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I couldn't believe the thoughts running through my head recently. It all started two months ago when I was doing my husbands' laundry and found a crumpled up hotel receipt.

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It wasn't unusual to find them considering that he does travel a lot for work but my intuition convinced me to pay close attention to this one. The hotel was a local one and the date was a day that me and my husband spent the evening together at home.

My head began to spin&hellip.was he having an affair with some local woman? Was he flying a woman in from out of town that he just had to see?

My stomach dropped as I realized that I made love to him that night. The sheer thought of him being inside of another woman before entering my body made me feel nauseous. Although my mind came up with all sorts of different variations of my husbands' infidelity I had no real proof besides the receipt.

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I decided to hold on to it for safe keeping as I began to keep track of his coming and going. While doing a little bit of research on how to catch your spouse cheating all sorts of kinky videos and romance novels kept popping up no matter how much I tried to refine my search. Since my husband was "forced" to attend a conference out of town this weekend and I refused to give him sex until I got things sorted out one video title did stir my interest. It was called "A Wife's Hard Decision", and when they say hard they truly meant HARD.

The guy in this video was so well hung that I almost came as soon as the woman fished it out of his jeans. Now by no means was my husband small but if I ever got my hands on this guy I knew that there would be no way that my husband could ever satisfy me again. This kid was baby faced with a smooth chest and before this moment I never imagined myself being a cougar but I would do anything to have that inside me. It pained me to come to the realization that there was someone out there in the world who could make me risk all that me and my significant other built over these last fifteen years.

When my husband returned home that Monday with flowers in hand and a gift box; he sat me down and told me that he has no clue what he did to make me so upset but he spent his weekend realizing that he could not live his life without us being on good terms. He presented me with a tennis bracelet that he says he was holding onto as a Christmas present but he had to show me how much I meant to him daily and not just on holidays. His words were so precious and it reminded me of why I married the idiot in the first place.

The only problem was that he was away every single weekend. Although we fucked like newlyweds all through the week when he would leave I would return to my new naughty habit. Some of the best orgasms of my life came from masturbating to these super erotic videos. There was always some suave debonair male who would promise to keep their affair a secret before seducing the wife. It may just be my near nymphomaniac hormones speaking but it was always the scenes where the wife is almost caught that made me cum the hardest.

This became my weekend ritual after going to the gym and working up a good sweat. Sometimes I would imagine one of the young hot guys from the gym when I laid in bed at night friggin myself to sleep. I knew that my new habit was becoming a problem when I would try to sneak in a video in the brief free time I had before my husband would come home from work. The smell of my juices still in the air as his car would pull in the driveway.

After washing my hands I would greet my husband with a smile like I wasn't just cumming with my legs spread on the counter moments before. I realized that I was being selfish and tried to introduce a little role playing to our mundane sex life but my husband was very fond of his ritual of giving me back shots before finishing up on top of me.

I wanted him to grab my hair, call me dirty names and fuck me as if it was our first time. I became so frustrated by his love making and wanted to be roughed up and marathon fucked. The results from the gym were beginning to show and I was ready to flaunt this new chiseled body. Today began like most days. I went to work in a not so good mood and my annoying co-workers were working my last nerve. As I sat in my office a moment of clarity came to me as I was typing away on some redundant report.

I put in my headphones and pulled up a video that I had saved in my favorites on the browser of my phone. By the time the onscreen couple were naked I was knuckle deep with two fingers inside my extremely wet pussy. I began to bite my lip as my nipples grew erect and rubbed the inside of my bra cups. I don't know what told me to look up but the mail guy at our job was standing in front of my office watching me.

I pulled my ear buds from my ears and gave him a stern look but he was not fazed in any way by that.

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Instead he licked his lips and adjusted the bulge I caused before scattering away as my co-workers began flooding the hall way for the lunch rush. I grabbed my purse and headed out of my office to join them but seeing that bathroom sign changed my plans. I went to the stall the furthest from the door and hiked my skirt up while placing one foot up on the seat.

The look the mail guy gave me was burned in my brain and I imagined myself inviting him into my office before motioning for him to crawl under my desk and eat me. Over and over I let my fingers lightly graze my clit as I imagined his tongue rolling over it. My pussy ached to be filled so I slid two fingers inside while my palm fondled my sensitive nub. I thought of how erotic it would be to place my legs on my desk and let him tongue fuck me nice and deep.

I was so close to cumming that by the time I thought about him grabbing his hard on I couldn't even finish imagining him whipping it out. I forced myself to stifle my moans as an intense orgasm rushed through my body. My thighs were a mess and if I would have been smart I would have placed my panties in my purse instead of soaking them. After cleaning myself up I felt so dirty that I knew I had to seek help. When my husband left that Saturday morning I decided to head out as well.

Talking to a shrink would draw a red flag since it would show up on our shared medical insurance. I thought about stopping by to talk to a friend about my ordeal but I remembered their checkered past which is what lead me to not spend too much time with them after getting married. Then I remembered the church my catholic school use to attend attend.

They had confessionals; it would be like talking to a shrink and would get this burden off my chest. As I entered the cathedral with beautiful ornaments I noticed two people praying at the altar and one praying in a pew to the left.

The confessional box was on the right so I hoped they would not be able to hear me but when they rose and left after their prayer I felt much better. I reached for the door when it opened and a young lady came out. She put her head down and walked out of the church in a hurry which made me wonder if she did not feel comfortable after confessing her sins. I closed the door behind me and sat on the bench awaiting a voice.

A small door slid open for us to talk in privacy and the priest instructed me on how to proceed. I told him that I hadn't confessed my sins in years and became embarrassed by the words that I may have to use to describe my problem. The priest assured me that he had heard everything under the sun and that I should confess and free myself of my troubles.

That's when I began…&hellip. "Father, I have had some very bad thoughts accompanied by some very bad decision making as of late.

I have begun to watch pornographic movies and the way that they make me feel has become very addictive. I fantasize about having these experiences even though I'm married to a wonderful man. But I sometimes feel that I am not satisfied in my relationship and I just want to have a big throbbing…&hellip." the priest urged me to continue but how could I say what I wanted without seeming like some tramp that just wandered into his church. "I see guys with things that are much more appealing than what my husband has to offer and I sometimes imagine these things in our marital bed just to make the experience enjoyable.

I feel like I will one day go astray with a young man who wants to do things to me that no man has ever done. I feel like I'm not strong enough to deny the right man who uses just enough force to make me do anything that he pleases." I felt myself getting flush as the priest husky voice urged me to continue. His tone was very sultry but soothing so I continued to get what was on my mind off of my chest.

"I fear that I will ruin my marriage by trusting someone to keep our affair a secret. I'm not out sleeping with anyone or anything but I do get hit on daily and someday I may be in need of extra attention that my husband doesn't show me and if he has a big cock to go along with making me feel good I don't know if I could resist." My lips began to moisten and I realized how far gone my mental state was at this point even describing these things in a church but my personal thoughts were broken up when the priest asked if I wanted forgiveness for my thoughts or for the sins that he already saw me committing in the future.

My clit began to jump but I steadied myself before answering. "I don't think that the opportunity will ever truly present itself for me to cheat Father; I'm just here as a precaution. I want to find a way to remedy my symptoms of such impure carnal thoughts of lust and bondage." I expected him to say something back but he never did.


The silence became awkward so I stood and peered through the opening to see if the priest may have left during my confession. The light was dim but I could see his robe hoisted above his belt as the largest most beautiful cock I've ever seen was being clenched by his fist. A pearlescent bead of precum crowned his tip as I began to lick my lips. My breathing became heavy and it wasn't until then that his shifting gaze became evident and I could make out his eyes staring at me.

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I broke our eye contact but my attention returned back to his thick sturdy cock. He began to stroke himself slowly before using his thumb to spread his precum over the large head.


I stared back into his eyes which were unwavering and I felt like he could make me submit to him if that was his wish. "So are you going to keep talking dirty so I can finish myself off or are you going to come to the back with me and finish me off the proper way"? I froze; unable to make up my mind on taking this chance of a lifetime or running out of this box and going home to an empty house. "Don't tell me your husband is going to make you do the dirty things you are praying for.

If his cock were half as big as mine it wouldn't take you so long to make up your mind to go home to him." His words were beginning to infuriate me but that was because everything that he was saying was true. I bit my lip hoping he would make the decision for me and come take me but he decided to place his cock back in his pants and leave the confessional box.

I scurried out hoping to stop him and explain that I was just confused but when I emerged from the dark confessional I saw a glimpse of a robe slip into a door marked for clergy only.

I looked around and with no one in the church I slipped behind the door to plead my case. I did not expect for the corridor to be so long but if it hadn't been I would have never seen him turn and enter the door on the left at the end of the hall. Despite my better judgement I walked down the corridor slowly before placing my hand on the molding of the doorway.

After taking a deep breath I walked into the priests' office and was shocked to see a handsome young man sitting at a large mahogany desk.

"If you're here for council I believe that one of the other clergymen would be better suited for you." He got up from his desk and placed his hand on my elbow firmly before attempting to escort me out. I stopped dead in my tracks and blurted out that I did not come for council. I couldn't believe that those words left my mouth but it was too late now. The priest stared at me intensely before taking his seat once again. He motioned for me to close the door. I decided to lock it as well before standing in front of the desk.

"So what are you here for" he said with a stern voice and a quizzical look. My mouth opened but it was hard to come up with words. "Take off your blouse; maybe if you feel more comfortable the words will come to you. I untucked my blouse and began to unbutton it while keeping my eyes down until I peeled it off of me.

When I looked up the priest was looking at me in a very pleased manner before motioning for me to remove the skirt as well. I stood before him in just my bra and panties as my clothing laid at my feet. His eyes were glued to my rather plump lips and my long legs which they laid between. My clit began to pulse as I saw his shoulder moving and I knew that he was back to rubbing that magnificent cock. "I came here because I have needs and I don't know of any man who could fulfill them." He smiled at me before telling me to come around to his side of the desk.

I sat down on the cool wood surface and he placed my legs on the armrest of his chair. He stared between my legs and I began to get so hot that I could feel every seam of thread in my panties begin to get drenched. He pulled his robe over his head and sat there looking like a business tycoon in his shirt and tie. A huge bulge ran down his thigh as he licked his lips before pulling my panties to the side.

A moan escaped my lips as his thumb brushed over my clit. He then withdrew his hand and sat back in his seat awaiting my next move. I removed my bra and tweaked my nipples while placing my foot on his crotch. Then I stepped off the desk and turned my back to him.

Bending over as I pulled my panties down just inches from his face. After kicking my panties to the side I sat in his lap and ran my ass along his length until he grabbed my breast and pulled me close to him. One hand rose to grasp my neck as the other slipped down between my legs.

He began to kiss my neck as his hands stroked my body like a cello. His fingers were very thick which I didn't notice until he stuck one and then two fingers inside of me. My body arched as he brought me to my first orgasm. With my new personal lubricant in abundance he shoved a third finger into my tight canal as he told me I needed to be broken in before being able to accept his twelve inches of pleasure.

The number alone made me moan and he began finger fucking me harder as my hips rose and fell. I wet his hand up to his wrist before pulling his fingers out of me and licking them clean. I rubbed his bulge and let him know that I found something else to suck on before kneeling before him. Like the woman in the first video that I ever watched I unclasped his button before unzipping his pants and pulling his cock out carefully.

As I held his massive member at its base I now realized that it was longer than my head. I began to lick my way up to his tip letting my tongue gather all of the precum that began to run down his manhood.

I didn't have his head in my mouth a full twenty seconds before he began thrusting into my mouth wanting me too take him deeper. I gagged the first time his large head poked the back of my throat. He stood and let his pants drop around his ankles drop around his ankles. "Relax, if you're enough of a size queen to chase big cocks you should know how to please them." He grabbed the back of my neck and eased back into my mouth slowly as he looked me in the eyes.

"That's it; swallow it all like a good little slut." I began to rub my nipples as he talked to me dirty and used me as his own personal fuck toy. He would pull out to let me breathe as he trained me to deep throat him. On his last trip down my throat I felt his balls rest on my chin and knew that I passed my test with flying colors. He helped me up but made me lick my way up his abdomen and chest as he continued to hold the back of my neck.

When I was fully standing he fondled my breast with his free hand before offering my nipple to my own lips. I began to suck it as he sucked the other.

I matched his rhythm until I felt him push me back onto his chair. He lifted my legs onto his shoulders and placed his hands firmly on the armrest as he nuzzled his head at my entrance. I reached around and helped him feed that humungous cock to my hungry pussy. Despite cumming twice I could only get his head in with ease. The rest he had to force inside of me.

I gripped his forearms until he bottomed out against my cervix and his large balls laid against my ass. He left it there for a moment reveling in how good it felt to have a new tight pussy wrapped around his cock.

I felt him pull out just a little before putting it back home and I began to coo. Each time he pulled more out before giving it back to me. This must have been his warm up because for the next five minutes his balls slapped my ass as he placed a leg up on the chair to really feed me every last inch that he possessed. It was like a terrific pain that was indescribable.


My arms latched around his neck and my body convulsed beneath his as my juices trickled down my ass and wet up his balls. He picked me up and laid me on the desk with my head hanging off the other side. I was surprised when I saw him come into view but it was short lived since he immediately began to tea bag me while he rubbed my nipples.

He saved his cum covered dick for last and made me lick it clean.

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I must have did a good job because he rolled me over and took his place behind me before pausing to admire hot wet my ass was. He leaned in closer and began to lick my ass like a giant lollipop before shoving his thumb inside like I was a bowling ball. I shrieked which made him ram his cock in me hard to make me learn my lesson. The thin membrane separating my holes allowed me to feel his cock rubbing past his thumb as he worked me better than any porn star ever could.

His stroke became sporadic and I could tell that he was trying to hold back so I began to push pack into him to make him feel just how good it was to be completely inside me.

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I felt a pulse and tried to turn over so he could paint my face and tits with his spunk but he held me down and fucked me hard and fast until he erupted in my pussy. Terror washed over me as I realized I was no longer on the pill but it excited me so much to have a stranger cum in me that I came immediately. He laid on top of me until his dick began to soften and slowly he withdrew from me and left me there leaking on his desk.

He grabbed a towel from his filing cabinet but did not give it to me. Instead he made me lay on my back and open my legs so he could watch my pussy filled with his cum. "You're lucky this time, my plan was too cum in your ass." I knew having his huge cock in my ass would have absolutely destroyed me but the thought of it made me begin to finger fuck myself even with me full of his seed. I looked him in the eye as I held my breast and continued to rub my clit until my ass clinched and my toes curled.

I was no longer taking breaths as every muscle in my abdomen contracted and I became dizzy as an explosion went off in my body. I laid there so exhausted that I couldn't even pull my fingers out of my pussy as I laid ass naked on a strangers' desk. I could hear friction behind me and realized that he was beating off while he watched me. I felt a hand on top of my hip and then in a flash he was back inside me without me removing my fingers.

Three powerful thrust later he came in me again. This time he kissed and licked my perky breast before lifting himself off of me and putting his clothes back on. I heard the door open and looked up to see that he left me in here in this state with the door wide open. I ducked underneath the desk while clawing to retrieve my clothes. I quickly dressed before walking out of the office area and back into the sanctuary where I saw the priest at the door waving goodbye to a few patrons. As I got closer I didn't know if I should thank him or chalk this up to a onetime thing but as I passed he touched my hand gently as if he was playing the role he should have been portraying all along.

He leaned in and whispered, "I hope to see you in confession again one day. You have done some very bad things……you pretty little slut."