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Trenton Ducati Sebastian Keys Bound Ball Squeezing
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Rule of Woman Chapter 1 *Disclaimer* The following story has a lot of sensitive elements. For one, women are ruling the world and the world being in a matriarchal society where men are essentially slaves.

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Second, mind control with women at the helm. Finally, there is incest within the story in a society that doesn't have qualms about it.

*Author's Note* Well, this idea has been in my head for a while. Not a proud moment to write, but hey, sometimes the art dictates. My hope is that this story delves into some cool things and shows a world of interesting possibilities. There should be more than one chapter, but I am not sure where to go after this chapter. If there is more, it will be different stories per chapter.

Like a magazine issue, you know? I don't. Could be different short stories with varying aspects of lives within the society. Which means each chapter will be super long. Well here goes… ************************************************************************** Men are precious commodities. Sally knew this fact and so did every woman in the world. It was for the good of humanity. At least that is what everyone said. The fear of men ruling again was always in the mind of women and so they took to the one thing they knew how to control men; with sex.

The male race was born into sex. They were still expected for breeding, but in the end, that was really all they were used for. That and pleasure. Women had cut all of their rights and introduced man's education into this new world at a young age. They were sex slaves essentially, and woman kept him at bay by keeping his sexual appetites satisfied.

This placation presented an issue that had to be solved. Women weren't all that involved into wanting to commit to the amount of sex each man would need for peace. Augmentation was born in that moment and at birth, women were immediately augmented to increase their sexual desire at puberty, turning every woman into a sex addicted nympho that had to have men's cum in them. Sally had felt guilty about it at first. When her first male had been brought to her, they both had been eighteen The ripe age for breeding and so far, he had given her one son only, but that was because after her son was born, she had gone on birth control.

Any more than one, and the child would be taken from her. Still, the issue of the boy who had first knocked her up needed to be addressed. At eighteen, he was viral and Sally loved that. She probably was too liberal with him, but he could make her scream for hours on end. That didn't fully answer why she was so liberal, but then she didn't have a reason for it other than the fact that when she wasn't fucking him, she learned that men were capable of more than just sex.

As she thought about him, she grew sad. Her time with him was coming to an end because their son was reaching sexual maturity. Within the week, her lover would be taken and placed elsewhere. No doubt it would be a pleasure house. That was her lover's goal anyways, for months now he had been studying and earning different certifications to work in one.

Each one gained was an excuse to reward him, but Sally didn't need an excuse to have sex. Cravings for pleasure plagued her body and often it distracted her at work. It did every woman, but Sally was glad enough to be able to afford an actual live-in lover instead of having to visit a pleasure house. One thing that they were warned about the sex was never let the male get it by his own means.

Sex was something to be controlled by women. Men had their time, they had screwed up the world and how society ran today was a testament to that.

Sitting naked on the couch, Sally absentmindedly stroked her pussy. It was plump and swollen, already begging for attention. She had just woken;, the youngest was still asleep in his room, confined there until she let him out. Her lover had been out all night on a permit taking a test. A marathon certificate and as wetness coated her fingers, she hoped he had saved enough of himself for her.

Sounds of sex wafted into her apartment, bringing her attention to it. Sounded like her neighbor next door, a woman who was as insatiable as she. Quickly, her fingers began working in and out of her snatch, filling the room with a pleasant scent of strawberries.

That scent was one of the few augmentations she had. With a press of a button and a few dollars, there wasn't almost literally anything she couldn't change about her body. The few exceptions were the few augmentations required by law. The law augmentations were put into a woman as soon as she was born. There were three of them. First a hormone port that allowed an individual and the state to mess with hormone levels.

There was an actual law on estrogen levels and how much of the state sexual serum was present in the blood. There was even a daily test at work that had to be taken, which could affect wages if the levels were too low and weren't excused by a doctor's note.

The second was an augmentation for an increase in sex drive. This augmentation was a hit and miss though on when it activated. It was supposed to turn on when puberty hit, but for many women, it malfunctioned and at young ages, their bodies matured fast and began craving sexual attention before eighteen. Sally had been one of those that the serum had activated early. The third and final augmentation was one that allowed for more augmentations.

Sally had few of them. Besides the smell of her sex, she also had an augmentation for eternal youth, perky breasts and really defined and plump labia. The last was because she loved the way they buzzed in arousal and even more when they were slammed up against.

Her lover seemed to love them and while her finger probed them, her thoughts turned to her son. What was she going to do? Incest wasn't frowned upon anymore. In fact, it was encouraged by the belief that mothers knew best on how to raise a child. Plus, it also ended major issues within society. Who owned a male child, the mother or the state? A mother owned her son unless it was only the first born, so there are no legal ramifications of with incest, unless the mother got knocked up once again.

Law stated that incestuous relationships could not produce offspring and so the males were given a vasectomy. Spreading her lips, she stroked her sensitive clit with a finger and moaned in pleasure. Laying her head back, she was fast approaching orgasm when the sound of a key sliding into a lock sounded. Her lover was home and he walked in, much to the delight of Sally. "Lover. you're home." She said looking at him. He closed the door behind himself. They exchanged smiles, but he looked tired.

Even his suit looked disheveled. Just called lover was another thing that was done if the male was owned by the state, as only the state could name them and often didn't until they reached adulthood. Her Lover was of average height. Everything about him was average, down to his cock, which was thick and lengthy. Even men were augmented, all to please women more.

Sally had wanted to augment him more, add some fun feature, but the state had to approve them and to request things meant a lot of paperwork. Worse, too many changes and the state may take the male away in fear "Yeah, but not for long." "What do you mean?" she asked, almost panicking at his words. He reached into his inner suit pocket and handed her envelope. No kiss or anything before he disappeared into the apartment. Opening the letter she read its contents.

After reading, her hands shook in despair. His test last night had gone so well, that he had been fully certified to work in the pleasure house.

The state thanked her for her tutelage and had already given her a substantial bonus for her efforts. As such, he was to immediately report to his new work after a reasonable time given to gather personal effects.

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That was it then. Her lover was leaving. They had even given him a name to make it official. Jason was printed at the bottom in gold letters.

"Jason," she said. Without really knowing why the name brought her to tears. "Don't cry Sally, it will be okay," Jason said, suddenly next to her and putting a hand on her shoulder. "I can't help it. I thought there would be at least a week more.

What am I going to do?" She asked. Her gaze fell on the wall while her tears blinked away. "What you agreed to. Look, we have a son, use him, and teach him. I know it will be different being that it won't be like us, because we learned together, but he is a good kid.

A fast learner I think, plus as you own him, you will be able to augment him too." "It isn't about that." "I know, but you asked me what to do. I don't want him in the system. Better you then a bunch of random women. Besides, he isn't younger than I was. Just take it slow." "Why did we have to have him?" "Because the state makes you if you get pregnant." He was right about all of it. As much as she didn't want him to leave, the prospect of breaking in a new lover was exciting.

"Can I ask one more favor?" "Anything, Jason." "Give him a name and register it. Can you name him Gavin?" "Why Gavin?" "It's what I wanted to be named." That broke her heart, but she agreed to his request.

She then asked him a ton of questions on how she should handle Gavin. He was only nineteenand already past the year, the state recommended for sexual instruction.

"I don't want you to go," she said. "I have to. Don't worry, he will learn fast." He came around the couch and pulled her up for a hug.

The closeness reignited her desire for sex, but she didn't force it. "You could stay and teach him." "I can't. I told you last week that's what we should do. If I stay any longer I risk losing my position." She hugged him tighter and they parted without another word.

He left the apartment and Sally fell to the couch, unsure of how to proceed. It would have been nice for one last lay, or even a chance to give him a proper goodbye. And it was a goodbye. If she ever tried to contact him again, the state would arrest her. Once a male was removed from a household, the state didn't wish for contact again in case of issues arising from attachment.


Men were for the pleasure of all women when owned by the state. The bell rang from her son's room, signaling her that he was awake. The alarm sounded every morning, set off by a doorbell button right next to the light switch in his room. At Jason's request, Sally had let him build the boy's room into a tiny apartment, complete with even a fridge and its own bathroom.

Not that he would need it much anymore, but he was locked in the room every night mostly for his own safety. If he wandered out of the apartment, some woman looking to have an unregistered sexual partner would surely grab him up. If not that, then the authorities would and he would automatically be pulled from her care.

Getting up, she went back to her bedroom to put on clothes. Her son had only seen her naked once, and it was by accident. Even though she wouldn't have minded showing him now, the words of Jason rang true and she remembered how awkward it had been for both of them to be naked the first time together.

She had been lucky he was understanding and luckier still her mother could afford to buy her a male at such an age. Sally knew on her current salary, hopes of buying a man would have taken years of savings, which would have been impossible to get because her needs would have her spending money in the pleasure house. Going into the bedroom, she decided to wear loose, fitting dress. There was no need for anything else, but she did up her brown hair in a bun and did put on some make-up, which was really just some light powder and red lipstick.

Sally was a beautiful woman to look at, and she had an intelligence to go with it. She went to the kitchen to make breakfast, being that it was only eight and on her way she unlocked her son's bedroom door. In the kitchen, she decided to make a big breakfast. Eggs, hash browns, bacon and fresh squeezed orange juice were made. She hoped the smells would drag her son out of his room and it worked.

Groggily he walked in, rubbing his eyes. He was wearing his blue pajamas. It was good then that neither of them had much to do that day. He didn't have school and she didn't have work. "Hey honey, sleep well?" she asked. "Yeah mom," he replied sitting at the bar in the kitchen. She laid a plate of food in front of him which he devoured quickly. She joined him. "Where's big bro?" he asked.

"He had to leave. He graduated last night." "Oh," was all he said, returning to his food. Sally studied him, each moment making her heart pound harder. Her pussy began buzzing, even more, reminding her that it needed to be taken care of. There wouldn't be much longer until all of her thoughts were on pleasure.

"Did you learn anything cool in school yesterday?" "Not really." He scooped up the last of his eggs onto the fork.

Sally had eaten a bit, but by the time he was finished, it wasn't much. She didn't want to eat anymore. Pushing his chair away, he ran over to the sink and washed his plate before putting it away. Sally studied him, wondering what type of man he would grow into. Jason had grown into a thoughtful lover and she hoped to transfer that same thoughtfulness to him.

"Son," she said and he stopped dead in his tracks. She had never called him that before. "I am not done talking to you. Sit back down." He obeyed, looking at her puzzled when he got situated back in the chair. "Yeah, mom?" "I want to let you know, that I have decided to name you." "You have?" he asked. There was excitement in his voice. "You would like that?" "Yeah. Everyone in my classes on the screen has names except me.

My teachers just call me twenty-seven." "Well, it's Gavin. Gavin Lee Stuart." "Thanks, mom." "Jason came up with it." "Oh cool, I can't wait to see him." Her heart sank. The next parts of the conversation were her telling him that Jason wasn't coming back.

It was just them two now. "So what are you going to do?" "What do you mean?" "Well, our teacher told us about sex and everything." She laughed at that. "Son…Gavin, that's why we need to talk. You are going to have to take over for Jason." "You mean, with sex?" "Yes." His eyes dropped to the floor and he turned red. Heat rose in her cheeks too and it became difficult to sit still. "Mom?" "Yes?" "Do we have to?" The question surprised her.

Never before had that even occurred to her as a possibility. Even when Jason and her first met, he knew already that he was there to pleasure her. Gavin had asked a question so far outside the realm of acceptance that she was bewildered. "Hasn't your teacher taught you about this?" "She has said that boys are meant to be for a women's pleasure, but not much about sex or rather the act of it. There are articles online about it." "I see and you aren't interested in it?" He looked up at her.

"Mom," he started.


"Call me Sally." "Sally…why would you want me over Jason." She didn't but she couldn't tell him that. "Why do you think I do?" "Well, he is always here for that. Plus, you spent more time with him than me." Which was true and Sally began to see that maybe that decision had been a mistake. "I noticed that, and it is a reason why he had to go, so I could spend more time with you." she lied.

Truth was she didn't want to hurt his feelings. If she did that, there was a chance that within a few days she would lose Gavin too if he refused to have sex with her. It wasn't unheard of, but when it happened, not only did she lose the potential partner, but when word got out, she would be shamed. She got up and stood in front of him looking into his eyes.

"I love you Gavin, and I promise more time with mom, with me, will be fun." He hugged her and then went to his room. She was sure he was upset over Jason but unsure of how to react to it. She meant the love part but knew that she hadn't spent the time with him she should have.

Not only that, this would have been easier too if she'd listened to Jason. He could have made this easier, she only now realized. Looking at her plate of food she intended to right the wrong she had done to her son. The neglect and lack of instruction meant that she had failed to prepare him for herself. Sally found him in his room lying in his bed.

He didn't even look at her as she came in. Clothes were everywhere, something she would address. There were some action figures on shelves and a few pictures of women hanging up. At least she knew he was starting to be interested in women. Pulling her dress off and tossing it to the side she got into his bed.

He yelped in surprise. "Relax honey; I want to make it up to you." She reached out and put a hand down his pajama pants. "Mom no," he cried out, but her fingers worked him up to hardness. "Were you lying out there?" she asked, her body already responding to the situation. He moaned in reply. "Take your pants off," she said. He managed to kick them away, and as soon as he had, she shifted to be looking at his crotch. Leaning over it, she saw that he was starting to just come into his package.

Nowhere near average size she knew that he was smaller but that was due to his age. Jason came into his full length by twenty. Like him too, Gavin was also circumcised. Her hand explored the virgin cock and Gavin wiggled. "Don't resist me," she said as she rubbed his pecker. It was only about six inches long and had little thickness to it.

He was moaning now and she could see that his eyes were closed. Kneeling on her feet to get more comfortable, it rubbed her swollen labia against the soles, coating them in hot wetness and sending a shiver of pleasure through her.

Trying not to concentrate on it, she leaned down and sucked her son's cock into her mouth. The entire thing fit pleasantly in her mouth. The soft skin covered his hard cock and pressed against it with her tongue. Giving him head was a good first step. Her own resistance to using him as a new lover quickly faded as she sucked him off. Gavin himself grabbed her head and wiggled back and forth. She thought at first that was trying to get away but realized that as she continued that he was overwhelmed by the sensations her mouth was giving him.

Smiling, she slowed down and sucked on his dick gingerly while looking up his body. He was so much smaller than her and more disappointing was the fact that his cock wouldn't do much for her until it got bigger. Plus, there was the issue of Jason's dick stretching her out and it would be a few weeks before she even tightened back up.

She couldn't augment the thing, not until it grew naturally. Better to let it grow on its own than risk damaging it or him. Thankful to have tapered down her ministrations, soon she was rewarded when Gavin began convulsing in release. She didn't suck off Jason a lot, fearing that it would give him too much power in the relationship, but she did enjoy taste of cum and would suck him off when she could without giving into the fear. With Gavin, she would have to come up with a reward system for him to use so she could suck him off more.

After his orgasm died away, Sally slurped off his cock and sat back on his bed. With a moan, she rolled his thick virgin seed around in her mouth, enjoying the taste immensely. "Did mommy's boy like?" She said after swallowing the treat "Yeah," he said through heavy breaths. "Good because it's time for mommy to get some relief." He shifted around until he was sitting in front of her. His eyes went wide staring at her bare perky breasts. They were nice to look at but not very big.

"You like them?" "Yeah. Can I touch them?" "Yes, but move so mommy can lie down." He nodded and got up. She also told him to remove the rest of his clothing while she got situated. She lay with her legs closed and let him straddle her waist.

"So these are breasts?" "Yes," she said smiling. Guiding his hand, he showed him how to touch her chest. "These are the nipples. You can squeeze the gently if you like." He was obeying her instruction and soon had her wiggling and moaning underneath him. "Massage my breasts too. Softly. If you grab that hard it hurts. Just like that. Now, massage my breasts and lick my nipples." Continuing to obey her, her pussy quivered in release, making her arch her back a bit.

"Are you okay mommy?" "No honey, I need more. Scoot back," she said after a minute of gathering herself. The fog over her mind was getting difficult to think through. As soon as he did, she spread her legs and the smell of strawberries filled the room. "Mom, it smells so good." "I know, and its need your help." "How can I help?" Sally reached down and spread her fat pussy lips as far as they could go.

She began explaining her sex to him. "This is called a pussy. The tunnel that leads inside is a vagina. These plump things are labia and this small button looking thing is called a clit." She instructed him. Having him move his hands over it. It was like she was instructing him how to use foreplay, not that there was a complaint. What she needed was an earth-shattering orgasm to help calm her body.

Working it up would give her what she wanted. "Now son, let's get you more acquainted with me. Take your hand and push it inside." Sally hadn't been fisted before. But his hand would be better than his small dick for right now. She could teach him other things, but her pussy needed to be stretched. Spreading her labia as far as they could go, she prepared herself mentally for the next step.

"Use two fingers first. This is called fingering." "Why is it so plump?" "Because mommy likes it that way." Sally shuddered. "Now add a third and rub upwards. Just like that oh god," she said. The pleasure was beginning to make her head swim. "Now four fingers. Like that. Go faster." Gavin for his part was obeying well.

When she screamed at him to use his whole hand he did and Sally found herself approaching the finish painstakingly too slow. Letting her labia fall onto his arm, she began to squeeze her breasts and play with her nipples. "Use your arm. Push in as far as you can go and then bring it almost all the way out." He did and she began meeting his arm thrusts.

They both were breathing hard. "Mommy it's so wet and hot," he said suddenly, breaking her concentration. "Yes, honey. You're doing so good. Keep going. Mommy needs it. Harder please. Yes, yes," she said. Then her orgasm hit her like a freight train. Starting in the depth of her cunt, she grew tight, locking his hand up against her cervix. Gavin didn't know what was going on but held on for dear life as Sally's pussy erupted in a torrential spray of liquid as it spasmed uncontrollably in orgasmic throes.

When it ended she felt Gavin pull his arm out. She cooed and moaned in pleasure. Calling out to him she hugged him up against her chest.

"That was great. You are a fast learner." "You peed on me," he said. "That wasn't pee my dear boy, it was mommy's cum," she said. "There is so much we can teach you that will make that happen a lot." Right now wasn't the time. She was satisfied for the time being. She had her son take a shower and by the time he was out, she was in her bedroom getting dressed for the actual day. Delighted was an understatement when she found her son dressed and waiting in the living room for her.

"Decided to hang out with mom today huh?" He blushed and she loved it. "So what do you want to do?" she asked. To her, it looked like had had matured a little from earlier. Gavin was a boy of blossoming features. Like Jason, he had dark hair and gray eyes. He had her nose and ears, but as his boyish looks faded she was positive more of Jason would be seen in him.

He walked up to her and the locked eyes. "Can we go to the park?" That was something she had rarely done with him. Normally on her days off, she and Jason had three of four sex marathons to make up for lost time during the week. The two of them could have fucked nonstop, but Jason had an uncharacteristic quality of being observant.

Keeping her in check was not only for his, but also for her time management. Sally literally could have given up her social life for months on end until she got bored of sex.

She didn't think her body would allow for that, though. And besides, if it did, there were chemicals to fix such things. "Yes, we can, but let's wait until closer to lunch. We can have a picnic." "Is there anything you want to me to do?" he asked. It was again a first. Her son had been fairly independent, left alone for hours, although she wondered briefly if his online classes for school meant that he received enough social time.

"Clean your room. It was a mess in there. Can you do laundry?" "No. Jason did that." "Oh, well, get all your clothes together, I'll show you." Gavin took off and Sally walked over to their laundry room and waited for him. Teaching him how to be self-sufficient and also a homemaker was oddly satisfying.

She beamed in pride at how fast he picked up the chore and soon she was even showing him how to use different appliances. Sally found that hanging out with her son was a fun. She eventually found a basket and filled it with sandwiches and drinks for their planned picnic. By the time they left, her pussy was beginning to buzz again, but she did her best ignored it. One thing she had learned was to keep her word. If she stayed home for more sex, her son may grow to hate her.

The day was gorgeously sunny and warm. They walked to the park, and she realized that as Gavin walked in front of her with a look of awe on his face, it counted as one of the few times he had been allowed out into the world.

She marveled at him as he pointed to things and exclaimed in wonder like a child would.

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Most of the sights were probably only things he had seen on a computer screen so she could understand his childlike bewilderment. The park itself was pretty empty. No other people were running around and definitely no one openly having sex. Thankful for the latter, she set out a blanket and watched as Gavin explored the shrubs and trees. He was laughing and it made her feel terrible.

Not because he was having fun, but because now she realized just how little she had given him. There had been no reason to give him more. Jason had been lucky for sure with her. It was standard that males weren't afforded much in the world.

Gavin smiled and waved at her and she waved back. "That one is yours huh?" Sally looked up to see it was her neighbor Grace. She smiled up before looking back to Gavin. "Yeah, just relaxing." "Be careful, he wanders too far." And Grace walked away.

The other woman was taller but stacked. Grace had been a woman who had embraced augments. Her ass was huge and had a chest to match each a round globe of round flesh. That one had embraced the look fully of mimicking a fertility goddess, but Sally knew that there wasn't any motherly love in the woman, especially towards men.

How she managed to rotate a new lover every few months was beyond Sally. The warning went through her mind and she called Gavin over. "Who was that mom?" "Our neighbor," she replied trying to hide the contempt in her voice. Gavin didn't mention her disdain in his next question. "Why does she have bigger breasts?" The question caught her off guard.

"Would you want me to have them?" He smiled at her before sitting next to her. "They look fun, but not that big. She looks like she is having a hard time walking." Sally looked back over to Grace and could agree.

The woman was waddling and now she couldn't help but giggle. Grace paused in a step but kept walking after a moment. Sally laughed, thinking the woman had heard Gavin, but she had already traveled far enough away that only the laughter should have been heard. "So are you having fun?" "Yeah, how come you never took me out like this before?" "Life is harsh and when you get older you will understand more." "Oh," he said, looking down to the blanket.

"So should I make em bigger?" "Can you?" "Yes, but if I do, you have to do something for me." "What?" She smiled at him and reached into the picnic basket. His eyes watched her and she pulled out a sandwich and handed it to him. "I'll think of something. I don't like to change my body too much.

But this is new." "What is?" he asked, ripping into the sandwich. Sally got her own and chewed a few mouthfuls while looked over the green grass. "I wasn't so sure this would work. You did good this morning, but mommy has a major appetite." "For sex?" "Yes." "So when will my thing get big enough for it?" "It's already big enough, just not big enough to satisfy me," she replied.

The two of them looked up at the clouds. "I think you're hotter." "Then Grace, thank you honey, but you want bigger breasts? Why?" "They look fun." "I have to take your word." "So what is sex like?" "Mind blowing and fun." "Can we try it?" The request fluttered her stomach and released the mental block on keeping her lust in check.

He had finished his sandwich and was leaning back on his hands and looking up to the sky. Sally leaned over and pulled him over to her. "What's-" "Shush," she said looking into his gray eyes. Then she pulled him closer and kissed him softly on the lips. He returned the kiss with a quick smack, which for Sally was enough to shake control. While he tried to pull away, she told him to relax and repeated the kiss, but this time, when he went to peck her lips, she pushed her tongue into his mouth and proceeded to teach him a proper passionate way.

After a few moments, she was breathing heavily and ready to find a quiet area to be pleasured. "We need to go," she said. Even though sex was an open thing for society, Sally wasn't actually comfortable in having a public performance with Gavin yet.

Sure, Jason and she had plenty of sex outdoors, but Gavin was too new for it. When it happened, and it would, she wanted it to be a show of his prowess, not of his virgin fumblings. Standing up, he helped her by folding up the blanket. There was a rush in their steps as they made their way home.

Sally found herself growing increasingly annoyed when they had to wait at lights or when Gavin seemed to be falling behind. Going up a flight of stairs was painful to her, each step making her swollen fat labia rub together. With shaking hands, it was a miracle she was able to get a key in the lock. Ushering the boy into the apartment, she slammed the door before proceeding to strip.

"Get your clothes off. We can try, hurry up." He fumbled fast in a corner while she sat on the couch. The couch that Jason had many a time fucked her on while he was asleep in his room. Today it would be him and always him. "What now?" he asked from off to the side. She would have called him over, but her fingers were already delving between pussy lips. The only noises she could make were moans while her eyes were closed.

How long she masturbated was unknown to her, but when her hand was pulled away, she opened her eyes in frustration. Gavin was in front of her trying to insert his pecker into her wanting hole. Maneuvering, she helped him as much as she could and let a delighted moan when the head of it pressed past her lips and into the gushing tunnel. "It feels so good mommy," he said. "Gavin, I want you to call me Sally." "Sally, it's amazing.

So hot," he said.

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She wrapped legs around him and reached between them to grab his butt. Pulling him forwards, she helped him go in deeper. He may have been smaller than Jason, but he was just big enough to have sex. They did until he convulsed in release. If he was capable of squirting cum into her, she would have joined him in the act. Instead, it just made her want more and her cunny watered more in more anticipation.

A week later, Sally had Gavin trained well in different ways to please her. She had even rewarded him by fulfilling his request about her breasts. They were nowhere close to being the same size as Grace, but now they're here bountiful in a hand. Once small perky b-cups now sat at a giant double-E-cup.

They were still perky, and she had been annoyed at first to wear a bra, but now she realized why such big breasts were popular among women. They were more sensitive. More flesh meant more nerves and now Sally could orgasm now just from a good breast massage. It had taken some getting used to walking around with them truly confined. When she had gotten used to them it developed that by the time she got home from work, their sensitiveness had her hurting for release.

Another plus was all of the compliments she got with them. A few of her coworkers had been astounded that there a change like this occurred.

Even more comforting is how many wanted to see them. The change had been worth it. Sally woke up on this day, a week later like she always did, horny. Gavin hadn't been brought into her bedroom yet. Jason may be gone, but his presence still perverted the air and she did not want Gavin to pick up on it. When he pleasured her it was either in his bed or the couch. Not that she minded; a change in scenery always got her flowing. It also made her nastier. Getting up, she showered quickly and went out to the kitchen naked to prepare breakfast.

She was in the middle of washing a pan she had used to cook the eggs in when warm hands grabbed her ass and spread her cheeks. She sighed contently when she felt Gavin's tongue press up against the fold of her pussy. It was a tease but she let him continue until she couldn't stand it any longer. Turning quickly around, she grabbed his head and pulled his face into the oozing sex.

"Put some effort into Gavin. It has been horny all night," she commanded. It wasn't the truth. He had fully satisfied her last night with some actual sex and fisting. She had started liking dirty talk.

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"Right there, lick that dirty cunt. Clean it up with your tongue. Don't miss a drop of honey. Oh yes." He licked eagerly and soon had her shrieking and gasping into an orgasm. Gavin pulled away, his face covered in cum and smacking his lips. She was still recovering, shaking as her head swam. "Amazing," she said in a whisper over and over. Jason may have been her first lover, but Gavin had already made her body forget him. She leaned her head back and tried to regain composure when hands started rubbing her breasts and a mouth began to suckle on one of them.

Each pull of his mouth and each gentle squeeze brought her back to reality and into moaning. He was working her up again. Last night he had on his own initiated sex. Being worked up again, she pushed him away. "That was wonderful. Now let my pussy kiss your dick." "How?" he asked and she smiled down at him. "Lay down," she told him. He complied and she straddled him. "Sally, your pussy is so red and swollen." "All the better to eat your cock with," she said, reaching down to it and positioning his hard rod against her entrance.

He was still pretty small, but since sexual activity had been occurring, Sally could swear he was getting bigger.

What he had now was enough. She slid him inside herself with a sigh. "You really like my breasts huh?" "They are amazing Sally. So is your hot pussy." She giggled and then began to grind slowly on him. She found a good spot for his stick to rub against and concentrated there, bringing her to louder moans as she ground. "It's too good. Ah, I can't get enough," she shrieked. He was massaging her tits and she bit her lip, wishing that he had been long and thick enough to ride so that she could lean forward and have him suckle on them.

He came before she did. It disappointed her that his young dick was so quick to fire, and at that moment, she decided to keep grinding on him. "Sally, it's too sensitive," he cried. "You need to learn to hold on. My pleasure takes precedence and you have been cumming too quickly," she said.

A truer statement if there was one. So far, she hadn't even cum on his dick, only his tongue, and arm. An issue that she intended to fix today. Gavin was struggling underneath her. Going so far to try and scramble away. Grabbing his shoulders, she pinned to the floor and found that she could pop his cock in and out of her entrance and rub her clit on the shaft. He hadn't stopped scrambling and Sally didn't care.

"Stop Sally, it's too much, please," he begged, but his efforts fell on deaf ears. She licked her lips at seeing his eyes clenched shut. His torment sent flutters through her body. Nails digging into his skin, the woman desperately trying to cum on his cock. Fat pussy lips practically wrapped themselves around his dick as she frantically worked through his sensitivity.

"Come on Gavin, I need you," she was begging him now. Her voice was shaking, almost high pitched. He answered in cries until she leaned up and reburied his dick in her. She squealed in surprise and excitement that his dick was hard enough to slide back inside. "Fuck, yes," she cried out, grinding herself on his pecker. "Sally, stop please, I can't take anymore. Ah-" he gurgled away and she still refused to listen.

After all, it was all about her. Gavin started convulsing violently under her, which drove his pecker far enough into her and fast enough to finally bring her aching cunt to an explosive release.

Her breasts flared in pleasure and heat spread fast through spasming body. Watery cum coated the teenage boy underneath her and the scent of strawberries became intense. Legs squeezed hard and Sally rode the waves of pleasure until stars danced in her vision. She fell off the boy and collapsed next to him. Her pussy throbs sent a tapering stream of cum onto his leg. "Oh my Gavin, oh my, I can't believe how good it feels," she said, eyes still closed.

"Jesus Christ, my cum is everywhere." Her hands roamed up his body, feeling the wetness. "You're going to need to shower and so am I," she said after finally recovering. Her labia still throbbed but they were settling down. Gavin's eyes were closed and he was breathing heavily. Rolling away from him, she got up on wobbly legs. "Gavin, go get a shower when you can," she said. Thirst was hitting her hard and her lips were dry. With almost a skip, she headed to the bedroom and found some clothes and some change.

When she came back out into the common area, Gavin was no longer there. With a shrug, she left the apartment to walk towards the end of the hall were vending machines. Going to the enclave she ran into Grace. "Sally, how are you?" the bigger woman asked. "Doing good," she said. "That's good. I see you upgraded," Grace said. "Yeah, figured it was time for a change," Sally said with a smile.

She walked up to a machine and proceeded to put change in. "You had a nice looking boy with you the other day." "Oh, that's Gavin, he's my son," she said pressing the button for a lemonade. "I didn't realize you had a son. Is he trained?" "I just started. Little late so not really." "You just started how old is he?" Sally reached down to grab the drink. "Sadly, eighteen." "Perfect.

I heard him the other day." Sally perked back up and looked to Grace who was leaning up against the wall. "I am sorry for that.

I don't take him out much," Sally apologized. She was hoping it would be enough. "See, I accept your apology but he hurt my feelings.

Boy like that needs to know he can't be going around hurling insults at women." "I have disciplined him and he knows better now," she said trying to end the conversation. "Oh good, so you'll send him over for a proper apology? I'd hate to escalate this." Sally knew Grace would.

Gavin's comment from the other day could be brought up in court. It was better to just let her have Gavin for a night. "One night and he comes back unmodified," she said. Grace nodded. "Agreed. I want him clean and ready in an hour. I'll come get him." "Okay," Sally said and the big woman walked away. "Be glad you added that last part," a new voice added. Sally turned to see a younger woman leaning up against the wall.

"You think so?" "Grace has a reputation for trying to break men. She goes through a lot of them," the girl said. "I don't think we've met," Sally said. The girl had short cropped bright red hair.

She was skinny. Beanpole was almost giving her too much credit. Sally couldn't recall ever seeing a woman like this before. "My name is Liz. I live down the hall with my mom and her lover." "Hey Liz, why don't you come down and we can chat. I could use the company after Gavin leaves." Liz perked up and smiled big. "Okay," she said. "Do you know which one?" "Yes, I'll see you in a bit." Liz took off with a skip and Sally shook her head. Whoever Liz's mother was, she was not helping the girl.

Sally knew she had been reserved before Gavin in modifications, but a mother leaving her daughter with none was ridiculous. Popping open the drink, Sally took a sip and headed home.

Gavin was out of the shower but in his room. "Gavin," she called out. He came out of his room. "Hey when you get done, clean up the mess we made in the kitchen. I'll finish breakfast in a second. You need to put some nice clothes on. Our neighbor wants to hang out with you," she told him. He acknowledged and Sally found herself hating Grace for causing a whole day without relief. By the time he returned, she was going to be humping everything.

At least there was the company of Liz to look forward too. Sally went into her room and stripped. Jumping into the shower, she made sure to have a quick one so that the running water didn't have much of a chance to turn her on. It was a success. Redressing, she went back to finish breakfast. Gavin had cleaned up the mess and breakfast was completed quickly. The two of them sat together and ate together.

Her son commented about how good the food was and Sally briefly wondered if this was the first time she had specifically cooked for just him. Feeling guilty, she pushed the conversation in another direction. "So Gavin, whatever Grace wants you have to obey," she said. "Sex too?" "Especially that." "Why?" "She heard what you said the other day and took offense.

There was a threat of court and that can go badly. This was the compromise." "Oh," he said. They finished their meal and just as he got done washing dished the door bell rang. Sally answered the door and Grace stood there, in tight spandex that did the woman little justice, but then, she was supposed to ooze the sexiness of a fertility goddess. "Is he ready?" she asked. "Yes. Remember no modifications and don't scare him," Sally said. She hated this. Hated the smile Grace had even more.

"I won't, now send him. He has plenty to do," she said. Gavin left with the woman and Sally was sad that she couldn't even watch him walk down the hall. Grace's bulbous ass blocked him from view. Sally was looking at that when Liz's voice startled. "Can we go inside?" Liz whispered. Sally backed up and let Liz in. "I hope he will be okay," Sally said.

"He will be. You gave her rules and by that, Grace has to follow them." That was true too. Terms were made and verbal terms were enforceable in court. Grace wouldn't risk anything like any woman would, that would jeopardize getting cock.

Sally sank into the couch and Liz joined her. "So how old are you Liz?" "Im eighteen. Why do you look like you do? Your way past modifications," Sally said in surprise. "I know, it's my mother.

She refuses to pay for anything to help me. Says any money for me will invest in her losing Brandon." "Brandon is hers?" "All hers, but she won't risk losing him to me. Even made me skip my deflowering at on my birthday." It could happen. A weird rule in that if a man was owned the daughter inherited him by his choice on her eighteenth birthday. Such a law created girls like Liz. "So you haven't had sex?" "No, still a virgin and it's killing me." "Did you come to me for help?" "No, ma'am.

Honestly, all they do is fuck constantly and I don't have many places to go." "So you just want to escape?" "Yes, and make a friend." "Well, consider me a friend Liz," Sally said. Liz smiled and began to cry, burying her face in her hands. Sally knew the girl was struggling. Sadly, there were probably many girls like Liz in the world.

Made her want to help the girl and then Sally knew she would. Having money was something Sally was fortunate enough to possess. Not because she came from money, but because she rarely spent money other than for things that were necessities.

Most women blew their money on augmenting or in the pleasure houses. Sally had her pleasure at home and kept out of the augment trap pretty well.

To get to what Grace had would have cost a fortune, but instead, Sally saved. Liz was in need of help. At so close to an age where she would need to be in the workforce, Liz had little to offer in looks except her pretty face. Worse, Liz was now here and Sally didn't have the heart to send the girl away. "I'll help you escape, but there will be issues," Sally said, cementing herself to helping and bizarrely making an uncharacteristic charity contract.

What did she care about the girl? Maybe it was because her own mother had been similar. "Issues?" Liz said, pulling up with tears streaming down her cheeks. "I have a room you can have, but I can't let you live here for free. I could get you a job where I work, but that also creates more problems." And it truly did. For one, Liz would be on the bottom of the rung of employees. Worse, while still being a virgin meant there was no chance for employment.

Speaking of that, Sally would be close to that too if she didn't get some sperm soon. Without wanting to admit it, tonight without Gavin was needed. Both of them needed cum and with it, they could both continue being a part of society. Well, Sally could, Liz could join it. "It's decided. I will let you move in and get you a job. Here are the terms, you will pay me and for the privilege, which let's wait to see how much that will be. I don't want to share Gavin, but in an effort to help, I'll give you access to him.

As for right now, you are unemployable until we get your hormones up." "Um, thank you, but you don't have to do this," Liz said. "I know, but I want to. I have the room and you need help." "I haven't broken my hymen yet.

Only pleasuring myself anally," Liz said. The revelation took Sally's breath away. To do such a thing, Liz had really fallen on hard times. Every girl dreamed of losing her virginity to a cock. Many didn't make it to that due to hormones in puberty. Once the drive was instilled too many fell victim to it. Plus, Sally thought anal sex was a desperate attempt for a girl to use. A dirty hole that should be left alone. "We can fix that.

I will pay for a few augments, but you will also have to pay that back. I won't try to put you into debt too badly, but the anal thing is gross." "Not much choice, but without cum, I don't have any hormone issues." That was true.

Sally could get her a job for sure, but after tonight, that would be an issue. Sally thought that she may have to augment Gavin soon, but male augments were even more expensive. "So let's get you an augment or two. Is there anything you need to retrieve from home?" "No, but please don't do this. I just wanted a friend." "And friends help each other. It may suck to pay me back, but I could use the company and so could Gavin." "Thank you," Liz said. "Don't thank me yet.

By the time our night is over, both of use will be drunk off of pleasure." Sally got up and went to the bedroom. "I'll just be a second.

Need to change and I'll be right out." Liz acknowledged the words and Sally heard the front door open and close. Sighing, she headed to change, wondering if Liz would return. By the time she came out, Liz hadn't come back and Sally shrugged it off. With or without the younger woman, Sally was going to the pleasure house. Grabbing her purse, she left the apartment.

While she locked up, she listened intently to the air, trying to hear if there was any sound coming from Grace's direction. There was nothing and with another sigh, she turned around to leave. "Oh," she exclaimed in surprise. Liz was leaning up against the wall of the hallway. "Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you," she said. "Where did you go?" The two of them walked down to the elevators. "Back home real quick.

Wanted to change and I grabbed a few things," Liz said. Sally didn't see that Liz was carrying anything worth noticing or different. As the two of them waited for the elevator to take them down to the floor, a thought occurred to Sally.

"You ever think about a woman?" "What do you mean?" What did she mean? "Nothing, forget I asked." "So are we going to the pleasure house first?" "Eager to get a cock huh?

No, we need to augment you first," Sally said with a laugh. The both of them departed the elevator when the doors opened. They exited the building and Sally led the way to her favorite clinic, which was a few blocks away, but at least she didn't need to catch a train like she would need to get to work. "Where do you work?" Liz asked. "At a marketing firm.

I work in the design department." "That sounds fun," she said. They rounded a corner. "I love my job, but it tends to be long hours." "That can be a pain," Liz said. "You don't know, or at least not the yet or the way you think. I am just glad I get breaks and have my own bathroom," Sally beamed. "What would I be doing?" "I can get you probably one of three jobs. Either a janitor, mail clerk or maybe food preparer in the cafeteria, but I would have to call in either favors or bribe for any of the jobs," Sally said.

"Mail clerk would be fun," she said. The two of them continued to walk down empty streets. No doubt most people were at work. "Kind of empty," Liz commented. Sally didn't respond, she just hoped that the lack of people meant there wouldn't be a wait at the clinic.

She was delighted when the two of them walked into the clinic and her wish had been granted. The clerk greeted them with a smile behind a desk concealed by a wall.

"Hey Sally, welcome back. What can we do for you?" The redheaded woman asked. Her name was Francine and Sally had always liked the woman. Probably because like her, Francine was reserved in augmenting her body in obvious ways.

The woman had even exclaimed in surprise when she had asked for a breast augmentation. "Nice to see you to Francine. This here's my cousin, wanted to give her a few birthday presents." "Oh what a dear you are. Well, have her take a look at the catalog and come up when you're ready," Francine said, flipping her long red hair over an ear. Sally nodded and walked over to a set of comfy looking chairs.

She sat down and Liz joined her. "Are you sure about this? I don't want you to spend a lot on me," she said.

Sally hushed her and grabbed a catalog. "Sally, to let you know, today is buy one get on free," Francine called out. "Birthday girl special." Liz laughed and Sally grinned.

They both dove into the catalog. The catalog was tasteful, though it didn't need to be. There was a single page that denoted the body part or area that one wanted to augment and then that page was followed by subsequent descriptions and pictures of what could be done with said area. "Let's get you some ass Liz," Sally said. Liz was the one who found the cheeky section and flipped through. Asses varied as they always did. From curved and bubbilicious to small and snooty.

They could firm and athletic to plushy and giving. Some even came tattooed and others had an attachment that could be augmented.

From sensitivity areas to tentacles, only one's imagination seemed to be the limit in what the female form could become. "You should get that one," Sally pointed at a set of cheeks. They were much bigger that the flat one Liz sported, but they wouldn't be such a change that she couldn't handle them. "Those?

Why those?" "Think of it as a beginner set. You go super big or something else, you might not like them. These are a sure bet to start with." "Okay," Liz said, bending the corner down to mark the page. "What else?" "Get a clit enlargement or even ridges in your ass." The two of them went through catalog after catalog looking for four augments.

In the end, Liz chose the marked set of cheeks, a size increase of her breasts, which pushed her into the high A-cup range, a clit enlargement, and an overall body sensitivity increase. The latter was Liz's sole choice in the matter.

Sally watched a Liz went up to the counter and talked to Francine. After a few moments, Liz waved back and headed to a heavy white door. Francine came out of her office and sat next to her. "So what's the story?" "Of what?" "Of that young girl, You ain't fool'n nobody.

Who is she really?" Sally sighed. "She is a girl that lives a few doors from mine. Mother hasn't set her up or anything and I decided to help." "You sure she ain't taking advantage of you?" "If she was, it would be a bad idea.

There is a contract." "Oh," she said. "Is there anybody who can do a mod for me?" "I can, but you were just in. What's up?" Sally knew why she was asking. The two of them were supposed to be kindred spirits, but she couldn't tell her the reason why the last augment had been so visible.

"Just a change in the air I suppose. I know you are against the more obvious augmenting, but I was growing tired of not having something to swing around.

My ass was naturally perfect anyways, except maybe for one thing, so my breasts were the next choice." "Are they worth it?" "I think so," Sally replied. "I can finish now with just a massage. Makes me want more you know and spices everything up." Francine was shifting around. "Have you ever thought about another woman?" "I have." "Some say it's abnormal." "I say anything that can give you pleasure that's passed up is abnormal." They smiled at each other.

Sally watched as Francine blushed. Her red cheeks matching the red hair. It was a cute sight and Sally understood now. "If you want, maybe we can get a drink sometime?" Sally offered, placing her hand on the other woman's leg. There was a shudder through the taut flesh. "I would love that," Francine said slowly. Sally wasn't sure she did, but a drink with a friend would be nice. How she would fit that into an already busy schedule was beyond her, but she would try between work and fuckfests.

"So you want another augment?" "Yeah, I'm feeling naughtier than usual. I'd like to see about making the um, backdoor sensitive." "You want a sphincter sensitization?" "As I said, naughtier than usual." "That's good.

You'll have to let me know how it feels." "Over a drink right?" They both laughed, but Sally was fighting against a growing pit of dread in her stomach.

Anything anal was going to be new. "Alright, let me get the paperwork done. I am going to find a coupon for you." "Really?" "Well, yeah. There actually is a lot out for augmenting. I'm not allowed to mention them, but, you are-" "A friend?" "A friend," Francine smiled. Sally was alone in the waiting room and she took a look around while she waited. A lone painting was on the wall with a scene of a serene lake.

There was a man with a long pole pushing a boat along the surface. In the boat were a woman and a man in what looked to be in a romantic atmosphere. Such a surreal dream and Sally felt a pang of something but buried it quickly.

"Alright Sally, it's time. Go ahead on through the heavy door." Springing up she thanked Francine and followed the command. With a skip, she was through the door and looking for another open door which would be her assigned room. She passed many doors and even thought about which one Liz would be behind. Her open door was on the left and she went in. As soon as she entered the room, the door closed automatically. On a medical bed was a packet of paper.

Sally already knew the paper was a set of instructions and warnings. She only looked at the paper to find out what position she needed to be in for the doctor when they came in. In reading, she was disturbed to see that she needed to give herself an enema before the procedure could be conducted. It was never too late to back out of a procedure, but with the promise of more pleasure, there was no way for her to back out.

Not after losing Jason and struggling with Gavin. With a lack of sperm, she was getting dangerously close to where her hormone levels would indicate that she was breaking the law. The enema bag and a clear tube hung from the bed. The bag was already full, so she grabbed it and went into the bathroom. Inside the bathroom, the quickly discarded her pants and prepared for the enema. As the liquid flowed into her rectum, her thoughts turned to disgust as discomfort filled her.

After emptying and cleaning herself up, she folded her pants up and sat on the bed and waited. Minutes passed. Sally began to wonder about how Gavin was doing. The warnings Liz had given her, Gavin could come back a changed boy for the worse.

She was mulling over going by and checking on him when the door slid open. "Hey there Sally, how are you doing today?" It was Veronica.

Somehow, she was the doctor who managed to do the majority of the augments. "Doing good." "Pretty surprised about this," she said, moving through the examination room. Sally watched as Veronica moved about, gathering supplies and setting up a tray of different things. "Will this hurt?" "A little. Why don't you go ahead and get on your hands and knees on the bed? It would help you to masturbate." Sally blushed at the suggestion.

Even though thoughts of sexual trysts with a woman were hinted at with Francine, committing such a lewdful act pushed the idea too fast.

"Why would that help?" "Orgasm will relax you and loosen up your muscles. I have to insert some pretty big objects. By the amount of augmentation you've ordered for the back door, I'd say you're a virgin to anal stimulation and so in an effort to reduce further discomfort, you should masturbate," Veronica said with a smile and a nod.

The cropped hair blonde went back to preparations. Sally did move into position. She even stroked fingers through swollen lips, but no matter how hard she tried, there was no way to get motivated into the pleasure. Then a hand was placed on her rump.

"Couldn't do it huh? No matter, I'm ready. So relax as much as you can. The lube will be cold." There was the sound of a snap as medical gloves were fitted. She tried not to whimper, but she did gasp in shock when the cold of the lube touched her anus. "I told you it was cold. Now relax, this is going to take a few." From those words, Sally felt almost violated as what she assumed were fingers working the lube in and out of her rectum.

Eventually, cool lube was squirted directly into the now gaping orifice. "You are going to feel a lot of pressure, just relax," Pressure was an understatement. Sally couldn't see what was being pushed up against her asshole, but she speculated that it was a phallus shaped object. She screamed in pain when the object suddenly assaulted her ass.

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It pushed in. "That's it, just relax. Little bit more," Veronica assured her. With a breath, the thing settled in and then was devoid in her ass. "Oh," Sally cried out, trying to keep tears from welling up. "One more and we are about done. This one is a tad bigger, but it contains the augmenting within. Just bear with it." Again something pressed up against her ass. Sally cried openly as it sank into her. Its size was no joke and it felt to her to be like taking up a traffic cone into herself.

It took forever for it to stop penetrating her and just rest within her bowels. "Okay Sally, the painful part is next. Just grip the table." "What do you mean next?" There was the sound of a surge and then her insides felt like they were being stung over and over.

The pain was tremendous and blurred her vision. She didn't know if she screamed with the pain. It ended when her ass was suddenly empty. "What the fuck?" she said angrily, gritting to the pain. "I know. It hurt me too. Give it a few seconds and you will think nothing of it," Veronica said.

Sally heard her moving around and the clatter of metal and things being moved around. Feeling lied to, she was about to shift around and yell at Veronica for the pain when it just disappeared. As if a switch had been flipped, she began moaning as her ass hungered to be filled.

It itched with sensitivity. "There we go. Well, I'm all done here. You can leave as soon as you're able," Veronica said. "Until next time." Sally barely heard the doctor leave. Concentration was hard to get back. Every move sent waves of pleasure throughout her. By the time she was even able to shift her body to a sitting position, Sally was already buzzing jerking as small orgasms racked her. Jumping from the table almost brought her to her knees as the strain on her internal fire.

Getting her pants on was an equal chore of torture and when the fabric pushed up against the skin, it ignited a throbbing in her cunt.

Sally walked out of the operation room and headed back to the lobby. When she walked through the doors Liz was already there waiting. The augments done to the younger women looked amazing to Sally. She looked even more normal from the bean pole she had been before. "When they said you went back-" Sally shushed Liz and walked up to the window.

Francine greeted her, but the conversation was minimal. She got the impression Francine wanted to ask how the augment was, but the conversation never went there.

Mostly because Sally's voice was shaking along with her hands. After paying, Francine did slide her a card with her number on it. Stuttering thanks and a promise to call, Sally walked out of the clinic.

"Are you okay?" "Yeah, I just need sex, like right now," she said. She was looking up and down the street trying to figure out the best way to get to a pleasure house. "What did you do?" "I decided to see about anal. The augment is intense," Sally said before turning to Liz. "You look amazing. We are going to have to get you some clothes soon. Let's go get laid." Journeying a few blocks was a torturous hell for Sally.

Each step continued the mini orgasms and she struggled to keep composure. Thankfully Liz asked a ton of questions about sex and it helped to explain some things. Sally would stutter out replies, but by the time they arrived at a pleasure house, Liz's questions were bordering on losing her virginity.

All Sally did was assure her that the pain was worth it. Pleasure houses took many forms. They service every fetish to every class of citizen as long as the money flowed. The pleasure house the two of them were standing in front of operated in an apartment building. Here, men would have their own room, but there would be a woman operating a desk.

After purchase, money is always given up front, keys would be given out. Sally ordered a male that specialized in first-timers for Liz.

It was a bit more, but Sally left instructions with the clerk that when Liz's time was up, she was to be escorted to the room Sally would be in. Sally's order centered on having one male to herself for the same time that Liz would have her own. Then when Liz was brought into the room, another male would be escorted in.

All four of them then would proceed to fuck for as long as Sally wanted or until the time paid ran out. "Would that be days?" the clerk asked. "No, just for the night. Can we get room service?" "That can be included.

With what you are purchasing, you qualify for a free dinner and breakfast." "Good." Sally practically snatched the presented key out of the young clerk's arm. The clerk held out a key to Liz, who took it timidly. "It will be okay honey." "Okay," Liz said. Sally hugged Liz, embracing the smaller woman in a tight hold and giving her a kiss on the forehead.

"Have fun," Sally said before heading to her room. A short elevator ride and Sally was in a suite room. Being alone in the room didn't last long.

A young man walked in and closed the door behind himself.


"Hello, ma'am. I am Nick. I will be servicing you today," he said. Sally sat on the bed sending shutters rolling through her like earthquakes and looked at the boy. He was young, just around eighteen.

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Fit, but not so much that it would make her uncomfortable looking at veiny muscles. Only thing she wanted to see veins on was his cock.

With blue eyes and sandy blonde hair, he reminded her of a young Jason and a future Gavin. "Hey, Nick. It's a pleasure to meet you.

I'm Sally." "What would you like?" "A pounding Nick. My cunt and my ass need it and you got just the tools to accomplish that don't you?" "I have no experience in anything anal ma'am. I apologize." "No matter, just get your robe off," Sally said lustfully. She wanted to see him naked. The robe fell to the floor and Sally found herself staring and a huge cock. Bigger than anything she had ever seen. It hung down to his knee, already thick, but it didn't look to be hard.

"Jesus, what do they feed you boys here?" He smirked at her. "Lots of thick gorgeous women like yourself ma'am." Maybe she should have been offended. Being called thick wasn't even on her list of compliments. But the praise went straight to her pussy, flaring it up in ravenous hunger. "You always tell the ladies that?" "If they ask, but they don't tend to be as flirtatious as you." "That's because this lady likes the tease.

Don't get me wrong, I want to tackle you and ride you into bliss, but I feel like letting you have control. Better get a move on kiddo, I know you don't get to be the beast you want to be often." He stood there staring at her for a moment, considering her words.

"You're right ma'am. Hope you're ready." "Kid, either give me it to me now or send me someone who will." Nick made a growl and scrambled to the bed. She let out a whoop of laughter as he bounced and pushed her to the bed.

He kissed her hard; his hands ran over her confined breasts and one leg pushed up against her crotch. She was all too glad to rub up against. Shivers of pleasure went through her. The top of her shirt was ripped down and he sucked one of the nipples into his mouth. It was already erect and the pulling of his eager mouth thrust her into a powerful orgasm.

Shaking and moaning wonderfully egged him on and soon, even before her pulsing cunt had finished rippling, he had her pants off. "You smell sweet and jeez, like a river down here," he said. Finger pushed and probed. Spread and pinched. "Oh yes," Sally hissed through her teeth. His fingers were running against the spongy part of her pussy on the inside, making stars danced in her vision.

"No more, I want your cock, please. I need a shot of good young viral male." He continued much to her delight with his hands. It was driving her mad with lust but he coaxed her cunt into a glorious orgasm that sent her writhing away from him. When she came down, her ass was prostrated in the air, wiggling back and forth. Smack sounds as he began sucking and kissing the naked flesh of her ass. The attention made her wiggle. "Stop it, I need to fuck. Give me that big cock," she begged.

Already she could the cool air amplifying itself against her wet thighs. "Now now ma'am, patience is a virtue," he said. Sally didn't know why but his words and refusal to comply with her demand frustrated her pussy to buzzing new heights of being swollen.

"Ugh, what are oh," she said and another orgasm ripped through her. "Ma'am, your pussy is sure spraying. May I partake of your personal offering of drink?" A face was suddenly pressed up against her sex. His tongue delved in between her lips and lapped between them. Fat labia hugged his tongue, reveling in pleasure. Sally howled in release as the muscle pressed through the fat flesh and nestled up against her clit. What made the moment even more erotic to her was that his nose sat firmly between her cheeks.

With a shove back, she pressed the point of it against her anus and shook in pleasure. Everything was overwhelming her and his mouth brought her into another mind-shattering finish. That orgasm dissipated and her cunt could no longer be sated without something for it to sink onto. "Nick, I need you to fuck me, right now." "Ma'am-" "No, no more teasing. Stick your cock into me. I can't take it," she prostrated.

He obeyed her. The bed sank and moved as he got on the bed and positioned himself behind her. Before when Sally had seen him naked, she assumed that his dick was as big as it could get.

When the round bulb of his head pressed against her quivering sex, she knew she had been mistaken in its size. "God, you're huge. What do they feed you?" "Lots of protein ma'am." "Well, hurry it up. I want my own dose of that," she said. "Syringe for protein shot being administered." Sally could have cried out in stretched pain as his cock assaulted the tightness of her pussy. She didn't and instead moaned loudly to convince herself it was worth it. An eternity passed but inch by inch of his thick man meat sank into her.

By the time he pulled and pushed to get it all in, the pain was gone, replaced by orgasmic contractions. "Ah, is it all the way in yet?" With a thrust, he was. Sally had never been so filled in her life. She proceeded to ride the dick in her with wanton abandon. "Ma'am, you have to calm down," he said, but she wouldn't. Each rock back and forth drove her to the orgasm she had been questing for since Jason had left.

A rumble was building in her until it reached a roar. It took her a few moments and that roar sent her into a seismic event that left her having seizures on the bed. An orgasm that lasted long and even as her body involuntarily kept riding the pole sticking in it. Just as the orgasm was subsiding, Sally heard Nick cry out in a grunt.

Before she could register his orgasm, her womb was bathed in hot cum. Her orgasm flared up from its tapering like a faucet being turned wide open. When her sex let his cock slide out of her with a sloppy gurgle, chills went through her body. Their breathing was heavy and she fell to her side, trying to recover her senses. That was hard to do while her cunt still suffered sharp convulsions. Nick fell onto the bed next to her with a sigh of contentment.

"I think I need a few minutes ma'am," he said. "That's fine. I do too. How long before the other two show up?" "Only ten minutes or so." "It took that long?" "Fraid so ma'am. I'm sorry for cumming so soon." "Don't be. You were perfect, even commend worthy." Eyes closed, Sally struggled to still her body. The sharp pulls of her cunt reminded her that it wanted even more. Not to mention there was a smoldering want continuing to build in her back door. Today had been a first for many things and when Liz and the other ordered male entered the room, a new round of firsts would start.

Sally couldn't decide what would be the next. Just as she was about to get up for some water, the door to the room opened. "Sally?" It was Liz. "In here," she called out, eyes still closed. The door closed and Liz walked into the room. Sally had to laugh when she heard a gasp. "They can get that big?" "Yes, ma'am. Would you like to meet it?" "In a second. I'm very sore," she said.

Sally sat up. "Nick, pour some drinks please," she said. Nick got up and obeyed. "So did you like?" "It hurt at first, but now I can see what you mean about being addicted." "It gets even better. Just wait. The night is young." "You want me to go even more?" "You don't have to," Sally said with a stretch. "I would advise that you do. The orgasms get better each time you do it." Nick walked up to each of them and gave them a glass of water.

He left again, no doubt to get his own. "Liz, when he get back, I want you to suck him off with your mouth." Liz smiled. "I can do that, but he is huge." "I just want to see what you can do." "A lot. My first had me do a lot of things in an hour." "Good." They sipped their drinks. When Nick walked into the area they were in, Liz dropped her empty glass to the floor and rushed to be kneeling in front of him.

"What-what-are you oh," he said as Liz lifted his dick and began to lick the tip. Sally watched as the girl eagerly worked Nick into wanting to go for another round. Getting up, Sally joined her friend and the two of them licked his cock. He fell against the wall. Sally worked herself to sucking on one of his sizable testes. Liz joined her by sucking on the other one.

Their faces were close and Sally realized as she locked eyes with Liz that the younger woman was taking clues from her. With a smile, Sally closed her eyes with a moan that Liz mimicked. Nick groaned. With a slurp, Sally licked up the sizable length and marveled at how such a thing would fit into her. He had cleaned himself from her too, which slightly saddened her. It turned her on immensely to lick her own juices off a cock, but she settled for the salty precum at the tip of it.

With a slurp, she got the tasty snack. Then a tongue was swirling with hers and Sally looked to see Liz with her eyes closed. Feeling naughty, Sally reached out and pulled Liz into both of their first lesbian kiss. Liz struggled to pull away for a second and then returned the kiss with zeal. With a shove, the smaller woman pushed Sally to the floor and left nick forgotten on the wall as they explored each other.

Their kiss broke and Liz went to sucking on one of Sally's nipple, eliciting a pant. Teeth sunk into the dainty flesh of her nipples. That was enough to completely reignite the fires of all-consuming lust in Sally. "Eat me," Sally demanded of Liz. Spreading her legs, Sally shifted in anticipation as Liz kissed down her belly and to her throbbing clam.

The smooches were light on reddened lips and it drove Sally mad with lust. Just as Liz began licking up her snatch, the door opened and the last member of the party walked in. Liz scrambled away and Sally watched as the blushing girl moved to the bed. Shifting, Sally looked to the newcomer. "Started already huh Nick?" the man said, leaning up against the wall.

He was young looking like Nick and had slicked back black hair. Leather scrunched as he leaned against the wall. "Sorry man, you know when the ladies want it," he said. "Who are you?" Liz asked. "So what are they like?" the newcomer asked.

"One on the floor is an animal and the one on the bed, I don't know. Lost her virginity earlier." "She asked you a question," Sally said. There was anger rising in her. "I'm sorry. Just greeting an old friend. Name is Jimmy, but call me Crow," he said moving off the wall. With a swing of his arms, his jacket fell to the floor. "Nick, why don't you take care of the lady on the bed.

I'm going to introduce myself more thoroughly with her," Crow said. His demeanor, the bad boy persona wasn't something Sally found attractive. She mentally cursed herself for asking for anything. Now she got what she ordered. Rolling, she stood up and found herself face to face with Crow. Liz made a noise that Sally looked to investigate. "Not good to be distracted," Crow said.

"I don't think I like your tone," Sally warned. "Ha, well, why don't we give you something else to think about then." Her nipples twisted in delicious pain and Sally looked back at him angrily. "That's right, come and get it." Sally pushed him to the floor. She followed and turned her body around so that her pussy landed on his face. "Damn woman, these have to be the thickest cunt lips I've ever seen," he said. "They're tasty too." "Are they?" "Yes, they are-oh," Liz shouted out before tapering into a series of gasps and moans.

Sally found the sounds sexy and joined the symphony of noises as Crow devoured her inflamed fruit. Where Liz had been a meek but eager pussy eater, Crow was eager and had aggressiveness. It only took Crow a few minutes to have her dousing him with her squirting cunt.

He even continued his ministrations as her orgasm raged. When she came down, it was then she realized there was a throbbing cock confined in the jeans near her face. With a long moan, she unzipped his pants and freed the tool of pleasure. Sally couldn't have cared less about what Crow had between his legs. He was smaller, by inches than Nick and Sally engulfed his length in a lustful groan. The member was already leaking precum and she sucked eagerly on it, enjoying both its smoothness and saltiness.

With a savage groan, she sucked him deep into her throat, almost painfully slamming the appendage into her eager esophagus. Crow moaned and the vibrations made her buck and slam her hips down. Seconds passed as she enjoyed her treat and then the slaps on her rump started.

Each one sent quivers of pleasure through her body. That was until the slaps tapered off and it felt like Crow was trying to push her away. Relaxing, her hips came up and an audible gasp filled the room. Crow gasped and his cock exploded down her throat, filling it with his seed.

When the throbs stopped and his cock softened, she let it fall out of her mouth while she licked her lips. "Are you trying to kill me?" Crow squawked out in gasps. "What, my cunt too much for you to handle?" "You know what bitch?" He said with sudden anger. Sally took offense to his anger and was about to get off him to start complaining when he beat her to the move.

With a call of a mimicked bird, the cry of a crow, he rammed a finger into her virgin tight ass. The intrusion caused her to pause and a moan escaped her lips. He slapped her ass and she pushed back against his hand. "Oh is that what you want? How about a second there eh?" Her sphincter gladly spread to absorb the second appendage into it.

Anger placated, she was soon rejoining Liz in coos of pleasure. Crow shifted under her and she allowed him to turn about until he was no longer underneath her. How his fingers remained planted in her rectum was a mystery but she wasn't complaining when he added a third. "Oh-" she cried out. Then the fingers were gone. "What are you doing?" she said, looking back at him. Crow was getting naked. "Hold on-I'll be fuck'n that ass in a sec." Sally took the chance to look over to the bed.

All she could see was Nick's back as he stood pounding Liz with the enormous cock. He was holding her legs up and the Liz was no longer making any noises. "Yo Nick leave the poor girl alone. Can't you see she's had enough?" Nick looked over at Crow sheepishly. "She passed out," he said. "I can see that. Why don't you bring out the instrument responsible for that and put it to use over here.

With the two of us, we'll give this bitch here a real good reaming." "I don't like that word." Both of them looked at her. She stretched like a cat, impatience growing.

"You two need to do something. Between the bad language and non-fucking going on, I am thinking of a complaint." Nick pulled away from the bed and walked over to Sally.

His cock hung thick and long down between his legs as he walked. "Damn dude, where'd you get that monster?" "What, this ol' thing? Believe it or not, customer paid for it because she wanted it the biggest she had seen." "Get it in her cunt. When you're set up with her on top, I'll come in from behind." Sally liked the sound of that and watched as Nick sat on the floor and lay on his back.

"Like the man said, ma'am, come and sit on it," he said with a laugh. Like a feline, she sauntered over to him and straddled him. She had to guide his cock once against her fat lips and her pussy wetted once more in excitement to take its length and girth inside. Sally groaned haughtily. "The lady likes it, Crow," Nick said.

Sally started riding, trying to get full strokes off the enormity. She was going good and bringing herself up to a nice orgasm when firm hands gripped her hips and stopped her. "Whoa lady, slow down. Hold on," Crow said. Hands moved to her cheeks and spread them. The lack of pressure on her hips allowed her to move. "Hurry, whatever you are doing please hurry.

I need to cum," she begged. "Well, cum then," Crow said. Sally wanted to reply but then as a cock slid up her ass, all that was possible was to enjoy the waves of exquisite pleasure. Crow thrust into her hard and picked up a pace that ended up bouncing her up and down Nick's cock. In the end, Sally lost count of how many orgasms ripped through her. All she knew was that as the slapping of the bodies resounded like artillery blasts in the room, ended abruptly when a sudden darkness overtook her.

When she regained consciousness, it was to being on the floor and to soreness. Her ass and cunt ached and her body protested with any movement. Sitting up slow and rubbing her head, she blinked to clear the fog swimming over her mind as cum slid out of her gaping holes.

"What happened?" she said, utterly confused to be alone. There was a groan in reply and Sally looked to her side to see Liz still on the bed and passed out. Looking around the room and noticing she hadn't taken a full stock of it when she had first arrived in it, she saw a digital clock on the wall. Six hours had passed since the two of them had arrived. With a groan of pain, wobbly legs took her to the kitchen of the place and to gratefully, a glass of cold water. Drinking greedily while a hand steadied her on the counter, her thoughts roamed to what to do about tonight.

The men were obviously gone, having completed their time. She could complain about them leaving but then, the establishment would tell her allotted time had been fulfilled.

Not that she needed any more sex right at the moment. With being as sore as she was and Liz still passed out, it was doubtful either of them would be in need of a cock for at least a day. Feeling content and better, she walked back into the room and headed over to the bed, there she laid down next to Liz, who moaned but didn't stir.

Without much protest, she slipped into a blissful sleep and a smile on her face. The next morning, Sally awoke to the smell of wonderful smelling food and the sound of a running shower. Getting up, Sally headed to the bathroom. Outside the door, she heard Liz singing a tune of melodic quality.

It was too bad that in the current world, music had fallen into more of a back burner in importance. Too many were focused on their next fix of carnal delights to worry over such things.

"Sleep well?" Liz asked as Sally walked into the bathroom. "Yeah, you?" "Christ, best nights sleep in years. I'm just super sore." Sally mumbled an agreement while relieving herself on the toilet. The steam in the bathroom mixed with the smell of sex.

With a flush, Sally got up and decided to join Liz in the shower. Pulling the door open, the smaller woman looked back at her. "Mind if I join you?" Sally asked, not even bothering to get an answer before she stepped into the spacious shower. She whistled, impressed with the stone floor and the waterfall shower head. Liz handed over a bar of soap that smelled like oranges.

Liz stepped aside and Sally gratefully got under the hot water. "Oh my god, this is almost better than sex," Sally said with a sigh. The hot water caressed her and helped her relax. In no time her soreness faded away, especially when her attention was pulled to Liz.

Liz was standing in the corner of the shower waiting. Sally felt bad about taking over the shower and called the younger woman over.

"Hey, did you wash yet?" "No, I was just about to when you came in." Sally grabbed the woman and pulled her in for a kiss. "Sorry about that. Tell you what, I want to wash you." Lathering the soap in her hands, Sally began washing her partner.

One of the things that could be complained about last night is that she didn't get to enjoy what she had purchased for Liz. Sally was worried the woman would protest but when she began moaning, Sally was encouraged to wash the girl thoroughly. Her breasts were small, not even worth noting really.

What was great about them was how hard and thick the nipples were. She couldn't help but play with them. This action inevitably brought them closer together and soon Sally's hands roamed to wash more private areas.

Liz's clit was a wonder too to Sally. Where Sally had concentrated on making her labia pillowy and plump, Liz had forgone that with her mod on her clit. Two inches long and at least a half inch thick, the clit was hard like a mini cock. Heck, Liz shook uncontrollably while Sally played with it and soon the girl was orgasming in a gush of pussy juice that quickly washed away.

Finished, Sally washed herself up and Liz gathered herself up. When Sally finished, she left the woman alone in the shower while she dried off.

"Hey, we need to get ready to go soon. They'' call the cops if we are late leaving." "Uh huh," Liz responded and Sally heard the shower turn off as she left the bathroom. Feeling hungry, Sally ordered up some breakfast and found that they had over an hour left. She planned on eating and heading home after they ate. Gavin needed to be retrieved and subsequently checked for any changes that his borrower may have inflicted.

The thought of him made her pussy twitch. Taking a few deep breaths she calmed herself in shudders. Liz may be willing to help her out especially after the shower or so Sally thought, but once started time could fly by too fast to keep track of.

With a shudder, she waited for the food or Liz to show themselves. It was Liz that did first. "Sally," she started as she walked into the room from the bathroom. Sally looked to Liz. "I owe you so much. Thank you." "You're welcome. Breakfast will be here soon." "Good, I'm starving." Sally wanted to offer her pussy up. It could use a good licking. Instead, she opted to lie back on the bed and watch the minutes tick away from the clock.

Liz was quiet and thankfully within five minutes, a knock on the door signaled food. They both ate heartily of pancakes, fresh fruit and drank coffee. When they were finished, there was still twenty minutes and Sally picked up that Liz was hesitant to leave. "When you get more money you can come here. Until then, we have Gavin." "Are you going to be able to share him?" "Yeah, why do you ask?" "I woke up for a few seconds last night.

You had those two so exhausted they almost stayed and broke the rules." "What can I say; my body is a black hole of pleasure." The two of them laughed and left the room. The walk home seemed to take longer and by the time they arrived at home, Sally was fully worked up to needing sex. "I have to go get Gavin," she said to Liz before leaving the younger woman alone in her apartment. It was a mission not only to get Gavin out of the clutches of Grace but to get him buried ball deep in her aching cunt.

Even as she knocked on the door, she realized she was going to have to mod him for sure. At least, for cum production and speed of recovery. There were clicks as locks were undone and Sally was greeted by Grace.

"Hey Grace," Sally greeted with a smile. The bigger woman sneered and then smiled back. "Back for your toy?" "My son actually. Is he ready?" "Yeah, you can take him. Useless. What have you been teaching him?" "What to please me," Sally said without so much as emotion in her voice. Grace turned and calls Gavin. "Now young man, don't be rude again. I wouldn't want to have to get your mother to let me have you again." Sally knew it was a veiled threat and an actual want of the woman.

Gavin looked to the floor and he looked dejected. He walked out the door and Grace slammed it shut leaving the two of them in the hallway. "Bad?" Sally asked as they walked back home. "Mom, she was horrible." Inside her bedroom, Sally found herself consoling her son instead of being fucked by him as he cried.

It took her a long while to get details about his time with Grace. The woman had been a horror, berating him about his lack of experience. Eventually, the woman had given up and decided to just punish him in a series of face-sittings and eat out session. Sally tried not to laugh when he said he didn't think she showered. As he cried on her shoulder, Sally pulled his face up to look at him. "It will be okay, I will never treat you like that and neither will Liz while she is here." He sniffled and Sally brought him into a tender kiss.

That kiss turned into a more passionate one and Sally moved slowly with Gavin. She had been a demanding lover, but tonight, he needed the tenderness to help with his turmoil. Eventually, they were both naked and Sally was guiding him into herself. He still had a small pecker, but when enough time passed, she would be fixing that.

Her pussy may be tight and could feel him for pleasure, but she still wanted to be stretched. When they both came together, she let him fall asleep in her bed and left him to talk to Liz.

Liz had taken over Gavin's room in the couple of hours they had been home. Sally found the younger woman masturbating. "That looks like fun," Sally said, her pussy already reigniting in lust. "You had sex?" "I did but I'm still horny." "I could pay you back for earlier." Sally smiled and climbed into bed with Liz.

She was content and as Liz pleasured her, Sally reveled in her power as each powerful orgasm. End Thank you for reading. I know many of you are wondering about my other series. Sadly, I have been on a hiatus from writing due to a major job change.

While I am in training, my writing has had to go on the back burner. This project had been completed before I started my new job and I had just gotten to getting an editor for it. Thank you to Todger65 for the help. I will slowly chip away at new chapters as I can. Thank you all for the support.