Gozando gostoso na cama cheio de leite

Gozando gostoso na cama cheio de leite
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Helene plants a wett French kiss on meas she crawls across the long seat on her hands and knees. Helene breaks our mouths from embrace as she has unbuckled my belt and unzipped pants and she inserts her hand into my linen pants, as she draws her open mouth and lips toward my thick raging Big Black Cock which is in full view for her to see. "Yes baby, mama has been waiting to free your cock . I mean my Big Black Cock from your pants since we first kissed hello in the diner.

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My BBC is so thick and long I'm gonna make it glisten with my spit as I prepare it to take your slut's experienced white cunt. " As she's talking I've got one of my hands rubbing on her hard clit and soaking wett whore cunt, and then her moans of approval fill the entire SUV.

I rip of my shirt and push my pants off me to rest on the floor. Helene kicks off her heels for comfortability sake as her saliva falls down on my shaft as she strokes my BBC up n down aggressively as she begins to beg to feel my thick big cock deep inside her hungry cunt. Simultaneously I eagerly begin to lick and suck on her big tits, and we continue to tease and edge each other on with our touch and our "dirty talking" back n forth.

Now almost ready to fuck each other senseless Helene focuses on her BBC and wraps her lips around the pulsating and throbbing head of my big cock vigorously sucking away at the magnificent specimen she always had dreams of when she was younger, but now here she is an experienced SlutWife with my virile Big Black Cock ready to OWN her dripping white cunt, big round ass, and hungry whore mouth.

" Cum own your white whore's holes baby .

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Give mama all that big dick right now." As you all know you never make a lady ask you twice, so I turned her around on the seat putting my sexy Hott white SlutWife face-down ass-up. I smacked her big ass and told her to pull apart her ass cheeks so I could take her doggystyle and stretch her cunt out deep and wide enough to take all my BBC. She obliged me with no hesitation whatsoever. My whore's cunt was now extremely wettso half of my 11 inch BBC thrusted inside her hungry cuntas we both grunted in approval at how easily my manhood entered her "love tunnel." Helene asked my permission to lift her head up so she could look over her shoulder at meas I made her Hott slutty mature cunt ALL MINE.

So I gripped her hips tighter as her big ass shook with every thrust of my BBC deeper into her until she let out a loud scream and audible "Ohh fuck baby"as I banged up against her pussy wall and my big thick cock invaded her womb with repeated long and hard strokes.


"YES, YES, YES Own your white whore's cunt my Black Bull Stud !" "Damn Helene, I wanna CUM in my whore's cunt . All in your womb with my fertile seed." "Pump your fertile Black Baby Making-Seed deep in your whore's womb.

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Give me your Hott cumloads baby !" Helene exclaimed with lust and passion in her voice. " Your mature white whore craves more from you right now .


Fill my big whore ass up with your thick BBC !" she bellowed. "I love how you read my mind Helene"I replied with a huge devilish grin on my face.

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No more words exchanged she pulled my BBC out her cunt spit several times on the big head of my cockas I smacked her big ass again but harder this time than the first.

" My Bull Stud push apart your whore's ass cheeksso I can slid your hungry throbbing big dick into my whore ass." "Mmmmm"I roared as I entered her tight asshole. "Yes Daddyfuck my. big white whore ass! " "Tell me your my naughty white married whore you horny insatiable slut ." Helene then moaned and repeated three times"I'm your naughty white married whore Daddy !" On the last one I shouted out "I'm gonna cum deep in my naughty white whore's big ass!" So without further delay, I grunted and gyrated wildly as my BBC unleashed load after cumload deep in my white whore's luscious big ass.

"Yesgive me your Hott cum all in my big ass my black bull !" "You know your white whore is so so hungry to have all your Big Black Cock using all my whore holes ." Helene proceeded to take my still throbbing BBC Ass-to-Mouth as she looked up to me from her kneeling position.

She said, "damn Daddy the mixture of your BBC and my ass taste so good on your BBC" with a big smile on her face.

My sexy naughty white whore Helene sure did know how to stroke my BBC and my mind. By nowher SUV was filled with the smell of sweaty hot sex and our bodily fluids were covering her back seat.

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She said, " I'm not finished with you baby your white whore needs more of her young Black Bull Stud's thick cock in all my slutty hungry whore holes." I looked at her in amazement as this mature experienced cougar was trying to wear me and my BBC out.

"Okay sweetie, let's go get cleaned up first and then we can continue sexing each other"I told Helene.


Helene sat on my lap and looked into my eyes while grinding down on my cock to start getting me in the mood again. She placed her hand on my cheek and said " I love you Daddy" "We belong to each other now" " I'm your white whore and that big dick of yours belongs to me until further notice." We hugged, then got dressed so we could continue our sex play at her place.

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Helene then stated, " Daddy I'm gonna call my girlfriend to join us tonight ." I just smiled in approval.