Babe gives fellow a blowjob then climbs up and rides him

Babe gives fellow a blowjob then climbs up and rides him
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MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY PART - 35 HOME ALONE As written by me in my last episode (No. 34) of MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY, my husband was successfully obtained a big order for his organisation and was away at Bangalore for two days on the project. I would have gone to Goa if he was to remain away for a longer period the matter was of only for two days.

I have returned from the market after buying some house hold materials and purchased materials were lying on the back seat of my car. It was afternoon and my watch showing 2.30 PM.

I have parked the car in the basement of the building and went towards lift to call the lift man to take his help for bringing the purchased materials up to my apartment. I pushed the button of the lift and the doors of the lift opened but no lift man was inside. I thought, as he does many times, he must have went to water pump room for a afternoon nip as his regular habit because there were hardly any people using the lift in the afternoon.

I decided to hunt for him by walking up to water pump room. The door of pump room was opened. Once again in my life, I shocked and surprised to see what was before my eyes. The lift man was not resting in pump room.

He was not alone there. He was with a small boy. I took my position behind a parked car to hide my presence from them. I could see clearly what was going on in the pump room and the lift man was seems to be assured that no one will come to the pump room side at this time. The boy was about 5'', very fair complexion, with a lean slim body.

He was about 14 - 15 years old cute boy. The boy was sleeping on the floor, on his back. The lift man was completely naked. I saw his black colored, quite a big and thick cock surrounded by thick black public hairs. The boy was very small for a sexual act. Surely, the lift man will be going to fuck the boy's ass with his huge cock. I could not see the boy's ass hole because of his sleeping position, but I was sure that he must be having a very small ass hole looking to his age and thin body structure.

Once again, I thought that sex is such a thing and such a feeling that people can go till the any extend for sexual satisfaction. Lift man sat beside the boy and slowly opened his pant's hook and centre button. There was no reaction from the boy.

Then he slowly opened the zip of boy's half pant. I could now see his underwear. It was not the ready made type. Instead, it was locally stitched type, tied with 'nara' (string).

I saw the lift man opened the 'nara' (string) of boy's underwear and loosened his underwear and pushed it downward. Now I could see the cock of the boy. His cock was very fair, just like him, a small one and was in a state of semi-erect condition.

He had very sparse pubic hairs, light brownish in color. Lift man did not waste any time. With fingers of his right hand, he pushed foreskin of the boy's cock back to expose his cute cock head, and, lowering his head, he took boy's whole small cock in his mouth. He started licking his small cute tool.

Perhaps, the heat of lift man's mouth produced encouraging results. The boy's cock seems to be started growing in his mouth. I saw it started taking a shape. The lift man started sucking it softly. In a few seconds, boy's cock became fully erect and seems to be filled his mouth. It was a clear indication that the boy was too enjoying the sucking.

Boy started moving his lips up & down. Lift man started caressing his very small pubic hairs, balls and seems to be enjoying the silky smoothness of boy's pubic region along with sucking his tinny cock. He started undressing the boy. With boy's small but hard erected cock in his mouth, he put his left hand under his waist, and with his right hand, he started pushing his half pant and underwear together downwards inch-by-inch from both sides.

Boy's legs were long, thin, fair and hairless. He was an exquisite beauty. Had he been a girl, he could have been easily said to be extremely sexy. I became mad with excitement and anticipating. Lift man had parted the boy's legs and lied between his legs. He put his hands below boy's small ass-cheeks and started squeezing them. And at the same time, started licking boy's thighs, inner thighs, balls and crotch area.

The lift man was seems to be extremely excited which could be noticed from hardness of his long and thick black cock. As lift man's tongue explored boy's private parts, his cock being jerked and his whole body shivered. I noticed that the boy was not doing anything. There could be a lot of reason behind it according to me.

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He must be under threat from lift man, he must be afraid about the results of his ass fucking, he must be shying or he must be unaware of any sexual act. I remember Ratan.

(My farm employee, who was fucked in his ass by a watchman at our farm house, I shaved him and later, I got myself fucked by him for a short period affair.

Refer MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY - WITH TEEN AGED BOY) He concentrated on boy's dick. He again took it in his mouth and started sucking it and started playing and squeezing his balls. Boy also started responding with increased frequency of pushing his hips up in jerks. Suddenly I noticed that boy's whole body started becoming tense.

I understood that the boy was going to discharge his cum. With a strong shiver, boy squeezed his hips and started ejaculating in lift man's mouth. Lift man closed his lips tightly around boy's cock and started drinking his cum.

Boy kept on Cumming in spurts, and he sucked each and every drop of his cum from his cock, and drank it. This was my first experience of seeing cock-sucking and cum-drinking between two males, and I must admit that it was remarkable.

Back to the story, even after drinking all his cum, lift man kept on sucking boy's cock, and did not let it come out of his mouth. The boy's cock slowly lost his erection and became limp was still inside the mouth of lift man. They remained in that position for quite some time. There was no movement in their body, after the boy ejaculated. I was unable to judge whether all are over with enjoyment of the blowjob, or anything more to come.

I had no other option but to wait and watch. I guessed that, since the boy's cock was still in lift man's mouth, the cock would harden soon. I decided to wait. Almost half an hour passed like this. Then there was some movement. He was lying between boy's legs, resting his left cheek on boy's right thigh, close to his crotch, and the boy's cock was in his mouth. I suddenly felt as if the boy tried to close his thighs. As the lift man was lying in between, it was not possible.

The Boy's cock sprang into action and became hard in an instant. Lift man immediately started sucking his growing thin cock and put his right hand under his left thigh, caught hold of his left ass-cheek, and pressed his crotch on his lips. Now the young boy will be fucked in his ass by a matured man with his long black cock, this was the immediate thought come in to my mind. But I did not know that the big surprise was waiting for me.

After sucking boy's hard cock for few minutes, lift man extended his left hand upwards and started exploring boy's upper body, under his shirt and vest. The boy offered no resistance. Lift man was seems to be kept on enjoying like this for few more minutes. His excitement was gradually growing as he was squeezing boy's hips and forcing his cock into his mouth.

Then the lift man got up and sat down between his thighs, on his knees. I have seen a tube of KY jelly in his hand.

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He opened the tube and lubricated his own ass ass-hole. Oh my god! I was wrong!! The boy was not going to be fucked in his ass. Lift man was all set to get his own ass fucked by the little boy. I heard so many times that some males likes fucking in their own ass instead of fucking other's ass. The lift man of our building was one of them.

He was seems to be addicted to his own ass fucking. Then he lubricated boy's cock properly. He got up, stood over him, and lowered his ass-hole on boy's erected cock. He caught boy's cock with his right hand and guided it in his own ass hole. As both, the ass hole of lift man and the boy's cock, were well lubricated and the boy's cock was not so thick, his cock slowly entered in lift man's ass.

As boy's cock made its way slowly inside lift man's ass-hole, he lifted his hips as a natural response, and the boy's crotch touched lift man's ass, embedding his cock deep in lift man's ass.

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The boy's cock was of small size, may be 4/ 4.5 inches not so thick, but seems a hard and strong one. I think, lift man experienced no pain, but only tons of pleasure by receiving cute boy's cute cock in his ass.

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Lift man lowered his ass fully on boy's crotch, and made him comfortable by raising his thighs a little and put his ankles under his thighs. Then he seems to be focused his attention to his own ass hole filled with boy's cock. I saw lift man squeezing his ass-hole, and the boy immediately responded by jerking his hips upwards.

Lift man started fucking his own ass with boy's sweet cock by slowly moving up and down. The boy was holding lift man tightly from his bulky waist and matched his movement with the movement of his hips.

Till now the boy was keeping his eyes closed, and not moving his head. Soon I noticed that the boy had increased the speed of humping. Lift man had stopped his movement and moved one of his hands backwards and caught the boy's balls. This act of lift man seems to be suddenly made the boy lose control of himself, and he started pumping his cock furiously in to lift man's ass. The lift man also started squeezing and releasing his ass-hole in anticipation of a discharge from the young boy's lovely cock.


Suddenly, with a moan, the boy clamped his waist, lifted his ass from ground, his body became rigid and his cock started pulsating in lift man's ass, releasing loads of his cum, and at the same time lift man's cock started unloading his cum on boy's belly. Lift man quickly leaned forward and embraced boy so that his cock was sandwiched between their bellies.

As the boy completed filling of lift man's ass with his cum, lift man unlocked his legs and straightened them, between his legs. Boy's cock popped out of lift man's ass-hole with a sexy sound and the boy immediately clamped his thighs around his wet cock. I started feeling heat of the sex and my panty went wet with my pussy juices.

I concluded from what I seen was the lift man was a pure gay and enjoys his ass fucking. I have seen him Cumming without ant treatment on his cock. It means, he was not having sexual strength in his cock despite of a long and thick cock.

He Cummed while getting fucked in his ass by the young boy. I turned back and started walking back towards my car before they notice me. I have taken some important stuffs with me and left other things in car and have locked the car. I have decided to take the other things to home from car in the evening.

I was feeling horny and was in need of an immediate fuck, but my husband was away. So I decided to give a wonderful finger treatment to my leaking pussy. I entered in the lift and reached at my apartment. I opened the door, locked it back after coming in and put the material in my hands on the table.

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I was able to feel my nipples getting hard and my pussy becoming wet. I have started to remove my clothes. I unbutton my shirt, removed it in a flash, unhooked my bra and when I removed my bra, a cool breeze in our centrally air-condition apartment caressed my breast.

It made my nipples even harder. I slightly massaged my boobs, passionately fondling them with slight moans. It felt so good. Then I started to rub my jeans over my pussy area. I was moaning and enjoying. Without any further waste of time, I slid my hands inside my jeans and started rubbing my pussy.

I opened jeans button, unzipped it and pushed it down to my knees. I put fingers under smooth elastic of my panty and have also pushed it down to expose my pussy completely. Quickly, I removed both, jeans and panty from my legs and become completely naked as I was home alone.

My fingers found my clit very quickly. I was already wet and have started to rub my clit immediately after removing clothes from my body.

I was so hot and horny that I started rubbing my clit even harder. Just then I saw a banana on the table, which I had got for eating with my dinner. I sat on the dining char itself.

Anyway I was not at all hungry to eat the banana and then I quickly thought of using it to pleasure myself. I took the banana and started rubbing its tip against my wet and hairless pussy.

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It felt so good. I was moaning, "hmmm.'. I was breathing harder. I was no longer concentrating the other things in the world. My entire focus was on getting the banana inside my pussy! I was desperate for it. I continued rubbing it against my pussy. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the sensation. I had become very wet and the banana was full of my pussy juices.

I took it and sucked it hard. I tested my own pussy juices on it. Then I slowly inserted it into my wet pussy. I did not insert it too deep.

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I wanted to take it in slowly to enjoy it the most as I wanted to feel like my hubby is fucking my pussy with his lovely cock. I was slowly inserting and taking it out just like my hubby does to me.

I was moaning even louder, "aahhhhh.hmmmmmmm" I was fucking myself, my pussy with the banana for a few minutes in a slow pace. Then I slowly increased the pace. My heart was beating harder now. I was thrusting the banana in my pussy even deeper thinking my hubby is fucking me.

I was moving it in and out faster now. Every time the banana was getting in deep, I felt the sensation all over my body which i always feel when my husband fucks deep in to my pussy with his long, thick, lovely hot rod.


I was pushing it in deeper and deeper. I was moaning, "aaaahh. aahh. hmmm". Soon, I was getting closer to my orgasm as I was already very hot even starting banana fuck in to my pussy. What I seen just in the water pump room of the building was enough to turn me on for fucking. The banana was completely inside my pussy. As I was inserting it deeper and faster, I was able to feel my muscles cramping. My thighs were cramping and my legs became stiff. I reached my orgasm with a loud scream, "Aaaaaaaaahhh.

Fuck yaaaa" I shuddered into a sensational orgasm. I slicked into the chair and closed my eyes to relax my body. I was still breathing hard and the banana was still inside my pussy. My pussy was a little sore after the terrific orgasm. I was just sitting there for a few minutes. Then I removed the banana from my pussy and sat up easy. I was really tired and now I needed something to eat after a wonderful banana fuck in to my pussy. Then I peeled of the banana and ate it.

Eating a banana mixed with my own pussy juice tasted so good! I relaxed naked sometime on the chair and then moved to the bathroom to have a shower.

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I knew that the lonely night is ahead and there will be my pussy fucking with my own fingers on the bed before going to sleep. Julee