Lesbian hotties fucking each other

Lesbian hotties fucking each other
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THE WILSON FAMILY SAGA BY JGE POWERS (PART 2) (FEEDBACK ALWAYS WELCOME: [email protected]) *** Gordy and Max sat on the front porch. Max opened a can of beer. "You look like a man who need to talk," he said. "Mr. Duncan. . Max, I don't know where to start. One part of me is saying, 'Wow'; the other part is screaming that I've just broken every rule in the book." Gordy shrugged his shoulders. "Listen to me, young son.

All that morality crap is just so much bullshit! It was made up by some asshole who convinced the other assholes that he was right.

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It's just pure man-made shit! "If people screwed more," he continued, " do you think we'd have all this hatred? All this war? Do you think anybody would give a flying fuck what color you were if we just fucked more?" "Max, the Bible says you can't covet your neighbor's wife.

Besides we're really talking about me fucking my.

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. Mother," Gordy said dejectedly. The euphoria of the night was wearing off. "Don't forget your sister, or my niece. And you're right about the Bible, but what if your neighbor is banging your wife while you're banging his?

Where the coveting then? Shit, boy what about the rest of the Bible. The real story. Lot and his juicy daughters? And Adam and Eve? Where did all those chicks their sons married come from?

The brothers had to do some righteous laying down with the sisters." Max had reverted to the street dialect; a far cry from his Rhodes Scholar accent. "Max, this is the modern world, not Biblical times." "Listen to me, Gordy. You don't know it yet, but you're a stud! A stud performs a service. The women of the world have been brainwashed with this morality shit, but their bodies still talk.

The body knows crap from morality. "It's body language that you have to learn to read. They can't hide what they really want. Your Mother's body was talking to me tonight. Your father's gone, and she thought she couldn't have you - that wouldn't be moral - so her body talked to mine. Besides every white woman fantasizes about going to bed with a Black man.

You know why they fantasize? 'Cause it ain't moral to go to bed with a nigger. "Hell, I just read her body language and gave her what she wanted. What she needed." "Okay, Max, that explains you. What about me? I fucked my own Mother. . well, Stepmother. And in the ass, too." Max laughed and put his arm around Gordy's shoulders.

"Boy, you're a hard sell. Fraud. Old Sigmund. Every son wants to screw his Mother. Every Mother wants to screw her son. Did she fight you off? Did you force her to do anything against her will?" "No," Gordy replied softly. "Damn right. Her body wanted you. So did your sister's. You don't know it yet, but you did Carol a big favor." He laughed. "Almost as big a favor as I did for Serena." Gordy shifted his weight. His ass was beginning to hurt, but the ache helped him to think clearly.

Max made sense. Where was the wrong of it? He was beginning to feel good again. And he wanted to believe. Morality was man- made. If man could make it, then man could change it. There was no sin if all parties agreed. He nodded his head thoughtfully, and took a deep breath of cool, night air. He made his own version of peace with himself, and was contented.


"I feel a hellava lot better, Max." "Of course you do, young son. Good lovin' and good conversation make for good sleep. You now have the best of all worlds. Enjoy them." "Max, What about them?" he nodded at the house. "You may have to show them the way, Gordy. Remember, you were a tough sell, too.

"Well, I've got to be going. By the way, Gordy, thanks for inviting me to dinner." Gordy watched Max drive away. He took another deep breath. Yes, he did feel much better. When he entered the house, his Mother was sitting at the dining room table - was it just a few hours ago? - the dishes were still there. She was staring straight ahead. "Mom?" "Gordy, we have to talk." Her voice was very soft.

He could hardly hear her. He saw her eyes were red from crying. "No, Mom, we don't. I know what you're going to say, and you're wrong.

Nothing that happened here tonight was wrong. If anything, it was very right." Joanna Wilson was guiltridden. She was depraved, disgusting! She had seduced her children; ruined their lives. Because of her own lustful needs she had sunk to uncharted depths. She was drowning, and Gordy was throwing her a life preserver. She was ready to grasp at any straw.

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He sat down beside her and took her in his arms, continuing in the same way Max had. He even used the same analogies. Joanna still vacillated. She wanted to believe, to shed the guilt, but her engrained conformity continued to fight her son's logic.

"But Gordy, you and Carol are my children! How can you say that this was right? My body betrayed me, and I've done this horrible thing to you both." "Wrong. Wrong, Mom." Gordy used all the rationale Max had and added some of his own. ". . besides, how many people can say that they truly love their family? I mean, really love them! Up to now it's just been an abstract thing; not tangible. But that's all changed now, Mom. We have something no one can ever take away.

Do you understand?" "Oh, Gordy. I want so much to believe. So very much." Her eyes were still filled with tears.

He took her gently by the hands. "Come back to bed. Everything is going to be alright. Dry you eyes. You don't want Carol to know you've been crying." He put his arm around her waist, very conscious of her body; the fact that she was naked beneath her robe.

Gently they walked up the stairs together. The night passed as in a dream; fantasy and reality blending together. He was conscious of touch, and taste, and enhanced feelings. He didn't know if the warm, moist mouth that sucked him belonged to Carol or Joanna, or whose tight, wet pussy slid over his dick. He didn't know whose breast or cunt he kissed and licked. And he didn't care.

*** Gordy woke up minutes before his alarm went off. He was surprised that he felt so good, especially after only a few hours sleep. It's great to be young, he thought as he absentmindedly opened the bathroom door. Carol stood there, naked, toweling off. Automatically, he mumbled an apology and quickly shut the door. Her laughter followed him. He smiled and let himself back in.

"Sorry," he said, "reflex action." She kissed him gently and stretched. Her body was taut and her tits jutted upward. He felt a stirring in his loins. "Good morning, Boy Wonder.

Sleep well?" She didn't wait for a reply and continued. "Gordy, I can't tell you how good I feel. How full. It's like the first day of summer, and there's no more school." He remembered what Max said about doing her a favor. Her voice turned low and serious. "We didn't do anything really wrong, did we?" "No, we didn't," he assured her. "In fact, without philosophizing, we just may have done something right for a change." "About last night, Gordy," her voice was still serious, "There's something I want you to know.

Circumstances didn't allow you to be the first guy to. . fuck me, but. . well, I mean. . I wanted you to be the first to. . you know.

. my ass." She was actually blushing. He nodded, and hugged her. "I know, Carol." "Max was. . well, Max was Max. A fantasy. Great sex. But I made love to you." It was a statement. "And Mom, too. Wow, it still blows my mind." Damn, he thought, Max really was right.

One hundred percent, fucking right. He was totally relieved. "I just wanted you to know that. And now," her voice perked up, "I'm going to catch a nap. I have a library assignment I have to do later." She kissed him again and entered her room, leaving the bathroom door open. There was no need for closed doors at the Wilson house, anymore. *** It was six A.M. The weather was clear and cool.

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A perfect morning. Gordy felt great. Marvelous. Fantastic. The world was great. He rode his bike effortlessly. His aim was unerring. Each folded paper hit the mark. He could no wrong. He pushed himself to go faster. He wanted to reach the end of his route. Today, a different Gordy Wilson was delivering the News. And more. He was a Stud! And he had a mission. At the end of his route he had a surprise for a special lady.

A real tease. Juanita Rojas was going to have the tables turned on her, if he had his way. Sexy Juanita, in her tight maids' uniform. Full busted and firm assed. She liked to squeeze Gordy to her tits and watch him turn red. She liked to pinch him on the ass. Visions of Juanita bending over came to him. The view of her cleavage was spectacular. Everything that a fourteen year old could want. Well, he thought, this fourteen year old wanted more.

He was almost on top of the joggers before he noticed them. He hit the brakes just as the three, young girls reached him. "For a moment," the little blonde said, "I thought you were going to run us over." DeeDee Sanford was Marlene's kid sister; the same age as Gordy, and a younger version of her older sister.

She was with Margie Hart, a raven haired cutie-pie - nice tits, too, Gordy thought - and Penny Grifford. Everyone called her Plain Penny, for obvious reasons. "Hi," he said, "What're you guys doing out so early?" Cutie pie wiggled her rump.

"Keeping our girlish shapes. What does it look like?" DeeDee giggled. How young they seemed to him. Plain Penny stayed in the background, as usual. Gordy knew her as a fellow student in Advanced Chemistry; another egghead. She was tall, somewhat gangly, and self-conscious. Her dark blonde hair hung limp. She never seem to do anything with it.

Gordy felt very sympathetic towards her. She really was kind of cute, or would be, if she did something with herself, he thought. He smiled at her. She tried to smile back. "What are you doin' later?" DeeDee asked.

"Why?" "We had a slumber party at Margie's. Want to come for breakfast, after you finish your route?" "Yeah, sure. Margie's folks would love that." "No," Margie piped up, "they're away for the week. We have the place to ourselves. Come on over. Please." "I'll try," he said noncommittally. He wasn't sure if the look on Penny's face meant she was glad or sad about the invitation.

He waved as he peddled away. The girls could wait, he had other things to think of. *** Helen Crotty was 49 years old, and looked ten years younger. Her body was firm and womanly, and surprisingly muscular.

She owed her good figure to her daily swimming workout. Day in, day out; whatever the weather, she swam. She cut the water cleanly. Turning her head she caught a glimpse of the paperboy coming up the drive. What was his name? Oh, yes - Gordy. Gordy Wilson. Strong legs. Nice buns, she thought. How old could he be? Fourteen; fifteen at the most.

She wondered, what does a fifteen year old cock would look like? Young, tender, virginal, sleek. Strong. Her loins began to heat up, and her juice began to flow. Damn, she thought, now she was dreaming of robbing the cradle.

She swan faster. Gordy had strict instructions about where to leave the Crotty paper. Not in the drive or the bushes. He had to bring it right up to the backdoor and give it to the maid. He passed the pool area. Mrs. Crotty was doing her daily workout. He saw her everyday. At least he caught sight of her.

He had never been really close to the woman. Gordy pulled up to the back door. It was opened immediately by the maid, Juanita. Her smile was wide and genuine. "Buenos dias, Gordy." She reached out and playfully pinched his cheek. Her uniform was taut across her full chest.

He could see her nipples through the thin material. She wasn't wearing a bra. Gordy smiled. "Good morning, love," he said. She was surprised at his greeting. Usually he was very shy. As she turned, he reached out and pinched her ass. She squealed. "All's fair, love." Juanita Rojas was speechless. She loved to tease this pretty gringo, but until today he had never made an overt gesture. She wondered. "My little rooster is feeling his spurs, today." "Your little rooster is feeling like the cock of the walk." All she could say was, "Oh." "May I have a cup of coffee, pretty senorita?" She smiled back.

He was actually flirting, she thought. She was intrigued and aroused. Juanita liked young boys. They actually turned her on more so than grown men. They were sweeter and kinder. If only they had bigger cocks, she thought. Gordy followed her closely.

When she turned, her tits were touching his chest. He boldly fondled her hip, and ran his hand up and down her thigh, gently. "You smell wonderful. And feel good, too." She kissed him lightly and was taken aback when his tongue entered the warm recesses of her mouth. Her breath caught in her throat. Gordy pressed his advantage. He pushed his loins at her and felt her respond.

He smiled. "Coffee is such a waste of time," he said. The cup fell to the floor as they locked in a tight embrace. He grabbed her ass and pulled her to him. With a practiced motion, he yanked her dress up - no panties, just a garter belt and nylons; her mound a tangled jungle of thick black pubic hair - pushed her against the table and jammed his cock into her tingling hole.

She gasped and whimpered. Madre de Dios, she thought, I'm in Heaven. It was huge! Her pussy juice flowed like hot sap, lubricating his entry. Gordy pumped furiously. She was coming already. Her fingers dug deeply into his shoulders. Her legs wrapped around his hips. "Aaaaaaah, Si, Si. . yes, yes. . fuck me. Harder!" Her voice became strangled and she began mumbling in Spanish as wave after orgasmic wave of pleasure engulfed her.

"Yeah! Fuck me back," he yelled. "Com'on, harder, harder." The pressure built in his loins. His legs trembled. From far off, she could feel his convulsions start as he started to cum. It triggered off another orgasm in her heated cunt. Helen Crotty stood by the window. Her fingers were busy in her wet pussy. She had pulled her bathing suit aside and was vigorously working her index finger over her extended clitoris. Oh, God, she thought. You bitch! You fucking lucky bitch. I hate you.

I love you. I'm coming! Juicy Mexican pussy; big beautiful young cock! Her mouth watered for it. She had towelled dry, put on her robe and started for the house, when a noise, like glass breaking, made her walk back to the kitchen window. She gasped at the sight. Her breath caught and her legs went weak. That lovely young boy, his pretty buns bare, was sticking an enormous prick into her maid - men don't even have cocks like that, she thought. Rage, envy, desire flooded her body.

Her fingers sought out her cunt. The material was too thick. She roughly pushed it aside and jammed two fingers into her dripping pussy.

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It wasn't the same. *** Joanna awoke just in time to hear Carol's car pull out of the driveway. It was almost eight o'clock in the morning. She stretched. Aside from some stiff muscles and some soreness in her pussy and asshole, she felt marvelous; no guilt, no remorse or recrimination. Putting on a robe, she remembered another time when her pussy and asshole told another story.

All those wasted years, she thought, then smiled to herself. At least this time the story has a happy ending. Down the hall, she paused at Gordy's room, knocked and opened the door. His rumpled bed was empty. She remembered his newspaper route. God, where do these kids get the energy?

In the kitchen, she made coffee. After Max had left, after Gordy's marvelously convincing arguments, she had laid together with her children, fucking, sucking, touching, nibbling, holding each close, giving and receiving pleasure, until, reluctantly, she told them to go to bed and get some rest. Both had full schedules. Now, with just a few hours sleep, they were up and out, and here she was pumping coffee - life-giving fluid!

- into her tired body. She rubbed a hand over her full tits. The sensitive flesh responded immediately and she laughed outloud. You're not tired, she said to herself, you're still horny. Still chuckling she went back upstairs to take a shower remembering last night's wonders: a black man - what a fantasy! Her daughter and her stepson! - so exciting she still had trouble believing it.

And no guilt! * * * Joanna was rubbing her naked body briskly when the doorbell rang insistantly. "Isn't it always the way," she said, picking up her robe. "Just a minute," she called loudly. Hastily she put on a robe, wrapped her damp hair with a towel and went downstairs to answer the door.

"Max!" she squealed, delight in her voice. "Good morning, sweetcheeks. I was wondering if two lost travelers could mooch a cup of coffee." Joanna saw the other black man standing behind him.

She blushed at Max's physical reference to her and automatically clutched her robe closer, which just accented her lovely body even more so. "Oh." was all she could say.

Max walked in, the other man sheepishly following. "Let me introduce you to my brother, John," he said. John Duncan was almost handsome, in a distinguished black manner, but Joanna could see a distinct facial resemblance to his rougher looking brother and his skin was just a few shades lighter.

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"Oh! How do you do, Dr. Duncan. I've heard so much about you," she said, somewhat relieved. John Duncan mumbled his thanks. Joanna thought him rather shy for a college professor.

Max put his arm around her. "John's a secret admirer of yours." Joanna looked at him, confused. He nodded. "He became one as soon as I told him how much you like to fuck black cock. He's dying to sample that lovely white cunt of yours." Joanna blanched. Her hand covered her mouth and her body blazed with embarrassment and shock. "Max!

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How could you?" she wailed. "Damn you!" John Duncan said, angrily, "You have all the tack of a bull elephant! Mrs. Wilson, I assure you my intentions are. . ." "Sexual and obscene!" Max finished for him. Standing behind the flushed and abashed woman, holding her shoulders, he pulled the robe off her shoulders, baring her big tits.

John Duncan gasped. Guilty passion swept her body when she saw the look on John's face; a combination of wonder, desire and lust.

Max's rough hands messaged her tits, tweaking the nipples. The air around her was suddenly charged with electricity and an exciting, forbidden thrill rippled through her still pleasure-raw nerves.

Heart pounding, she gasped as her traitorous body released a stream of hot cream into her warm cunt. "Damn you, Max," she whispered huskily, "Damn you!" Her legs trembled and she leaned back against him for support, unable to stop his brother, John, from opening her robe and completely exposing her nakedness.

John Duncan was smiling, lewdly. "Max didn't pay you nearly enough compliments. You're exquisite!" he gushed, running the tip of his big, dark finger over her tits, down her belly. His finger slid length-ward along her puffy slit and a smile creased his face as he watched her mouth gape; her eyes go wide as a shiver of pleasure washed over her body.

"Oh, yes," she said in a harsh whisper. "That feels so good. Do fuck me!" she said, her hand caressing John's warm, dark cheek. "I told you she was a hot bitch, Johnny." Max said, picking her up in his strong arms. "Com'on, lets have some fun." He carried the dreamy eyed woman to up to her bedroom. Placing her in the soft Wing chair, he caressed her nipples as John began to strip his clothes. Joanna moaned softly. The strong ebony hands had a tender touch that felt so good and she was still so excited and incredibly horny.

Her body melted and she leaned her head back and closed her eyes. Max held her, while John slipped the silk robe from her shoulders and kissed his way down her throat to her large tits. She couldn't have resisted even if she had wanted to. "God, you're sexy!" he groaned. "And I love big tits!

Yours are great!" Kneeling in front of her, John wrapped his arms around her waist and eased her ass out to the edge of the chair, forcing her legs apart. He wedged himself in between them, all the time kissing his way over her body, especially her tits.

She ran her fingers through his thick hair, and pressed his face deeper into her cleavage. A dreamy warmth filled her loins. She could feel her pussy contract. She was in heaven. Max kissed her hungrily, his lips clamping over hers and fucked her mouth with his tongue; just as his brother lifted her ass and buried his black face in her hot white cunt.

Joanna lost control. Groaning deeply, she tried to hump John's face. Electric shocks, one after the other, shook her body as John's nimble pink tongue snaked up and into her burning cunt. As Max slipped his hand down to massage her big, hard nipples, she arched her back, thrusting her tits forward so he could get at them better.

"You really are one hot bitch!" Max whispered, releasing her tits. "Now, we're gonna fuck you ragged." "Oh, yes, Max!" she choked, her brain hot with desire, "Fuck me! I need your black cocks so bad! My pussy wants it!" John drew his face out from between her legs, his face smeared with cunt juice. He wiped his mouth. "I'm first!" he said with a smile. Then he picked up the almost limp woman and laid her on the bed.

Kneeling at her feet, his eyes roaming her lush, white, naked body. Fascinated by the constrast in color he lifted her legs into the air and spread them wide apart baring her cunt to his hungry eyes. Joanna gazed hungrily at his rigid black cock. It stood straight up, long and slender but heavily ridged.

A drop of pre-cum glistened on the dark mushroom-shaped head. She licked her lips. Somewhere in the back of her mind she remembered that cocks like that - long and slender - were called ass reamers. A wicked thrill flushed her already hot body. John teased her, running his fat cockhead over her slick opening.

Her body heaved up; her grasping cunt trying to suck it into her shivering body. "Oh, please," she moaned, "put it in!" John Duncan chuckled and slid the entire length of his cock into her boiling cunt in one swift stroke. "Aggggggg!" she cried out, her body arching to meet his thrust, her arms clutching his body to hers.

"Ahhhhh! Oh, so good. . your cock. . so good," she sighed and together, they began to move in unison, their bodies instantly in tune with each other. In her lust filled brain, Joanna was truly in paradise. She was panting; wave after wave of pleasure washing over her body, when something smacked against her lips. Through foggy eyes she saw the head of Max's monster cock dangling before her mouth.

He smacked it against her tender skin again. Joanna smiled. "I'll swallow it whole!" she said in a challenge as her tongue teased the mushroom shaped cock-tip, then she licked it all over.


Bug-eyed, John watched his brother's massive twelve-inch fuckpole disappear down Joanna's throat. Her cheeks bulged, and she looked like she would choke, but she didn't release an inch of it. In awe, he watched as Max put his dark hands behind her head and pushed her face deep into his crotch.

His entire cock was completely sunk deep in the heat of her sucking mouth and throat. "Fucking tremendous! Oh, sweetcheeks, you're one hellava, deep-throating cocksucker!" Max said, pumping his thick cock-log slowly in and out of her hot mouth; sliding it out almost to the tip, then thrusting it back to the hilt. "Tastes good, doesn't it, baby?" She mumbled and nodded as best she could with his big cock in her mouth, her tongue swirling around the heavy shaft; its tangy taste and texture driving her to a frenzy.

Her head began to move in fucking motions, faster and faster; eager to get at Max's prize cum. John was so intrigued that his fucking had slowed to nothing.

He felt her hips rotate, lewdly, beneath him; the walls of her cunt contracting around his prick. He sighed with pleasure and felt the pressure start to heat up in his nuts. He began humping her tight box in earnest. Joanna gasped in delight. John's cock was wonderful.

Max's cock was magnificent. She didn't think it was possible to be filled so completely. Then she thought of Gordy's beautiful cock; of having it up her ass. All three cocks together! Her body exploded! John squealed as he felt her cunt walls squeeze, vise- like, around the head of his plowing dick, clutching at it, sucking it deep into her volcano-like, erupting cunt.

He plunged in, his cock spurting into her squeezing pussy. She erupted in a series of contractions so strong that she almost passed out. Violent colors exploded in her brain and her legs locked tightly around his body, making him ride out the spasm that shook her body. "Cumming!" John cried, almost in pain. "Aghhhhh! I'm cummin'!" She tried to scream her passion, but Max's big prick choked off the sound.

It came out like a hoarse gasp for air. Her lips clamped on his hot rod and she sucked his monster cock in lusty desperation; her cheeks bulging and her powerful jaw muscles working to form tremendous suction.

"Yeah, baby, yeah! Suck that knob! Make me cum! Suck it!. . Here it comes!. . yeahhhhh!" The wildly, throbbing cock erupted deep in her throat, spurting gobs of thick, creamy, cum straight down her gullet. She gagged on the vast amount. Cum overflowed her mouth and ran down her chin, falling on her heaving chest. The still cum-shooting cock sprayed her face, her hair, and her body with droplets of milky-white cum juice.

Flushed and panting, she fisted it, back and forth, draining the last dregs of his huge load; her tongue swishing the swollen head; her hand smearing the streaking globs into her skin, making it glisten. Max sank down beside her, his body still trembling.

"Holy shit!" he said, tiredly. Reluctantly, John pulled his wet shrinking cock out of Joanna's juice-filled pussy. He was panting. His body fell heavily beside her. "Make that two," he moaned and closed his eyes. Joanna signed deeply; her body glowing.

Her nerve ends tingled with charged electricity. She wiped her hand along her cum-slick body, then stuck her fingers in her sopping pussy, picking up the residue of their combined loads.

She licked each finger clean, sucking it deep into her mouth, savoring the tangy flavor. "Oh, that tastes wonderful," she said, her voice soft and relaxed as her body. "You were both wonderful! How can I ever thank you?" "Are you serious, woman?" John Duncan asked, incredulously, "What more can you do?" Joanna giggled.


"I can suck your cocks clean. How's that for a 'thank you' gesture?" Max sighed a deep, satisfied sigh. "You go right ahead, sweetcheeks, and if you do real well and get these pricks hard again, we just might stick them up your ass. That's if you're a good girl." Lowering her head to his crotch, she sucked his limp prick into the cool depths of her mouth and mumbled, "Promises, promises." Then she giggled again. John Duncan watched, again, his brother's cock disappear into that beautiful, sensuous mouth.

He knew he'd have another hard-on long before she got to his prong. To be continued