Exposed butt slave fucked with cane

Exposed butt slave fucked with cane
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TEASE ME NO MORE #3 recap---- if you want to know what happened before read parts 1 and 2 My breathing still heavy from getting the best blowjob I,d ever gotten,I lay on my bed with thoughts of what was to come.Was Maggie going to really try everything or was she going to chicken out.She was surely liking her tight little pussy being eaten but was she really going to let me shove my ten inch cock into the depths of her body.

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Maggie emerged from the bathroom in a trot.She dove onto the bed with her knees and bounced.She landed on me with her legs straddling my hips.Her velvety pussy smashed my limp cock onto my stomache.She kissed me deeply while grinding her pelvic bone on my again hardening cock.Rotating her hips like a pro she had me hard as a rock in no time.Her pussy lips friction had a heat I,d never felt before.

She set up and put her hands on my chest.Her beautiful blonde hair hanging down her face lightly brushing against her titties.The feeling made her nipples stand out larger then I,d ever seen them.I reached up and took a tit into each hand kneeding them and pinching her nipples until she squealed.She reached for my hand and smashed them to her chest.Harder she yelped as I squeezed and pinched her tits all the while driving her clit onto my rock solid cock.

Maggies eyes slammed shut and she threw her head back as yet another orgasm shot through her young body.I could feel her whole body shudder as the waves of lust slammed through her. She collapsed on my chest when the moment had passed.

Her breathing still heavy she looked up at me and said."I think it,s time we try something else I saw in the movie"I told her what ever she wanted to try was more then fine with me.I told her she was better then any woman I,d ever been with.With a look of triamph and satisfaction on her face she rose to her feet.

Standing over me she ordered me to slide as far to the head of the bed as possible.I did what my young new master ordered and slid forward until my head hit the headboard.Spread out your arms she demanded and I did as I was told.If she was going to like giving orders I was going to like taking them. She then reached into the open drawer and grabbed the ropes I had used on her the night before.She then tied my hands to the headboard posts as tight as she could get them.My next order was to slide towards the foot of the bed as far as I could.I of course complied .She took another length of rope and tied my feet together and then to the center of the footbaord of the bed.There I lay actually totaly at her beck and call.A little nervous I tried to free myself but to no avail.She had done too good of a job for me to get loose.

With that sly little tease look she always gave me Maggie got up from the bed.I was laying there helpless with my cock standing straight up into the air.She giggled at me as she left the room.I looked at the clock and noticed it was eleven thirty.For two hours we had been eating and sucking each other but I still had not been able to get her to let me fuck her.Not that I was complaining but man did I want to get my cock back into that tight little pussy.

I must have dozed dreaming of Maggie when I jerked awake and looked at the clock.Twelve oclock!!!!Where the hell was that girl.What did she have in mind.I tried to get loose again but again I could,nt.I could hear movement in Tina,s romm next to mine but could,nt see anything for the door being almost closed.My neck ached from trying to move my head to the side trying to get a look into the hallway.

Finally the door opened.To my dismay and total suprise there were two people standing in the darkness of the hallway.Had Maggie somehow awaken Tina and told her what had happened?Was my plan to keep this a secret not going to work? In walked Maggie with her old nightgown on and a sly grin on her face.I told her to get Tina back to bed ,that she didnt need to know what we were doing and it was supossed to be our little secret.The outline in the hallway stood firm as Maggie walked to the edge ofthe bed and set down.

She spoke in a new voice as she reminded me that I told her she could whatever she wanted this night and that she was going to do just that.Horrified I looked out the door as the person started walking towards us.When she finally entered the light of the room I was suprised to see that it wasn,t Tina.Instead it was someone I never thought I,d never see my house again.

Walking to the bed stood the fifteen year old girl Jenny from four houses down the street.She was older then Maggie and Tina.She was allways in trouble in school and I had forbid Tina from hanging out with her.I didn,t want Tina to get any bad habitsfrom this girl.

But here I now lay naked as the day I was born,tied up in front of this girl. Maggie told me about her and Tina sneaking out of the house at night to meet Jenny in the playhouse behind our place.I had always left the two girls alone when I,d go out and come home drunk.They,d slip out after I passed out and hang out and smoke and sip beers for fun.AND that now I couldn,t say anything about it because of what we had done. I told her she wouldn,t be able to prove anything.Thats when she went to the closet and pulled the door fully open.There recording this whole conversation was my recorder.Maggie told me she had noticed it when she was upside down choking down my cock.It looked like my little blackmail sceme had backfired.

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Jenny set down on the bed.She was about 5 feet tall with jet black hair.The black eyeliner she wore and the black clothes showed was trying the goth look.She was cute but not even close to Maggies beauty.She was slender and had a chest about the same size as Maggies. Maggie went to the foot of the bed.Checking the knots until she was satisfied I couldn,t get loose. Then she checked the ropes on my hands.She looked at Jenny and told her everthing was a go."Lets get to having some fun". Maggie slipped her nightgown over her head and stood there naked as before.Jenny unsnapped herpants and let them fall to the floor.She didnt have any underware on and I could see the muff of her more adult pubic hair stickingout from the top of her pelvis.She then lifted the black t-shirt off of her shoulders and revieled her tits to me."Like what you see?" she asked as her shirt hit the floor.I noticed a nipple ring on her left breast and when she talked I could see her tongue ring glisten in the light.

Jenny is going to show me how to do some things to you Maggie said.She has been having sex for a year now and she told me she could help make it more pleasurable.With the thought of having two young girls taking advantage of me had me hard ashell again. The girls took there places next to me on the bed.Jenny reached out and took my cock into her hand."This is much larger then the boys I,ve been fucking" she said as she told Maggie to grab on too.Maggie explained how we had done 69 and how she was able to deepthroat my whole cock into her throat.Jenny looked suprised and told her she,d never been able to deepthroat even those little pricks she,d been sucking.But one day she,d like to learn.

I was looking down my stomache at these two girls hanging onto my cock.Maggie leaned over and put her mouth onto my cock.She went down as far as she could before releasing and telling Jenny to have a lick.As Jenny inserted my cock into her mouth Maggie started licking and sucking my balls.Being blown by a girl with a tongue ring was a first for me.The feel of the steel on my cock was amazing.

First one then the other would engulf as much of my cock into her mouth as far as she could. Leaning up on her elbows Maggie asked Jenny If she,d ever had her pussy eaten by an older man.She said no but the boys she,s fucked tried but they just licked up and down once or twice before wanting to stick there dicks into me.Well your in for a treat then she said.Maggie told Jenny to straddle my face while facing theheadboard.

Jenny rose to her feet and placed a foot on either side of my head.She lowered her pussy to my face but kept it inches from my tongue.Her pussy musk filled my nose as I took in huge breathes of her pussy.Maggie then stood and moved in between Jenny and the headboard.Maggie grabbed Jenny,s head and moved it between her open legs.Jenny started licking when she lost her balance and came down hard on my wanting tongue.

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I lapped at her cunt with every last face muscle I had.Jenny,s tongue licked the folds of Maggies pussy at the same time.Jenny started smashing herpussy onto my face while rotating her hips.We both ate those pussy,s for all we were worth.I looked up and could see Jenny,s tongue flicking the lips of her meal.Then she shoved her tongue into that slit and up to her clit.

Over and over until I could see Maggies legs start to shake.At that same time I arched my neck down and shoved my entire tongue deep into Jenny,s asshole.She screamed and bit down on Maggies pussylip which in turn made her scream.Each girl shook as orgasms overtook each of them at the same time.Both there juices flowing from their freshly licked pussy,s.

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They moved to my sides again and Maggie told Jenny that she was ready to go all the way.She wanted to feel my huge cock inside of her tiny little pussy.Jenny agreed but told Maggie she have to get prepped for the intrusion she was about to undergo. Jenny told Maggie to lay with her head to the foot of the bed.She then reached over and placed her hand on Maggies mound.She slid her long slender middle finger into the sheeth of Maggies pussy lips.Rubbing up and down it,s long slit until she reached both ends.Gently putting preasure on her clit then just touching her asshole.

She finally slid her finger into Magies love hole.The moisture of her orgasm made it quite easy.She pumped in and out a few times before slididng the second finger in.Maggie moaned as she felt her pussy lips spread from the small intrusion of Jenny,s fingers.Moving faster Jenny quickened the pace.The look on Maggies face was that of pleasure and not of pain.


She had a much bigger intruder inthere the night before but still didnt know it.As Jenny slid her third finger into Maggie You could tell she was staring to feel a little pain.All the way in Jenny shoved her fingers.Pulling out and slamming them back in. She removed her fingers and brought her hand to my face.She inserted all three fingers into my mouth so I could taste Maggies sweet pussy juices again.She then returned them to her own pussy and shoved them in third knuckle deep.Maggie then reached down and put her own fingers into her pussy.And not to be outdone she inserted a forth finger.It was painfull but she knew she,d have to be ready for my huge cock to get in.

Each girl pulled there soaking hands from there pussy,s and put them to my mouth.Their scents mixed in a mingled mesh of pussy juice that ravaged my nose to delight.The taste of the two together was great. Jenny told Maggie it was time for her prize.But if she wanted her to take it first to show her how to do it she would.Maggie agreed not really sure of how she was supposed to do it.

Jenny stood on the bed and put a foot on both sides of my hips facing me.She told Maggie to hold my cock strait up in the air so she could get the best angle of entry.Slowly she lowered her body to the purple head of my cock.Maggie reached under Jenny and spread her willing cuntlips with one hand and guided my tool to the entrance of her pussy.

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Sliding the head of my cock up and down Jenny,s crack lubed it for entry.Slowly Jenny let her ass down and the head slipped into her wet pussy with ease.The lower she went the tighter it got.I could surely tell she,d never had a big cock in that tight hole before.She made it A third of the way down when I felt a pressure on the tip of my cock.

I looked up at Jenny and saw she was in some discomfort.I asked if she had had sex with a boy before then why was her hymen still in tact.She slowely rose from my cock and said the other boys she,d had sex with only had 4 inch dicks.And that when they were all the way in she felt the pressure but thought it was as deep as they could go.With a smile on my face I knew I was about to take yet another virgins hymen.

Maggie still clutching my cock looked at Jenny in surprise.If she was going to let me take her cherry then Maggie surely was.With that Jenny let herself back down my shaft.When I reached her bud of joy I raised my hips.She pushed hard against my cock and I could feel the light piece if skin tare as she slid her velvet pussy down the length of my shaft.Her virginity was mine. Maggie had released my cock and rose to her knees.She leaned forward and took Jenny,s right breast into her mouth.She bit down and nibbled on the piercing in Jenny,s nipple.Jenny again rose and pushed back down on my raging hardon.My balls pushed her asscheeks appart as she her pussy hit the bottom on my cock.

Maggie positioned her ass in front of my face and sat down hard.My tongue parted her asshole as I drove it in and out.Jenny now had a rythem going on my cock and Maggie was matching her humps on my face with Jenny.Jenny,s pussy was clamping down on my cock like a vise.Each time she rose I thought she was going to tare my cock from it,s roots.

The moans of extasy filled the room as Jenny began to cum. Her milking motions on my cock was all I could take as I tensed up and began shooting jet after steaming jet of hot cum deep into her quivering pussy.I kept the rythem going on Maggies asshole as long as I could until she finaly came all over my face yet again.

Jenny lay back on my bound legs with my cock still burried deep in her pussy.As she lay back the juices of our passion leaked from her confines.Maggie seeing this leaned forward and began licking up ever drop she could find.I could see between her legs as she devoured any she could find.

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Pulling my limping cock from Jenny,s love hole a gush of seed poured out onto my balls.Maggie inserted her fingers and pulled out as much of our mixture as she could.She raised her hand to Jenny,s mouth and gave her a taste of the juices of our lust.Jenny sucked Maggies fingers until they were dry.Moaning with delight from the fucking she had just given me.

Three orgasms in one night is the most I,d ever had in my life.I wasn,t sure if I,d be able to get it back up.But of course with this much young pussy floating around here I,d surely have no trouble. The girls deciding they hadn't had enough turned to the 69 position next to me.Maggie on the bottom and Jenny sitting up straddling her face.She smashed her cumfilled pussy onto the wanting mouth of her sex lover.Leaning forward Jenny then devoured Maggies pussy.These two little sluts just couldn,t get enough of sex.Well I sure wasn,t going to let them down.And sure enough watching them eat each other my cock was starting to become erect again.

Jenny lifted her face from Maggies pussy.with her face soaked with juices she asked if I thought I would be a good boy then they would untie me.I happily agreed and Jenny took the knife from my dresser top.She cut the ropes to my hands without leaving her possition on Maggies face.Having my hands free I took the knife and cut the ropes that confined my feet.


As I rose from the bed Jenny again went back to eating.Their moans were loud as the lapping sounds emerged from their faces.I could tell they were very much enjoying eating each other.In fact it looked like they had done this to each other before. Thats when I took the leap and asked if I might ask a question.Jenny said sure and thats when I asked.Have you girls ever done this to each other before?Jenny spun her legs from over Maggies face and lay next to her on the bed.Both girls let out a laugh and Jenny then said,"what do you think we did when Tina and Maggie would slip out at night?We would meet in the playhouse and have girl sex as often as we could.In fact Maggie and I both agree that Tina can eat the best pussy." To my amazement they gave me the answer to my next question.Tina in fact was having sex with these two all along.Hoping Tina was still a virgin was assured to me.If Jenny who had had sex with boys still had her virginity then Tina surely still had hers.

Both the girls giggled as they saw the look on my face."Well thats enough talk for now lets get to you filling Maggie with that huge cock of yours" Jenny said."The question is how do you want to take her?"I smiled a mile wide when the thought hit me.I would try to get blown and fuck Maggie at the same time.

I told Jenny to turn so her face was at the edge of the bed.I asked Maggie to mount her In the 69 position but to keep her knees on the bed and to get busy eating again if they,d like.Of course they started munching each others pussy,s at the first invitation. I took my half hard cock into my hand and started stroking it.I stepped forward between Maggies feet and bent my knees just a bit.I directed my cock in between Jenny,s lapping tongue and Maggies beautiful cunt lips.The eating had Maggies pussy lips swelled and puffed up.Jenny stuck out her tongue as I slid my cock through the folds of Maggies cunt lips.

When I pulled back Jenny opened her mouth and I shoved my cock in as far as she could take it Her arched neck gave for the straight shot I needed to hit the back of her throat with easeI asked if she wanted to learn deepthroating while we were readying Maggie to be fucked.She knodded yes a look of wonder hit her eyes.

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I pulled my cock from her lip's and placed it at the entrance to Maggies quivering pussy.Slowely I pushed forward and the head of my cock entered her love hole.Resting there a moment so her pussy could surrender to the intruder that was going to give her pleasure.Pushing a little farther in I could feel her muscles contracting, gripping my cock.

I pulled out and slid my cock back into Jenny,s mouth.I told her to hold her breathe and relax her throat.I pushed forward until my cockhead lodged into the back of her mouth.I felt her relax her throat.Thats when I pushed in and slid 8 inches into her wanting throat.

She gagged and pulled her head back and when my cock popped out of her mouth I pushed my cock back into Maggies tight pussy.This time I was going to do this my way.I pushed forward so half my cock was burried into her.Pulling out fast and pushing back into Jenny,s throat.Back out to Maggies cunt then again to Jenny,s throat.

Gagging hard I could see the tears run from Jenny,s eyes.I knew it hurt her to have my huge cock rammed into her throat but I was in charge now and they were going to take it.Back to Maggies cunt I went and thistime I grabbed her by the hips and forced my entire cock into her shuttering pussy.The force of the blow tore her as I entered her without hesitation.Thinking it was her hymen Maggie yelped and cursed as she said the pain was emence.

Not caring any more I pulled out my blood pink cock and forced it back into Jenny,s throat.I pumped in and out until I could tell she might pass out or puke.I pulled out and shoved back into Maggie once again.My hands on her hips I pulled her back to meet each of my thrusts.This time she moaned in deep growls as I rammed my ten inch cock to the hilt.She continued face slamming Jenny,s cunt as I fucked her hard.In and out I slammed as my balls smacked Jenny in the face.

My balls ached with the first surge of cum as my cock exploded deep into Maggies willing cunt.I pulled out as the second spurt hit Jenny on the chin.I inserted my cock back into Jenny,s throat and pushed forward for the last time as I emptied the last of my seed deep into her throat. Looking at Jenny I expected her to be pissed that I had just force fucked her face.Instead she raised her face to Maggies cum dripping pussy and licked the bright pink cum dropplets that slipped from Maggies now pouting pussy hole.

Jenny rolled off of Maggie and they lay next to each other on the bed.I slid in between them and we all cuddled together on the bed without speaking.Our breathing still ramped from our great lust ridden sex athon.I slipped off into a dream with each of these young little sex kittens on both sides. KNOCK,KNOCK,KNOCK was the next thing I remember.I heard Tina's voice outside my door."Dad we are going to be late for school if you don,t hurry".I slammed my head from side to side to see I was alone in my bed.I jumped to my feet and started throwing everthing we had used the night before into my closet.Thats when I looked up and got the surprise of my life.The open tape holder on my recorder was empty.Those little bitches had taken the tape.

What were they going to do with it.Were they going to blackmail ME or were they going to just take it so I couldn,t use it against them.Which ever it was it didn,t matter.They had the tape and the power was again all theres. I emerged from my bedroom and looked to the table.Maggie and Tina set together eating bowls of cereal.

Looking around Jenny was noware in sight.Maggie went to the sink to put her bowl away.When she turned she looked me straight in the eyes and said"Um Mr. green could we pick up a friend of mine for the ride to school?".

With that I had my answer.Jenny was going to be the friend and I was now going to have to do whatever they said or they would use the tape against me.All in all that could be a good thing or a bad thing. The next weekend I got my answer. CONTINUED IF WANTED.PLEASE REPLY