Ass gaping redhead anally pounded hard

Ass gaping redhead anally pounded hard
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I walk out of the bedroom and walk into the livingroom. Jay is sitting on the couch with a bag next to him. "Hey Jay, damn your wife is a slut, what the hell is that about" "I know, i wasn't suppose to let anyone know." "Well I know and Amiee knows, she just ate my cum out of Amiee's ass." "Are you serious?" "Ya, where were you, I could have used some help?" "I was told to wait in the livingroom with her stuff." "That isn't the way it works tonight.

I let her know the rules for tonight. If you want her, or Aimee go get those bitches" "She doesn't listen to me" "You such a pussy, What do you expect from her if you don't show her who is the man" "Ya I know but." "But nothing, lets go you are going to go fuck her how ever you want.

She is to be used tonight" "Ok" "Wait you have any handcuffs in that bag, I have an idea." "Ya i think I do" Jay pulls out two sets of handcuffs and I take them and we walk into the bedroom.


Amiee and Kristen aren't in the bedroom. I walk into the master bathroom and they are both in there fixing their makeup. Kristen has put her hair into pigtails. I walk up behind Kristen and grab her by the hair and she screams as a reaction. When she realizes it is me and drag her into the bedroom. I throw her onto the bed face down and grab her arms and pull them behind her back and lock the handcuffs on her wrists. I grab her hair and pull her head up she says "Sir, what did I do?" "What is your function when you walked through the door" "To service anybody that wants, to do anything that anybody wants." "I hear that you dont take care of your husband, Why is that?" I see Aimee walk into the bedroom.

She looks amazing and my cock gets hard just by looking at her. Jay is standing in the doorway of the bedroom. "Because he is a pussy. He can't even get it up" SLAPPP. A red hand print appears on her ass. I spin her around to look at Jay by her hair.

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"Aimee go over and get Jay hard." Amiee walks over to Jay, whispers something in his ear, and his pants move. "Wow Kristen my wife can make your husband hard without even touching him. What did you say to him Aimee?" "Well I said that I am his prostitute tonight, that he can fuck my mouth, ass, pussy.

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I will call you whatever you want me to, I will wear whatever you want me to. I am yours for as long as you want me." "Now Kristen maybe you haven't even tried. Kristen do you want Aimee to take care of your husband.

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She will do whatever he asks of her. I think that me and your husband are going to fuck Aimee and you can watch. When you are ready to service your husband then you will be able to join, until then you can watch." "I can do wahtever he want.

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I know I can" "For some reason I dont believe you" "But sir I can I know I can" "Wow you need to shut up. Amiee get me the ball gag." Amiee walks over to the closet to get the gag. She looks at me and says "I have something better that I bought but never used." Amiee pulls out a dildo gag.

Both ends have dildos on it with a latch to go around the head. One end goes in Kristens mouth and the other end sticks out just waiting for me or Jay to tell Aimee to go sit on it. Aimee brings it to me and I pull Kristens head back by her hair so her mouth opens up. I push the dildo into her mouth and latch it behind her head.

I stand her up and make her kneel on the ground. I handcuff her ankles together. As Kristen adjusts to the fake cock in her mouth Jay stands there and just watches. I know that he wants to say something, but he can't.

He can't bring himself to say what he want. To take control of any situation. "Jay what are you doing? Why are you standing there? Aimee is waiting to be fucked. She can not do anything until you tell her what to do.

This is the part that she is playing today" "But what can I tell her to do, I don't know what she will do and won't do" "She will do anything, stop being a pussy. Watch Amiee crawl over here, kneel in front of me and suck my cock.

Aimee crawls over to me, unbuttons and unzips my pants. They fall to the ground and she opens her mouth and starts to suck on the tip of my hard cock. As Amiee sucks on my cock I see Jay look up at me "So she will do anything you say?" "She will do anything anyone says. That is her job tonight. Tell her what you want!" "Ok, Amiee go suck on Kristens dildo. Aimee pulls her mouth off of my cock and crawls over to Kristen who is still kneeling and takes the fake cock into her mouth.

She is licking it and taking it into her mouth down her throat like it was a real cock.

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"See now wasn't that easy. You can be as mean as you want, as nice as you want, as rough as you want. These two sluts are here to do what they are told" "I think i might like this" Amiee spits onto the fake cock sticking out of Kristens mouth. Some spit gets onto Kristens face. Aimee takes the entire cock down her throat. From the pressure of trying to get it down her throat it pushes the cock that is in Kristens mouth down her throat.

Kristen is bound up and has no choice but to accept the invasion of her throat. I see something change in Jay, like he finally is waking up to the situation he is in right now. He finally realizes that they are for his service. "Aimee get over here now." Aimee crawls over to Jay and kneels in front of him and waits "Go get something for me to tie your slut ass up with." Aimee stands up and walks over to the closet.

She grabs a handful of scraves that she owns and gets her leash. While this is going on I am pushing Kristens fake cock down her throat and watching Aimee walk around the bedroom. Every push kristen gags a little. Aimee gets everything and kneels in front of Jay.


She drops everything onto the floor in front of her and waits. Jay bends down and picks up three of the scarves. Walks behind her and grabs each wrists and ties them together.

He then grabs her hair and pulls her up and walks her over to the bed post.

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"Spread you legs bitch" Aimee spreads her legs and Jay ties each ankle to a bed post with the remaining scarves. No Amiee is completely helpless. Unable to move her hands or feet. Jay pushes her so that she bends over and her ass sticks into the air. He slaps her ass hard and leave a nice red hand print, Amiee loves getting her ass slapped so she moans from the tingling pain.

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Jay walks over to the pile and grabs the leash and walks back over to where Amiee is bound. He grabs her hair and pulls her back upright and attaches teh collor around her neck. He has complete control of my wife and she is loving every minute of it. I kneel down next to Kristen and say "Wow your husband is really going to fuck the shit out of Amiee. To bad you aren't a very good wife cause you might of had that." She tries to say something but it is all muffled "Looks like he is going to be pretty rough with her.

Maybe I will let you suck my cock while you watch your husband use a hooker." I see Kristen nod her head up and down like all she wants in the world is a real cock in her mouth. I unlatch the gag and pull it out of her mouth. "You want to get fucked like that?" "Yes sir I do" "Well if I am going to fuck you it is going to be a lot rougher then Jay could ever be" "I am your slut sir, you can do whatever you want to me, you can be as rough as you want" "Well we are learning" Jay slap Amiees ass again.

He is pulling her head back with the leash. She is moaning louder. Jay is finally loosening up and getting into it. I hear him say what is my name and Amiee replies you name is Master. Jay says and what is your name and Amiee replies Cum Slut. I think to myself Amiee is in for a real fucking. I undo the handcuffs holding Kristen ankles together and say "Open your legs wider slut" Kristen opens her legs up and I take a huge dildo (at least 8 inches long and as wide as my wrist) and place it beneath her pussy standing upright on the floor.

"Sit on the dildo. I want to see you pussy stretch." "Yes sir" Kristen begins to decend onto the fake cock and I look over to see what Jay is doing. He has Amiees head pulled back with the leash and is fucking her pussy raw.

He keeps saying "What is your name" and she keeps replying "My name is cum slut master" Every time she says cum slut a hand comes down across her ass.

She is really being used like a complete whore and I know she loves it. I look back and Kristen and she is having a hard time getting the massive cock into her pussy, so I push her down onto it. She lets out a scream as it moves into her. I take my cock and shove it into her mouth.

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I grab both pigtails in each hand and pull her head on my cock and down her throat. I see her start to move up and down on the dildo.

She is starting to enjoy the feeling of being filled up. I pull my cock out of her mouth and say "Stay there don't move" I walk over to the bed and stand up in front of Amiee and Jay. "Mind if I use my wifes mouth a second." "Be my guest" "Take a look at your wife" "Holy shit I need to get some of that" Jay pulls out of Aimees pussy and goes over to Kristen who is now riding the the fake cock.

Without hesitation he walks in front of her puts his hands on her sholders and pushes her down so the entire length of the dildo get impaled into her. He shoves his cock into her mouth and starts to fuck her mouth. He has a hold of her hair and is pumping in and out of her mouth faster and faster. I see tear start to stream down her fast as Jay assaults her mouth.

I walk around to the back of Aimee and her ass is red.

He has abused her ass and her pussy. She is swollen and gaping open. I push my cock into her pussy and start to fuck her. Pulling in and out of her swollen pussy. She is moaning and pushing back against me. I pull all the way out and plunge back into her until I can't push in any deeper.

I do it for a second time and she moans louder. A third and final time I thrust in as fast and as deep as I can get it and Aimee cums all over my cock with a loud scream.


I put her head back with the leash as she cums and I pull out of her pussy and watch the juice fall from her pussy. I hear Jay in the background say "I have been waiting for this for 2 years." He picks her up by her hair and throws her stomach down onto the bed.

Jay pulls her ass open to reveal her tight asshole. he spits on it and pushes the head of his cock to the hole. He pushes against he tight asshole and it starts to give way under the pressure. The head pops through the tight opening and Jay immediately pulls out and returns his cock to the tight opening. He pushes his cock back in and her asshole takes it a little more easier. I untie Aimee's ankles from the bed posts and pull her over to where Kristens face is by her leash.

"Get your pussy licked" "Ok sir' Aimee hops up onto the bed and gets on her hands and knees in front of Kristens face. Jay sees this and pulls kristens face off of the bed by her pigtails and pushes her face into Aimees clit. Kristen is giving one hell of a licking and I am just standing there watching the show. Kristen getting her ass raped and Aimee getting her cunt licked. Jason grabs the dildo out of Kristens pussy and pushes it to Aimees asshole. Aimee feels this and relaxes her asshole and Jay pushes it in slowly.

he pulls it back off and thrusted it in. I can't believe my eyes, 20 minutes ago this pussy wouldn't even touch a girl and now he had his cock in one girls ass, a girls tongue in another girls clit and an 8 inch dildo shoved up her ass. I feel that I need to cum and cum soon. I walk to Aimee's face and put my cock to her lips.

She opens her mouth and take my cock in. She bobs her head back of forth sucking me dry. Spit is falling down her chin. I bury my cock into her throat one and last and pull and out cum all over her pretty little face. She is lapping the air trying to catch some cum in her mouth. Jay pulls Kristen by the hair onto the floor and Aimee follows. He starts to cum into Kristens mouth and she accepts everything he is giving her. He pulls out and cums the rest onto Aimees face. Aimee is now covered in cum from forehead to chin.

Kristen shows the cum in her mouth to Jay and then swollows it. Kristen looks up and Jay and Jay says "Clean off your ass juice off my cock and then lick the cum off of Aimees face" Kristen takes his cock in her mouth and licks it clean.

She then moves over to Amiee and start to lick the cum off of her face. While she does this I say "Now that is what happens when you don't please your husband and it was only 2 of us.

Just wait until tonight" Kristen finishes cleaning off Amiees face and I walk behind both of them and unlatch the handcuffs. Jay says "Go get cleaned up you slut and change, I am sick of fucking you in those clothes." Kristen stands and walks into the bathroom. Amiee follows. "Now wasn't that a lot better then your normal sex life" "Ya I can't wait till tonight now." "Well we only have 1 hour, we better get everything ready"