Gay movie Rough and tumble Jackson Rugger was the starlet of this

Gay movie Rough and tumble Jackson Rugger was the starlet of this
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--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part 1 (references of unwanted sex, no description of sex yet) I am a slut. But it wasn't like that before. Honest. Just like any well-brought up girl, my parents got me focussed on school studies so I could better plan my future. Even though I had dated some guys, I kept the count to a small number and declined many invitations for dates.

I knew I was attractive to many guys because I was told that by my previous boyfriends, and other guys that I had turned down, often not because they were bad people, but rather it was unfortunate timing. I was noticed in the hallways when I went through the halls, or to open up my locker; I got sincere and evil smiles, along with accidental and intentional stares. And I knew I wasn't a bitch or a whore because I was a nice person, and was nice to everyone I had met.

I didn't ever dream about having an orgy with men, and didn't look down on anyone, except the other girls who were competing against each other in fucking the most guys. I could completely understand why a guy would be drawn to that. Guys have it so easy. But anyway, in all of my relationships with guys, I remained a virgin. As a "good girl", my virginity was lost only after I got happily married when I was 26.

However, I didn't marry until I established myself career-wise (I became a certified accountant). As I retell this part of my life, I had "higher" expectations but I did not want anything more; I had everything I needed - or so I thought. Like I said before, I wasn't a slut before; it was only until recently when I was blackmailed into having sex not with just one person, but multiple people.

I hated it the first time around because I was SO humiliated in my life for the first time. My self-worth had collapsed just like a stock market crash. The rapists told me I still voluntarily chose to do it though but only because I wanted to protect my husband. I loved him. Thinking back, it actually does sound ironic that in order to solidify and protect my love for him, I'd have to be banging and sucking different guys at the same time.

I was a responsible girl before this incident - I never once had flirted with other guys while I was in the midst of dating, so it would've been absurd to think that I would've had multiple sex partners if I had a real choice. I only enjoyed the sex with my husband, and thus, I really hated the sex from the rapists, until I began to accept my fate.

Sometime in early February of this year, our house had been broken into, and most our "portable" items stolen while we were out at a dinner function, with most of our personal items, including our televisions, jewelry and some pictures were stolen.

Naturally, we phoned the police and they had done a good job in recovering almost of our items with exception to a few minor and relatively insignificant items, such as some decent wines and a couple of casual pictures taken at a park. They were not as successful at apprehending the criminals, but, however, according to them, were "very close to catching them".

They managed to catch one suspect who was in possession of all of these recovered items after a police raid in his warehouse one night, but had suspected that he had help in the robbery because our security alarms were neatly disabled, our door locks undamaged, and our windows had been securely locked that night of the robbery. The robbery was quite a surprise to the city as we lived in one of the prime up-scale neighbourhoods. As a result, the police respected and sympathized with us and tried their hardest to find them.

Fast forwarding to the present, earlier this month, I was approached by a group of masked men who wanted to threaten my husband with his life. As they approached me about the blackmail, it later became clear that these guys had to be, for the most part, the same guys who robbed our house. Firstly, if they really wanted to kill my husband, they would've done it already.

Killing him would've really served no purpose but have the police sniff heavily on their trail, unless they really wanted money. I would've done anything to stop him from being harmed and I knew he would've done the same.

But for his scenario, the impact would not have been the same, let alone realistic. The possibility of a threat to him from multiple women that he must fuck them or that they'd kill me would be ridiculous at best. Even if such an event did happen, it would not have been too difficult of a decision for him, to say the least; he'd pick the former without a second thought. Not to say he'd go out and cheat on me after some clearminded thinking, but as I said before, guys have it so easy.

Even in rape for them, it would've catered to their inner desire which they could not control. I thought I had this carnal desire kept in check. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part 2 (blowjob - gagging) I got a phone call from a stranger one gloomy morning claiming that he had very important information that I'd be interested in.

I thought it was one of the telemarketers' new strategies to get the attention of the listener. I politely told him I wasn't interested and then hung up the phone. About two minutes later, I got a knock on the door.

Because my husband had to attend a number of business conferences in different parts of the world, he would be gone for roughly two weeks or so, and so I was the only one at home to answer the door.

I opened the door to see an unfamiliar man looking at me who looked troubled. "Hi. May I help you?", I politely asked. "Good morning Mrs. Carson - your husband is in danger", he sternly responded. "How?" Immediately, I felt sick because of the fear that Rob could be in danger. "Please let me in and I'll explain everything." He replied.

I quickly allowed him in, and then shut the door. After shutting the door, I quickly rush to the living room and then turn around to see he wasn't following me - he was still at the door looking mindless.

I patiently waved at him to come in my direction of the living room. I politely told him to have a seat on the couch to talk more about it. I really needed to know what he was trying to tell me. He follows orders and sits down, with a blank look. "So, who are you? and what kind of trouble is my husband in?", I asked with great concern.

He immediately spoke up, "I think there is a group of people who want to kill him." I promptly responded with great concern, "Who? What? Why would they kill him?". "They are people who are jealous of your husband's money and good fortune in marrying a beauty like you but I can't tell you who they are. All I know is that you need to be careful because they want something real bad, that is my purpose for coming here.", he sadly said.

"Oh, why can't you tell me who they are? How do you know about it? Who would want to kill Rob?", I asked in panic. "I can't say.", he coldly replied. I somehow managed to inhale some air to plead to him, "Could you please tell me? I promise I won't tell. Please, I'll give you money for information." "Money won't solve the issue, they have other plans", he replied. Suddenly as I was about to ask what kind of plans, four men were standing behind me. "Who are you? How did you get in?".

Initially I thought that I was so caught up with that news that I must have forgotten to lock. And then they proved me wrong. "Well baby, you let us in through the front door." I looked at him with great suspicion. And then he spoke again, "Our buddy Johnny helped us out there", and he winked at Johnny, who then winked back with a smile.

That man stood at the door to unlock the door that I had locked. "Don't call me baby. I'm going to call the police if you don't leave right now", I proudly declared.

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Johnny speaks up. "Now there, baby, have we got a proposal for you. You do as what we say and your husband lives". "Nooo don't hurt Robbie!", I screamed. "HAHA! Well looks like you have made a deal with us. You'll do anything to save your husband?", Johnny snidely asked.

"Yes! I'll give all of you money - please don't hurt Robbie!", I replied. Pretty soon I realized that this statement was very naive to the actual situation. "HAHA, money huh? We don't want money. But we want you! The police arrested my brother for the robbery we tried to make, and now I want revenge.

I'll go as far as murdering your loved ones if I must be tested." In a state of panic, I dashed out from the couch and tried to make a run for the stairs, only to be quickly fortressed by three men. One of them asked, "Where are YOU going honey?". Another pulled his jacket out to reveal that he was in possession of a handgun.

I stood there in defeat. "What do you want then? If you want me for hostage, I know my husband will pay for me back! I won't be much trouble", I said in an act of desperation.

"What did I tell you? I don't want money. I want you." My eyes widely open in understanding of what exactly he wanted. "No!" Johnny commanded, "Hold her!" In an instant, the three men close to me grabbed hold of me, while Johnny approached me. "Make her sit on the couch". The three men obediently listened to him and dragged me to the couch where I was pushed down upon arrival.

Johnny walked up right in front of my face, and instantly I knew what he wanted me to do. But not before he told me this: "Now baby, if you could be the sweetest thing in the world, you're going to do everything we tell you to do, or we'll consider killing your husband for your troubles.

We know he's on a business trip to a few places but don't you worry, I have friends in many of those places he's visiting. One phone call and he'll be in the morgue that same day.

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Don't pull any fast ones lady. Do you agree?" I didn't respond. It wasn't much of a choice really. "Answer me you fucking bitch", and he grabbed my chin and glared at me. I reluctantly nodded. "I said answer!" and was given a slap to the face. "You do love your husband don't you?" "Yes!" "Yes what? You'll do everything we tell you to do for your husband?" "Yes!" "Good. Now suck my dick bitch". "No, not that!" "Do it or Robbie dies".

I gave him a dirty look as I pretended not to know what I was supposed to do. "Fucking unbutton my pants, unzip the zipper and take the cock out and suck.

NOW." He pulls out a gun to confirm that he was serious. I really had no choice but to do what he said. I hesitated as my hand cupped Johnny's penis for the first time. His cock was average sized, length wise, like Robbie's, but had a wider girth. The four men began to make space for Johnny to come and began to form a gathering around me to get a closer look. I slowly began to stroke him in the hopes that my luck could change, and that maybe it was just a terrible dream.

My eyes looked up to his eyes, trying to give him a plead that I could perhaps offer something else but this.

"Suck." I looked down in disappointment, stroked him one more time, and as my lips neared his penis, he grabbed my hair and pushed my head forward quicker than I wanted and in it went. I opened my eyes in shock. "Suck." He began thrusting his hips as if he could jumpstart me. My two hands weakly pushed his right thigh and stomach, as if I could stop this from happening.

The penis travelled back and forth inside my mouth. "I don't care how you do it, if you don't suck now and suck it good, Rob's dead.

Pretend it's his cock for all I care." That gave me the motivation - or more appropriately the fear to get me started on the cocksucking. I decided to concentrate on the idea that I needed to suck on one dick for my husband. I closed my eyes as I began to give him my best idea of what a blowjob was supposed to be. After a few blows, his penis had a certain stench I didn't immediately realize and of course it smelled awful.

I wanted to throw up but I have this cock in my mouth. My lips were getting moist as I was performing fellatio to him and I hated that because it seemed like my lips were preparing me to do something I didn't want to do.

He made it worse by shoving my head down the end of his cock, making me gag on it. "UGH", I yelped. "Yeah that's it baby, gag on it!", one of the guys said. No matter how much I pushed, he would not budge.

I began to cough and then Johnny released his cock out of my mouth completely. I tried to take this opportunity to get some air. But before long, his penis was stubbornly parked outside my mouth to open up again like a car waits for a garage door to open. I opened my mouth and in his penis went. I grabbed the upper parts of his thigh and I moved my body back and forth to blow him. I had a long night ahead of me. After a few strokes, I pulled out and told him, "If I suck you, you promise not to hurt Robbie?" I didn't even have time to cry, I was scared for Robbie's sake.

"We are honourable men - you be a good little whore, and he'll live to know that he got a wife that loves him so much". At least I felt a slight feeling of ease with those words. I continued sucking him. "Rob's one lucky fuck, this bitch can suck cock!", Johnny happily announced. I didn't honestly know if I was to feel flattered about that comment or so ashamed, although I'm pretty sure I was feeling more shameful than I've ever felt. I wanted to cry. Tears dripped down my face as I continued to lean forward and backward.

One push from Johnny and I was gagging on his cock again. I closed my eyes and more tears leaked out. His grip on me was suddenly released. "Let's continue upstairs shall we?" Oh no. I thought to myself. Part 3 (Unwanted sex, blowjob, facial, anal sex and creampie, multiple vaginal creampies, high possibility of pregnancy, focus of female pleasure) Being forced up the stairs by the men, I thought about what was about to happen to her and maybe how I was going to get out of it.

The men tugged both my arms up and within a few short walks, I was in the master bedroom where I share the bed with my husband. They saw the layout of the room and pushed me into it and soon, onto the bed. "No! Don't do this please! Money, everyone needs it. Please take my money!", I pleaded desperately.

The men all chuckled like I said something funny. Soon afterward, they walked towards me. One of the men grabbed me firmly while the others started to take off their clothes. I watched as they undressed. Soon later, they wanted me to take off my clothes. "No! No!" - but it was no use. As much as I fought against them, there was no way I could fight against five men. I tried to protect my shirt, but they pulled down my dress.

I tried to put my hands over my underwear, they took off my shirt. I curled into a ball and they undid my bra and panties. Within a few minutes, I was completely naked. As Johnny approached, another guy wanted in on the sucking.

"Hey yo, can I get a sucking too from this hottie?" Johnny accepted his request gleefully, "hahaha sure Ron!" I was terrified. I kept screaming and tried squirming away, but was dragged to the edge of the bed where I sat down in front of two penises.

"Open your mouth", the guy named Ron angrily demanded. I reluctantly opened my mouth for him. I had to service these two. I cupped Ron's cock with my right hand and started giving Ron a "good" blowjob. While being forced to suck him off, Johnny grabbed my other hand and got me to stroke his pole.

After a few repetitions of a blowjob, Johnny wanted me to suck his. I looked at him with an empty gaze. He positions my head all the way to his cock and an extra push places his penis right into my wet mouth.

Ron tapped on my right hand with his fingers and I began to stroke Ron while I sucked Johnny. Pretty soon, they wanted me to take both their cocks at the same time in my mouth. Of course, I didn't open up voluntarily so they shoved them into my mouth until it was forcibly opened up. I was sucking two cocks at once. When I didn't suck, I was slapped side to side by them until I agreed to keep them in my mouth.

Johnny moved out of his spot leaving Ron being the only man in front of my mouth. Ron shouted "Flip her on her back. and push her all the way to the edge of the bed. I wanna deepthroat this bitch". With a group effort minus mine, I was exactly where he wanted me.

He stabbed his penis into my mouth and pushed his cock all the way down my throat. I started gagging furiously at this. My hands were in the air in confusion. Soon, it would not be long before I would be crying my eyes out because of the gag reflexes.

"UGH UGH UGH" were the sounds I made as he shoveled in and out deeply. The blood flooded all the way to my head and my face was burning hot. As he mercilessly pumped into my mouth, I had so much drool I wanted to spit it out, but his cock would never escape. Soon, my mouth expanded so much with fluids I had no choice but to swallow.

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The horror of my saliva mixed with his precum made me feel sick. I just had to imagine that I was swallowing my own saliva then it wouldn't seem so bad. One man landed softly on top of my stomach and began to stroke his penis over my breasts. I didn't have too much choice but to let him stay there. I knew he would use my breasts to jerk his penis off. Another man stood next to where my hand was and he placed his penis in my hands.

I got the idea already and started to stroke him with my right hand. I heard a thump on a table nearby, and soon another man decided to go where my left hand was.

I was slow to react but eventually I started to stroke his penis with his left hand. As I started doing deepthroat blowjobs while stroking the other men, I was so disgusted with myself. I wondered if Robbie would ever look at me the same way again.

Should I tell him? Maybe I shouldn't. I quickly snapped back to reality and wondered where Johnny was. Because of the man on top sliding his penis between my breasts, I could not see what Johnny was trying to do. Soon, I would know. My thighs were pushed in opposite directions, leaving a wide open vagina. My vagina was not wet but I felt something touching and tingling on it. I knew it. He was about to insert his cock into my pussy!

I spat the cock in my mouth and pushed my head up like I was trying to do sit ups and shook my head furiously, desperately begging him not to do it.

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He slammed into my cunt hard and the pain, the impact, and the horror forced my eyes to open in surprise. "Be a good whore and Robbie lives.", he mumbled. "NNNNNN", I mumbled just as Rob pushes his cock down my throat again. I began to cry that I am being used like a whore.

Up until now, I never had sex with more than anyone just my husband. He takes his penis out completely before slamming back into it again. Hard. "MMMM!", I screamed. He showed some mercy on me by going slower afterward.

Inch by inch by inch by inch, I felt his cock vibrating in my vagina. "She's fucking tight. This is a good pretty girl", Johnny announced. "Oh fuck!

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She's a good sucker and throat fucker too! I think I'm going to cum", Ron said. With all eyes on him, they must have seen my eyes glow up - NO! Don't! I kept screaming but no one would respond. I couldn't actually say anything because the cock was still in my mouth so I murmured unintelligibly. "I'm cumming", Ron announced proudly. And in a flash, streams of warm cum filled my mouth.

I opened my eyes in horror and wanted to choke it out. He relentlessly, however, kept his cock deep in my mouth. "Swallow my cum, slut - I'm not taking this cock out unless I feel and see that you swallowed.". "MMMM MMMM!", as I mumbled in protest of his ejaculation. Some of the drool spilled out of the mouth while I was trying to talk. But finally, I had to swallow his massive load, little by little while I closed my eyes, as if to hide from the shame.

The cum tasted bitter, but I figured if I kept it longer in my mouth, it would be even worse. GULP GULP GULP GULP. He withdrew his penis from my mouth and told me to open my mouth.

I obediently did that and he was content that it was all gone into my stomach. Ron was quick to follow the trail of cum leading from my mouth, and with the movement of his index finger, guided the cum back into my mouth. I licked his finger unintentionally with my tongue.

"That's a good girl. Trying out different men's cum is good for you. Have you heard that you should always try new things? You never will know unless you try!". I turned away in shame. During the time of swallowing the cum, I forgot that my pussy was being invaded. Finally, the sensations of the penetration were coming. I admit that it STARTED to feel good but I wasn't going to be fooled so easily. Johnny pounded me fast and hard for a solid five minutes. I could hear the pounding sounds of his nuts hitting on my thighs.

I wanted to say "OH" everytime he fucked me but I couldn't. Afterward, he pulled my legs in his direction and my body followed. Soon, he would turn me over until I was on my hands and knees on the bed. A favourite position of mine when I was doing it with my Rob, I was quite familiar with the doggy style.

Johnny continued to slide it inside of me while I anticipated for it gloomily. He would change speeds whenever he felt like it and it was irritating. It kind of tickled. Not long after, another guy waited for his turn to get his sucking.

I did as I was taught earlier and continued blowing him. After a solid 10-15 minutes, Johnny wanted to cum. "Baby, I'm going to cum." I pushed away the cock in my mouth and began to sob. "Don't shoot inside of me please! I'll do anything!" "Haha so she's not protected huh? Maybe we can knock this bitch up tonight." Johnny declared. "No! please!" "Alright, I'll make yourself a deal. I won't shoot inside of you but you would need to do something for me.

So will you swallow my load or take this load on your pretty face?" I could not reply. Neither of the choices were to my liking. I wished if he just sprayed on my stomach or something. "Well? lady? I'm waiting." I didn't know how to reply. "I'm just going to creampie you then." Finally I was able to grab my courage and say 'No!

On. my face". He took his penis out of my vagina, motioned to others that he was really close. They gathered to watch. He went around and got in close, and then he started jerking his penis quickly and began to point his penis at my face, in particular to my mouth.

"I want you to open your mouth and give me the biggest smile you can do - as if you're at the dentist!" Bastard. He was going to make me swallow wasn't he? He motioned his hand to get me to suck him a bit more before his ejaculation. I was on my knees on the bed and I angrily looked up at him and started to perform my duty.

He took my hands and got me to start rubbing on his balls and his dick. "OH OH, it's so good! Here I come!" He took out his penis from my mouth. And he stopped. I thought he's about to shoot so I close my eyes. But, he grabbed my hand, which made me open my eyes up again, and told me to keep yanking it while I keep my mouth open.

I open it slightly and then sticky stream of cum reached to my nose, lips, chin, and on my tits. I slowed down my strokes as he finished up. None entered my mouth but MY own action allowed this messy cumshot to be possible and that made me really look and feel like a real whore. I was so humiliated. I began to sob. I truly don't understand why some women would enjoy taking loads on their face. At this point I was truly speechless, but at least I didn't get shot on the inside where I was truly unprotected.

I was content for that. One penis fitted into my mouth again and I continued to suck. The other man dragged my feet back and I knew what he wanted to do. He was going to fuck me doggystyle. "Nooo", I pleaded hopelessly. In it went and it went easier than it did when Johnny fucked me. Tears dripped from my eyes again.

Sounds of squeaks could be heard. "She's fucking wet, she must love it!" In reality, the vagina sensations felt good but I knew it was wrong to enjoy them so I didn't enjoy them still. I shuffled my head back and forth to blow the guy in front of me. I think he was going to cum too and I had no idea what to do next. My face was filled with cum while I was on my hands and knees sucking and fucking two guys at the same time.

I was probably just a whore. I continued to suck until the man declared that he was going to cum. "Brad's cumming!

Where do you want her soldier?" "I want her pussy!" I was completely alarmed by this so I began to suck faster and faster in the hopes of making him cum right now.

He tried to push my head away but I was determined not to allow him to cum inside my pussy. He, of course, succumbed to his natural urges and blew up inside of me. I, surprisingly, gave a smile to no one in particular, while he ejaculated uncontrollably inside my mouth. Gulp after the gulp, I drank his warm semen like I was drinking juice.

After he was done, I voluntarily cleaned out the last remaining semen on the penis head by licking it and swallowing the rest. "Hey look, looks like she loves sucking and swallowing cum now." I, unnaturally, remarked "MMm I love your cum so much.

Please guys, make me swallow your cum. All of it. Protein is good for me". I said it hoping to protect my cunt from being sprayed. Brad, disappointed in himself, slapped me across the face.

"Bitch! I wanted to spray my biggest load in her pussy". "Well now, it looks like there's two parts untouched. Her pussy hasn't been sprayed in yet by any of us, and her ass is a presumably a virgin", one man spoke up.

Okay so the ass was basically untouchable. I would literally do ANYTHING to get anything from being probed in there.

"Joseph, good point, let's fuck her ass". "Yeah!", they all agreed. I looked in horror. "No please. Not my ass. I'll do anything. You want me to swallow your load? I'll gulp it all and pretend to love it, but not my ass - it's too tight!", I begged weakly. "Nice try sweetcakes - let's go for a thrill. How about another deal? How about we ALL shoot inside your pussy or we'll all fuck your ass and shoot you there." "NOOOO. Please not my pussy or my ass. Please - anything.", I begged for mercy.

This was truly tough to decide. If they all came into my pussy, I'd surely get pregnant with these bastards. On the other hand, my ass would be unrepairable practically with their penises of varying sizes in there. I didn't reply again, and they said "Well let's just fuck her ass. Let's stop voting" "Yeah! Let's do it!", with most guys agreeing. "NO! Wait! Fuck me hard inside my pussy.", I bravely asked. "We're going to shoot our loads in your holy temple." I nodded.

"But I wanted to tap that ass", Dave whined. He and Joseph were the ones who hadn't penetrated me once. "I'm going to fuck her ass anyway!", Dave said. "NOoo it will hurt too much. Please!", I moaned. "Let's have a perfect world by having Joseph fuck her tender pussy while Dave invades her ass!" "Great plan!" I was flipped over and moved so that I was sitting up with my arms fully extended to hold me up from lying down. Dave shuffled himself under me and I didn't make any effort to help him out.

Seeing this, Joseph gives me a few slaps on my tits. "Bitch. Move!". Scared, I lifted myself up as Dave aligned himself aiming directly into my anus. Just before he entered however, Joseph got on top of me and guided his cock with his hand into my gaping vagina.

Simultaneously, they fucked me in both of my holes at the same time. The invasion into my anus felt like I was taking a huge shit. It tore through my virgin hole (yes it was a virgin because not even Robbie entered it once - completely), and I sobbed. Going through the vagina hurt too, but it was a more pleasurable pain.

"AHHHHH! It hurts! NOOOO" The two cocks moving at the same time felt like I was running an industrial factory with the two pistons going up and down while it was pumping out whatever was needed to be pumped. I could feel foam around my cunt and ass. I could even hear it. Joseph rubbed my clit now and then while he penetrated me. Not that it alleviated me but it helped take away the excruciating pain I was suffering.

As he rubbed me, I felt the fluids in my pussy begin to flow faster and my pussy vibrated uncontrollably. Dave was nice in a way that he didn't fuck me faster then he could've but maybe because it was completely dry there. I never thought I'd enjoy sex ever again after this anal invasion. "Just cum already Dave", I demanded. Dave said "Nah babe, I just got started. I sobbed harder and tears rolled down my face AGAIN.

Joseph pounded me faster and faster and soon I felt GOOD that I just about ignored the anus invasion. The appearance and the disappearance of pleasure and pain made this a unique experience. Sort of. Dave then began to move faster as my anus was getting moist and it fucking hurt. I tried rubbing my pussy at the same time as Joseph did and it was very awkward to touch hands with this rapist who was at the same time hurting and helping me too.

Soon, Dave needed to cum, and so he did, in my anus. The large sticky load filled my asshole and I felt that it was going to be stuck there forever because of how easily cum dries. My torture had finally come to an end. Dave removed his penis out. Joseph said he was going to cum too and I begged him not to cum inside. He sped up his stabs to the point and stopped abruptly at the time when he exploded into my tender pussy.

He didn't need to say anything or do anything - I knew he really did explode inside me. The rush of the cum gently scraping my vaginal walls told it all. "OHHHHHH" - he moaned in ecstasy.

Dave sneered, It's BABY TIME!" "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO", I screamed. I only heard laughter from among the group. Joseph held his cock inside me for full minute to ensure that I was fully absorbing his cum. He released it slowly and his cum appeared at the surface of my vagina. I laid down in defeat. Then I heard Johnny remark, "Her pussy is vacant again, I'm going to cum inside her this time". "NOOOO!" He quickly climbed over me and slid his tool back in. He pumped me hard, trying to refocus on his horniness to shoot his load into me.

At this point, it was pointless to scream. I gave up. What seemed like instantly, he made all the signals that he was going to cum too. And he did. Blasts of cum stormed through my weak gates. The rush tingled me and I went "OHHH" as did he.

"It's not so bad now right baby?", Johnny chuckled. "That was GOOOODD." I said nothing. Ron was next on the stand. He took his time to buildup his speed and before long, he was pumping hard too. He was the third person to pound me deep.

As he fucked, I began to start moaning. "OHHH OHHH." I began to hug him as I leaned closer to him and my legs wrapped around his. "About fucking time, she finally admits she was horny all this time", Ron says.

My orgasm was on the verge of expanding completely. It was trying to be released the whole time but I didn't try to let it come naturally all this time. Finally, I could not hold it any longer. I moaned in ecstasy as I came hard. Holding it all in built up an enormous leak in me. I could imagine Ron was soaked in my juices and obviously his as well. My bed was accumulated moisture from their cum and mine. Ron stopped fucking me temporarily to allow me to recover from the orgasm before starting to fuck me again.

"OHHHh yessss!" I screamed. "Haha fuck yea! She loves it!", one of the guys said. Ron asked me, "Are you a whore?" I didn't reply.

I didn't want to reply. "Yesss I am", I replied, still very "high" on that orgasm. Brad who became impatient asked me "Do you mind if you suck me while I wait my turn?" After cumming so hard, I could only happily agree. I took his cock and began sucking it hard while I fucked. Ron decided to change positions. He would fuck me from the bottom while I would be on top, "hopping" up and down from his cock.

I grabbed Ron's dick and guided it to my cunt to which I would slide down and land on it, and naturally grabbed Brad's cock and started sucking again. As I slid up and down his pole, it was clear I was REALLY horny. I mean REALLY fucking horny. Holding it all in was a bad idea in the long run, but it was far too late. I sucked and sucked. Ron finished off inside of me as much as I hated him doing it but the others did it already so fuck it.

Brad fucked me doggy style. He told me if he was better than my husband and I said "YESSS you are". I still felt a bit of shame but I knew there was nothing I could do so I might as well embrace it, and my orgasm, now. After a few quick pounds, he too came inside me. He remarked "I'm cumming in that FUCKING PUSSY". I replied "OH FUCK YES!". Like all the others, he took his time to withdraw from my vagina. It felt so fucking good - all those cocks like that hanging around. When he finally did withdrew, I flipped back to the missionary style to check the amount of cum I must have stored inside me.

I was so excited yet so scared that I'd be SO FUCKING PREGNANT after tonight. I immediately thought: Now that I've satisfied those guys - and myself in the process - I'm going to take the morning pill and see the doctor after these guys leave. But they didn't leave.

Dolly buster blowjob and hot tongue the femmes proceed the sex bash to feast our bday by

They continued to finger me all throughout the afternoon. One of them even left to buy a cucumber and some toys, including a vibrator and a handcuff. At night, before they decided to stay here and watch TV, they handcuffed me to the bed and shoved the vibrator in and left it running automatically for a few hours and gradually they forgot.

But I screamed in ecstasy after I came a few more times after that. It wasn't until I moaned LOUD before one of them quickly went to turn it back off before going back to sleep. I came so many times, my mattress was soaked with all kinds of fluids - possibly some of the guys' cum too. I hoped. I tried to sleep and somehow I managed to.

The next morning, I was unhooked. I sucked and fucked all five guys with some pleasure that I got to see that they loved it as much as I did. "What is your name anyway you tease?" Johnny asked. "Smamfa", I mumbled with a cock in my mouth. "What?" I voluntarily took the guy's cock and held it out with my hand and said "Samantha". Still, I had the goal that I'd go see the doctor after this. They came just about everywhere they wanted - and I let them - to a certain extent.

A couple shot into my mouth which I swallowed, one guy sprayed at my tits. The last two sprayed into my cunt again, to which I protested - but not that much. It was nice to relive those moments again. I was hoping they'd leave though eventually. but they never did. For 48 hours, they hung around the house doing as they pleased. They ordered take out and I was never allowed out. Obviously I was allowed to take a shower so I tried to take these opportunities to wash away my shameful cum drenched cunt but it was no use.

Nothing washed out. And because it was 48 hours, there was going to be no morning after pill for me if I didn't act fast. I was getting really worried about this. Finally I told them, "I need to go get the morning after pills otherwise I'll be in deep trouble with my husband" and faked a laugh. None of them laughed. "Lady, you are going to have our baby. I wanna see what kind of show you're gonna put up once you have a belly. You probably gonna tell him that you're pregnant and the best part is, he's gonna think it's his!

HAHAHAHA", Johnny sneered. "I." I was in tears. I felt so betrayed. "I'll call the cops on you!" "You go and do that and we'll show your husband the videos of you moaning in ecstasy with the gangbang.

Before our first tape ran out, we caught everything including you moaning on that vibrator that WE placed for you. And now we got a second tape of you enjoying our fuck AGAIN. You are a good cheating wife y'know?" "I." "Good, now you might as well enjoy everything from here on in - don't worry we'll be watching you.

You betray us and we send in the tape". I wasn't going to betray them. I would rather betray my own husband to get that tape from being sent out to him. Ironic huh? I was slutty for the guys when they came over and fucked me and as much as I really enjoyed their visits, I really wanted to do it all so the tape would never be released.

They even got me to dig out some of the cum from my pussy, which was almost always constantly filled up with cum, with only my slender fingers to swallow it and smile at the camera. One day, they made me beg them not to send in the tape while I sucked and fucked them. I was playing my own character! And I did it because I still loved Robbie. This is my secret. One day I got a shock, my husband discovered my pussy was much looser than he was used to.

I laughed and said "I've discovered I love cucumbers a lot! I always buy a second cucumber for my own personal use - don't worry honey, I didn't use the cucumber we ate for dinner!" I smiled after he fell for my lie. A few months passed by and I had a belly. Before that though, I told Robbie ahead of time that I was pregnant and he was very pleased to hear the news. I got a few visits while my hubby was at work from the gang and they got a chance to fuck my pregnant body.

The rumours that you'd get more horny while pregnant are true and FUCK I WAS HORNY. I was so tired, physically, but not mentally of sex afterwards that it was hard for me to cater to my husband's horny demands. Somehow I managed to do it.

Over the months, my belly grew and grew and finally to the point where I knew it was that point. TO BE CONTINUED. Part 4 - The period after the gangbangs and before the belly!

After they were satisfied with keeping me as a sex hostage for more than 48 hours, which ensured I would not be able to use the morning after pill, the men decided to leave on an errand on which they would not elaborate. After experiencing the gangbangs for the first time ever in my life, I felt an undiscovered peak in my sexual life. Yes I did it under duress, but it's not like the result really could've been avoided. If I didn't first start sucking Johnny the first time, before making my way with all the oher men, Robbie could very well have been killed.

Only after two days after they left, I was utterly alone at home once again. I constantly kept looking at my loose pussy which had been invaded and creamed into by those men which reminded me of all the sensations of sex. They turned a good loyal housewife into a slut who craved for dick, dick and more dick under the guise of "love" for her husband.

Our bed and bedsheets were indeed very dirty and stained. With those guys around, I had not managed to wash them, but now that they were gone, I decided to remove them from the mattress. I grabbed a towel, soaked it with water and tried to rub the sheets, but the stains would not vanish. I sighed that this sheet was ruined. I gave up and placed the sheet back onto the mattress, almost expecting that this bed was going to be used again by someone other than my husband.

The gang did say they were returning soon but did not tell me when they might come back. When they left, I watched them leave. I took a shower alone, and tried to wash my cunt again, but just like the last time I tried to do it, nothing happened.

I caressed my belly thinking that some day soon, this area would expand, creating room for a baby from the guys who fucked me. I moved my hand down to my pussy afterward, and felt like rubbing it slowly. It turned me on. My pussy was really sensitive now. After I got out of the shower, I heard the door ring.

I quickly wrapped a shower robe around myself and rushed downstairs to answer the door. When I opened the door, three men appeared at the door who then gave me a cruel smile. I didn't know how to react and so I said nothing. "We're here to pick you up - come with us! Don't scream or we'll slit your throat" Quickly, one of them grabbed hold of my hand and I got pulled out of the house with only a shower robe on. I was never the adventurous type, but as much as I wanted to scream, I didn't want to gamble with the fact that my throat would be slit.

Suddenly, I found myself pulled and pushed into a van where its doors with promptly shut. One of the men started the car and began the drive.

The other two men grabbed me and place me next to them. Being completely lost, I wanted to scream. My eyes looked up at the men who gave me back a few glances. My shower robes were loosened and very soon they could see the shape and glimpse of my breasts. "What a pretty girl, our boys are gonna have a fun one with this", the first man spoke up.

I knew what was going to happen. "Eh, she's a pretty one. The best part is that she's a willing housewife! Those good ones are hard to find nowadays", the man who was driving replied.

A third man then voiced himself, "They told us that we were to pick up the package, but they didn't say if we could open them, let's open it!" "Fuck yes! It'll get her ready" If I had any doubt about what was going to happen, this removed any remaining doubt. The guy sitting down unzipped his pants and not too long after, removes his not-so-erect penis out and lies down in the van.

Being pushed onto my hands and knees and moved closer to the man, I screamed. "NO NO NO! Not again!" "I hear she's not going to resist that she's going to cheat on her husband". Within seconds, my lips were meeting his small penis. I shook my head furiously only to have that man push my head into his cock. I choked on his penis, and soon I was pushed up and down his cock.

His cock grew and grew into my mouth as I unwillingly sucked. Another man shoved something hard into my pussy. I gasped. Something vibrated inside me very quickly and that directly led me to suck the guy off faster.

It excited me! I slowly took control of the situation and began to use my hands to stroke the cock with my right hand while my left hand rested comfortably on his right thigh. "Wow she is too easy" I looked down as I bobbed my head up and down and thought I must be a slut, why am I enjoying this?

"Suck slower. We've got a long trip" I obeyed and took my time. After a few slow sucks, I voluntarily took the cock out of my mouth and began slowly stroking it. "Lick me from the top all the way down". I licked him from the head of his uncircumsized penis all the way down to his balls. He would tell me to look at him while I began licking him like a lollipop.

Suddenly, the vibrator was snatched out of my pussy and I felt a huge crave. My pussy was really wet. "Ok now, start stroking me again. start from being slow to fast" They knew I wanted some dick in my cunt but they would not do anything.

I wanted to reach back to rub my pussy but the other man guided my left hand to the entrance of the zipper in his pants. He then laid down and I looked at that man. He nodded his head and then with only my left hand, unzipped his pants, grabbed hold of his penis, and began stroking him.

Very soon, I was sucking him too, passionately. It was torture that they would not fuck me as I was soaking from that vibrator so I just had to focus on giving them a good hand and head.

I didn't know how I managed to last so long in the van without being fucked, and how they both managed to endure the sensations.

After that long travel, the van stopped and I stopped performing. I heard the side door slide open. I turned my head in that direction and saw ten men standing outside. My eyes opened in fear. "Well well, we see that this whore has gotten ahead of herself. Drag her in the warehouse!" Quickly, I realized that the sky was getting dark and Iwas forced into a large, densely lit warehouse. I noticed a group of mattresses placed together to form a large square in the middle of the room.

I saw myself approaching it closer and closer till i was pushed into it. Within a few moments, I was staring at three cocks. "You know what to do, do it!", one of the men suggested. "Okay boys, let's start the show! Roll cameras!" I looked around for the cameras, before I could turn to look, my head was held in place and I looked up to the guy in the middle who held my head.

I opened my mouth for him and start blowing him. I shyly began to observe that I should grab the cock with my left and right hands respectively to stroke the others.

"OH YEAH baby" "This bitch won't suck as good unless you give her motivation to do it. Fuck her wet cunt." I stopped sucking and I instinctively pleaded "No don't" "Don't?" We know you love the cock. Don't act like you'd pass this up." They were right. I was really wet and as much as I felt like sucking cock, I didn't really want to get invaded in my holiest spot.

As they told me to lean forward while I was on my hands and knees, I anticipated penetration in my cunt. But it wasn't in my cunt, they stuck up in my ass. Fuck it hurt. But not as bad as the first time. My ass was very tight and dry, so tight that I had to suck the guy who fucked my ass to get some moisture in.

The taste of my anus was disgusting. I really wanted to throw up. While I was focussed on the pain of my ass, I was guided back to the duty of stroking and sucking the penises. My cunt was wet and they decide to fuck my ass? I was pissed off. The first guy pumped inside me a few more times before he withdrew out of my ass and jerked himself till he came on the entrance of my anus.

I was glad he was finished. I needed some cock in my cunt but I didn't want to say it. The three cocks in front of my face told me it wanted to cum.

I could feel the vibrations and could look into the eyes of my rapists that they were close. I was told to use my hands and keep stroking until they finished.

"OH I'm going to cum" "Me too!" As I sped up my strokes, once again, by my own actions, the two large simultaneous sprays of cum squirted to my eyes, nose, lips and chin. Some of the cum dripped onto my shower gown and down to my knees and some were aimed inaccurately at my hair.

I had instinctively tried to turn away from it, only to be held still. I was thoroughly humiliated as I gave off a disgusted look. A guy laid comfortably on the mattress and the guys pushed me onto my back on top of the guy, but not before taking off my shower gown.

Naked in front of 13 men with a soaking sensitive cunt, I began to beg them to fuck me there. As much as many of them wanted to (including myself), the main guy told them to fuck my loosened ass, titties and mouth. The one on the bottom rubbed his penis before inserting it slowly into my anus which began to get wider and wider.

I never was a fan of anal sex but it was getting easier and easier for them to do it. One of the guys sat on top of me and began fucking my tits. And another guy pulled my head back so his penis could enter my mouth. I choked as this was an unusual position for me to suck and he gave me some air to adjust.

He then placed his cock back in deep. and just before I was going to gag, he releases. And places his cock back in again. deep.

I was getting used to this. One of the guys decided to slowly finger me. I felt a bit better that my pussy's needs were being addressed but he wasn't fingering me to please me. he was doing it to make me want something more in my hole! A few people around us began jerking off by themselves near me. The guy fucking my tits couldn't really wait any longer and he decided to cum. He pressed my breasts together and came.

The penis, with nowhere to go, shot straight forward to my neck and chin area. The cum on my face from earlier was slowly drying up. The guys fucking my mouth wanted to cum too and he forced his cock down all the way, and that finally made me gag. He came and the delicate shots tickled my throat and I choked and cough with the cock in my mouth but he stubbornly kept it deep. I swallowed but some of the cum was spilling from my nose. Tears were running down my face.

With the cock out of my mouth, I loudly begged for a cunt fuck. "Please guys. stop making me wait. I want a cock up my pussy. Please!" "Do you really want to be fucked there?", one of them asked. "Come on, this is cruel. I am a slut. I want your cocks in my hole one by one. I'll do everything you want me to do." "Haha are we getting this on video? This slut wants to be fucked." "Women are so predictable." "All women are capable of being sluts!" The men mumbled.

I never was a feminist so these words didn't hurt me at all. The men pulled me up slightly and another guy lined up underneath me. I knew what I had to do. I slowly crouched lower and lower until the penis kissed my vagina. Oh that felt good. As his entire tool began slowly entering inside me, a gracious smile appeared on my face.

"OH Thank you guys!" For the whole night, I sucked with my mouth and fucked only with my pussy very willingly. The guys sprayed at me several times that night.


My body was completely filled with cum from head to toe. The guys all took a chance to cum inside my previously precious hole - and I couldn't argue with them because if I complained, I might not be fucked there again! I came so many times that night, again. It was so liberating. Honestly. I moaned in ecstasy and sincerity with each pump the men brought to me.

"FUCK YES" "Fuck me harder" "OOh this feels sooo good. I want more dick!" "Come on, I need more!" "Cum inside me! Make me pregnant! I want your babies! Keep fucking me!" (Okay so this was the only one in which I was faking it but I was so horny I couldn't resist!) Finally, the guys brought out a long tube which they had kept stashed with them for the night. They all ejaculated into a glass container, and eventually it was filled up with large amounts of semen.

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They had the option to either dump it on me, or make me drink it and the men voted to make me do the latter. I was so horny I said yes! On my knees, I was given the straw to the drink. I sipped it slowly at first and then tasted it. It was so disgusting to swallow that I gave out a disgusted look to it after gulping it down. "UGH. This tastes disgusting".

"You have a lot to finish honey. Drink it fast" I then began to keep making sipping sounds and continued swallowing the load everytime it filled up my mouth. Gulping sounds could be heard by the men who would comment about it. GULP GULP GULP GULP GULP. It took a little more than 5 minutes for me to swallow it all down completely. Most of the delay was because I wanted to give up, claiming that I was becoming really full from the large semen drink. What they did was that some of the men tried to keep my mouth open while one man took the glass container and began slowly pouring it down.

Of course I couldn't drink everything down and I closed my mouth briefly to give myself a break but not too long after, my mouth was jarred open again. "Come on! Drink it bitch" "MMMM!", "I protested". Some of the spilled semen was wasted when it spilled down my chin, tits and body. GULP GULP GULP GULP GULP. After the drink was finished, I was asked how that drink was.

"Yummy", I sarcastically told them. When asked if I would do it again if the same or a similar situation came up again, I told them I would do anything for the sex. They dropped me back off to where my house was later - with my shower gown on. After that large protein shake, the foul smell of cum couldn't really be removed even after brushing my teeth several times that night.

Even after showering intensely, I still felt like a dirty slut. I could've sworn a liquid was swaying back and forth in my stomach. Johnny and his gang would come and visit me later, shortly before my husband would arrive home from his trips. My pussy and ass was loose and sticky for the rest of the week.

-------------------- Part 5 I was left alone, but not for too long. I was periodically checked up by Johnny and some his crew and was reminded again that I was not to take any preventative measures, or else. I wasn't even sure if that meant the release of the tapes, or possibly Robbie being murdered by these savages. I didn't want to take the risk. My belly was small, but clearly visible. The men (only six) who visited forced me to do the usual, which was to strip naked and perform sexual duties to please and appease them.

They, however, began to use condoms. I looked very sad that these men thought I was dirty and I was. I really was. I fucked so many men that I lost count. Previous to this, I only had Robbie, and virtually no one else. I was forced in different positions as usual, and the ending was a little different. Each of the men took off his condom and wacked off around me. I had no choice really but to close my eyes and wait. Some cum was shot into my face near the eyes, and some of the men asked me to open my mouth up.

It was at this point where I felt some uneasiness about myself. There were a couple of men that filled their condoms up with cum, and forced me to drink their loads. I reluctantly accepted. It landed on my tongue and I gulped them down. After I was done, I was told to get dressed. I was then ushered into a car, though not roughly. The car that was I was in did not have backseat passengers, as the other men were in their own cars.

I was sitting in the middle. I was then given a blindfold by Johnny himself. I was very worried at this point. About 15 minutes later, the car stopped. Though I could not see what was happening, I could hear the other guys in the front talking. After a while, two rear doors began to open, and the two rear seats were occupied, as I felt the weight shifting from one side to another.

I looked around, and asked, "What's happening?". But one of the men took off my seatbelt and pushed me so I was leaning on my left side. The man on the left enthusiastically asked me to open my mouth, and I wasn't liking where this was going. I refused. I was given a backhand slap to the face, which shook me up.

My jaw was pushed open and a zipper was heard. As soon as it opened, a very smelly small cock was inserted. My tongue touched and tasted it. It was awful. My head was shoved down and my mouth closed. I gagged on it. "Don't you dare bite!", was scowled by one of the men. I nodded with a whimper. My head was then pushed and pulled up and down, forcing me to perform a blowjob on this man. The smell and taste just seemed to get worse. But a sound of big glee was heard from the man receiving the blowjob.

I heard him say "This is great!". My right hand was placed by the men so that I touched the man's balls and cock. My head was then released and this allowed me to escape from this cock and gasp at air. The cock smelled horrible. I was then pushed upright and then pushed to my right, and I knew what was gonna happen and I was right. Another cock to service, and this one was not better in smell nor taste. When I refused to suck at any point, I was reminded with a slap until I nodded to continue.

After a few blows here and there, alternating sides, I was pushed upright and forced to stroke the two men beside me with my hands. Suddenly one of the doors opened and the man on my right got up and left.

I was then shifted around a bit and was pushed up on all fours, but still being forced to continue sucking the guy on my left. My fingers inadvertently wrapped around the man's balls in an attempt to balance myself. This gave him a sensation. "Aww yeah! Fuck yes!", the man said. I continued blowing the guy and the man behind me was probing my pussy with his fingers. I was still fully clothed though.

I heard the man behind me say "I can't reach her". I knew what he meant. After much shifting around, I was then pushed onto my back, and pushed all the way at the end of the car seat.

Yep, I definitely knew what was gonna happen. My head was pulled back so that it was right at the edge of the seat. I was being skullfucked.


I desperately gasped at air, and gagged at his dick, making saliva spill down. My skirt was pulled down, along with my panties. The bottom half was removed. The man then said "Hey rich whore, take this cock up your precious cunt." The cock then pierced through my cunt, before being slid out quickly. "OHMIGOD", I mumbled. The man then said "Your husband must be really bad, 'cuz otherwise it doesn't make sense for you to come out all this way just to fuck a couple of homeless dudes in your car".

And to think there's a baby here too. I felt coldness run through all over my body. I couldn't see anything and if what I heard was true, I'm sucking and fucking homeless men! This couldn't be true. I choked on the cock again, until I gagged hard.

After sucking and fucking for a good ten minutes, which included some anal action too, I was taken out of the car, and all the blood rush to the head made me really dizzy.

I was then pushed down to my knees. My blindfold was removed and I saw the men. They were indeed homeless men, with their clothing filthy and broken. They were a complete mess. The man to my left began to wack off and I looked up at him in anticipation.

I closed my eyes. Instead of cumming on my face, he moaned and forced his cock into my mouth, as he exploded in me. My mouth was then pushed as far back as I could handle.

I drank his full load, but not without coughing. I was then released. The man on my right had to finish and my mouth was held open. The guy shot a huge warm load that covered my eyes, nose, and some entered my mouth. I naturally rejected it and it spilled out down my chin.

I then winced but the loads kept coming. After he finished, he wiped my face with his cock, wiping much of the cum away and then I was forced to rinse his cock. The smell was absolutely awful, far worse than I ever could have imagined. "Oh yeah you whore!" With a mixture of tears and cum, I was allowed to stand up. Johnny's bunch of friends were not far away when this all took place, and they returned.

"Well now, we need to get going" "Where are we going?" I asked quickly. No reply. I asked again, but all I got were glances from the other men. The homeless men went away and I was given a blindfold again. ----------------------------- Part 6 It was about two minutes later that the car stopped again. I was half naked, blindfolded, and sticky. Being pulled out of the car, I was pushed forward, walked up some steps, and entered into a building.

After a few steps, I was walked into a room on my left, and I could hear the echoes of doors closing nearby. My blindfold was removed and I saw that I was in a bathroom stall!

My shirt and bra was being taken off and I began to resist. "NO! NO!" Johnny then said "Ok, I understand. This is the last thing you'll need to do and you won't hear from any of us again." "No!" I shouted. "No? So you want to see us again?", he sarcastically asked. "No!" "You want Robby to be alive? You do this and he is guaranteed not to be harmed.

He will arrive home safely." I stared with silence. I did all this for him, and these fuckers were dangling my husband's life in front of my eyes. "Hmm? So will you do it? If you don't do it, all your past efforts to save him would go to complete waste. Such a shame." "You fuckers!", I yelled at him. I tried to struggle physically, but I was given a big slap to the face.

I could not continue. What ended up afterward was that I got pushed into one of the small booths with a toilet in it. The washroom was very dirty with piss all over the place. It was so bad that one of the men flushed the toilet in disgust. I was pushed down on all fours. I had nothing except my wedding ring on. There was sound coming from the other side, and that's when I noticed there was a big hole in the wall in front of me, right where my mouth was.

"Put your head closer, and put your fingers in and pull them out", the man explained. Immediately, I did as I was told. What inserted was a large erect black dick that touched my lips unexpectedly. I tried to pull back, but the man behind me prevented this from happening.

"Come on, do it!". On the other side, the unknown black man was tapping angrily. I shook my head in refusal but was pushed right into the black cock. It inserted into my mouth, and I gave up resistance. "Suck!" was mumbled by the man behind the wall. I had no choice. I sucked him slowly. It was very very long and thick. I had never sucked something like this before, let alone a black man.

It would not be long that I discovered that there was another hole behind me where it would fuck my wet pussy. I opened my eyes in shock when I realized it too was a huge cock.

The man that was with me in the booth made sure that I accepted the two cocks. Pretty shortly, the fucking got intensive. Meanwhile, I stared aimlessly while I continued sucking and fucking, thinking about nothing at all. "Come on, suck better", I was ordered. I obediently listened. "Remember, you're doing this for your husband." Those words just echoed into my head over and over again.

I began to try harder at pleasing these men. This was what I needed to do. I was fucked hard in the cunt by a big cock that I did not see. I was wet down there. Pleasure was coming back to me again over and over again. As I felt more relaxed, so was my blowjob. My tongue licked at his cock and precum, before swallowing it down half way. My right hand voluntarily grabbed it while I sucked. I stroked the guy in front of me, and I opened my mouth voluntarily. Streams of cum came into my mouth, and my tongue encouraged him to keep going.

It was at this point that I too felt like I was going to cum. The guy fucking me helped me reach that point. It froze up my whole entire body as I moaned in ecstasy. I could even feel my pussy clamp down on his cock. "Oh god. what's happening to me." The man then flooded my pussy with cum, possibly black cum.

The dick slid out slowly and I felt a wave of cum escaping my slit. "Next!" - the man that was in the stall with me shouted. Little did I know, he was going to supervise this for the whole night. ------------------------------------------ Part 7 On my hands and knees, a lot of cum had dripped from my pussy, some of which streamed down the back of my thighs.

There was a pool of cum below my pussy. Even after all this, I never forgot that I was pregnant with a little bit of a belly. But, I had forgotten that my wedding ring was still on. I was still married to my beloved husband, but a sex slave to these beasts. There was a brief moment of peace for me to recover my state. It wouldn't be too long before I had to service more dicks though. "Next!" was yelled again to encourage the next person in line to come.

Through the hole in the front, an non-erect black dick, almost seemingly identical to the last one, stuck out. The man that shared the same booth as me poked at my hair with his fingers. "Do it", he said. I nodded. I gripped the black dick with my slender fingers on my right hand. It was thick, but very soft. Just like the last one, it was circumcised. I lowered my head off to the side as I guided the cock into my mouth.

Once it was in my mouth, I started sucking it slowly, while stroking it in unison. As I went deeper on his cock, his cock responded quite quickly. The man that was in the booth with me said, "Hey, over there, you're getting sucked by a slutty hot wife - and trust me on this, she's hot. I can even show you some photos if you don't believe me" Instantly, his cock reacted and it went huge really quickly.

I barely could adjust to his size. I sucked slowly, and as I did, the cock had become super wet. I went as far down as I could, till the gagging point, and then the base of the penis was soaked too.

I pulled my head back so that I was licking the head of the penis. If there was footage of this, I probably looked like a very willing whore. But, a small teardrop dripped from my left eye as I leaned forward to accept the cock again. A cock came in from the rear and I realized that it poked at my cunt. My hips were pushed back to meet it and the cock slid in very easily.

I softly moaned in acknowledgement of the cock. It was very hard but probably medium sized and fairly thick. This cock began its pounding on me which pushed me to suck on the cock in front a little faster. I put my right hand down to the ground. I simply bobbed my head, increasing the speed gradually.

The pussy sounds were very nasty sounding to me. My pussy clamped down on his cock.

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I was horny. More teardrops came down as I sucked and fucked. I made sure not to weep though. The rods thrusted in and out my mouth at different speeds. What I didn't notice was that something was probing my anus - another cock? Before he penetrated, he said, "can't forget about this hole". But before that, he actually dipped the immediate head of the condom in the pool of cum before putting it on.

I tried to lean forward to avoid his penis but he pulled me back as he lowered himself into the ass with authority. "OHH", I moaned in pain. I felt the stickiness of the cum around the anal region. He shoved it in little bit at a time and with a cock in my mouth, I could only mumble. Nevertheless, the two cocks working on my pussy and anus gave me unwanted pleasure and pain. Soon, the guy fucking my pussy wanted to cum, and he took his cock out of my pussy.

Because of the small hole, he actually took the cock outside the hole for him to jack off. Obviously the guy fucking my ass got out of the way. The guy whacked off and when he did, he grunted. He splashed out a large load that reached as far as my lower back.

Most however was around the anus which dripped down to the entrance of the vagina. This, however, meant that more anal sex was coming. The man in the booth directed all the cum into the anus where he continued his fucking. "Mmmm", I moaned as he re-entered. I never stopped sucking cock though, but I would have to eventually.

The guy tapped the wall, which I presumed meant that he was going to cum. He mumbles on the other side. "Wank me off please, all over your face". I began to help him jack off with my right hand. I stroked and stroked. He grunts several times.

He shoots about 5 distinct shots to the different parts of my face. I shut my eyes tightly as I felt it land near the eyelids. My lips tightened as it landed outside of it. My face generally tightened up as I felt his cum. I slowed down and stopped my strokes, and I opened my eyes.

I could barely see, but I saw that he withdrew his cock quickly. The cum dripped down my chin. The guy fucking my anus exited out and told me to move to another side of the room. He wanted to get his dick sucked without the threat of new cocks coming in through the holes. Sitting down on just my knees, I accepted his dirty condom cock. The taste was very bad, but I had no choice.

I sucked while looking up at him. After a few blows, he asked me to suck on the condom hard. I had done just that, and then soon, he removed his cock from the condom, leaving me basically chewing on the condom.

He obviously didn't want to touch the cum covered condom with his hands. I spat out the condom on the floor. He wanked his cock fast, and told me to say how much I wanted cum, and asked me where I wanted it, and he pulled on my hair. I abruptly told him I wanted it all over my face. He wasn't satisfied though. Instead, he told me that he was going to cum directly on the condom that was shriveled up on the ground.

Of course, the cum sprayed all over the place, with most of it being on the condom. He then forced me to try lowering my head as close to the ground as possible and then picking up the condom with just my mouth.

I was horrified, but I had to do it. As I fetched the condom with my mouth, my lips inevitably touched the cum covered ground. With the condom being on the side, it covered a lot of cum and it dripped. "Slurp it", he ordered. I obediently slurped it dry. After that, I spat it out on the ground again. More cocks would pop up, and would continue to do so for at least a few hours.

I hopelessly continued to service these cocks till they flooded me with their cum in my mouth and pussy. I came a couple more times for the rest of the night. I was released from the gloryhole booth.

After all this, I was completely humiliated and broken. I no longer felt like I was the accountant coming from a good family. I was a whore that sucked random strangers' cocks and was impregnated by them. DNA tests, in fact, later on proved that the girl did not belong to Robbie. At least she was white though, thankfully. After she was born, I had plenty of compliments from people that she looked just like the two of us.

I scoffed at that, but was also saddened at how very few people (despite the large number of people I fucked) actually knew the real truth. The End Epilogue: I became a whore, but not as an occupation.

I had stopped practicing accounting for a few years before moving into the occupation of real estate which later became very huge. As an upper middle class girl, combined with my unique experiences, I basically saw the highs and the lows of the city.

I made sure to keep myself attractive looking, taking good care of myself - for other men. My company had sales quotas to reach and I achieved that by throwing myself into the deals, sometimes voluntarily and sometimes involuntarily. Sometimes I fucked on the clients' beds and sometimes I didn't use a condom. Sometimes he came in me, and sometimes I swallowed it down, or took it to the face. In any case, I did it all to try and make the sale.

Of course, this didn't work well in the long-run. Many people scammed me, who pretended to think about buying the house, but then forced me to service them. And I did it. Things between Robbie and I broke down after a while. One reason was that he thought I was cheating though, because rumours were everywhere which led him to cast doubt.

I tried to assure him that wasn't the case, but that wasn't the only cause for the marriage breakdown. I gained custody of the girl, who I named Victoria, but I fell into depression. The only kind of reassurance I got was having another cock slip into my cunt. I was still perceived to be a good real estate agent, and I was. A line I liked to use is "Give me the sale please", as I stroked a potential client's cock.

While sticking out my tongue, he came. I was 30 when the real estate market slowed down, and I began to struggle in the field. I had problems making future payments, but my mouth, pussy and tits were still very good assets.

I had regular health checks. Remarkably, I was still clean though. When things just couldn't work out, I was "owned" by a man named Georgio who placed me in a brothel, where I serviced many men on a daily basis for cash.

On some days, he would invite as many of his clients together for a bukkake or a gokkun party. A bukkake party involved all the male participants to cum all over my face and body. A gokkun party involved the male participants to cum into a jug, container, or bottle for the purpose of me swallowing it down, or making a huge mess in the process while doing so.

I remembered having trouble gulping it all down, but still being encouraged by the crowd to continue. When finished, I showed off my sticky tongue devoid of cum and smiled. During those parties, sometimes, he'd also invite them to all cum (for a second or third time) in a container for the purposes of directly pouring down my vagina or anus. It would all be videotaped, and the tapes would be sold to interested parties.

I forgot to mention that Georgio had an idea that I had to offer my natural beauty to the less fortunate. He was very precise about it. I was not to look like a whore, but the classy looking side of me, the former upper-class girl that I was before.

I was humiliated to suck and fuck the midgets, elderly, and homeless men.They were not to use condoms, and I was not to use birth control. I was forced to accept their seeds anyway I could, whether by mouth, vagina, or anus. I would get pregnant again though, but it ended at its early stages, and then I could give birth no more.

It still didn't stop Georgio from making me continue this act of charity on his behalf. My daughter would be taken care of while I worked, though not sexually, as Georgio was against child prostitution.

She however would affectionately refer him to as her "Uncle", which I dreaded. He however loved it. We became free eventually. My daughter grew up a little more, and we were never distant with each other. In fact, I shared her boyfriend's cock with her, and showed her the ropes on how to please men. It was after all our realized goal in society - to please men.