Straight students gay for s first time We took a risk shooting at

Straight students gay for s first time We took a risk shooting at
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Hi let me start by saying my name is Nikolette, but for as long as I can remember my parents call me Niki. I come from a family of lawyers. When I say that I mean both my parents, all my grandparents, and most of my uncles. I have lived in Chicago my entire life.

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I was brought up to be very obedient. My parents taught me at a young age that obedience is the most respect you can show someone. Mommy and daddy raised the perfect obedient little girl. I had no idea what true obedience was until my 14th birthday. I am very pretty at 5'6", weighing 137 lbs., well toned body, bright green eyes, long brown hair, dd tits, and a perky round spank-able ass.

I was never prepared for what would happen that night. Mommy took a day off of work, and for mommy to do that with her busy schedule is almost impossible. I felt so loved, and special knowing mommy took time off to spend with me. I guess I always knew there was a purpose in life, but before that day I never knew it was to be their pet.

It all started Friday May 8th, 2002. Mommy kept me home from school saying she wanted to spend time with her blossoming little girl. I loved the first few hours we went and got manicures, pedicures, a facial, and even highlights in my hair.Then she took me to this place that looked like any normal house. When we got inside she told the woman I needed a Brazilian wax. I had no idea what it meant back then. I now know it means getting your pussy waxed so it can be perfectly smooth for your special someone.

I felt almost no pain as this woman was between my legs stripping my pussy of its hair. When we left mommy told me I took the pain like a good little girl. The rest of the day played out like this we had lunch. Then mommy took me to a few expensive boutiques. At the first one she was looking at these really small skirts. She picked out a 2 inch pink and white plaid one, and a white tie in the front shirt that barely covered my tits.

I remember her leaning in and whispering in my ear "Niki this is a skirt you don't wear panties with." I was in shock more about the fact that my pussy was tingling as she said it. I had only felt that tingle once before. I accidentally pressed play on the parlor DVD player.

It was some porn that I'm guessing mommy and daddy where watching. Thinking back on it I should have put things together, because it was a older couple with a much younger girl.

I have to admit I watched it for a little while. I was only 11 when I saw that movie. She then took me to the next boutique. This was for some very sexy and revealing bras and panties.

I now know the outfits she picked out for me that night where not panties and bras at all, but they where lingerie. Mommy made me try everything on for her, and show her what it looked like on me. I have to admit trying on all these sexy outfits for mommy made my pussy so wet. After she decided on 4 different teddies and baby-dolls, 12 pairs of sexy panties, and 2 half cup bras we checked out and headed home. When we were in the car just about home mommy called daddy and left him a message cause he was in court.

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I remember it like it was yesterday "Darling we just finished shopping. Don't forget to pick up the gift we have been discussing. You know which one I mean. I love you Darling." Now at this point I was so confused, but never the less I had mom drop me off at Jenna's. I was given strict instructions to be home before 6 pm. I had thought from the talk that maybe it was a car or even a specialty cake.

I never imagined that she was referring to a collar and leash. So that I was not questioned about what I was doing at Jenna's I was home by 5:45 pm. Daddy got home at his usual 7 pm sharp. Mommy had dinner on the table it was my favorite. Grandma Lucy's chicken and dumplings. It was moms mothers recipe.

A family classic actually.


The dinner went by slowly, and as we finished daddy retired upstairs to take his nightly shower. I remember distinctively mommy's ear towards the stairs waiting for the water to start. She grabbed my arm pulling me into the first floor powder room as soon as it did. I was never allowed in there so I felt super privileged to be in there with mommy.

I can remember the light, soft, almost sultry smell of the spray mommy sprayed on me. As she sprayed it on me she told me it would attract daddy to me. I didn't know what she meant by that.

She stripped me naked slipping that new skirt over my legs, and up onto my hips. I felt so exposed in it. She put on the white half cup bra, and then slipped the shirt over it. She played with my nipples making them get hard and poke out. It made my pussy slightly damp. I had touched myself in those places before so i knew the sensitivity that it would bring. At that moment I realized my life was going to be changing. I don't really remember how I looked all i remember is daddy's reaction.

He moaned so sexual I had shivers going down my spine when I heard it. I still get them thinking about. Daddy's mouth opened a bit like he was in shock his little girl could look this way.

I was standing there like a good little slut dressed up, and exposed for mommy and daddy. Daddy examining me as he walked around me slowly. I felt so dirty, and for some reason I was enjoying it. I never in a million years thought I could get turned on by my own daddy. It was the most amazing feeling I have ever felt, and daddy still makes me feel this way today.

I loved the feeling of when daddy cupped his hand over my bare pussy.He just smirked as he was cupping it, and all sudden mommy was kissing over my neck her hands back at my tits. I groaned as I felt mommy's hand grasping my neck.

She was choking me I felt so helpless it was my first step to complete submission. I didn't struggle much I actually moved so she would choke me more. I was so into mommy choking me and playing with my nipples. I had no idea that daddy was busy chaining me to the floor. I tried to move my legs frozen in on spot.

I was gasping for air by now I felt mommy let go of my neck. I gasped in for air breathing in deeply. I remember a small moan escaping my mouth. Mommy thought it was cute. I remember her holding my hands behind my back, but all I could feel was her lips on my neck teasing my.

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She let go of my hands, but they didn't go anywhere. Daddy had tied my hands behind my back the used the rope to go around my chest and outline my tits. he tied it so tight my tits stuck out more than they already did. I felt so dirty being so exposed. I don't even remember daddy taking off me top or bra. What he did next I will never forget. I felt my body fall to my knees. It was then I realized that mommy and daddy where both naked.


Daddy's cock was massive even thought I had nothing to compare it to the back the. Now that I am 25 I have a few to compare it to, and he is way above average. But back to that first night. I am getting really turned on writing about this first night. So like I said daddy's big hands pushed me to my knees.

I noticed mommy was next to me on the floor she lifted up my skirt. I was startled when I felt a clamp on my clit. I actually cried out in pain real tears. I got hit hard for that one daddy's hand print was on my face for a good day.

I guess with pain and suffering they didn't care if I was in pain or hurt. I learned quickly that you hide the fact that it hurts. I felt mommy's soft fingers pinch my nose shut. I could not breath so I opened my mouth as I did daddy slipped his cock into my mouth. I could not breath at all mommy held my nose shut til I passed out all while daddy was fucked my face. I guess I got one thing from mommy no gag reflex. I still think to this day how angry daddy got when he could not get me to choke.

I remember waking up to his cock slamming in and out of my 14 year old mouth. I started sucking on it my mouth moving over it. I guess I surprised daddy cause i remember him moaning "oh god baby she is a natural just like you." Mommy replied to that with " oh good baby she does not need any teaching in that subject then." I at this point of the night had realized what my life had been building towards.

I moaned sucking on daddy harder. I absolutely loved when daddy grabbed my head. I had never felt anything so sexy as when he grabbed my head like that. I have never heard something so powerful and hot as when daddy screamed in pleasure.

When that moaning happened hes started to thrust right down my throat felt something warm spilling into my throat.I somehow knew that daddy wanted me to swallow. I kept swallowing all of his warm seed.

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I remember mommy telling daddy as he was coming down from his euphoric high that she stopped giving my birth control pills. I was not really sure what that was suppose to mean, but daddy pulled mommy to him kissing her deeply.

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She was smiling as she undid the chain from the floor, and cut the rope from my hands only tying the slack around my chest again tightening it more. I felt daddy pick me up. It was not his usual pick me up and spin me around type deal. He lifted me to his chest then slid my now drenched pussy down his body. I felt his cock resting at my opening as he sat on the big arm chair in the parlor. I felt mommy's hand slip over my very wet pussy. I didn't move or even moan at all.

I just sat there silently as she groped my tight virgin pussy. I realize now that she was making sure I was still a virgin. I know this much her soft hand inside of my virgin pussy made me almost explode.

I had never had a real orgasm before that night. I remember her whispering in my ear "Nikolette daddy and I own this body no one but us is allowed to touch it." I didn't have the heart to tell her that I had been with a girl before. It was actually that night they found out. I felt daddy slip his huge daddy cock up into me. It hurt so bad he tore me open.

I was in so much pain. I just remember begging for the pain to stop.


I never thought it could be enjoyable. That night was hot really hot. I was in the middle of getting fucked when I felt mommy's hand around my neck squeezing so tight. I realized the tighter mommy squeezed around my neck the harder and deeper daddy went with his huge cock. I felt so much pressure build up in my pussy having no idea what was going on. I started shaking so hard that it became violent.

I remember mommy letting go of my of my throat telling me to cum. I didn't know what she meant at all. I was moaning so loud my body shaking.

I remember daddy kissing me deep on the lips that is when things go crazy. I had those few hours I spent with Jenna well it was spent eating her. I had never had it done to me, but loved eating Jenna. My mouth still tasted like pussy even after sucking daddy off. Daddy was irate I have never seen him get so mad at me before. I have never seen him get so mad like that since either. He grabbed my neck choking me hard screaming "you fucken little whore" at me.

I was unable to breath or move. Mommy was so confused I could see it in her face. Then daddy asked me "slut how long have you been eating pussy?" I tried to answer but nothing would come out. I could tell mommy was really turned on by the way she was rubbing over her sexy mommy pussy. Out of all the pussy I have tried over the year I prefer mommy's. She is so sweet with a very slight salty taste.

I have never enjoyed getting shoved into a pussy unless it was mommy's. I was finally able to talk. I looked at the floor feeling daddy pushing up so hard I groaned "about a year Daddy." I knew I was already in trouble so it was the best to tell the truth. I felt my body getting bent backwards. I had no idea that mommy was about to use my years of cheering and gymnastics to her advantage.

I felt my hands placed on the floor. My pussy now open wide to daddy's use. I had no idea what was happening until mommy mounted my mouth. Oh my god the smell, the wetness, and the taste was like heaven in my mouth.

I had never tasted something so pure. My mouth started going to town on her pussy. My tongue tracing I love mommy into her pussy as I ate her so deep. I have never felt someone ride a face like mommy did that night. She flipped her head back moaning " ooohhhhh fuck baby our little Niki is a pro at eating my pussy." Fuck that line still rings in my head every time I eat her sweet mommy pussy. I felt so violated by both of my parents one at each end of my body.

I can not describe the pleasure and complete dominance I felt at the exact moment. I could not move one bit. I felt my body surrender to mommy and daddy. At that moment I realized I was broken. I just kept taking daddy's huge cock. I was eating mommy's wet velvety smooth pussy. My body was honestly enjoying this as much as it could. I felt like this was my job.

I started making it a point to put all my effort into showing mommy and daddy that I'm a good girl. I guess it really paid off not fighting it, because I enjoyed getting fucked that night. I was laying in a back bend daddy's huge cock slamming into my pussy while my tongue was slipping in and out of mommy's tight pussy. I still to this day can not figure out how with daddy's huge cock she manages to stay so tight.

I was such a slut and this single act proved it. I laid in that position for over an hour my body being used. My favorite part was when daddy was constantly filling my tight young pussy with his warm naughty daddy seed. I felt so submissive at this point knowing there was nothing I could do to stop daddy or mommy. The truth is I didn't want them to stop honestly. I was so fucking over powered, and I just let it go on.

I can distinctively remember mommy shaking then my mouth and face getting flooded. I actually gagged on her juices. This went on for several hours and as quick as it had started it was over. Daddy pushed me to my knees. I felt mommy lift my hair.

I remember daddy saying "you are our little slut, this is our body you have no rights to it anymore Niki." And after daddy said that I felt something tight on my neck then my hair fell over my shoulders. Daddy lifted me up and carried me to my room. Daddy laid me in bed tucking me in kissing my lips softly he whispered "happy birthday Nikolette." I remember feeling his cum pouring from me as I drifted off to sleep.

I had no idea that the next 2 days would be a repeat of that night. I some how knew years ago that mommy and daddy would force me to write about that first night. I have gotten so turned on writing this. I must say these past 11 years have been amazing. Mommy and daddy have given me so much love, and compassion even when they are being harsh to me.

I must get going though our daughter Kadence who just turned 9 is just getting in from school, and our son Tyler who is 2 is still napping. I love being mommy and daddy's toy.