Blown away peach in underwear is geeting pissed on and pounded

Blown away peach in underwear is geeting pissed on and pounded
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Heidi and I have been working together for quite a few years, there has always been some kind of mutual attraction between us. Lately the attraction has been more noticeable around the office. Heidi is not my secretary, but she is the office clerk who primarily runs the show. She is has been married 2 times and her latest husband has been around for at least 4 years. She is awesome looking.5'7" Brunette, huge 38D tits and an ass that just won't quit!

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Did I mention she was 46? We were always kidding around the office when we talked.she would ask me if I could help her out with something and I would reply "I'd thought you'd never ask!". She would laugh at me, but at the same time give me a smile and then smirk as if saying "I'd love to have 10 minutes alone with you".

Last friday she mentioned she was going to be alone at home all weekend because her husband was going to a conference in Las Vegas. Heidi made it sound as if she was going to be all alone with no one to talk to and she wanted to decorate the house for christmas.


I replied to her telling her I could help her with the decorations and that I had a ladder I could bring over to help. She said "no thanks I'll manage it" and left for home. That was friday afternoon and then saturday I got a call from her telling me that the lights she put up would not work and she would like me to come over and help fix the problem.

My wife was busy shopping for gifts for the family so I snuck over to see if i could help Heidi out with the problem. To my surprise the lights were working when I got there and she opened the front door and greeted me in an outfit made completely of leopard print which showed a generous amount of cleavage!

The top of her shirt had her nipples almost poking through the fabric, I was stunned! She quickly pulled me inside the house and shut the door, Heidi strutted into the living room area which was already decorated with a christmas tree and lights hanging from the mantle and bar area. "Well hows does it look?" she asked, I replied "They both look great!" I was referring to the room and her outfit but she asked anyway "Both?" quizically. I then said I was commenting on the huge melons popping out of her outfit!

She blushed and walked around to the bar area and poured us a couple drinks and said she invited me over to cheer her up as she was finished decorating and wanted some company to cheer her up. I complimented her on her choice of attire and said "it's comfortable and puts me in a good mood when I wear it!" I said " It sure does", she blushed again and said I was bad.

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"I'm the bad one?" I snapped, "you invited me over here to fix lights which are working, dressed to kill and now your pouring liquor down my throat" I said as she topped off my glass with another round. She smirked at me again as if nothing was going on, then she asked me to join her in the dining room. I didn't get it but I followed her. Heidi was stripping off her outfit as she walked into the dining area and then grabbed me and stripped me of my clothes too!

My cock sprang to attention instantly! I was caught off guard as she sat me down on one of the dining chairs and straddled me, putting her huge cones in my face as she moved up and down on me. Heidi's eraser like nipples were poking me in the face like a stick, bobbing back and forth.

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I finally caught her and sucked on them hard, she responded by clenching my member with her strong muscles. She came almost instantly and was at it again!

My frustration was building and I needed to cum, she gave me a deep kiss and said she loved me, the Heidi asked me to cum inside her hard, she wanted a baby she said. I was too caught up in the moment to care and I grabbed her ass pulling her into me and I went deep, draining what seemed like a gallon of my seed into her snatch. She moaned and asked me not to stop. Heidi was cumming again!

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She pushed me off the chair and got under me and asked me to pump her hard, I quickly obeyed and gave her the ride of her life and mine! After both of us had cum numerous times she admitted she lured me here to seduce me and asked me to leave my wife and marry her.

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I told her that would not happen, but I would always take care of her and the baby if that was to happen. Heidi understood but she said she was leaving her husband anyway, she wanted me and only me.

I finally told her 1 week ago I won the lottery and was retiring for good. She was shocked!

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I was leaving her alone at the office! I told her the only way she could be with me now was to convince my current wife to have her on as my number 2 wife. She said she would talk to her and see what could be arranged.


My wife Marie came home to find Heidi and I sitting in our living room talking, she said hello and was about to go into the kitchen when I stopped her and said "Heidi has something she want to talk to you about" Marie came over and sat next to her, Heidi said to me "go get us a couple drinks.

I went into the bar area and wondered what was going to happen. Either I would have two wives or maybe only a new one.

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Continued in chapter 2