Teens boy xxx gay Big Boy Underwear

Teens boy xxx gay Big Boy Underwear
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It's about 1am. I feel sick with excitement and nerves. I can't quite believe what I'm doing.

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Part of me wants to cancel. Unable to reconcile what I'm about to do with the fact that by day I'm a middle aged house wife and mother. My phone vibrates in my hand making me startle. 'I'm here' is all it says.I rise and walk to the front door. As I open it I hide behind it, hardly wishing anyone who happened to be out at this hour to see me bare breasted and crimson mouthed.


Skimpy black lingerie barely covers the rest of my torso and exposes my bare aching cunt. I ache for his touch. We've only met in person once before, but communicate extensively and intimately online.

I've never fucked a younger man before Daddy.

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In fact I've only fucked 3 other men in nearly 20 years. But there was this longing, deep in the pit of my belly. A need that wouldn't go away, despite my best attempts to deny it.

He has released me. Unstoppered the bottle and let the genie, or rather a dirty wet cunted whore who longs to serve him free. He looks me up and down. Partly out of lust, and partly to check that I've followed his instructions. I'm dressed and made up to his satisfaction. He pushes me against the wall by my throat just inside the front door.

I stand on my tiptoes as he tweaks my nipples hard, half kisses, half bites my lips. I tremble from head to foot, aroused beyond belief. He walks upstairs to the shower room, remembering where it is from his first visit.

I follow silently. I kneel on the bathroom floor, so lost in the moment that I don't even notice the cold hard ceramic tiles that I'm kneeling on.

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I watch as he undresses, marvelling at his strength, youth and masculiinity. I'm pleased to see that he's already erect. I watch silently as he showers, feeling sick with desire for him to touch me, fuck me, hurt me. I know it's coming and there's no rush.

Nonetheless, it's hard to remain calm. I slow my breath and fold my hands in my lap as I kneel. In that moment all I want is to please him and be worthy of his time and attention. I'm more than aware of how handsome and charismatic he is. I'm in no doubt that he'd have no difficulty in attracting any sub he set his sights on.

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He wants me. Although I'm old enough to be his mother, nearly twice his age, with stretch marks and cellulite, he wants ME. According to him I'm the filthy dirty cock sucking whore he's been looking for.

A sluttier, nastier sub than he's encountered before. One who's prepared to push herself to the limit. Who knows where the taboos lay, but just ignores them.

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And so he's made me his. He turns off the shower, which is my cue to rise and wait by the shower screen with a bath sheet to dry him off. He steps out and I enjoy the feel of his muscular shoulders and chest as I towel him off. I kneel again to dry his thighs and calves.

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His cock is twitching right in front of my face, but I mustn't help myself even though my mouth is watering. 'You may suck my cock' he says, and I do. Oh how I fucking do! I run my tongue over the tip and length of it down to his balls. He's shaven, which feels so good in my mouth.

I open my mouth wide and slide down onto his cock as far as I can. I haven't learned to deep throat yet, but I go as far as I can, gagging a little.

I know how much he enjoys it. We've discussed it extensively during our late night online discussions. He holds my hair gently, knowing that face fucking will come in time. For now he enjoys me working up and down his cock with my wet and willing mouth, lips and tongue. 'Stand' I'm instructed. I'm pushed face first against the bathroom door, my hands placed on the door above my head.

My hips are pulled backwards away from the door, towards Daddy. I end up standing arms stretched up above my head with my bottom sticking out and my legs spread wide apart. Daddy runs his hands all over me. Touching, pinching, squeezing. His mouth finds my sensitive ears and neck and smothers them with kisses and nibbles.

By this time I'm shaking from head to foot, moaning and begging him to fuck me, to let me cum, to do anything and everything to me. He slaps and smacks at my fleshy arse cheeks and my heavy breasts. We'd both love for him to use his belt or cane on me. Sadly I can't be marked.

We both have partners in the vanilla world. Neither know about this aspect of our lives, or that we see one another. Marks would be evidence. Proof to the vanilla world that I am not all that I pretend to be!


His fingers slide into my soaking cunt and he finger fucks me hard and fast. My voice is reduced to a strangled mewling sound. Suddenly his fingers are replaced by the cold hard handle of the knife. The fear and excitement of knowing the ultra sharp blade is between my legs, combined with the pleasure of the sharp sensation is more than I can bare. I beg Daddy to cum. He gives his consent. My orgasm tears through me, and my cunt gushes soaking the tiles. I whimper and mumble as the shockwaves continue to ripple through me.

Daddy removes the knife and runs the blade along the side of my face and neck. 'Good girl shadow. Now go and get on the bed'.