Racked Janet Mason is the boss

Racked Janet Mason is the boss
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Disclaimer: this is a fantasy - take it as such. THANKS! I woke up, hearing the shower turn on. Hmmm, I guess it's Daddy getting in the shower to get ready for work. I smile to myself, rolling over onto my tummy in an attempt to go back to sleep. Winter break is always so long & there's nothing to do during the day, it's too cold outside.

Mom wouldn't let me get my drivers permit, so I couldn't even drive to my friends house. Being a teenager sucks! I can hear Daddy humming to himself in the shower. Suddenly, the sound of the water makes me squirm.

"oh dangit, I have to pee" - I get out of bed & pace around my room.we only have 1 bathroom.daddy wouldn't like me to walk in while he was showering, anyways.he prolly locked the door.

I HAVE TO GO SO BAD!!! Walking as quietly as possible, I sneak down the hallway towards the bathroom. I can see steam coming from under the door, Daddy always takes super super hot showers. As i get closer, my anxiety builds, making me have to pee even more!! I try the knob of the bathroom door, it's unlocked!!!

I sneak in, pausing to hear you sing lyrics from the song you must have been humming. "You're my girl.you're my girl, you're my girl. Baby doll, baby, baby, hold me tight.

Be mine tonight, say it's alright. And I will never, ever let you go, oh." Trying to be as quiet as possible, I slink over to the toilet & pull down my panties. Just as I'm about to pee, the shower turns off. I freeze in complete fear, not wanting to get caught with my pants down during Daddy's shower.

Being a naive teenager, I just clenched my eyes closed & held my breath.hoping that I'd be invisible in all the hot steam from the shower I was wrong. The shower curtain whooshed open, so did my eyes. Daddy stood there, wiping the water from his face. Still unaware that I was sitting on the toilet, painfully holding my pee and staring at him.

The towel finally came off of his face.that's when he noticed me & quickly covered himself.


"Kristin, what the hell are you doing in here?!!" he questioned. I just looked down at my panties on the floor & back up. "Daddy, I'm sorry.I had to pee so bad & I was trying to be quiet.please don't be mad at me, i'm so sorry." He glared at me, noticing my panties around my ankles & looked back into my eyes that were filling with tears of embarrassment."Kristin, this can't happen again, you understand?

I think Daddy needs to teach you a lesson about privacy & patience." "a.a lesson Daddy?" I managed to squeak out. It was so hard to focus, my bladder was so full, it felt as if it would burst any second and I'd have to look away so daddy wouldn't see me cry.He looked at me, then to the toilet "Yes, babygirl. A lesson. First though, you should really relieve yourself.

I'd hate for you to get a bladder infection from holding your pee" I looked down in embarrassment, trying not to cry & unclenched my bladder, unleashing a torrent of urine into the toilet.

When I was finished, i reached for the toilet paper. Daddy shook his head "no, you're not allowed to use that yet. get up, head back to your room.AND BE QUIET!" he said sternly as he finished towel drying himself. "I'll be there shortly." I pulled up my panties & scooted out of the bathroom in a blast of damp steam, making my way back down the hall to my bedroom.

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I wiped tears from my eyes and laid down, trying to muffle the sobs in my chest so as not to wake up my little brother in the room across from my parents'. Finally, my bedroom door opened, revealing Daddy with his towel wrapped around his waist. He looked down at me sitting on my bed and sighed. "Kristin, do you know how dangerous it is for you.well.asDaddy doesn't like surprises in the morning babygirl. You can't just sneak into the bathroom like that, you shouldn't see Daddy naked.

Tell me, did you see anything?" I shook my head, trying my best to lie.to convince Daddy that I hadn't seen his flaccid member when the shower curtain opened.that I hadn't instantly wanted to wrap my lips around it, making it stiff inside of my tiny mouth.

"uh, no.no Daddy.I didnt see your penis" he blinked a few times and a small smile spread across his mouth.

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"Babygirl, you're a horrible liar. You know what happens when Daddy catches you in a lie.get over here, time for a spanking" A single tear streaked down my cheek as I did what Daddy said, laying across his lap in preparation for my spanking.

Daddy hasn't ever given me a spanking with just his towel on. He smelled like Irish Springs, his favorite soap.I always loved the smell of my daddy, it made me feel so safe & comforted.

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This time though, the smell made me react differently. Maybe it was from the steam, maybe it made my brain a little fuzzy.or, maybe it was from the early morning.but, seeing Daddy's penis.well, it made me tingly in my girly parts. "Daddy, I'm sorry. it won't ever happen again.

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Please dont' give me a spanking. Please. I'm sorry. Really." I begged and pleaded as I lay across His lap, completely helpless. "Hmm, well.I suppose there's another way to administer your punishment babygirl." Daddy said as he slowly ran his palms over my ass, cupping my cheeks in his big rough hands. "Yes, anything you want Daddy, just please .no spanking" I agreed quickly & tried to sit up. His hands wrapped tightly around my waist, lifting me up & forcing me to straddle His lap, facing him.

I felt so open, so exposed. My panties were a thin barrier against the cold morning, but there was something different.it felt as if there was something.wet.in my panties. I squirmed uncomfortably, looking Daddy in the eyes. Suddenly, his pupils got very large and he blinked slowly, tightening his grip on my waist. "Kristin, I can smell you. You smell like sweet spring rain.

Are you ok, babygirl? Is Daddy frightening you?" he asked me, looking into my eyes as his became dark pools of.well.something sinister, some part of Daddy I'd never seen until now.

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"Daddy.I'm confused. What smell?" I questioned, looking down & noticing a bulge under the towel. I tried not to make it obvious that I'd noticed, but I couldn't take my eyes off of it, it was getting bigger!!! "mmm, do you see how much Daddy loves you babygirl?" he asked as he pulled my body closer to his, sliding me over the bulge in his towel. My frame stiffened and my mind reeled.

Without warning, Daddy's pointer finger shot down, moved my panties aside & plunged into my dripping virgin hole. I started to scream, but Daddy put his other hand over my mouth, effectively stifling the sound. "shhh, Babygirl, shhh.just relax.

Daddy's gonna teach you a lesson.Daddy's gonna teach you.how to fuck like a big girl, how to please Daddy" he murmured against my face, close to my ear. I was so overwhelmed with feelings.i started to cry again. Daddy looked at me & grabbed my chin in his free hand, forcing me to look him in the eyes. "Babygirl, listen to me. This is going to feel.amazing.

You'll crave this at night, you'll think of it all day.now, tell Daddy that you want to feel good.


Daddy won't hurt you, I love you babygirl." Then his fingers hooked around my panties for a moment before he changed his mind, pulled the towel off of his hips & exposed his very erect, very large cock.

I watched in awe as a shiny bead of fluid leaked out of the tip & slid down the shaft.then I felt the gush of warmth seep from my pussy. "oh.um.Daddy?" "Yes baby.just say it's ok, Daddy wants to make you feel good." He said, accentuating the last few words with upwards thrusts against the "v" of my panties. Daddy's cock pushed against the material of my underwear, making the fabric become soaked with my juices.

I tried not to squirm as a strange heat made it's way up my torso & settled around my neck. "Daddy, I-I dunno.why am, why are my panties wet? I promise I didn't pee myself, I wish I could wipe.I feel gooey" I moved slightly, trying to ease the pressure of his cock pressed against my scantily covered pussy. Daddy looked at me, half a smile on his lips, and he slid his fingers back under the waistband of my panties."Daddy wants to stick something else in your little wet hole, babygirl.hold still for Me." with that, he jerked his hands quickly, ripping the thin material of my panties & dropping them to the floor alongside his previously discarded towel.

"Oh.oh noooo, you broke my panties." I mewled, trying to get away.panic starting to build. I frantically pushed against Daddy's broad chest, but his hands were stronger.he held me atop his lap, daring me to scream with his stern gaze.

"Calm the fuck down, dammit. I'm not gonna hurt you unless you keep fighting Me.

STOP KRISTIN!" He harshly demanded, squeezing my hips roughly.probably leaving marks in the shape of his fingers. I whimpered softly and became still. Daddy's hands slid over my back and down my bottom, squeezing lightly before one moved to my pussy and delved into my sticky heat.

"MMMM, oh.babygirl.you are so wet for Daddy.aren't you?" He whispered against my face, close to my lips. I whimpered again, feeling his cock swell even bigger, pressing relentlessly against my opening. "OH.O-oh Daddy.what is happening?" He looked at me, face full of kindness and understanding & reached up to cup my face in his big hands. "It's ok baby, Daddy will take care of you.

Just relax for Me.this is going to hurt just a little, but then.I promise, it'll feel so so good. OK?" I nodded and braced myself for the pain.not quite sure just how much I was about to endure. Daddy's cock pushed against my tight hole, slowly stretching me wide enough to hold his girth.

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"it burns Daddy.please stop.Daddy?!" I protested softly, noticing the burn start to fade as my pussy grew accustomed to his invasion. I realized I had been holding my breath and released it in a whoosh, along with a lot of tension I had been holding in. "That's it baby, open up for Daddy" he said, pushing deeper.finally breaching my virgin barrier.

The piercing pain was quick, followed by a sweet throbbing between my legs. "OH.OH DADDY.it.it feels" I stammered, bringing my hands to rest on his shoulders, using him to balance myself as He impaled me to the hilt with one hard thrust.

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Daddy's eyes closed then, standing up and turning us around, planting me on my stomach with my ass in the air. "Babygirl, you feel so damn good, so tight.so fucking wet. Daddy is so proud of you, you're being such a good girl." I tried to look back at him, but the pleasure took over my body, bathing me in a tingly feeling, it felt like every nerve in my body was on fire.screaming for some sort of release.

Daddy pumped into my pussy, hard and fast.picking up speed over time until I was whimpering in one long succession."d-d-daaaddddyyyy.oooohhh, oh.daddy.please.whats happening? oh.oh.I feel like I'm going to burn up!" I realize now, this was my very first orgasm. It ripped through my body, shaking my frame violently as Daddy's hand came up around my mouth to stifle my screams. He kept pushing into my clenching pussy, like he wanted to get deeper and deeper. "Baby, Daddy's gonna fill you up with his little swimmers.Daddy's gonna shoot deep into his little girl & fill her with sticky Daddy Cum." He plunged in again, holding himself against my womb, and came violently.spurting hot Daddy Cum into my tight hole.

He grunted harshly in my ear, pulling me close, nearly smashing my back against his torso.when his little jerks finally subsided, he sighed and pulled out of me, turning me over to look at him.

"Good Girl. You just made Daddy so proud, baby. I'll see you after work. I love you babygirl."