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Brazilian Hairy Hot Bodybuilder Wanking
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the sleeping pill had worked great. too. For a moment I feared that the boy was dead. Instead it was stone dead, but sleeping. fell in a few minutes like a cooked pear. I now had to give me to do. drag it down below, in the playroom. So call: the playroom. -I can offer you a drink? - The little shit had accepted - thank you gladly - and there in the kitchen drops down in the drink while he could not see me. then a good mixed and the magic potion that was pretty ready. poor bastard. I was polite and friendly so far.

indeed, almost subdued, almost shy. I went often in that area of ​​the park to pick up. and I was good. but this time it was something different than usual. very different. when I saw him I knew it was perfect. per-fet-to! I just do not be too explicit, I could not risk sending me to fuck off as an old queen. I had to act in trickery.

make sure it was him, I believe that the same guy towing. that we had fallen. an exchange of glances again and yet again at the end of the excuse of cigarettes . -Sorry, you'd have a light? Sure-sure! all downhill from there onwards. What do you do what you do not make you real nice here I do not often come to us and shit like that. to conclude. a hustler beautiful and good. in the end the poem ends and everything always boils down to something very trivial.

bleakly banal. But this time I had in mind a very special evening. oh no, it was not trivial. so I could not go wrong.

and then as I said the boy was perfect. a prey item when there are some precautions I should take. Meanwhile, not to be seen by anyone with the prey. then informed of his status.

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ie family, friends and dates. in short, potential threats of pain in the ass of someone who can be traced back to me. so while we drove by car to my house I had two dozen questions, seemingly innocent and trivial but in reality I was informed about everything that I needed to know about him. M and was called out over and above a student's off-site, in the sense that friends and family were in another città.magnifico, nobody would have tried for quite some time young but not young but showed much less of his years.

I change strategy at the time, adapting to circumstances and to whom I'm facing. M I realized it was a pretty shit. even arrogant, manner and speech. so as I said I had opted for a submissive attitude of the fake.

I tended to give him more reason to be kind and very gentle. This had caused him more relaxed and that meant that he was lowering his guard. more and more. so did not suspect anything, zero to zero when I brought the drinks. had not even put any question about whether I lived alone in a large country house, isolated from the rest. it was that along with a complete stranger to her house. probably he was convinced that to have things in hand .

haha ​​poor deluded.! soon, very soon you would realize that he had miscalculated. was not then a big effort to bring him down. the staircase is steep, that's fine, but the boy weighs little.

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will be about sixty pounds, no more . . I would say a high and seventies. a light weight short. but here we are. we arrived. becomes increasingly difficult and I am no longer young. I think of something . I know . I have to hurry like a freight elevator would not want to awaken the shit right now.

that it would be a mess. I hit him on the head, but I could run the risk of killing him with a blow too hard. I begin to undress. Meanwhile, I think the surprise when you find yourself half naked and very uncomfortable . I imagine his face. usually react with surprise at first. then when they realize the situation really mocking smiles disappear suddenly. from then on understood to be in a very precarious situation. indeed potentially dangerous. I take it the first ili thick wool sweater.

jeans and shoes and socks. the wing and take off my panties, too late I leave wearing only a T-shirt. The first thing I notice is that it is completely shaved.

not a hair on her legs that one, smooth as a baby's ass. also has very few pubic hairs. is lying on his stomach on the floor of the room. I look at my ass. nice firm and round.

nine votes, just because we take only ten to the gods. the legs are beautiful. lean and firm. tapered muscles of the thighs, calves, well defined, slender ankles. even the feet deserve full marks. Small, in my opinion than a forty forty-one, well taken care of the skin soft, with a very pronounced arch. slender, with fingers absolutely proportionate.

he being on his stomach on the soles of his feet are pointing up and make up all those folds of skin that I have always found it extremely curled erotic. I pause a moment to contemplate the whole, focusing on various details . fuck me now just what I have to move or wake up. however, that prey, that shot. I have your mouth watering. this guy is really perfect. I was right. the playroom is not a place improvised. over time, my passions have evolved and with them the room, or better equipment that I installed.

is not great but the space is well utilized. I also put into operation a good lighting system because I like to see well what I do and then I need if I want to take some photos. I stuck to the ceiling four adjustable rings that I use when I want to hang my prey.

sometimes hang them by their wrists and sometimes the feet upside down, as was done with the pigs once. depends on the imagination of the moment and what inspires me the prey. but it is not the case today. at least not tonight. Then I put a small bench, low and short of wood. a simple thing that I use for incaprettamento and other small places of passage.

But the highlight of furniture is the table of torture. I have personally built, with my hands. an excellent job of assembling. on my design course. consists of a steel base, a board eight feet long to which are added to the four corners rings with sturdy leather wrist bands, which in turn are connected to chains that are part of many pulleys.

the pulleys are driven by an electric motor. putting them in action I can stretch and stretch your whole body tied on the table by pulling in four directions. or only in two directions depends. mechanisms are independent and adjustable. the plank type of traction used in the Middle Ages that have inspired me.

a really nice arrangement. I chose steel as the material because it is easier to wash and I take much care of my equipment. are methodical. Once at work I remember a colleague of mine told me that I was picky about how I could very well be a serial killer. we all had a good laugh over. I remember that I told her I was right. people sometimes do not even imagine what comes closer to reality without realizing it.

But back to us. But I chose to start another thing for my new friend. the pillory. as I said I usually let myself be guided by my instincts from the sensations of the moment. to see him lying on the ass in the air made me instantly want to fuck. now first.

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her ass naked and hard inspired me. this is a quite unusual though. usually never mix the two. or when I do I want to do that and just have sex. I go, someone trailer, pay, maybe go to the hotel, I make my scopatina as all end of story.

But when I feel like a prey, somebody to bring down here usually I only torture, pure pain. No sex. no distractions. but this time I will make an exception. this ass if he really deserves a thorough study . I need this in the shame tonight. with a bit of effort I put up. fold it to ninety shoves his neck and wrists in the media and then close the top stuck inside. He still hung on for a while but slowly starting to wake up. I want you to be awake and alert. I do not want to lose even a single minute of fun.

here it is. we. ohhh my head . but what . but . where the usual things. they always say the same things more or less. - Well wake up darling. I've been waiting support both my hands on his buttocks firm and begin to feel everywhere. key touch feel I admire. smooth skin soft ass hard - Mmm my friend have an ass that is a fairy tale. I want it to taste like a ripe fruit Meanwhile, the sucker starts the series of protests and lamentations.

where they are because what you do what you want from me let me go so I will not say anything. I do not play in any way and in the meantime I've dropped my pants. my dick is already a rod of marble. are as hard a few times. not delay further. I can not wait any longer. call of the wild is too strong. I open her buttocks with his hands and unceremoniously slam into him. yells the cries and protests. music to my ears, even if we do not feel at this time.

are too busy enjoying. then after a while it explodes in a violent orgasm, howling like a wolf of the steppe. god what a nice cumshot. I clean as I'm the one that begins to insult: the bastard asshole here you'll pay and so on. is a rather incosueta. are generally more docile. you shit in your hand almost instantly. M but has a nice temper. I like it. also in terms of personality. give me more satisfaction.

the go ahead. I look at him in the face for a moment and then buckled him quite a few slaps. - This time to teach you a little education, little bastard. I'm going to take a shower and eat something. all the fuss made me hungry.

but you stay here. enjoy dinner without the pillory. that evening. fuck that. I'm almost tempted to hold it at the boy. keep it as a slave drive. You know things like the slave master. relationships of those beautiful beautiful world where S & M play to interpret the roles. then think about it I realize that is not something for me. I was the only thing I have in common with the world in case SM is pleased to tie a nice guy.

stop, end. there is no other. no, not work. everyone should be themselves and live for what it feels like to be. this is my background in philosophy and also my moral alibi for what I do. I can not wait. I go down again in the playroom. I find him as I left last night. standing, bent at ninety degrees to the neck and wrists locked in the pillory with the bare buttocks to the wind.

I feel very tired, very experienced. - Here we are again my dear M. I hope you have spent a good night's why today we have other things to do. and one begins to wonder that I fail to release more respect and things like that. I do not like. I do not want submissive. - Okay - I say - you can live with. you free that looks at me full of hope - But first I have to do to get some sleep and shot in his buttocks beautiful beautiful syringe full of a powerful sleeping potion. We can not risk that just the free one I will jump to the neck like an angry boar.

I have my best years in the fund. time six minutes and there he sent the beautiful world of dreams, thanks to the tiredness.

only that the beautiful world of dreams did not last long. returned shortly after the harsh reality that in this case is the hard bench. after having freed us from the shame I have lying on his stomach and incaprettato well well. the British call this position hogtie. . happy with their hands tied behind his back, ankles tied to each other and legs bent back toward his head. little variation I connected with her wrists ankles with a rope instead tie his ankles to the neck. I do not want to risk that I choked.

have only the shirt on him. the rest is bare. However, for me it's perfect for what I have in mind. tonight I'm inspired by his feet. This time I put a ball in his mouth tied behind the neck with a strap. a ballgag, more gadgets have borrowed from the world's sm . sssordido vulgar not to be disturbed by his bullshit. I want to shut up. The most one can grumble if you really want. I approach and I lean toward him. I look good. the soles of his bare feet are directed just towards my face.

- M you know you have beautiful feet. I love those folds of skin on the soles.

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I touch them. everywhere. first with his hands and then start to kiss and lick. with one hand and grab the ankles starting from the beginning to lick heels going up all along the arch, along all the plants to reach the fingers. I begin to suck her toes eagerly at a time between your finger and lick each other.

then down again on the instep. first one then the other. are excited. I masturbate I can not resist resist resist. I unbuttoned and I take his cock in hand and start hacking away. in a moment I have a powerful orgasm. it was enough just to come to touch me I was so excited.

But now I'm pissed off with myself. I had to resist. I failed. - To blame your bad ass - the cry face - because you are so beautiful perchèèè I take a bamboo stick and start on the soles of the feet. a two, three, ten, twenty times. how can he struggles mumbles. His face is distorted by pain. the soles of his feet are all reddened by the blows.

I grab the fingers and bend backwards extend the right foot. Now the plant is completely smooth. lick it again and then slapped down again and again and then licking chopsticks. in the end we are exhausted. both. I have to sit a moment. just feel our breath in the silence of the room. watch it - You're a bastard you know?

- I tell him. enough. I get up and I'm leaving. I go out and leave them as is. god that guy makes me mad is sending me crazy. but that takes me? I have to be seconded efficient cold. as usual. and instead this time I can not. the truth is that I like M too. I can not stop thinking about him. Today I went down twice to see how he was. I brought food and drink. I washed it. I toyed for a while. I'm falling in love. this should not happen. on TV say they have killed bin Laden.

know that good news. a bullet in the head and bye bye Osama. at the bottom you were more fortunate than M. he did not happen. I mean in front of the ball. M will die very, very slowly. I can not resist I have to get back in the playroom. third day. nobody was a guest in my room so long. more than two days. M is already into the third. but even today will be his last. this time I think of something else. - Hello little bastard. How are your feet?

still sick? - Fi laugh good taste. - You're ready to begin a new adventure? a new journey in pain? hang.

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like animals to the slaughterhouse. this was my vision. Technically if I wanted to slaughter a pig as I hung by the feet, head down. but I had other plans in mind for him. I fall from the ceiling with two rings, leather bracelets. them to him and then tie around the wrists aziono the lifting mechanism. that is still asleep. the usual injection of sleeping pills is an increasing effect. I think I must be careful with the dose or risk to kill him.

expected to catch. lethal injection. However now it is waking up. is hung by his wrists. feet four inches from the floor. completely hangs suspended from the ground.

I take a big gap and go up to him. - Time to be naked. the cut off t-shirt. is now completely naked. her chest is completely smooth like the rest of the body. single hair. even under the armpits. I stop to watch him. is truly a beautiful specimen. a perfect body. not even a little fat around the waist.

a flat stomach and smooth as a drum. a lean and defined chest. lean and defined muscles. wonderful. will be my masterpiece. around behind him and keep his muscular back. I have a moment of indecision. his back under the tension of the hanging position is pulled all the muscles in full view. seems the board of a treaty on human anatomy. are tempted to draw back on this wonderful with a scalpel. track grooves, exposing muscles, remove strips of skin stripping.

or use the whip.


in the end I decided to whip. I work first with his legs and his butt. I choose a subtle but very effective whip and start to hit. on the back of the thighs first. then sit on. one two three ten, twenty strokes.

each lash leaving a red streak on her skin smooth and delicate. the mumbles from evil. shake your legs hanging moves that are free. tries to kick but the more you shake the more I enjoy it.

I think a well hung beef. But after a while I get tired. a whip, but he does not believe is a difficult task. I stop. does not bleed much. only a little. better that way. I drink. I got thirsty. I always have one or two bottles of water at your fingertips. - Do not relax too much treasure - I say - I quench the thirst for a moment and start again immediately.

now it's back. woodpecker here stronger. small flaps of skin peeled off from tense muscles. rivulets of blood down following the design of the back muscles and spine. I stop to watch him. The temptation is almost coming to me .

almost . almost one of the practices that have always fascinated me more of the systems of torture was the good old days of skinning. turn around and go ahead.

- Do you know M, great to see your bare back gave me an idea: you could skinning, skinned alive. little by little. what you think. do not you think it's a good idea? M do not know if he really understood what I said because he looked at me with a kind of expression to be stupid.

I go to the table and take a scalpel. sleek and efficient as all my instruments. I like to have instruments that are clean and tidy.

are a method on the other hand no? as stupid says my colleague? ah yes, I have a mind of serial killer! I'm looking at the back of the boy. are undecided. wing tip support end of the scalpel at the base of the neck. more or less the height of the seventh cervical vertebra and carve. a long vertical cut down the side of the spine along the paravertebral muscles until his sacrum.

bleed less than they thought. I repeat the same and then cut parallel to the first one about ten inches away. then join the two cuts. Now lift the flap of skin at the base of the neck with his fingers and begins to detach by pulling down. I do a bit of strength. the skin is firmly attached to its underlying connective. Meanwhile, the howls like a coyote skinned. has become all hard and moves a bit too much for my taste, but now the job is almost done. in the end I unplugged all the central strip of skin that runs from the base of the neck to the lower back.

seen in the muscle and tendon. a mixture of white and red. I realize now that while only one has decided to pass out. I think little man. I'm happy for today. and then I came hungry and I also have a commission to do. I almost forgot. I have to go in the mail this afternoon. just enough time to take a shower and get out. something to eat at the restaurant Carlo. by Charles the food is good. is one of those family-run inns can still be found in the province.

I ordered a sea bass and a plate of beans. and a half liter of house red. I finally concede a well cooked in coffee. I was thinking about while I ate M. the guy is tough but I do not want to overdo it. have already gone beyond the average time I usually concede. have already been three days. I've decided.

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Tomorrow morning, the grand finale. I can not risk losing it along. I wake up early the next morning. I go down in the playroom of humming a tune Mannoia. are in good spirits. - Hello my dear M.

wake up, wake up! The early bird catches the worm do not know? and then today we have a long day. difficult but we will see a lot of satisfaction. that is still asleep. remained where I left last night on the floor, after I had pulled down from the hanging rings.

I had also washed well and given drink. water and honey. I take the usual syringe with tranquilizer-sleeping pill. - You know this already right? aspect that makes the narcotic effect and then I start to work. dragged him to the plank and then we lie down on the belly up.

is already starting to move. I used a very light dose this time. I want him awake for the grand finale but now I must hurry to tie it. I tie her wrists and ankles in four sturdy leather bracelets to their respective corners.

now I can relax and wait for it to wake up very well. I light a cigarette and waiting patiently. - Welcome back among us M. I did not want to start without you. I need your full attention because we expect a very delicate work. first to explain what we do, however, is missing only one small thing. I need to have the complete immobilization of your body then takes patience .

but I have to stretch a bit. I smiled like a child before a new toy to try everything. I get close to a switch and start the drive mechanism of the table. immediately set in motion an electric motor pulleys connected to four simultaneous bracelets that bind the hands and feet of the boy.

Slowly but surely his body was put in traction. more and more. increasingly engaged. ironed. oblongata. what I see with two eyes growing wide, astonished. rather incredulous. I still smile sweetly. stopped only when I see the mechanism that starts breathing with difficulty. is so drawn that his rib cage is hard to expand. still okay because his whole body is completely immobilized by the tension of the chains.

can only turn his head slightly and move your fingers and piedi.ogni single part of his body is in traction delineated muscles, bones protruding and visible under the skin taut. even his tendons and ligaments in your joints. I stop to contemplate the magnificent spectacle.

a body lying on a table completely blocked, and vulnerable is a show that has always excited me a lot but this time it's really great. M really has the perfect body for this position. really gives you the best of himself so bound. - M my god you're a god. you should see. you are simply beautiful. More are the embodiment of my idea of ​​perfection. my cock has become a marble. I approach and put a hand on his chest. its thinness is enhanced by the position and strength.

under the skin smooth and taut chest you can see, count all twelve pairs of ribs.

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with his hand caress, it follows the profile. the furrows between one and another. my hands playing with his ribs dance on the rib cage that looks like a cathedral that rises on the high plains.

the plain is his belly. rather than a plain looks like a valley. it sinks below its back ribs. is not only very flat and stretched like the skin of a drum. is dug, covered.

as if it had been sucked inwards by a kind of vacuum. and in the middle of the plain, lonely as a rare gem her navel. round, important. then back again below the hip bones. the iliac crests protrude just like the ribs. appear to be wings. almost seem to be to tear the thin skin covering them. fantastic. I can safely ignore his genitals.

are not what interests me. with his hands caress her bare belly so so tense so vulnerable and inviting. I appreciate the compact. the skin is smooth as silk. not even a light down a hair covering her face. I think I have the foaming at the mouth. I can not resist the temptation and I lean on him. My tongue slides into her belly button that starts greedily sucking moaning with pleasure. enough. Enough S. Stop. this bastard is driving me crazy.

- Whether you are cursed. the snarl on his face. my face has changed suddenly.

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I realize that I did bad because I read in his eyes a look of pure terror. I can regain control of myself and the situation. I can not screw it up right now swept by the force. I have to stay cool and controlled. - OK M. it's time to start I take a scalpel. beginning to draw to draw furrows along the ribs of m following the outline. tense and thin skin opens with incredible ease.

Print and wipe the blood coming out. I want to keep the work area clean. He breathes heavily. mumbles. do not care for her complaints. I once knew a guy with similar tastes to mine. for example this guy is very excited to hear more of his victims scream. to me instead of just annoying. especially in a case like this that requires the right concentration. In fact, now begins the final part.

the more complicated. support the scalpel blade at the base of his sternum. my left hand is raised to her chest. I concentrate. inexorably begin to decline slowly with the blade down. cut. arrival navel. by dividing it in half. continues until the blade meets the pubic bone. I stop. the thin skin of his belly opened like butter. skin tight flat stomach and pulled concave. so far so good. seen in the abdominal muscles.

contracts from the pain. like the rest of his body on the other hand. I repeat the cut. deeper this time. muscles are cut separate. are inside. support the scalpel and take two large surgical retractors. with your hands gently widen the wound edges and fixed at both ends of the two spreaders at the top and bottom. I'm sweating but my hands are still. safe. I have long studied this process.

I consulted the texts of surgery used in medical schools. atlas of comparative anatomy. nothing is left to chance. everything must be perfect. M is too precious.

the ideal subject for this type of procedure. I stop and look. I watch spellbound. her abdomen is completely wide open. open before me. hardly believe my eyes. his guts. are the thing that impresses me is most striking. are beautiful. are very long. a cord of white and pink all cleverly rolled into countless turns compact filling every space.

I really do not think that a skinny abdomen like his could hold so much stuff. thrust his hands directly in the middle of the skein of the intestines. through water in there. touch caress move handles. his guts are hot. hot and humid. slip through my fingers. then slowly beginning the painstaking work of gutting. I gently grab the end of the rectum, the cut at the base and start to unwind the skein. meters and meters. calmly pulled out everything.

his intestines slowly. will consider at least a dozen meters. occasionally look at it. her face is a grimace of pain but also disbelief. does not believe he's really going on. or perhaps he is captured by its beauty. when I finished pulling out all the intestines including the stomach can not help but notice that her stomach is empty for almost two-thirds.

on the bottom you can see the spine. I now dedicate the rest of his abdominal organs. spleen, bladder, kidney, pancreas, liver and finally the big brown. loses a lot of blood now. unfortunately I had to cut blood vessels also important. I look at it. only now I realize that he stopped breathing. I fear it was bleeding.

but now I'm done. I'm done.


I sat down exhausted. I only have the strength to masturbate free at last. I can give vent to my instinct, so long repressed and controlled.

I come to the end. I fell asleep. when I wake up. M is still tied up on the table. open like a rabbit. unwound the tangle of his intestines lying on the floor next to the other internal organs. There is also a lot of blood around.

I have to force myself. I clean everything and sbaraccare. As usual this is the least satisfying part of job. I'll have to saw off the body parts. cut hands, feet, legs, arms. separate the upper body parts. and then dissolve all the acid bath. I expect an intense day of work. but it was worth it. god it was worth it. M was really perfect. has undoubtedly been my masterpiece. his memory will stay with me forever. I think I masturbate thinking about him and these moments for years to venire.ripensand to his body at his feet, his ass, his abdomen, its entrails.

as long as I live I will not touch until I too know the hell and pay for all this. but this is my destiny. and I can not do anything. just put me in search of the next guest in my playroom.