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My brother and my father seemed to go through these phases where we would fuck, then there would be a period of time that they would seem to avoid me for a week or longer. I had not heard from uncles since that first time they fucked me.

Then there were times I would visit them and they wouldn't try anything, I could tell they wanted to; by the very apparent erections they had. I guess they just felt odd fucking me all the time. I was feeling horny, incestuously horny so I drove over to my father's house to pay him a surprise visit. I had the key to his house so I let myself in. I heard the shower running so I quietly went up stairs to surprise him. My father had the bathroom door wide open so I quietly peeked in to see what he was doing.

He had part of the shower door open and I could see him in the reflection of the mirror. He had a raging hard on and he was jacking off like crazy. He had his eyes closed and I could hear him clearly having a fantasy about me. "Oh yes Megan.suck my fucking cock! That's a good daughter, suck your fathers cock! Suck your fathers cock and make him cum in your sweet mouth. Oh shit Megan, you are a great daughter.a great cock sucker.a great fuck!" His cock was so hard and so red!

I thought to myself he must be incredibly horny. I was going to give my father a great surprise right then and there. I could have taken my clothes off but I figured my father was going to cum before I could take them off and get in there and I thought it would be so much slutier if I just got in the shower with him clothed and sucked his prick dry. I walked into the bathroom and grabbed my fathers' cock. His eyes opened wide as he saw me standing there, "MEGAN!" I held his throbbing prick in my hand.

"So dad, you can fucking jack off, having your incest fantasies about me sucking your cock but you can't ever ask me to suck it?" My father looked shocked. "It's really pissing me off that you, Lex, uncle Ray and uncle Jeff fuck me and then you ignore me for days or weeks but I catch you fucking jacking off thinking about me." "Megan I." I cut my father off, "Shut up dad!" I pushed him back into the shower and climbed in with him dropping right to my knees.

"You want your cock sucked by your daughter? Well I'm gonna give you such a cock sucking, you better give me a huge cum load!" I held my fathers shaft as I gobbled it down into my mouth and slid it into my throat. My father let out a loud moan. I sucked his prick hard, lavishing my tongue all over his pre cum covered prick before slowly sliding it out of my mouth. I had a huge strand of pre cum and saliva hanging from my mouth.

"Is that what you want dad?


Your daughter sucking your hard cock until you blow your cum load in my mouth?" My father nodded his head yes. "I want to hear you say it dad. Talk to me like I am nothing more than your sex toy, slutty daughter!" I slid my fathers prick back into my mouth and began to suck it hard, working it in and out of my mouth as fast as I could. I made very loud slurping sounds as I worked his prick hard.

Water ran all over me, soaking my clothes and my whole body with in a minute. My father placed both hands on my head as he began to fuck my mouth with his throbbing prick. I worked my fathers prick for several minutes with him moaning the entire time as well as slowly fucking my mouth at the same time. "Oh yeah Megan, suck it. That's it, suck your fathers cock! Show your dad how good of a daughter you are and keep sucking on my fucking cock." My father let my head go; I slid his prick out of my mouth and ran my tongue all over his prick while looking up at him.

"Oh yes Megan! Lick my cock! You are such a cock lover Megan." "Mmm, you know it dad. I sucked off Lex last week." "Did you? I'll bet your brother loved that, cumming in your sweet mouth. I'll bet he fucked you too!" "Oh yes dad he did. He fucked me so good. Guess what?" I gave my fathers cock a few more licks and then sucked on just his prick head.

"What?" "He had some friends over and I sucked him off right in front of them!" "Oh you little slut! I'll bet you sucked them off as well, didn't you." "Oh yes dad. I sucked them off and I swallowed so much cum. Then I let them take turns fucking me!

They loved watching me suck off my brother and they went wild as they watched Lex fucking me. It made them so horny watching a brother and sister fucking!" I went back to sucking on my fathers prick; he cock was oozing out more and more pre cum.

"Sounds like they had a good time with my daughter." "Lex was mad because you didn't call him when you, Uncle Ray and Jeff fucked me. He said he wanted to gang bang me too." "Well, I will have to remember to call my son next time I decide to fuck you, since he loves to fuck his sister too!" I worked my fathers prick a bit more, by now my clothes were soaked.

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My father pulled his prick out of my mouth, "Where is your cell phone Megan?" "In my purse on the sink." "Go get it." I got out of the shower, grabbed my phone and handed it to my father as I got back into the shower, dropping to my knees again. My father moaned a loud as he made a call on my phone.

We switched positions so I was under the spray and he was away from it to keep the phone dry. I worked his prick faster and faster with my mouth, I wanted to make my father cum so badly now. As I sucked on his cock, I listened to his conversation. "No, it's your father. I am standing here in my shower with my cock in Megan's mouth. Yeah, your sister is sucking like a slut." My father put the phone down by my mouth as I was slurping on his prick. I knew my father was trying to make my brother horny so I figured I would play along.

"Oh dad, your cock tastes so good. I want you to cum! I am so hungry for hot, sticky jizm; I want my mouth filled with cum!" Then I went back to sucking on my fathers prick.

"I am about to blow my load in to your sisters mouth. Sure Lex. Megan, your brother wants you to hold the phone by your mouth when I cum in it." My father handed me the phone with one hand as he grabbed his prick with his other.


"Open wide Megan!" I opened my mouth and my father placed his prick head into my open mouth as he quickly stroked his hard prick. He grunted once and emptied his prick into my waiting mouth.

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Hot, sticky cum flew out of my fathers cock like jizm spewing volcano. "Oh yeah!

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Oh fucking yes Megan! Here's some jizm for you!" My father unloaded a huge load of cum into my mouth. When he was done my father told me to swallow it all; which I did. I handed the phone back to my father. "Yeah Lex your sister swallowed every drop of my cum without spilling any of it.

Ok, that's fine." At that point my father hung up. Afterwards my father held his cock out and told me to suck him dry. "Now dad, wasn't that better than just thinking about me and jacking off?" "Of course Megan, it is always better to cum in your daughters' mouth than it is to dream about it." My father pointed to the counter, "Now get up there so I can eat out your sweet pussy!" I got out of the shower; I was wearing a mini skirt and thong.

I got up on the counter; my father reached under my skirt, yanked off my thong and dove his face into my pussy. His head was covered by my skirt but it felt so good as his tongue went to work on my wet pussy. My father licked and licked at my pussy as I sat on the bathroom counter with my legs spread. I kept myself braced as my father enjoyed his incestuous pussy licking.

My father looked up at me, "Your pussy is so sweet Megan. Mmm, I could eat your pussy out all night." My father slid two fingers into my pussy, slowly fucking me with them, making sure he stimulated my G-spot.

I moaned and squirmed around on my fathers fingers. "You like that don't you Megan. That's it, squirm for me. Squirm for you father.

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Make that pussy of yours tighter and wetter for me." I felt an orgasm building as my father finger fucked me faster and faster. I could barely hold back, "Oh daddy you are going to make me cum!" I started to rub my tits through my shirt as my father stood there lustfully smiling at me as he kept fingering my pussy. "Louder Megan. I want to hear you moan louder!" I was biting my lower lip but then my father started to rub my clit with his other hand, I let out a loud scream.

"OH YES! DON'T STOP DADDY!" My father got back down, still finger fucking me he went back to licking at my pussy.

I felt my body heat up, quiver and then my pussy released all over his fingers and tongue. My father licked away at my sweet pussy juice. My father stood up, licking his lips clean of my pussy juice. "You taste so good, my daughters' sweet pussy!" He had a raging hard-on and he was stroking his cock.

I kept my legs spread for my father, I stroked my pussy lips lightly, "Are you going to fuck me dad?" My father smiled at me, "Your brother said he got to fuck your ass. How about letting your father fuck that nice ass of yours." I got down off of the counter and turned around showing my father my ass.

"Bend over Megan." I bent over, placing my hands on the counter. My father quickly moved behind me and I felt his throbbing, hot cock slapping on my ass cheeks.

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Then he pulled my ass cheeks apart and I felt his cock pushing into my very tight asshole. I let out a loud moan as my father pushed his prick into my ass. "Oh shit! Your ass is so fucking tight Megan! No wonder your brother has wanted to fuck it for so long!" Now my father drove his cock in and out of my ass, I moaned and groaned with each thrust of his prick.

My father grabbed my long brown hair and held it like the reigns on a horse as he began to fuck me harder and faster. All he kept moaning was, 'oh yeah.great ass.fucking great ass!" My father had been fucking my ass for about five minutes or so when my brother walked into the bathroom. He was wearing a pair of sweat pants, sporting a huge erection.

"I got here as fast as I could. I only have an hour, and then my girlfriend will be over my house." He looked at me getting fucked in the ass by our dad and smiled.

"Her ass is fucking great!" our father said. Then my father placed his hands on my shoulders, he spun me around to face my brother, keeping me bent over and his cock still in my ass. I placed my hands on my brother's legs to brace myself, my father then said, "Well Megan, your brother only has an hour to enjoy you. You better get to work on him." I just pulled my brothers sweat pants down, his cock popped out at me, drooling gallons of pre cum.

I immediately took his cock into my mouth to give him a blow job as my father went back to fucking my ass. "Fuck! Did you see that dad?

Megan went right to sucking my cock! She is such a great, slutty sister!" My fathers pounding on my ass made me suck my brothers' cock even better. I didn't have to work my head up and down on his prick, my fathers fucking motion was pounding my mouth up and down on my brothers' cock. His pre cum tasted so good and there was so much of it. Pre cum and saliva were running down the sides of my mouth.

This scene went on for a couple of minutes. Then I could tell my father and brother were ready to cum, their cocks began to swell and they both began to moan louder.

My father suddenly said, "Hey Lex, double load?" I looked up at my brother and he just nodded yes. I really didn't know what they were talking about. Then after a few more strokes of my fathers prick in my ass and brothers cock in my mouth my brother moaned out loud, "I'm gonna cum." My father pulled his cock out of my ass, as he did my brother pushed me down onto my knees.

As my knees hit the floor I started to open my mouth; watching my brother stroking his cock. My father stood next to him jacking off as well, then they both unloaded their cum loads all over my face and into my mouth.

They both blasted a load of cum across my face. One spurt of cum landed on my forehead and nose. The other went across my chin, lips and the side of my face. I opened my mouth and stock my tongue out as their next cum spurts erupted out of their cocks finding the mark into my mouth and my tongue.

I stayed like that, letting my father and brother enjoy their incestuous jerk off into my mouth. I grabbed their pricks and finished them off before taking both of their prick heads into my cum filled mouth, licking and sucking them dry. They picked me up by my arms when I had finished licking them dry. They led me out into my fathers' bedroom stopping in the middle of the room they turned to me and took my shirt off, then my bra.

My brother's mouth went directly to one of my erect nipples, sucking on it hard before flicking his tongue across my nipple followed by running his tongue around my areola. My father grabbed my other tit, fondled it for a bit while watching his son sucking on his daughters' tit. Then he leaned down, kissing and sucking his way all over my other tit before his mouth made its incestuous trip to my other nipple for some good sucking.

I stood there moaning in lustful pleasure as my brother and father pleasured my tits. Their hands were all over my body! Their hands seemed to have lustful, incestuous filled minds of their own as they ran all over my body. I had my eyes closed, loosing myself in the delight my father and Lex were giving to me.

I felt hands running all over my back, through my hair, down my legs, groping at my ass and fondling my pussy. I reached down, blindly grabbing each of their cocks. I slowly stroked my brothers' and dad's pricks, moaning as I did. I loved the feeling of their pricks slowly hardening, swelling up with incestuous lust for me.

Then I felt fingers sliding into my pussy and into my ass at the same time. I let out a loud squeal, moaning afterward, "Oh yes! That feels so good!" The fingers worked in and out of both holes, giving me new pleasures and soon my fathers' and brothers fingers worked me into a hot, lustful frenzy.

I was stroking their hard cocks as fast as I could. I wanted to feel them spraying cum all over my body. Soon they had me writhing around while standing up, squealing and moaning with such intense incestuous lust. I nearly blacked out as my pussy tightened up with my orgasm.

My brother and father did not let up sucking on my tits and licking my nipples as I squirmed on their fingers like a little hand puppet.

Now my father looked at my brother saying, "DP Megan?" My brothers' eyes widen as he got an odd, wicked smile on his face. "Fuck yes!" was his response. Then my father asked, "Pussy or ass?" My brother looked at his watch, "Fuck! I would want both but I don't have time. Ass! I want my sisters' sweet ass for sure!" My father got down on the floor, his hard prick standing straight up like a bright red flag pole with pre cum oozing down it.

My brother had me straddle my father as my father held his cock with one hand. "Go on Megan; sit down on dad's prick. Slide it up on in your tight, wet pussy!" I lowered myself down, grabbing hold of my fathers cock. I ran his prick head over my pussy lips. "Do you want to put your cock into my pussy dad?" My father reached up and put his hands on my shoulders, he pushed me down onto his prick. I moaned loudly as his steel hard shaft slid up into me. My father moaned as well, 'Oh fuck Megan!

I can never get enough of your tight pussy!" He looked at my brother, "Fuck I love how your sisters' pussy feels wrapped around my prick!" "I know dad, Megan has the best fucking tight pussy around." My father let me ride up and down on his cock for a few minutes; he fondled my tits as I impaled myself over and over again on his cock.

My brother stood there slowly jacking off as he watched his sister fucking our father. Then he moved behind me and gently pushed me forward. I thought this was some new position to fuck our dad in. I bent forward until the point my tits were in my fathers face. He of course grabbed my tits, while fondling them his mouth and tongue went from each of my tits and nipples, lustfully licking and sucking away.

All of the sudden I felt my brother behind me, spreading my ass cheeks apart, I tried to look over my shoulder when I felt his hard cock going into my ass! I screamed out in pleasure and pain as my brother slowly pushed his cock further into my ass.

Now I knew what DP meant, double penetration! Soon I felt two cocks in me, my fathers in my pussy and my brothers in my ass. My brother moaned out, "OH FUCK! NOW THAT'S TIGHT!" My brother gave me a few minutes to get use to having two cocks in me at the same time. Now he slowly began to fuck my ass as I slowly began to rock my hips back and forth on my fathers prick.

Soon the pain went away and I was left with very incredible pleasure! My father stopped sucking my tits for a moment while I was lost in my own incestuous lust. I vaguely heard him say, "Now all your sister needs is a cock in her mouth and she would set." My brother said, "Yeah, I know we could arrange that some time!" All three of us stayed in our incestuous pile on the floor.

I was the fuck toy for my father and brother, the two of them pleasuring me and themselves in my pussy and ass while my father sucked on my tits for added pleasure. I have no idea how long they fucked me like that; my eyes were closed as I lost myself in this dirty pleasure. I had no sense of time and I didn't care at all, I honestly loved every moment of it and after awhile I was voicing my approval to my dad and brother. "OH yes.fuck me.don't stop.please don't stop.suck my tits more daddy!

Please don't stop.I'll do anything you two want.just don't stop!" That fueled their incestuous lust as they both rammed their shafts into me harder and faster. I felt my brother tense up as he hammered his prick in faster and faster.

He groaned out loud, "OOOHHHH yeah!!!! Fuck.I'm cummming!" I felt him pumping his wad into my ass. I could feel spurt after spurt of cum going deep into my ass, with my brother groaning loudly in delight as he unloaded his wad into his sisters ass. After he was done with his incestuous ass fuck of me, he pulled his cock out and pulled his sweat pants back on as I now rode my father prick with a wild, lustful frenzy.

I bounced up and down on his cock, "come on dad.cum for me! I know you want to; I know you want to cum in my pussy. You want to fill your daughters' pussy with your hot cum!" After a minute or so my father groaned as his cock hardened up and then shot wad after wad of cum into my pussy. I kept riding my dads prick as he unloaded his cum into me, "Oh yes daddy! I can feel it! I can feel you cumming inside of me!

Don't stop! I want more cum! Fill my pussy!" That is when I noticed that I was about to orgasm too! Which I did, riding my fathers prick long after he had finished emptying his load into my pussy. I rolled off of my father, spent from my orgasm. I looked up at my brother, "Damn, I wish I could stay and fuck you some more Megan." He looked down at our father, "Thanks for calling me.

I had wanted to fuck my sweet sister for a couple of days now. Have fun with Megan." My brother went down the stairs and left, leaving me with my father.

My dad got up, "Lets go down stairs and watch a movie." We sat down on the couch in the family room. My father, of course, put a porno movie in for us to watch; to make him hard again. "Megan, would you ever think about letting your brother and I film us fucking you? It would give us something to jack off too." I looked at my father and for some reason I just said, "I think I would." We sat there for a while, I watched as my father got hard again.

When he was fully erect he spoke again, "Megan, would you give me a hand job? Your hand feels so good on my cock; I love how good you are at stroking cock." I reached over, grabbed my fathers prick, slowly beginning to stroke him into another incestuous fantasy come true.

"Dad, when you are ready to cum, do you want me to suck you off?" "No Megan sweetie, just let me blow my load, then you can lick me clean, if you don't mind." "That sounds like fun dad." As we watched the movie and I worked my hand up and down his prick I would point out things in the movie and make comments like, "I bet you would like to do that to me." or "I love it when you and Lex do that to me too." This seemed to turn my father on more and more.

His cock was so sticky with all the pre cum oozing out of it and getting all over my fingers. His cock made a squishing noise as my hand stroked up and down his rock hard shaft. My father quietly moaned away 'oh yeah Megan don't stop, you do that so well.' I felt his cock harden even more, swelling and turning red as I worked my hand faster and faster up and down his shaft. I knew my father was about to cum all over my hand and himself. I glanced up at his eyes; they were glazed over with pleasure, lust and dirty incestuous thoughts.

His cock tensed up, I angled it a bit towards his stomach. My dad groaned and his cock erupted. It was one of the few times I really got to watch cum spurting out of his cock; it really turned me on. I watched as wad after wad of his thick, hot, white, sticky cum shot out of his piss slit, some landed on his stomach, some on my arm, and some on my hand.

The last cum wads just kind of oozed out of his cock coating my fingers and hand with his sticky wad. I let go of his prick, let it lay on his stomach, cum was all over it! I looked at my dad, holding my cum covered hand up to him. "Dad, you made such a sticky mess of me and yourself." My father just looked at me, "Yeah, all because of how good you are at jacking off your father. Now Megan, start cleaning up the mess you made. Lick your hand clean first before you clean me off." I got down ready to start licking my fathers prick, he stopped me, "No, no Megan, save my cock for last.

I want to watch you lick all the other cum first." So I sat there and slowly worked my tongue over my hand licking my dad's cum off of it. Then I slid each one of my cum covered fingers into my mouth, slowly sucking on them like they were each cocks.

I made it last as long as possible, I took five or ten minutes just to clean my hand and fingers off; my father loved every minute of it. Then I bent over and began to lick the wads of cum off of my father's stomach. I slowly ran my tongue along each wad of cum, scooping it up into my mouth and swallowing it before moving onto the next wad of cum.

My father moaned, running his hand through my long brown hair. "Mmm, you are such a great daughter Megan. If every father had a daughter like you, there would be so many happy dads out there." Finally it was time for me to take care of my fathers' cock, which was now erect again!

But of course I had taken my time; it had taken about 20 minutes for me to clean him up. I got down between my fathers legs; his cum covered cock was an inch or two away from my mouth. "Are you ready for me to lick your cock clean daddy?" "Go on Megan, be a good daughter and lick my cock with your nice, wet tongue." I started with my fathers balls, licking away all though there was not much cum on his balls, I just wanted to drive my father wild.

He squirmed a bit, moaned his approval and kept his eyes fixed on my tongue working his ball sac. Then I ran my tongue very slowly up his throbbing, cum covered shaft. I started at his ball sac running it up the underside of his shaft up to his prick head. My father moaned away, as I ran my tongue around his prick head. "Aw fuck Megan! You are so fucking good at that!" I lapped away at his prick, licking up small wads of cum off of his prick.

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My father got so hard as more and more pre cum oozed out of piss slit. My father moaned louder and louder as I slowly worked my tongue up and down his shaft.

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Then I placed my lips on one side of his cock, I ran them up his cock, across his cock head sucking up some pre cum then down the other side.

My father let out a loud, "OH FUCK! I can't take it Megan! You are such a fucking great cock sucker!" I ran my lips around my fathers prick; licking his cock very fast at the same time, give his prick snake tongue like licks. I drove my father over the edge with that.

"OH SHIT MEGAN! THAT'S FUCKING IT!" My father bent forward and pushed me away from his cock as he did he stood up. I thought that my father wanted me to suck him off again as I was still on my knees. I grabbed his cock and slid it into my mouth, starting to suck on it. My father moaned out, "YOU FUCKING COCK SUCKING SLUT! FUCK MEGAN! You are the best daughter ever!

But I don't want you to suck my cock; I want to fuck you again! I want to fuck that great ass of yours." I turned around and got down on my hands and knees. I assumed my father just wanted to fuck me doggie style on the floor. My dad grabbed my arm and pulled me up. "No Megan, not like that." He pointed to the wall, "Hands on the wall and spread them!" I went over to the wall, placing my hands on the wall as if my father was going to frisk me.

I bent over just a bit as my dad positioned himself behind my ass, his cock in his hand.

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He drove his cock into my ass; I let out a loud moan of pleasure. "So you like that Megan?" my father asked as he began to fuck my asshole. "Oooh yes dad! I love having you fuck me.

I love it when you fuck my pussy.and my ass! Fuck me dad, fuck me good!" My dad hammered my ass with his thick cock. Thrust after thrust buried his cock into me, each thrust was faster and harder than the last one. "Moan for me Megan! Come on, be a slutty daughter and moan for me as I fuck your ass!" I did as my father told me to do, moaning louder and louder with each thrust of his cock into me. My father held onto my long hair as he rammed me harder and harder. My father took his time fucking my ass; he wanted it to last a long time before cumming in it.

"Oh yes are such a good daughter to take your fathers cock up your ass! So you are getting pissed because your brother, your uncles and I aren't fucking you enough?

You incestuous slut! We can change that Megan! Oh yeah, we can easily fucking change that!" We will give you all the cock and all the cum you want." My father's prick ramming pace increased, faster and faster he rammed his cock into me, then he just started to grunt, "Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh fuck yes!" I knew he was getting ready to cum. My father grabbed me by my hips as he rammed his cock into my ass hard and fast.

His prick swelled up and then a moment later I felt his hot wad pumping into my ass. He thrust his cock into my ass several times, with each thrust his cock unloaded a spurt of his hot sticky cum. When he was done he withdrew his prick from my ass.

I collapsed to the ground a bit exhausted from ass fuck. My father looked down at me, smiling away. I looked up at him and his prick. "Do you want me to suck your cock dry dad?" My father looked at me, "I will let you off this time Megan. In the future though, you will have a lot of cock to suck." I went back upstairs, collected my clothes, got dressed and went back downstairs.

I gave my father a kiss and thanked him for all fun we had. As I left I thought to myself about what he had in mind for our next fuck and that thought excited me.