Partying girls desperate for cum

Partying girls desperate for cum
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I wasn't all that excited to start college, I do good in high school up until my junior year and by then I didn't even bother to apply for universities, I just decided to go to a community college in my area to improve my GPA and get into a good university rather than finding one that will take me with my 1.7 high school GPA. Ever since I've been a great student. I now have a 3.7 and it's my last year at my community college, I'll be transferring to SFSU.

I don't know how I'm going to fit in there, everyone is probably so in shape and hot, I'm 6 feet tall and I have a slightly chubby build. I wouldn't consider myself fat, cause I'm not, but I don't have a Taylor Lautner body like everyone in California does.

Either way, I'm super excited to leave, I hate everything about Maryland… well maybe not everything… You see my freshman year I met Devin. He was that older kid that was supposed to graduate years ago but for some reason is still here. I was 18 and he was 23. He was super tall, like 6' 5" and have a beautiful body.

Every single day he wore a plain tee shirt, with jeans, and a pair of Jordan's. I had him in 2 of my classes which was great cause when I missed class I was able to ask him what happened in both, plus it meant I was able to stare at his huge arms suffocating from the tee shirts he wore which was so hot.

I had a huge crush on him but I couldn't do anything about it, everyone on campus saw me as a straight guy and I didn't want to mess up the great reputation I had here, not that being gay would mess up me as a person, just a lot of people would look at me different and treat me different and I'm pretty popular right now so I didn't want that to happen.

By midterm, be and Devin because pretty close friends, since we had 2 out of the 5 classes we took together we decided to study together.

I thought nothing of it because Devin was as straight as an arrow, he always talked about Miley Cyrus and he would say "I don't know why everyone is talking so much shit about Miley twerking, I think it's hot, that bitch could come twerk on me all she wants" I would just laugh, I didn't get my hopes up about being more than friends with him because it's obvious he is straight but it kind of turned me on to hear him talk about what he would do with girls.

It was Friday afternoon and we had our speeches due in speech, meaning we had to dress up and give a 5 minute speech, I was super nervous about mine, but when I got up to the podium I nailed it.

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It was Devin's turn, he gave a speech on Alzheimer's and how it influences his life because his grandma has it and it was really hot seeing his sensitive side, especially with a button up shirt, and tie. Boy was that a site to see. I love the way every shirt he wears fits him perfectly except his arms, his arms look like they were fighting for their lives under that shirt which was perfect for me, to see at least, but I'm sure he was uncomfortable. A week after our speeches our grades were posted online and I was driving to Devin's apartment to tell him when I get there the door was cracked open, I pushed it all the way open "Hello?" I yelled… "I'm in here!" Devin responded from his bedroom.

I ran to his room excited to tell him about my grade on my speech but when I got to his room Devin was a mess. "Yo, you won't guess what I… Dude, what happened?" I walked into Devin laying in his bed with nothing but gym shorts on with tissues all over his floor and his eyes were big red and puffy like he's been crying for the past week.

"She's gone." he said to me not making eye contact, I approach his bed and sit on the end where his feet rest. "Who's gone? What are you talking about?" I was so confused because he didn't have a girl friend or anything of that sort.


"No-No-Nonna! She's fucking gone! IT'S NOT FAIR!" my heart sank, just last week he was giving a speech of how strong his grandma was fighting Alzheimer's and the next week she's gone. "I'm so sorry bro, I can't imagine your pain right now." I responded and placed my hand on his calf.

I do really bad in situations like this. "If you wanna be alone I understand bro." I got up and began walking to the door. "No, you're my only friend Lucas… I'd rather you stay here, who knows what I'm gonna do to myself if I'm alone at a time like this." I paused and the thought of Devin harming himself gave me chills, so I walked back and sat on the bed next to him.

"Might as well get comfortable, you're gonna be here a while" he sniffed his nose which was full of boogers from him crying and managed to get a laugh out. "You know I'm kidding, I can't force you to stay man, if you have things to do you can go…" "No, I'm here for you bro, your one of my closest friends I can't have you suffer alone." We laughed and I kicked off my shoes and laid on the bed with him.

It was awkwardly silent so I called his name, only to turn my head and find him knocked out on the bed. It was good he was asleep, who knows the last time he slept with the way he's been feeling. I carefully moved closer to him trying not to wake him and placed my head on his chest and my arm across his abs and I fell asleep too.

It was Thursday morning and we both woke up to my phone ringing. It was my mom. "Fuck!" I said out loud "I forgot to tell her I was going out yesterday…" I answered with fear&hellip. "Hello" my mom did not waste one second to start her bitching "WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU? YOU TURN 18 AND YOU THINK YOU CAN DO WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT?!

AND ON A SCHOOL NIGHT?! YOU MUST BE OUT OF YOUR MIND!" "Mom, I don't have class on Thursday!

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Remember?" "SO?! THAT DOESN'T MEAN YOU CAN GO OUT AND GET DRUNK AND NOT COME HOME?" She hung up. "Sorry" Devin said from next to me, I turned my head to look at him "Nah, it's cool.


My mom always jumps to the worst case scenario, she will understand when I tell her what really happened." "That's good, well to make it up to ya. Breakfast is on me… but you're driving." He seemed way better about the entire situation, but when he jumped out of bed I noticed a huge tent in his gym shorts, I mean HUGE, this guy was packing some serious damage in there.

His dick has to have been at least 10 inches long, and who know how thick.


I immediately get hard from that site. "Gone commando I see&hellip." He looked down at his tent, and jumped back into bed under the covers "OH MY GOD! That's so embarrassing, I'm so used to living alone my morning wood doesn't even phase me, I'm so sorry you had to see that…" I burst into laughter.

"it's cool, didn't bother me." Then he laughed "fag, you liked looking at my Italian stallion, I bet you wanna see the real thing now…" we both laughed and I finished the conversation with "hurry up, let's go…" "I'll try, but I haven't showered in 2 days so I'm gonna take a quick one." I sighed "alright" He took the longest shower ever, I fell back asleep.

I woke up to something poking my forehead. I wake up and I see Devin on top of me trying to tee bag me. "Thank god your up, open up…" I push him off "WHAT THE FUCK DUDE?" I screamed acting like I didn't like the sight of Devin's gigantic cock in my face.

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"What? I thought that's what you wanted?" "Dude… no. what?" I couldn't find the right choice of words, I was just so confused… what Devin gay?

"Bro, I've noticed you staring at me since day one of classes, I'd have to be retarded to think you're not gay…" "Dude, I'm not…" he stared at me with his bright green eyes, until I broke. "Can everyone tell?" "I don't think so, unless you stare at everyone the way you stare at me." I don't.

"I didn't really blame you, I mean look at me, I'd go gay for myself." He laughed as he flexed his arms and his chest.

"Woah" was all I managed to say. I was in complete shock. "Well, since you said you don't want me I guess I'll just get dressed." "WAIT" I responded and he gave me the sexiest smile as if he were expecting me to say that.

"Are you gay?" He laughed "Nah sorry, but I'm sick of jerking off my morning wood I just thought you would wanna help." I was at a loss of words, how was Devin being so blunt about this. I've been keeping this secret since I met him and he's known all along.

I had nothing to say so I just opened my mouth. "What are you doing?" Devin asked me. "You told me to open up right?" I responded. "Oh fuck yeah, today is going to be a good day." Devin said as he made his way back on top of me towards my face.

I was really nervous wondering how I was going to take his massive cock. Now that it was fully hard and in my face I thought I made a mistake because I will not be able to take it. "Don't be too rough, I've never done this." I said "No promises" Devin responded. He stuck the head of his dick in my mouth and he let out a small moan. I slowly moved my tongue around his dick as it entered my mouth I only took about a fourth of his dick when he took it out and slowly fucked my mouth. I loved every second of it.

I never got my hopes up for Devin so because this caught me by surprise it made it so much hotter. I got lost in thoughts thinking about how lucky I was when Devin grabbed my head and said "Ready?" before I had time to answer Devin gave a bug thrust and his cock hit the back of my neck causing me to gag. I closed my eyes and I heard him panting and I felt his cock hit the back of my throat, I open my eyes to find out that I was only taking a little more than half of his dick.

The way I felt his dick so deep in my mouth I thought I was taking his full dick. So when I felt his dick touch the back of my throat again I grabbed Devin's ass and pull it towards me causing me to take his entire dick. Devin let out a loud moan and yelled "FUUUCCCKKK" he continued to fuck my mouth and I would deep throat him when I would he finally took his dick out and said "I'm gonna cum" I responded "So?" and put his dick back in my mouth, his eyes lit up and he said "No fucking way, you're gonna let me cum in your mouth?" I managed to nod and he gave me the biggest smile I've ever seen.

As he fucked my mouth I stroked the base of his cock because I could deep throat his big cock anymore finally he shot 3 big squirts of cum that filled my mouth, I felt like it was going to come out of nose, followed by 2 small squirts.

I swallowed every drop and let his dick shrink in my mouth.

Devin collapsed on the bed next to me and only said "Awesome man" I went in for a kiss and he stopped me by placing his hand over his mouth "I don't kiss after receiving head, that's sick, especially cause I came in your mouth" I looked away and when he put his hand down I kissed him anyways.

He didn't even fight it off. It was great I never thought I would get to make out with my first college crush, let alone suck his dick. I finally broke the kiss and Devin said "Remember how I said breakfast was on me, lets count that as breakfast…" we laughed "In that case lunch is on me…" I laughed and he responded "Nevermind then let's go to ihop." We both laughed and I kissed him one more time before getting up.

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Was this going to happen more often? I thought to myself. If it didn't, would our friendship become awkward? I wasn't sure what would happen next but I did know, I wanted his massive cock in my ass, and I was determined to make it happen. To be continued…