Super hot Asian mom fucks passionately in a hotel room

Super hot Asian mom fucks passionately in a hotel room
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Author: male raised in a rural area with not much to do when growing up, luckily sex was a big part of life in those days. While of average height and looks I was pretty tanned and toned due to an active outdoors lifestyle. These stories are true and not embellished but names have been changed as I still know some of the subjects 40 years later … ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ONION Part 2 Continued from "Onion part 1" Russell, Greg, Jeff and I had been having a party with "Onion", a girl who just could not seem to get enough sex and had pretty much worn us all out… Russell had finished his stubby of beer as he sat on the floor in front of Onion and casually reached over and rubbed the neck of the empty stubby up and down her cum filled slit, getting no reaction he started to push the neck in and out slowly with a big grin on his face but Onion just spread her legs a bit further and didn't seem to mind spiking Russell's interest even more.

Russell got up on his knees and got a bit closer and was watching intently as her swollen lips started to engulf the shoulder of the bottle as it slowly but surely entered her; Greg moved in for a closer look and started to rub her clit with his thumb and Onion seemed to relax a bit more and the bottle slid right in to the base.

Onion smiled and used her cunt muscles to push the bottle back out with a sloppy plop so Russell and her played a game with him pushing the bottle in and her pushing the bottle out. Jeff went to the fridge and came back with a cucumber and a salami and happily pushed the cucumber in until it bottomed out in her pussy then laughed as he pushed the Salami inside her exclaiming "Dads going to love the taste of this but I don't know about Mum !!" getting a big laugh out of us all.

Greg grabbed a banana off the table and had his fun sliding it in and out a few times then peeled it and ate it.

I ducked into the bathroom and grabbed a can of Brute deodorant and slid that up inside her with Onion taking as much fun out of all this prodding and inserting as the rest of us and inserted an apple inside herself with a bit of difficulty then really had to strain to push it back out.

With that bit of fun over we begged Onion to tell us about another of her adventures and grabbed some snacks out of the cupboard. As soon as he heard the sound of the biscuit pack being opened Ralph padded in from the kitchen where he had been sleeping; Ralph is a large Australian Shepherd and loves biscuits and started walking up to each of us trying to grab our biscuits from us, poor Onion had one biscuit in each hand and a one in her mouth so Ralph walked up between her legs and tried to grab the biscuit from her hand.

Onion was still laying on her back in the seat of the couch so her pussy was still at the edge of the seat with her head bent up slightly where it was resting on the back rest; with Ralph now between her legs she couldn't close them and was pretty vulnerable but all Ralph wanted was the biscuits. As Ralph lunged for the Biscuits she raised her hands above her head and Ralph jumped up with his front paws on either side of her body and started licking the biscuit in her mouth until she let go and Ralph crunched down on it gently breaking it up.

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As Ralph started licking up the crumbs I indicated to Russell to look under Ralph, we could see his sheathed dick was only about in inch away from her pussy so Russell grabbed a biscuit and held it just above her face causing Ralph to shove forward more allowing his sheath to be pushed up hard against her spread pussy lips which made her jump although she could not get away from it.

I yelled out "heyit looks like Ralph is fucking her!" as his sheath was lined up perfectly and was actually in between her pussy lips so everyone crowded round to have a look while Onion was waving her hands around and Ralph was trying to grab the biscuits in Onions hands. Ralph must have then realised his dick was in something wet and stopped still for a second then humped forward making Onions eyes go wide in shock.

Russel got under for a closer inspection and exclaimed "Look, his dick is poking up inside her!" as Onion started trying to squirm out of the way squeezing her legs around Ralph to try and stop him moving. Onion looked round at us all staring intently seeing the lust on our faces while Ralph was trying to hump into her and she just laughed and said "oh well its too late now" and relaxed her legs allowing Ralph to get some movement going.

Ralph Humped hard and deep with his back legs dancing and his front paws wrapping around her chest, as he got right into the depths of her pussy he picked up speed and was really pounding it into her while we were all cheering him on.

Looking up at Onion she had stopped smiling and her mouth was hanging open and her nipples were poking hard against her bra so it looked like she was really enjoying it. Ralph then seemed to move further in and Onion's eyes glazed over and sweat started forming on her forehead as she started pushing her pussy on to his dick with great force.

Russell excitedly yelled out " the knot's in … he's got the knot in her!!" Ralph stopped humping but Onion then wrapped her legs around Ralphs back end and was humping up at him furiously with oh oh oh oh oh coming from her mouth, it was obviously she was very close to an orgasm but couldn't quite get there so I reached up and pulled the cup of her bra down enough for her rock hard nipple to be exposed and slowly and gently wrapped my lips around her nipple, Onion grabbed my head and held me still, then the orgasm washed over her and she let our a very loud and long AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH as she ground Ralphs dick hard and deep inside her.

"oh my gawd, oh my gawd, oh my gawd" she said as she came down from the peak, "that was awesome … I've never felt anything like that before!" "I can feel him still pumping inside me … ohh hold still … I'm … I'm … aargghhh" And she came again while making sure my lips didn't move on her sensitive nipple.

I sat back and Greg laughingly said " all those guys you've fucked and the only one to get you off is a dog !" ; the guys all laughed and Onion just smiled sleepily but I piped up and said "nah … it was my expert nipple teasing" causing everyone to laugh again.

Ralph must have stopped cumming as he suddenly leaned his head down beside Onion and grabbed the dropped biscuit, Onion then fed him the other biscuit patting him on the head and saying "good boy". Ralph tried to back out of Onion but the knot was stuck and she was getting dragged off the couch, Russell and I both grabbed her and the pressure of the knot against her G spot must have got her off as she came again, then again, then again. Ralph finally was able to slip out of her with a large plop and the combined cum simply poured out of her all over the carpet.

Jeff quickly shoved three fingers inside her to stop the mess but had to add the forth then tucked his thumb in and dammed up the flow with half of his fist inside her entrance. Russell jokingly pushed on Jeffs elbow and his fist slipped straight up inside her and her eyes glazed over as she started to thrust at his arm. Jeff pushed all the way in watching her pussy lips slid up his wrist then pulled back getting a big moan from Onion as his bunched fist stretched her entrance, several thrusts later Onion came softly and gently and Jeff grabbed the back of her dress up to catch the mess as he pulled his hand out from inside her.


Jeff laughed and announced proudly "looks like I'm the first bloke to make Onion cum !!" ; Onion smiled tiredly as the sheen of sweat cooled on her and asked if she could have a shower so Jeff tucked her dress up to her pussy and led her into the bathroom returning shortly with her dress to mop up the mess on the carpet before chucking it in to the washing machine. We were all pretty knackered and were just watching a couple of movies while waiting for the dress to dry with Onion sitting there naked from the waist down, Ralph wandered over and stuck his head in between Onions legs and gave her a big luck from asshole to clit causing her to jump and squashing his head between her legs.


She rasped "no Ralph, I'm too sore" but Ralph just kept licking and eventually she relaxed and let him have his way with her. We watched with more curiosity than anything as Ralph snaked his long tongue deep up inside her scooping out any remaining cum, after several minutes of this we noticed Ralphs red member poking out and Onions breath getting a little ragged so Greg lustily said to Onion "bend over the couch, I want to watch him do it doggy style" so Onion slipped off the couch as Greg held Ralph then as Onion placed her chest on the couch cushions Greg put Ralph in position and guided him into her whipping out his hard cock and watching with interest as Ralph started picking up speed.

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Greg then got up on the couch in front of Onion and slid down in front of her so he could shove his cock in her mouth, neither Greg or Onion had to move as Ralphs hard thrusting did all the movement for them.

Ralph then started cumming but Onion had her hand stopping Ralph's knot from tieing her so he was able to back off and went back to his corner to lick himself clean. Russell was flogging his cock furiously and slammed it straight up inside her pussy as soon as Ralph moved out of the way and was leaning over watching Onion suck Greg off until they both came at almost the same time spurting their sperm in either end.

As they finished Jeff moved Onion around and got her licking his balls as he lay back on the carpet while jerking his cock.

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I was hard again so moved in behind her upturned bum and slid into her but with no tightness left it wasn't very good so I pulled out and pushed it against her bum hole and just held the pressure as it very slowly started to sink in.

I let Onion set the pace and she slowly wiggled her asshole further and further on to my pole until I was around half way in and she loosened up enough for me to start stroking in and out. This was much better and felt great as I picked up some speed, Jeff had moved his legs right back and had pushed his ass on to her tongue while he jerked himself off pleading with her to lick his bum.

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Onion was getting right into it with enthusiasm so it wasn't long before I blasted what was left in my balls deep inside her her bum hole. I pulled out and headed off to clean up and Ralph trotted over to start licking Onion out again. As I returned to the Lounge room Jeff was getting close and finally shot a small amount of cum over his belly, Ralph was still licking Onions bum as she moved up to engulf Jeffs cock with her mouth to suck out the last few drops … just then the door opened and Jeffs little sister walked in and her jaw just dropped, In front of her eyes was her brother on his back with his whole cock inside Onions mouth, her Dog Ralph has his tongue deep inside Onions Pussy, Greg and Russell were sitting on the couch with half a hard on each and I was standing up with my half a hard on hanging between my legs.

Her eyes grew wide as she looked around in amazement then she raced over and dragged Ralph off Onion and stormed off into the bedroom locking the door behind her exclaiming "I don't believe this, wait till I tell mum".

Jeff started swearing while Greg and Russell started laughing and Onion said to me "we better go I think" so she grabbed her still damp dress and we both got dressed again. As we headed out the door I said "be back shortly" and drove Onion home making arrangements to pick her up the next Saturday night.

When I got back an hour or so later Russell and Greg had gone home and Jeff was sitting in the lounge with a worried look on his face, we could hear some faint sobbing and moaning coming from his sisters bedroom so I said we should go and try and talk her out of telling. Jeff said he'd tried to talk to her through the door after I left but she just threw stuff at the door and told him to go away then a little while ago started sobbing.

I said that now that she had calmed down it might be a good time to go in and talk to her so Jeff grabbed a knife off the table to unlock the door. He turned the slot to unlock the door and we opened the door to find her on her back on the bed with her nightdress around her waist while Ralph laid there between her legs contentedly licking her sparsely haired little pussy while she was pinching her nipples through her dress.

She screamed and dove under the covers yelling at us to get the hell out so I said loudly "wait until your mum hears about this!" and grinned as a look of panic swept across her face. "You've been fucking Ralph too haven't you" I said, she loudly retorted "have not" but the look of guilt on her young face said it all and I responded "don't lie, we can tell you have!" She burst into tears and Jeff sat next to her and cuddled her telling me to leave her alone with a grin on his face … we had her right where we wanted her, she wouldn't be telling anyone about the party.

She sobbed"I only did it once and it hurt really bad, blood and everything; I couldn't stop him and kept going for ages until he spurted his stuff in me" Then she said "when he finished he licked me clean and it felt really nice so I just let him do that now" Jeff asked how it had all started and she explained that they were wrestling and he had pushed her over on her knees and wrapped his paws around her then started humping her until his thing found her hole and he had just shoved it in nearly splitting her in two.

Jeff then comforted her and said "we won't tell anyone if you don't say anything about tonight to anyone, especially Stephanie" She replied that she had had a fight with Stephanie anyway so she had come home.

The she floored Jeff by asking "what were you doing with that girl anyway? That's not what we used to do!" Jeff went bright red and stammered to me "that was years ago when I was her age and Auntie Hannah came to stay so we had to share a bed"; his sis turned to me and said innocently " he used to cuddle up behind me and rub his thing on me until he wet my pyjamas" Jeff said "that's all that happened, nothing else"and hung his head so his sis explained that Auntie Hannah had come in one night and caught them then had made Jeff show her what they had done.

Jeff spoke up and told the story. When she caught us she got mad and made me show her exactly what we were doing so I crawled up behind her, placed my dick along the crack of her bum on the outside of her shortie nightdress and started slowly rubbing it up and down until I started getting a hard on, I stopped but she said to keep going so I started humping her and her dress started sliding up then my dick was touching her bare bum crack and it got stuck and wouldn't move.

Aunt Hannah told sis to go and get the vitamin E cream off her night stand and while she was gone said to me "if you promise not to touch your sister then I'll let you do it to me on Saturday nights when your mum and dad go to bowling" I was a bit unsure but said "sure, OK Aunt Hannah" Sis arrived back with the cream and Aunt Hannah grabbed a small dob of cream and reached behind her and rubbed it in her bum crack and said "OK, try that" so I started humping again but being a bit scared I couldn't cum and she asked me what was wrong so I said "the head doesn't really touch anything as its too deep" Auntie Hannah told me to put my finger on top to make it point straight out and to hump in and out instead of up and down so I started pushing through her bum cheeks towards her pussy but she said "uh uh, your not doing that" and pushed her fingers inside her hole so I couldn't enter her then told me to keep going.

I started pushing up against her bumhole and it was feeling pretty good as my head started to enter her bum a tiny bit, she said "not inside me, just stay on the outside" so I humped against her until I got a bit carried away and pushed it in a bit and squirted up inside her bum; the head didn't even go all the way in but damn it felt much better than just rubbing up against sis's pyjama bottoms.

I had to ask "Did you get to screw her Jeff?" and sis piped up "Yep, I watched him do it when Auntie Hannah had a lot of drinks one night and fell asleep after he had finished rubbing off on her" ; Jeff just stared at his sis and she proudly said "I used to hide in the wardrobe and watch you" Jeff said "I did a couple of times but she usually fell asleep with her fingers inside her so I used to push up against her bumhole when I was soft and as it grew it would push up inside her bum slowly and as long as I screwed real slow she didn't wake up.

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A couple of times she fell asleep after removing her fingers so twice I managed to cum in her pussy but the other time as I was getting there she started waking up and I had to pull out and came on the outside. When she moved back with her husband she wouldn't let me do it anymore but I kept my promise to not touch sis." The next weekend we picked up Onion and went back to Jeffs as his parents were at Bowling until midnight.


Jeff sent his sis off to her room and told her she was not allowed to come out until he said so or he would tell everyone about Ralph. We took it in turns to fuck Onion doggy style and as Jeff was having his turn Mike and two of his young friends came around and barged in the back door so we let them fuck her too if they would keep their mouths shut and piss off as soon as they had finished.

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Onion had just lit a smoke so she just kneeled over the couch cushions and all three had finished before she finished her smoke, there was hardly a break in the strokes as they swapped places one after the other, Onion was smiling as she listened to them say how great it was.

The boys left talking excitedly with our threat of a flogging if they told anyone ringing in their ears. Jeff then jump back on to finish what he started and not long after his sis yelled out that she was going to the toilet, She had probably been letting Ralph lick her as Ralph came bounding out with his big red dick on display and jumped up on Jeffs back humping away … I don't think any of us had ever seen Jeff move so fast as he squirmed out from behind Onion and sat his arse on the floor.

We were pissing ourselves laughing at Jeff, even Onion was laughing as Ralph mounted her and started humping away at her bum, Jeff reached over and guided the tip of Ralphs dick in between her pussy lips and Ralph speared straight in to the hilt Going like the clappers. Onion stopped laughing as she nearly had the breath knocked out of her but as soon as Ralph forced his soft knot inside her she started breathing heavy and started cumming. Russell took the opportunity to slide down in front of Onion so she could suck him off while Ralph fucked her, it wasn't long before Ralph started filling the depths of her pussy with puppy seed and Onion went off like a firecracker causing Russell to lose his load inside her greedily sucking mouth.

I swapped places with Russell and as Ralph tried backing out Onion would cum and suck real passionately as if it was the greatest thing in the world, I was loving it and it wasn't long before I shot my load deep in her mouth. As I calmed down and started to soften Onion continued to suck every scrap of cum from my cock as she continued to cum with Ralphs knot putting the pressure on her G spot and giving her almost a continuous orgasm; for someone who had never cum before she was sure making up for it lately.

Ralph kept trying to pull his knot out of her so I assisted by holding on to her arms and he finally pulled out with a load sucking plop allowing a large glob of cum to drop to the floor. I noticed a movement in the darkened hallway and could just make out Jeff's sister in the shadows watching the action and when she spotted that she had been seen scuttled back to her bedroom with Ralph in tow, I was guessing it wouldn't be long before she partook of Ralphs long tongue.

It was starting to get late so I took an exhausted Onion and the other guys home and then headed back to Jeff's place. Not long after I walked in I could hear Jeff's sister start moaning loudly and Jeff said "I hope she finishes before Dad gets home or we will have to go in and stop her". A few minutes later we heard a car turn into the street so while I knocked on the door Jeff grabbed the knife and opened the lock, Jeff's sis had obviously decided to give it another try and had let Ralph mount her again, He was pounding his big red cock into her like a jackhammer as she lay on her back at the edge of the bed, Jeff hissed at her to shut up but she just looked at him with disinterest as she was obviously cumming and was taking no notice of anything but Ralphs cock as he stopped moving and started pumping her cunt full of his seed.

I raced out to distract their parents while Jeff got things sorted and sent her off for a shower, whew, that was too close for comfort. We didn't see Onion the next weekend as she went to a party and we heard through the grapevine that her father had bashed her badly putting her in hospital.

The authorities had sent Onion up to her mums place interstate and arrested him.

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That was a bummer as we had just started getting to know her and I'm sure Ralph missed her too although according to a worried Jeff, Ralph was not missing out!