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Sile pak zolam wala xxx
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Well it is no longer the first night in hell…but what the hell. I'll stick with the Title if you all will humor me. Let me know what you think…where I should take this next.

There is so much open…I could take this story to so many different levels I'd like some feed back on where you think this story should go…what direction? Should Mommy dearest and Sister come in to play with the boys? Should I have Jason sell Samantha and go in that direction?

Or leave her here to continue the play between Jason, Mark and John? You tell me. Chrissy stepped off the bus; finally she was home from that hell of a school and to top it off she wouldn't have to go back there at all.

She was done, graduated and everything. Finally. Shaking her head and taking her long black hair down out of the librarian like bun she had it she smiled as it fell down her back in one long straight shot.

Chrissy didn't even realize the men that ogled her, she was very na? for an 18 year old, having spent her whole childhood and what little of an adult life she had in the catholic school, and she wasn't around many guys.

She straightened her white button up shirt and smoothed the lines in her stripped uniform skirt. Chrissy was still wearing her uniform from the school, plaid skirt, button up white shirt, knee high socks and the black saddle shoes.

She felt childish, but unbeknownst to her the men around her were positively drooling over her. Her breasts were well formed, pressing against the shirt, at least a 'C' cup, her stomach flat and hips nicely curved. Her thighs and calves were nicely toned, she was gorgeous and she didn't even know it; innocence oozed from her.

Chrissy had the same brilliant green eyes as her mother and older sister, Samantha. Frowning she looked around, Samantha was supposed to be here to pick her up; but she didn't see her.

Shrugging, she just figured that Sam had gotten caught up with her newest boyfriend, like always.


Chrissy didn't quite understand that; never having a boyfriend herself but she hoped to change that. She wanted to understand, she wanted to experience it all. Picking up her single black suitcase she began the walk down the brick pathway towards the taxis. "Hey baby. Want a ride?" One drunken man winked at her. Chrissy shied away shaking her head. "No, no thank you sir." She said blinking, backing away from him.

She didn't like the way he looked at her. As if she was placed on sale at a meat Market. Refusing to let him ruin her otherwise good mood, she continued on her way. Stopping when she came to the long line of taxis. Glancing around she sighed, it appeared almost every one was taken by another passenger off her train.

She shook her head and began walking down the walkway, determined to find an open taxi to get her home. "Hey, miss! You lookin for a taxi?" A young man with sandy brown hair and friendly brown eyes called out. He grinned at her underneath a Cubs ball cap. "Yes, I was. But it appears they are all taken." Chrissy said dejectedly. "Not all." He winked at her, slyly. "I happen to be a driver of&hellip.wait for it…yes a taxi…and not just any taxi…an open taxi." "Are you now?" Chrissy smiled.

She liked this guy. He looked to be in his early twenties or mid. He was friendly and she liked the way he looked. He was tall, had to be about 6'2 or taller, the man looked like he worked out.

"Yup, and I happen to be waiting on the first pretty girl I find to offer a ride to. And your it. So how about it?

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I'll take you anywhere you want to go." He said offering her his arm. Chrissy laughed. "Ok. How about home?" "Hey that's an easy one." He winked again. "My name is Mark." "I'm Chrissy." She smiled, thinking that she just may have to thank Samantha for not showing up. "Pleasure to meet you. Here we go; this is my hack, climb in.

You can sit in the front if you like. It isn't often I get such pleasant company for a drive." Mark opened the passenger door and waited for Chrissy to climb in, shutting it softly behind her.

He quickly placed her suitcase in the trunk and then jumped into the driver's seat. "So what music does the Lady listen to?" "Well anything beside Catholic music, please." She laughed the sound soft and musical in itself. "How does Jimmy Buffet sound?" "I never heard of him." She shook her head. "But I'm willing to listen." "Great.

I love ol'Jimmy; I'm a regular Parrot Head myself." Mark confided in Chrissy. "My pa loved him and passed his love to me." Chrissy smiled and listened as a soft almost island sounding music weaved its story of a "Jolly Man". "I like the music. Its soft, not invading like a lot of the music that is popular anymore." "My thoughts exactly." Mark nodded. "So, where am I off to?" "4568 E.

Whitmore St." Chrissy gave him her mothers address. "That shouldn't take too long. Too bad, here I was hoping you lived across town." Mark sighed, disappointment rang in his voice. "Why?" "So I could spend more time with you." He wolfishly grinned at her. Chrissy laughed. "You're too much." Chrissy laughed, trying to flirt back with him. Mark sighed.


"Well I guess I can hope for at least for some bad traffic or something." ~~~~~~~~~ Some distance away, in a secluded mansion Chrissy's sister wasn't having such a grand time. She was now laying flat on the bed, on her back. Samantha still had a large dildo up her ass and pussy both vibrating and rubbing her raw.

She had been here for, who knows how long. She had lost track of the time some time ago. Samantha knew it had to be awhile though, her nipples and pussy had stopped hurting from the piercings and the burn they placed on her had healed up, without infection.

Although she still clung to the hope of a savior. Sometimes in her dreams she would picture a knight coming to her rescue like in the fairy tales. A shinning white knight riding a grand white horse, declaring his love for her; a tear slid down her face, she knew it wouldn't happen. But she couldn't give up hope. "How is my beautiful slave doing this day?" Jason entered the room. She had learned his name some time ago, and recognized his voice.

Samantha shook her head, she refused to answer. "What should we do today? I am in need of some entertainment. Perhaps bring in a special guest for you to play with?

I'm thinking John, he is ever so eager to play with you." Jason said in a toying voice, playing with several sex toys on another table. He laughed as he heard the girl suck in her breath. He knew the man scared her. "N-no please." She whispered, no longer having the gag on her. "Then what shall we do? I need some form of entertainment; and you will provide it for me.

Give me ideas." Jason said leaning against the wall looking at his newest sex slave lying naked on the table spread eagle. It was a pleasing site. "I-I don't know…please not him." "Not good enough." "I-I will do anything you like…but please not him." Samantha screamed as the man turned as if to leave the room. He paused, turning slightly. "Anything?" "Yes." She nodded.

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"I will release you from your bonds. I will lie down on that bed; you will suck me, and fuck me, riding me. The whole time you will moan and enjoy the actions. You will bring me to climax and then swallow my seed and then thank me for the opportunity of such of an honor." Jason said walking up to stand next to the woman, toying with her piercings. "Or I can call John in, he would love to fuck that nice of yours." "I-I…I'll do it." Samantha whimpered as the tears began to fall.

"Good girl." Jason nodded with a smile. He quickly released her arms and her ankles. She sat up, not even bothering to cover self. He watched as she rubbed her wrists. "Come now. You will undress me, before we begin to play." Samantha looked up at him, taking a deep breath she stood, swaying slightly.


Jason stood still watching her. The idea excited him, the woman fucking him and sucking him like she wanted to, even though every fiber of her being fighting against this. She reached up with shaking hands to unbutton his shirt. She did it slowly, which only excited him more, he knew she was trying to kill time before she had to fuck him.

He was ok with that for now. Finally all of his buttons on his shirt was undone, she reached up and gripped the top of shirt, careful not to touch him, and slipped it off. It fell to the floor, pooling behind him. She gulped, her hands shaking even worse as she reached for his belt.

Jason smirked; the girl was still refusing to meet his eyes. She finally got his belt unlatched and pulled it free, letting it fall to the ground. Taking a deep breath she braced herself and released her breath with a whimper. Her hands grazed his lower stomach and he sucked in a breath as she fought with the latch, when it was free she unzipped him and pushed his pant down. He stepped out of them, closer to her; she took a step back in reaction. "The boxers too." Jason stated firmly as she fought against the action.

"Now." She reached forward and pushed them down, roughly. Jason lashed out and slapped her hard, sending her to the ground.


"You will never try to hurt your master, every action will be delicate. Stand up; we are going to the bed. You will use that mouth of yours on me." Samantha watched as the man leaned back onto the bed, his eyes continued to watch her, he cocked his fingers at her and she kneeled on the bed beside him.

Gulping she glanced at his man cock. It was still not fully hard, but long and getting thicker by the moment. "Lick it." He ordered, his voice growing more demanding. Samantha glanced at him and licked her lips. Bending she kissed the tip of the cock. Resigning herself to the job, and trying to keep that other monster away from her she decided to try to at least please the man.

Perhaps he would let her go if she pleased him, let her go home. She suckled him and bobbed her head on his dick. Using her hands on him she attempted to make him cum, before he wanted to fuck her.

She moaned, as he wanted, as if she wanted this. Jason laced his fingers behind his head and watched the beauty sucking him; he could tell she was trying to make him cum. But that wouldn't happen not yet. Her mouth felt like soft wet velvet, clinging to him, milking him. He released a deep moan of pleasure and arched his hips. Finally he had enough, sitting up he watched as she released his dick.

It was finally hard and thick. She had prepared it nicely. "Ride me." Jason said half reclining on the bed.

Samantha blinked at him. "Do it." Samantha cringed, and felt like crying but there were no tears left.

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The man was holding his dick with one of his hands. "I-I am not wet. It will hurt." "You should have been preparing yourself." Jason stated, humor dancing his eyes. "If you ask nicely I will prepare you. Ask me to lick you, tell me you want it." Samantha shook her head, she couldn't do that, and she wouldn't. "Then fuck me. Ride me. I don't care if you are dry or wet. Your pussy will feel great either way." Jason shrugged. "When you're bleeding and ripped, I'll send John into you." "No!" "He is the one with the healing touch." Jason laughed.

"P-please, I-I…I want…" Samantha stumbled over the words. "You want what?" "I want…I want you to…please…" Samantha shook her head.

"Please I want you to lick me." "Where? Where should I lick you?" Jason asked with a raised eyebrow. "My…pussy…"Samantha's shoulders fell defeated. "Lay down." Jason said rolling onto his side still playing with his cock.

He watched as she lay down on her back and spread her legs. Jason crawled over her and covered her body. "Tell me what I should do to you. Tell me what you want and I will do it." Samantha was tempted to ask for her release, but knew that would only serve to piss him off. She nibbled on her lower lip. "You don't want anything? Should I just push my cock into you and fuck you?" "No, please kiss me." She closed her eyes against this.

Samantha felt his breath on her lips before she felt his mouth.

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He was gentle at first, licking her lips and softly kissing her as a boyfriend would the first time. He nibbled on her lower lip, pulling softly. She opened her mouth to his awaiting tongue, and felt him invade. Licking and exploring her open mouth. Licking her teeth, her tongue and mouth, finally he moved back and waiting for her next request.

"Well?" He asked, enjoying this mind game. "Touch me." "Where?" "My…breast…ribs…stomach…" Samantha shuddered.

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"Just touch?" Jason asked reaching up and toying with one of her boobs. "And…" "And?" "Use your mouth." Jason laughed, knowing that she was broken at least mentally now. She was not even crying. He leaned in and kissed her neck, nibbling down her shoulders, all while gently rolling her piercing between his thumb and fore finger. ~*~*~*~* Chrissy laughed at what Mark had said.

She was enjoying this ride. He was funny, charming and witty. Not to mention good looking. She scowled as he turned down the street her mom lived on. "Almost there." Mark stated glancing at her. "I know." She sighed. "Well I have an idea. Why don't we drop off your suit case and go get some coffee or something?" Mark asked as he pulled into the drive way.

"Well…" Chrissy chewed her bottom lip. Finally throwing all caution to the wind she turned and smiled at him. "Ok but on one condition." "What's that?" Mark said tipping his head to the left.

"I want you to kiss me." Chrissy said her face turning a light pink. Mark laughed and reached over cupping her cheek. He leaned over, Chrissy's eyes widened and she slowly closed them as he got closer. Finally their mouths touched. Her virgin lips confused and unknowing.

His pressed gently against hers, he suckled her lower lip nipping softly at its soft tissues. Mark ran his hand to the back of her neck and pulled her closer. He felt her hands come up slowly working their way up his arms to his shoulders. She moaned softly into his mouth and parted her lips, for him. He licked her lips and darted his tongue into her mouth.

Her soft intake of breath was pronounced and he felt her shudder and lean into him further. Mark smiled and pulled back. ~*~*~*~Authors Note: This is a quick add, since I have been busy and unable to add to the story.

So please tell me what you think, what direction should I take this. Any idea's would be welcome. Thank you for reading and commenting. Assuming you will anyway. "I was not expecting that request." Mark said softly looking at her wet lips.

"I have never kissed a boy or man before." Chrissy admitted. "Never?" Mark asked as if he didn't know. She shook her head. "Wow, I'm honored. This poor taxi guy has never had such a good tip." Chrissy smiled. "I'll go throw my suitcase inside and come right back out for that coffee if you still want to go that is." "Hell yeah I do.

Hurry." Mark grinned. Chrissy nodded and jumped out of the car. Mark watched as she carried her bag into the house disappeared inside. Quickly he picked up his phone and sent off a text message to Jason. 'All going to plan. Got sister, let me know if I should bring her.'