Charley chase moans in pleasure while slamming

Charley chase moans in pleasure while slamming
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I step out of my house to my back yard and I see my new next door neighbor laying out on a towel in her sexy string bikini.


I have no idea who she is, I just know she moved in next door last week. She is all golden brown from tanning so much. She has blonde hair and blue eyes and stands about 5 foot tall and loooks like she could be a model for Victoria's secret.

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After a couple of minutes I finally decided that I would go over to her and meet her. As i got near her, she heard me walking towards her and looked over at me and said "Hi how are you." "Good, how about you?" I asked.

"I'm fine. Whats your name?" "Keith Richards." "Whats yours?" "Courtney Pate." "So wht u doin on this fine day?" "Nothing much really, just tanning.

And you?" "Just out enjoying the beautiful weather. Wanna come in for a couple drinks?" "Sure." We both walk into my house through the back door and into the kitchen. I open my fridge to show her my stash of alcoholic beverages and she grabs a jar of peach moonshine.

"My favorite" I say smiling. "Mine too." I grab a couple of glasses and pour us both a full glass of it. We walk into the living room and sit on my couch and talk while sipping on our moonshine.

"So when exactly did you move in next door?" "Just last Friday." "How old are u?" "18 and you?" "20." "Do you have a boyfriend?" "No, I don't, but I am scouting for one." "Do u wanna go for a swim?

I'm sure u noticed the big pool in my back yard." "Sure." "Ok. I'll be right back".


I get up and I go upstairs to my bedroom and I go put on my swim shorts. I come back down shirtless and I see her staring at me with a sexy smirk on her face. "What?" I ask smiling. "Your sexy." "Thanks but I'm not the only one in here that's sexy" I say with a smirk on my face.

She giggles and gets up and walks out the back door as I follow closely behind her staring at her sexy ass. We get out side to the pool in my back yard and we both jump in.

We both come back up from under the water and her bikini top is floating beside her, leaving her topless. I look right at her perfect perky tits. I guess that their C-cups. Her nipples are already hard from the coldness of the water.

I grab her top and hand it to her. "Thanks but to be honest with you, I'd rather skinny dip" she says. I stand there in the water almost speechless so I just say "okay" and before i can get that out of my mouth she starts taking off her bikini bottoms.

"I hope this doesn't bother you" she says. "No your fine" I say staring at her now naked body. "You should try it too" and before I can say anything she starts taking off my swim shorts. As soon as she gets them off her mouth drops open and I ask "What is it?" "Your so big." I swim around the pool a few minutes trying to get my mind off of her. "This feels really nice.

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I might do this more often" I tell her with a smirk on my face. She doesn't say anything so I swim over to her and as I get closer to her, I notice that she's masturbating in the pool.

I slowly move through the water inching my way towards her. As I get to her, I make my way behind her. Once I get behind her I whisper in her ear "Mind if I do that for ya". She quickly turns around and smiles and wraps her arms around my neck.

"Go for it big boy" she says with a sexy look on her face. I slowly and teasingly slide my hand down her body to her pussy and slip 2 of my fingers deep in her warm wet slit. I kiss her neck and she softly moans in my ear as I slide my fingers in and out of her pussy.

I pull my fingers out of her pussy and whisper in her ear "Lets take this inside". She smiles and we grab our stuff and walk back inside my house to my room. Once we get to my room she pushes me back on my bed. As soon as I hit the bed i feel her hand and mouth around my rock hard cock.

She slowly moves her tongue up my cock and then takes it all into her mouth and quickly moving her head up and down in a corkscrew motion. She massages my balls as she sucks on my hard shaft with her soft lips fitting perfectly around it. She takes it out of her mouth and strokes it hard and fast.

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She then begins sucking on my balls before licking back up my cock and taking it into her mouth again. She sucks my dick even harder and faster this time.

I softly moan at the feeling as she strokes my cock hard and fast as she moves her mouth up and down on it. She gets harder and faster and starts deep throating it.

She takes her hand off of it and messages my balls. I put my hand on the back of her head as she sticks it all in and I shoot her mouth full of my hot cum.

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She smiles and swallows my cum then kisses me. She gets on the bed and lays on her back. I get on my knees and I slowly kiss up her thighs working my way to her pussy. As soon as near her pussy, I use my fingers to open up her glistening pink cunt.


I stick my tongue in her pussy and work it around in her warm wet slit while tasting her delicious juices. I move my tongue to her clit and massage it slowly before sticking 2 fingers deep inside her warm wet pussy moving them around in her hot slit. I eventually find her g-spot and start working it while still massaging her clit with my tongue. She lets out a loud moan as I work it more and more. I feel her pussy getting wetter before she lets out a loud moan.

She begins screaming with pleasure and then she finally yells AAAAHHHH FUCK!

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IM CUMMING!!!!! and then squirts all over me. I pull my fingers out of her pussy and let her taste her hot cum before kissing her. I slowly kiss up her body and suck on both her nipples before making out with her. I slide my rock hard cock deep in her pussy as she lets out a soft moan.

I pull a way from the kiss as I slowly start sliding my dick in and out of her pussy. I start picking up the pace as her moans slowly get louder and louder. I then start going faster and faster as my balls begin slapping against her ass hole and her moans turn to screams. Before I can do anything else, she's rolling over on top of me and begins riding my hard cock as hard as she can, screaming with every thrust she makes on my hard cock.

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I spank her ass as her screams get even louder while I begin sucking and on her nipples while she thrusts her hips on me as hard as she can. I pick her up and she instinctively wraps her legs tightly around me as I hold her against the wall, slamming my cock into her as hard as I can. I force myself to go harder and harder as she begins clawing my back and screaming my name.

I moan as she bites my neck from so much pleasure and forcing me to fuck her harder than I ever thought possible. I lay back on the bed behind her and ram my cock back in her tight wet pussy.

She lets out more screams as she grips the sheets and bites the pillows from so much pleasure. She gets on all fours and I slam my cock deep into her pussy.

She screams until her voice breaks and I keep slamming my cock deep and hard into her pussy until her pussy starts tightening and she cums all over my dick. I can't take much more so I take my cock out of her pussy and she quickly gets on top of me and begins stroking and sucking my cock again.

She quickly begins deep throating me again. The pleasure gets so intense that I can't take it anymore and I fill her mouth full of my cum. We both lay back on my bed breathing heavily trying to catch our breath.

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"Well that sure was amazing" I say trying to catch my breath. "Indeed." "What are your plans for tomorrow?" I ask. "Probably coming over for for another drink" she replies with a smirk on her face.

"Your more than welcome to come over anytime you like." "Thanks" she says just before kissing me then leaving. "Damn I have one hell of a neighbor".