Frisky czech teen stretches her wet slit to the extreme

Frisky czech teen stretches her wet slit to the extreme
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PATTY'S PUB It was Saint Patrick's Day, and I was in Boston on business. But my business wasn't going very well, and my love life. .wasn't. I was feeling, as they say in the South, "Lower than the belly of a snake in a wheel rut." I looked out my hotel room window and saw that it was snowing, nice big white flakes covering the city streets and making them into a beautiful panorama of softness and light.

I decided it might cheer me up to take a walk in the snow, something we saw little of in El Paso, where I was from.

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I put on my overcoat and some gloves, and trudged through the hotel lobby, drawing unbelieving stares from the desk clerk and the few guests huddled around a fake fireplace for warmth. Outside, it was even more glorious than I had pictured it from my window. The snow, though not of blizzard intensity, was falling steadily, and my head and shoulders were soon whiter than we used to see on the Head & Shoulders shampoo commercials.

I walked along the street, my spirits rising as I looked around and enjoyed the quieting hush that comes over a city when it snows. About a block from my hotel, upon turning a corner, I came upon a tavern.

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It was just like the one in the TV show, "Cheers," only this one's neon sign said, "Patty's Pub." I thought that a little odd since most Irish Patricks' names were usually "Paddy." in my experience. As I drew near, I could hear the friendly sounds of the bar, some music playing and the voices of people having a good time celebrating this favorite holiday of the Irish and almost any American who chooses to enjoy the "Wearin' o' the Green." I decided that a mug of green beer would be refreshing, so I went in to "Patty's Pub" and saw that the place was packed, and indeed, they were having a good time.

Nobody particularly noticed me, but I received no negative stares either, so I took a seat at a vacant table in a corner, away from all the hubbub around the bar itself. A cute young waitress approached and asked what I would like to drink. I ordered my green beer and leered at her as she flounced away, her short skirt bouncing nicely over well-rounded buttocks. When she bent over to place my beer on the table I got a glimpse of lovely young breasts, not large, but like delicious looking ice cream cones.

Her smile was warm, but not inviting, so I said nothing of what was on my mind. 2 As I sat back and looked around Patty's Pub, I noticed that quite a few men were gathered around one end of the bar where a strikingly beautiful woman of about thirty was holding court. She was joking and joshing with the men, and they seemed mesmerized by her beauty and charm. She wore a green silky dress, and her hair was an auburn color, full around her face and down to her shoulders.

She was full-figured, but not fat, obviously a mature woman, but one who had plenty of life left in her. I drank down my first beer and signaled to the cute young waitress for another, then nursed the second one while I soaked in the friendly ambience of the place and listened to the jokes and stories I could pick up from the tables around me.

I must have been on my third or fourth beer, and the place had quieted down somewhat as the crowd thinned out and the "regulars" kept their appointed places at the bar.

It surprised me to look up and see the woman who had been at the bar earlier standing right in front of me. She asked if she could join me, and I said that I would be honored to have her sit down. She already had a glass of whiskey in her hand, so I didn't offer to buy her a drink. She said she had noticed me sitting there all alone, and thought I looked lonely.

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I admitted that I was a bit down, being from out of town, and not feeling very good about how my business was going. She introduced herself and "Patty," and I realized that it was her name that was on the sign outside, not a male "Paddy" such as I would have expected. Patty told me that she had inherited the bar from her father, but that she had changed the name to make it more modern and to indicate that it was a bit different and upbeat than it had been in the past.

When Patty crossed her legs, I had just a quick glimpse up between her thighs and thought I caught a peek at the green panties she was wearing under her green satin dress. She also wore a low cut blouse that revealed her full breasts when she bent over to pat me on the leg, expressing her understanding of my situation.

When I finished my beer, I had to go to the bathroom, so I excused myself. I had a hard on and tried to hide it from Patty as I got up from my chair, but I sensed her staring at it nevertheless.

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It had gone down when I returned to the table, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that Patty was still there, and had ordered a whiskey for each of us. 3 I was feeling slightly tipsy by then, and when I became a bit flirtatious with Patty, she again surprised me by responding in kind, giving me the impression that she liked me almost as much as I liked her. We sat and chatted for a long time as the bar emptied out and we were left alone with just the bartender and the young waitress cleaning up.

As we finished our last drinks of the evening, Patty looked at me sympathetically and told me she hated the thought of my going home to a lonely hotel room by myself.

She said she would be pleased if I would come by her apartment for just a few minutes for a "nightcap" and some more conversation. She said she found me interesting to talk to, and stroked my hand and arm affectionately as she said so. I willingly accepted her invitation, and we left the bar, saying good night to the bar tender and the young waitress who had been serving us our drinks.

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Patty's apartment, it turned out, was right above the bar, so we just had to go out onto the street and up the stairs of the next doorway. Her apartment turned out to be a cozy place, well decorated and feeling homey and warm, especially to me, having spent a lot of time lately in hotel rooms with their generic hotel room decor.

Patty had me sit down while she got us our "nightcaps," which consisted of some fine brandy, as I learned when I tasted it. I chose to sit on a couch with soft cushions and plenty of room for both us to be seated comfortably, not close if we didn't want to be. But when Patty returned with the drinks, she sat down as close to me as she could, and after toasting each other we sat quietly, sipping our brandy. Patty looked so beautiful in the soft light of her living room, and I told her so.

She seemed to blush, but didn't demur when I bent down and placed a soft kiss on her cheek.

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As I did, she turned her face toward me and my kiss moved from her cheek to her lips, which were warm and soft, opening easily to my probing tongue, and responding with the tip of her own tongue meeting mine in an oh, so friendly gesture.

Our kiss became more passionate as I reached up and placed my right hand on her breast, feeling the soft flesh beneath her blouse. She was not wearing a bra, which had been made clear to me at the bar, when her nipples pushed out against her silky blouse while we were visiting. We continued kissing as I moved my hand down to her knees and began to work my way up inside her thighs, noticing that they spread easily the higher I went.

4 While I was beginning my exploration of Patty's nether regions she deftly unbuttoned her blouse to reveal her ample mammaries, which invited my mouth as though I were her little baby boy.

I sucked on one nipple after the other, feeling them swell in my mouth and press out so that they felt like little penises between my lips. As I nursed on her breasts, my hand finally found it way to the "crux" of the matter, and I was definitely surprised to discover that Patty was not wearing panties after all!

Had she removed them when she went to fix our drinks? As I managed to work her skirt up over her hips to reveal her pussy to my lustful gaze, I saw that she had not been wearing panties in the first placed.


She had colored her pubic hair green!!! She giggled at my discovery, and I had to laugh at myself for not suspecting the truth when I saw the green flashing between her thighs throughout the course of the evening. She said she did this every year as her sort of St. Patrick's Day joke. It was a cute idea, but I had to admit that even though I thoroughly enjoy nestling my nose in pubic hair, and while I like a hot, juicy pussy, the idea of burying myself in a green bush wasn't as much of a turn-on.

Patty was amused by my shyness in the face of her green bush, so she said maybe it would be a good idea to shave off her pubic hair so I could really get at the "meat" of the matter, so to speak. We went into the bathroom, and after Patty watched me pee, admiring my semi-hard penis as I did, she sat down on the toilet seat and spread her legs open.

She handed me a scissors with which I cut the longest locks of pussy hair off (sticking few strands into my pocket as a keepsake). When the hair was short enough to shave, she pointed out her shaving cream and disposable razor.

She had the same kind of shaving soap I use (lime flavored Edge), so I was familiar with the way a little bubble of the stuff spread out into a nice, foamy covering.

I covered Patty's green pubic hair with Edge, and then proceeded to carefully shave her pubic mound, removing all traces of hair on the mound, down to the sweet slit, and around her thighs. Patty wasn't hirsute, but she had a nice covering that was fun to shave off. When I finished shaving her I took a warm cloth and cleaned off the excess soap, revealing a sweet, childish looking cunny that begged to be kissed and licked.

But when I bent down to taste her new, clean pussy, she pushed me away and suggested we would be more comfortable in her bedroom. 5 I followed her there like a puppy dog in heat, shedding my clothing as I went, not caring where each piece fell.

By the time we got to Patty's bed we were both naked, and she plopped down on her back, spreading her legs open and inviting me to kneel between them and take a good look at my handiwork. Her pussy was so beautiful!


The puffy, pink pubic mound looked like a young girl's peach shaped pussy, no hair, only soft, smooth flesh. As I moved my fingers up and spread the outer lips, Patty wriggled her bottom and encouraged me with sighs and moans that were as stimulating to me as the sight before my eyes. Inside her outer lips, which were quite generous, was another set of inner lips that easily opened when I slipped my finger in between them.

She was lifting up her butt cheeks, so I put my hands under them and bent my face into her spreading honey pot, licking at the outer and inner lips, then finding her clit, which protruded proudly under the hood of her vulva. Mmmm, the taste was sweet upon my tongue and lips as I sucked hungrily at this beautiful woman's cunt while she moved sensuously beneath me and pressed my head into her vagina with both her hands.

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I had just come up for air, my face coated in Patty's pussy juice, when I heard the sound of somebody coming into the apartment. I looked up, panicking at the possibility that is was a husband or lover who would object to my being there.

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But before I could move away from my place of pleasure, Patty cheerfully greeted the intruders (there were two of them) and introduced me to her sister and her sister's boyfriend, who happened to be the waitress and bartender from Patty's Pub. They didn't demur in the least at finding us in this blatantly sexual position, but instead, proceeded to remove their clothing and join us on the bed. Patty's sister came and gave me a sweet kiss on the mouth, letting her tongue slide in as she tasted her sister's pussy juice.

Bob, the bartender went and knelt at Patty's head, proffering his penis to Patty's open and inviting mouth. She licked and sucked on his cock with eager abandon, and seemed to enjoy it as much as I had enjoyed sucking on her pussy. Patty's sister, Penney, moved me back from Patty's pussy and reached down to grab my cock, which she lavished with licks before guiding into her sister's pussy with gentle, loving hands.


While my cock slid easily into Patty's cunt, Penney moved around behind me and began kissing and licking my ass cheeks, ending up at the anal juncture and then taking my low hanging balls into her mouth. 6 Needless to say, this caused an immediate reaction from my already excited body, and I shot my wad of creamy semen into Patty's cunt after only a few strokes.

Patty responded by writhing in a pleasurable orgasm just as Bob's cock spewed its seed into Patty's mouth and onto her face.

As I rolled off Patty and lay exhausted by her side, Penney crawled up between her sister's legs and cleaned up our combined cum and pussy juice. Bob knelt over my face and leg his cock and balls hang down, his cock still semi-hard after his cum in Patty's face.

I reached up and played with Bob's cock and balls, eventually licking and sucking on them as he began to fuck my face. I was pleased to take his cum when he spurted again after just a few minutes. About the time he came on my face, Penney mounted my cock and rode to a glorious climax, causing me to have a second cum as well, something I rarely do.

You can imagine the other positions and arrangements we made during the course of the rest of the night. Suffice it to say this was the happiest St.

Patrick's Day of my life. "Erin go bra". .less!