'I wonder how big it is when it is hard.' She touched herself for another 9 minutes till she had an orgasm.

She had an idea to get him. Two days later Bobby was working hard on the field so Caroline brought out a glass of lemonade for him. "Thanks Ma'am," Bobby said. "Good work big boy," she said then slapped his ass. He looked kind of embarrassed. "When your done out hur I have somethin' fer ya in the living room." Caroline giggle as she returned to the house with the empty glass.

'Wow,' Bobby thought as he finished his work on the field, 'a white person with a gift fer me.' Bobby stepped back into the house after a hard day of work. Caroline had on a button up blouse and a short skirt on. She had a whip in hand.

Sit down boy. Obediently Bobby took a seat on the living room sofa directly in front of her. "Boy I've been watchin' you fer a while now," she said with a stern look on her face.

"And I want you." "Want me fer what ma'am," Bobby said confused. "Oh, I think you know," she said slowly unbuttoning her blouse. Bobby stood up. "But ma'am I cant," Bobby protested.

"They'll lynch me fer sure if they found out." Caroline cracked her whip, her blouse unbuttoned one fourth down.

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"Boy did I tell you to stand." Bobby sat back down. "I won't tell nobody so you won't get in any trouble." She completely unbuttoned her blouse revealing her big round tits. She wore no bra. "Now you gotta tell me you like this," She said rubbing her tits. Matter of fact was he did like it. "Yessum but," She interrupted with a crack of her whip. "But what?" He remained silent. "Now stand up boy!" He obeyed her like a dog. "Now strip butt naked," She demanded whip in hand. "But ma'am what if someone finds out," he protested.

"I told ya' already boy I wont tell no one now strip starting with your shirt." He didn't move. "If ya won't listens to me maybe you'll listens to my whip." Caroline whipped him across the chest then a second time on his belly. He yelled in pain. He could easily over power her, but he knew his fate if he did, it was smarter to obey her.

Against his will he took off his shirt. She felt across his tough rock hard abs and rubbed his chest. He felt very uncomfortable but he had no choice.

"Now drop your pants and everything else," she demanded whip raised in hand. "But ma'am," he started just to get whipped across his bare chest two more times. "Don't talk back. Do what I say or I'll tell them you hit me and you'll get lynched for sure. And call me master from now on got that nigger," she ordered. "Yes master," he said dropping his pants revealing his un erect 9 inch cock. "Now to have sum real fun," she said going completely topless.

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She tried to push him back onto the couch but he was just to big. "Sit down nigger I gots something good fer ya." He sat down and she sat next to him dropping her whip.

She began to massage his cock. Soon enough it was fully erect the veins pulsing through his now 14 inch cock. "Oh, my," she said staring at his huge cock. "How am I supposed to handle that?" She grabbed it with both hands and squeezed hard.

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She jerked it up and down till precum built up at the tip of the head. She licked her lips then put her mouth around his dick head. She circled it with her tongue. She enjoyed the salty taste and began to suck on his head. She kept one hand jerking him off as she sucked him and played with his balls. She sucked deeper and harder. She sucked so hard you could probably hear slurping noises from outside. She was enjoying her nigger's dick when he grabbed her by the head and started to face fuck her.

She was taken by surprise at first then went along with it in a rhythm. She liked it. When she sensed him about to cum she, she sucked on only the head as she jerked him off with two hands. He let out a long moan as he shot his man juice into her mouth. It was so much it was ridicules! Caroline tried to swallow it as it came out but she couldn't, it just came out way too much.

It filled her mouth and some came out her nose. She moved her head off his dick as she coughed on his cum. Sperm was dripping everywhere, even onto her breast. After she cleared her throat she wiped the cum from her nose onto her hand and licked it up. Boy, did she like jizz, you could tell just watching her lick that cum up off his now limp dick. She licked her tits getting every last drop of man juice left. When she was done licking herself she slapped Bobby across the face.

"Don't you ever touch me again without me telling you, got that boy," she yelled at him. "Yes master," he said obediently. Caroline stood up and dropped her dress and panties right in front of Bobby. She noticed him get hard again. Caroline smiled.

"You dirty boy, you want this don't you," she asked stroking her pink pussy. Bobby nodded. "When I ask you a question you ansa' me," she yelled getting whip back into hand. "I do master," he murmured. "Speak up boy," she cracked her whip. "I do master," he said clearly.

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"You do what? You want my va-jay-jay?" "Yes master I want you va-jay-jay." "You dirty nigger," she cussed him. "Stand up." He did as told and his 14 inch penis rubbed against her leg. She whopped his leg. "I told you not to touch me unless I said so!" "Sorry master," he said in pain. She raised her whip "Oooo you gonna be sorry boy." She whipped across his stomach and he bent over in pain. She whipped him across the back 3 time before he fell to his knees. He looked up with sad eyes.

"Kiss my feet," she demanded. He kissed her small feet one each. "Good know lick my toes. He swirled his tongue around each toe individually. His tongue ticked her so she let out a small giggle. "Good," she said satisfied. "She turned around, put her whip down, and bent over. "Kiss my ass n' I'll forgive you." He puckered up that ass a wet sloppy one.

She stood straight up. "Get down on all fours nigger." And as expected without a word he did. "Now crawl, crawl like the dirty nigger you are." He crawled across the floor. Caroline sat down on the couch and began to stroke her pussy watching her slave crawl like a dog. "Come here boy," Bobby crawled over to her. His head was, in between her legs, eye level with her pussy. She moaned as she finger her pussy while bobby watched.

"Pant you nigger," she screamed. Bobby panted like a dog. Now lick me boy, eat my pussy like a dog!" He licked her pussy just like a dog would drink water out a bowl. He licked fast and hard.


He licked again, and again, and again. She rubbed her clit and moaned as he licked harder. "Yes, yes," she practically yelled at him as she held his head down while he eat her out. After a few minutes she had and orgasm right in his mouth. He swallowed her juices. She opened her legs a little wider as she came down. "Now I'm all warmed up ready fer you." He leaned over her and shoved his whole dick in her. "Oww." "Oops," is all he said as he pulled out. She slapped him. "Not all at once, you'll hurt me you brute." "Sorry master." "Shut up and get back inside me!" He pushed his huge cock though her pussy lips.

She was so wet it was easy. He got about 4 inches in her and went in and out from there. "Deeper now." He went 3 inches deeper.

"I know you can do better than that go faster. He was now pumping her fast with 10 inches, how deep was her hole? He was grunting as he plunged into her, in, out, in, out. He was really getting into when she decided to change the position. She shifted to all fours on the couch. She was waiting for him to fuck her doggy but he just stood there.


"What are you waitin' fer, fuck me!" "You didn't tell me to at first." "Well do it now." He didn't need to be told twice. Bobby entered her pussy from the back. He humped her steadily now with all 14 inches, she could take it all but just barely. They were both breathing hard and sweating, almost melting under the heat of the moment. His thrust became faster and faster and she matched almost every move as she moved back and forth on all fours to meet his thrust.

She couldn't take anymore her orgasm built as her pussy walls contracted and tightened around his dick. Bobby was close to. "I'm bought to cum," he said. "Good come inside of me." He gushed out his sperm once more in a long single stream.

In the middle of his geyser she came in squirts. He filled her up to the brims. When he was done coming he pulled out and watched her cream pie as cum dripped out. "That was great," he said. His cock now limp had residue of cum and pussy juice.

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"Slap my ass," she said waving with it left and right. He didn't get how she would like it but he didn't object. "You got it master." He rose his hand and let it down hard on her right butt cheek hard. "Aieeee," she yelled. A big red hand print was on the spot were he slapped her ass. That will surely make a bruise. She stood up.

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"That's enough fer today I'm beat," she said. She was standing on the couch so she was at eyelevel with him. "This will be our little secret," she assured. "Promise?" "I might tell my sister but other than that I swear." She kissed him on the lips and he kissed back while hugging her. "Now go take a shower I'll clean up this place." "Yes master," he said and headed to the restroom.

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Now Caroline had herself a big slave, but Bobby was more than that now he was her ebony sex thing she had all to herself and that's how things will be at least until Caroline's 3 year older sister Kathrin come by for a visit next month. If this story is well taken watch out for part 2!