Fucking My Sisters Friend While She Sleeps

Fucking My Sisters Friend While She Sleeps
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My name is Matt, for the past 5 years I have had the greatest youth minister at my church, I just graduated and I've just ruined my friendship with him forever. When Darrel first arrived at our he brought along his beautiful wife, Autumn. She is about 5'7" golden brown hair, hazel eyes and a gorgeous body.

Since then she has had two kids but maintained a gorgeous figure and since she doesn't believe in breast feeding she has maintained healthy 38D breasts, and a plump ass. Recently Darrel went out of town with his kids to spend some alone time with him.

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Two days ago Autumn called me and asked me to come over she had been cleaning and there were some boxes and bags she needed me to move to the street. When I came over the door was open but the glass screen door was closed, this was a universal sign at their house to come on in.


So I did. I walked down their hallway and opened their bedroom door. "Hey Matt, how are you?" she said smiling at me. "I'm alright, where is the stuff I need to move?" "Kind of all over, I'll show you, oh hang on…" she bent over and picked up something, I don't know what it was because I was to focused on her ass, it was gorgeous.

Prior to that moment I'd never thought of her sexually but in that moment all I knew was that I wanted that ass for myself. She turned and caught me staring she smiled, "heh," she laughed to herself, "so there isn't much to move but its too heavy for me, here they are," she directed me to a pile of boxes and I lifted the first, a little heavy, but I could see why she couldn't carry them herself. "Hey," she called out, "I'm going to go take a shower I'll be right out, there's a pizza on the way." "I'll keep an ear out for it," I yelled back, as I continued moving things out of the house to the curb I began to think of her in the shower water streaming over her breathtaking body, No No I can't think of her that way she's the wife of my minister.

But the image was there and it wasn't going anywhere.


I came back inside with one box left, the water had stopped running, she was probably drying herself off, slowly gently rubbing the water off of her… No this was wrong it was terrible of me to think these things she was a mother and a wife, the wife of my minister!!!

But its not going to happen even if I tried she is a woman of strong morals.

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I grabbed the last box, and took it to the street, as I did the pizza arrived I paid the guy and took the pizza inside. She had gotten dressed, in a sleeveless top and tight jean shorts, and come out of her room, "oh, great the pizza's here just set it on the table I'll get some plates and cups, she went to the cupboard and reached up (in futility) "Matt, can you grab the pizza tray for me?" "Sure," I said as I came up behind her still semi-erect from thoughts of her I inadvertently pressed myself into her as I reached over her for the tray passing it down to her.

"mmm" she moaned slightly as I pulled away. I held there for a moment my dick poking her lower back.

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I could smell her scent I leaned in to her hair to take the scent in better, running my hand through her hair onto her neck and down her side resting at her waist, she turned over one shoulder and we caught each other in a gaze as we tilted our heads like lovers going for the first kiss… CRASH!!! the pizza tray had slipped from her hand and crashed into the floor, breaking us from our trance.

We sat and slowly ate in awkward silence neither of us acknowledging what had happened between us. When we finished she rose from her seat.

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"I- I'm going to do some dishes" she collected the dishes from the table and headed for the sink. "I'll help you," I rose up I knew that she didn't need help, but I wanted to see if this might go anywhere, minister's wife or not I needed to know.

I came up behind her and as I started to reach around her I felt her tense up but as I wrapped my hands around her waist and pressed my fully erect 8-inch dick into the crack of her ass, "MMmmmm" she moaned lightly, releasing the dish she held in her hand placing her hands on top of mine and lacing our fingers.

She began to look up at me as we gently grinded into one another, "oh, this is so wrong," she said as our lips reached out and touched tenderly at first and as we continued to press into one another at the hips and at the lips, our tongues became entangled, exploring each other's mouths.

Suddenly she pulled away. "No this is wrong, I'm married, with two children," I pressed into her, "oh but it feels so…" we kissed again, more intensely than before.

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Our hands began to explore one another's bodies. My hands came to rest on her luscious ass, and I squeezed it tightly, and she let out an intense moan. I pulled her up and rested her on the counter, as I reached down I pulled on her top, bringing it up, she fought it pushing her shirt down, I reached my hand up onto her breast through her shirt and bra, "Uuhhhh" she moaned.

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We continued to make out, as I massaged her breast I kept a hand on the hem of her shirt, and her hand rested there fending me off but then I found her erect nipple through her bra and shirt and pinched it, "Uunnnhhh" she groaned into my mouth. Then she pulled away. "Listen," she said, "no matter how much you or I may want to, we can't go all the way, I'm not on the pill and if I get pregnant it will be yours, Darrel and I haven't had sex since my one year old was conceived." "Well then I guess you need it," I said leaning in to kiss her.

"Matt we can't I'm afraid making out is as far as we can go," "Fine," I said and we began to make out more, slowly I worked my hands down her back, squeezing her ass before letting my hands sneak up the back of her shirt. She started to move to stop me but I pulled her to me, her legs wrapped around my waist, Her resolve had melted from the feeling of my raging hard on near her neglected snatch. My hands grabbed her shirt hem and pulled it up over her head. Her breasts were enormous and perfect held back by her bra, she reached behind her grabbed her bra strap and undid it, and her breasts were free and bounced before me, I quickly grasped her breasts and she groaned incredibly.

I just took one of her nipples, her perfect areolas, into my mouth, "oh god that's good," she moaned. I began using my free hand to pull her shorts away, she was so focused on my tongue swirling around her nipple that she simply lifted herself to my tugging.

Now she was almost completely naked on the counter in their kitchen when I realized that there were windows and if we were caught I would never have another chance at this, I pulled her panties off and began to massage her glorious mound, as I did I slid a single finger in to her snatch and she erupted in her first orgasm she pulled my head into her breast as she exploded. "OH MY GOD, MATT!!!

Its never been like that I've never cum like that before." "I'm not done either," I smiled.

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"good" she moaned through her sighs of pleasure. I lifted her up, I knew we needed to move to a more private area, her marital bed. I laid her gently on the bed, her legs hanging off the end, I knew she would need more convincing if I was to get inside her. I began to lick at her moist mound, working my tongue around her clit, as she continued to moan, "YES matt just like that oh my God I've never had it this good before!

I began to slowly work my fingers in and our of her snatch first one, then two, and finally three, I began to reach and touch her g spot, and I used my free hand and slid a finger into the crack of her asshole, "HOLY SHIT!!!" she cried as her second orgasm came over her "Oh my God this is so wrong but… OH,, don't stop, I don't care if every one finds out I want you inside me. I want that dick in me NOW" "OK but first I want something for me," "OH MY GOD Anything!!!

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Anything you want, just say it," "Your ass," "I've never had anyone in there, but fuck just do it!!!" So I rolled her over, slid my dick near her sopping cunt, lubed up, and went in. "OH GOD THAT'S AMAZING!!" she cried out "harder matt harder fuck me like an animal!!" I began to go at it harder and harder pressing towards her g-spot on the other side.

"AAAAHHMY GOD THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE!!!" She cried as her third orgasm rose up, and took over her body. "OH OH OH!" She said in time with my thrusts. "Unh" she panted as continued to plow into her, "Ooohhh get inside me fill me with your dick I want it in me NOW!!" As I pulled out of her ass she flipped herself over put her legs around my waist and pulled me into her, "OH GOD THAT'S SO GREAT!!!" she cried out I continued to go into her and with every thrust the head of my cock rested right at the base of her cervix.

"OH, MATT, you fit in me perfectly, oh you're the one I'm meant for, fuck Darrel." "Yeah, he's never done you right on this bed has he?" I said as I increased my pace.

"No, never, I've never even had an orgasm before today, and I've had two kids for him, and he hasn't given me near what you've given me, I want to give you something," "What?" "A child, I want to have a kid for you and every time you see it you'll know that I'm yours for know and forever," at that I couldn't hold it anymore I filled her up, load after load, "yeah fill me up let me give you that gift of a child." As we lay there in orgasmic bliss the haze cleared and I realized what I had done, and I didn't care she was mine.

Our affair continued for months until she became late I've headed off for college know but every time I come home I see Autumn, and we continue our relationship, though she takes convincing, and I see my beautiful baby girl Madeline, or as Darrel and Autumn call her Matty.