Batendo uma para o marido

Batendo uma para o marido
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++Ok. This story is about pain, a slut and a Dr who forsakes his oath beccause the the slutty behaviour of his patient. Read on if you wish but you have been warned and the theme are listed above so please don't complain.

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Thank you Bestintheworld1653 for the inspiration for the story and for being the first to read it.+++ My name is Dr John. I am a plastic surgeon and this is the story about how this lovely redhead sucking my cock happened to become mine. Now im not one that believes in "owning" people so she is not a slave, but a totally devoted partner (though she refuses to marry me!!) I was staying late at my practice, doing our weekely audit of the rejected cases to make sure that they had all been rejected fairly when I can upon the case of Lisa Barrett.

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Now just a quick explanation. All potential patients submit a "before" or current photo. They then use our computer software to create an "after" image of what they would like along with a physical description. After that they undergo a psychological assessment to make sure that they are not whack jobs that might sue us because the boobs they wanted didnt get them a wealthy husband etc etc. So in Lisa's file her before photo wasnt that unusual.

She said she was about a size 16, with EE/F size breasts. The photo showed she had a flabby belly, but my trained eye to see it was from weight loss.

I wondered why what I thought would be a sinple nip/tuck procedure would be rejected. Reading on I looked at the after picture. There she was. A flat 16 waist but with breasts easily over an L!!!

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I looked like a 14yr old had been let loose on the machine and whacked up the cup sizeometer! Now this isually wouldnt be a big deal as the system has flaws, hence we also get a written statement of intent.

In the procedure she had written "I want a flatter belly and the biggest tits you can give me." I must admit I thought this was a hoax and considered binning the file bit wondered why the application had not been shredded as a hoax application. I read on to the pysch eval. which was transcribed from a recording. ++Candidate #237 - Lisa Barrett++ "Lisa please state what surgery you want done" "I was massive tits. Literally the size of beachballs!" "You know this will cause you chronic back pain, even with a good bra.

Without product fault the company will charge for a reduction." "I know. I love pain!" "Pardon? Please explain? " "I like pain, it makes my pussy tingle and makes me wet. Severe pain such as whipping makes me orgasm. I want massive tits so a man can abuse them to make me cum. I would be his forever! You want me to be. +session terminated+ I closed the file and looked at my rock hard cock.

As I said the medical nature of the photos meant that the was no sexuality in my work, however this freaks request and her fucked up brain had made me stand to attention. I rang her straight away. "Hi. Is that Lisa?" "Yes. Who's that?" "This is Dr John at the clinic.


I reviewed your file." "Oh. They said I was rejected on psychological grounds. I thought it was because I gave the shrink a bad BJ!" Lisa giggled at that.

"Ah." I ran a hand over my chin. About to break the morality of my job, and possibly my oath to do no harm. "Yiur case is one that would normally be rejected thats true. Can you come on to see me tonight?" "Sure doc! You wanna BJ too?" She asked in a voice that was seductive and very, very serious in her offer. "I am a good little slut." "Ahem. I just want to discuss your procedure again." "Ok." She said sulkily "8pm ok?" "I shall await you." I sat there after the call shaking a little.

I was shocked at what I was preparing to do!

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However I had little over and hour until Lisa arrived. I spent the time looking up immoral friends of mine who had been struck off for their practice. Unusual that I knew so many!! Then there came a knocking at the door. I looked at the clock. It was 745. My first thought as I walked to the door was that it was the Police.

Had the NSA recorded my call?? I shook my head. I was being silly. Opening the clinic door I saw the so called Lisa Barrett. "Hello Doctor" she whispered. I looked her over. Knee high boots, fishnets, short skirt and and a shirt. Toppingbit off 2as a schoolgirl tie and pig tails. "Told you I was a slut" was her reply to my hanging jaw.

However it was her reply to my raging boner that caused me to decide to do the surgery.

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Seeing my bulge Lisa dropped to her knees, shutting the door with her foot. Without saying a word she swiftly pulled my cock out. "Mmmmm hmmmm" she hummed as my 6" sprung free. Now my cock isnt long, but most girls have a trouble with the girth.

Its why I was still single!

"Miss Barrett." I said sternly grabbing my trousers. "Please come through to my office Miss Barrett." Lisa's face fell, but she followed me meekly into my office. Sitting behind my desk I smiled at her, opening the file. "Ok. Lisa." "Please call me Slut" she whispered from downcast eyes "I feel I deserve to be called what I want to be. Doc" "Right. er. Slut." I stammered at this declaration. "You said you wanted massive tits." "Yes Doc" "Ok I can do that." Slut looked up excited "but.

I would be breaking my oath and morality for you. Do you understand?" "Yes Doc. I can pay." "No, no" I interupted. "You promised to be with whatever man could give you massive tits and abuse them. " "Yes!" She nealry shouted as she squirmed in her seat. "Payment with sex?" She said.

"No. An agreement.

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I give your the surgery and you give me the opportunity to be the man you are looking for. I will beat your tits. I will hite and scratch and pinch and whip and all sorts of other things." "Will you make me your slut Doc?" "I will." "I agree" she said, shaking my hand. That would have to do, I wanted no paper trail. I quickly phoned the staff and told them the clinic was closed for 3 weeks then called my underworld friends.

The surgery was on! Coming back to my office, I pointed at Lisa. "Slut. Strip." She shed her clothes faster than I could have thought until only a skimpy pair of red painties remained. "I said strip." 'Slut' mumbled something. Still sitting behind my desk I said "Pardon?" "If I take them off the dildo will fall out!" Sighing I walked up to her. Reaching between her legs I felt the hard bulge of a plastic phallus in her pussy.

"Mmmmmmm" she moaned as I put pressure on it. "You slut" I whispered in her ear and quickly stepped away, disappointment in her eyes. "Surgery is in 2 days. We have until then to fuck as after the stiches will need 2 weeks to heal.

No sex during that time.or the deal is off. Understand?" I said matter of factly, trying to be stern and not the 14 yr old my cock wanted me to be.

"Yes Doc.Now can I pleeeeease that cock." "Yes you may Slut" Lisa dropped to her knees in front of my as I perched on my desk. With one fluid motion she pulled my cock onto her mouth, drool dripping on the carpet from her excitment as she licked and sucked the head. "Doc its the best cock ive ver seen!" and slipped it into her mouth inch by inch.

"Oh my God" I cried at the best blow job I had ever had.Lisa pulled on my ass couple of times and I got the hint. Standing up and wrapping a hand in her hair, I started to fuck her face.

Literally my cock hitting the back of her throat. "Maaph mmm psem" Lisa said around my cock.


"What?" I said trying to pull my cock out so she could talk. Lisa held me in place and slapped herself. I got the point. Resuming the face fucking I gave her a few slaps across the face."mmmrdaaa" she whimpered, tears rolling down her cheeks. "Harder huh?" I slapped her again so hard it made my cock tingle and that was too much for me.

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Without warning the cum shot out my cock and down Lisa's throat. I pulled out leaving it dribbling down her chin and onto those gorgeously large tits. "Im sorry" I said to her, wiping away her tears and wondering if I had gone too far. She smiled like the cat that got the cream. "Dont be sorry" she said and pointed at the spot she had been kneeling. The carpet was soaked.

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It literally squleched when you pushed it. "Oh. oooohhh. So your really do like that kinda freaky shit." "Yes Doc. It makes my pussy gush. I like to be treated like the slut I am, but pain is my biggest turn on." As she was talking her hand was pushing that dildo in and out of her cunt, as she tried to get some relief. I smiled and walk up to her. Holding her throat I stood her up theb slapped her hard across the face 3 times, my hand stinging.

Tears ran down her face but she smiled at me "You might well be my man" she said. I quickly bent her over my desk and grabbed one of the fake flowers. Pulling off the head I brandished the metal rod. Swiftly I pulled down her panties and put several strokes across her backside.

I loved the little squeals she made, and the sight of her reddening skin. I felt my cock growing hard again and grabbed some lube. I dribbled some onto the bud of her arsehole and before she could say anything yanked the dildo from her pussy shoving it into her shitter. "Oh Gawd!" Slut screamed and I am sure I heard the soft patter of her cum hitting the floor. I flipped her over, ready for my main treat. Pulling on her dark, massive, errect nipples until they pulled her tits away from her body, I picked up some surgical clamps, closing them on the base of each nipple.

Another wave of pain-caused orgasm flowed through her and as she yelled in painful pleasure, I slipped my cock into her sopping cunt. It was so wet, I thought my cock would slide right out again. Holding myself in her soppy twat, i took the ruler off my desk. A couple.of.slaps of it across her swollen nipples, I heard her cry "Fuck me Doc.

Fuck my Slutty cunt. Fill me with your seed and make me yours!" I did just that and fucked her sopping cunt like a mad man.

With each thrust I heard and felt how wet she was. Pausing I grabbed her hands from where.she was clutching the desk and put them on her breasts. "Squeeze your nipples slut" I growled and before she could respond started hammering away at her pussy again.

As she squeezed her painful nipples, I could feel her pussy clenching with orgams and soon was ready to cum myself. Kust as I was about to shoot my load, I knocked her hands aside and gave her nips a savage twist. She actually screamed so loud I thought the Police would be called, but her twat was gripping my cock like iron, milking every drop from me.

Once we had both come down, I slipped out of her and one by one took the clamps off. The returning blood caused her more pain and she twitched as her pussy responded. Whilst she lay there twitching I looked round the clinic and realised that there wasnt a whole lot of stuff to use to do what I wanted to this painslut. I pointed at the patch of cum soaked carpet. "Stand there slut" As she staggered to where she was instructed to benI nipped into the physio wing and came back with a few items.

Firstly I took her fishnets and with each one tied it around the base of her breasts causing those F cups to stand out proudly. "Stand on tiptoes!" Lisa did and I coild still see rhw dildo up her arse.


I quickly adapted a crutch and line it up with the dildo. As Lisa sank back down it put pressure on the toy. "Mmmmm" my slut moaned at the pleasure and pain I was causing her. Next was a 1k weight. I gave it to her. "Hold it in both hands and hold your arms out straight!" I pointed to a camcorder. "I will know if you rest for a second and there will be punishment." The last thing was a TENS machine. Delivering eldctric current to muscle to provide relief, I put it to more nefarious means.

Placig a pad on each nipple, I turned it up to the lowest setting. Lisa moaned from the tingling sensation I turned the pad up to 4 and saw her wince then smile. 4 it would be then. "I am going home depot, I'll be about 45 minutes Slut." I whispered in her ear. I could hear her whimpering as I said this. ++++++++++++++++++++ As the Doc left the office I felt a tremor of pleasure flow through my body. The electrical pads kept pulsating, and my pussy answered a few seconds after each pulse.

The Doc had only been gone about 2 minutes, but already I could feel my as weakening from holding the weight up! I didn't want to fail him, though I was sure I'd enjoy the punishment!

As my pussy clenched again and another orgasm built I concentrated on the dildo shoved up my arse, trying to distracted myself! It felt so uncomfortable having that great long plastic cock shoved in my shitter, and this damned crutch pushed it in more solidly with every moved I made. I tried to go on tippy toes to relieve the feeling in my arse, but I couldn't hold it too long before my calves gave out. I soon found coming back down onto the dildo was worse that writhing on it!

"Oh God!" Escaped my lips as the dicomfort lead to another orgasm, it shook my body, leaving me exhuasted and reminding me of the ache in my arms. I looked at the clock, thinking I had done well.

but it had only been 3 minutes. My arms started shaking, and tears coursed down my face at the idea of disappointing this man, this wonderfully cruel man who could bring me more pleasure and pain than I had dreamed of. Already he had done more to me than any other man I knew had dared.

I sensed in him a primal need to dominate me as I needed to be dominated. The electric pads buzzed again and I couldn't hold on any longer, cum flowed down my legs from the most powerful orgasm yet.

I dropped the weight and picked up the camera. I focused on my tear stained face. "I'm so sorry! I couldn't do what you wanted. Punish me!" I felt so ashamed and a disappointment, but wanted to make it better.

Laying on the floor I postioned the camera, making sure there was a good shot of my swollen, slick pussy, my cunt lips engorged from my sexual excitment. Taking the ruler I smaked that pussy hard "Dirty Slut" I cried.

"Useless whore" as I smacked it again. As I degraded myself like this, using language I would never have used before I realised that it was true. To disappoint this man was to feel useless, stupid and dirty.

Since that cock had been in me, since he gave himself to me to meet my fantasy, risking all, I had been utterly devoted to him! Pausing in this pussy abuse I looked at the camera "Doc.

Know that I am your most devoted slut now and can never give you enough pleasure to thank you for the actions you have taken to pleasure me. I hope I can make you just as happy though!" With that I lay down and brought the camera to my tits. As I thought of them I remember the electro machine. I had gotten used to this setting and it did nothing for me. I turned it up to six, and started to abuse my bound breasts with the ruler. I raised the ruler up high and brought it down as hard as I could on the right tit sighing as the sharp pain hit my system and turn to pleasure.

I struck the left tit, but then the phone went. I saw on the caller ID it was Dr John, my lovely Doc. "Hello?" I asked in a sultry voice.

"STOP THAT IMMEDIALTY SLUT!" his voice roared at me and I realised the camera was streaming live to his phone. "You tits must be unblemished or the skin damage could cause us to have to delay the operation." I was aghast!

"S.s.sorry" I spluttered once again filled with dread at disappointing him. "I have failed your twice now." "You have only failed to follow my orders once Slut. I shall punish you when I back. For now I want you to spank that pussy like you were, calling youself those names, and ass fuck yourself with the dildo on all fours. I want to see those titties jiggle." "Yes Sir!" I almost screamed eager to please him and he hung up. Scampering back to the floor I repositioned the camera and spanked my pussy hard screaming "Useless Fucktoy", "Disgusting Cockwhore" and other obscene names until it was too sore to touch and I was literally shaking from being about to cum again.

I quickly rubbed my clit while fingering my g-spot, pulling out to squirt over the carpet. "A little treat for my Doc" I told the camera, before kneeling on all fours and ass fucking myself with the 8" plastic cock the dr shoved up there. I looked down to see my tits still held in place by my stockings, and knowing the doctor wanted 'jiggling' I ripped them off.

Now with each thrust of the toy into my backdoor my tits swung back and forth, the camera positioned to get a good look. I kept galncing at the camera and the clock willing his return, and was soon rewarded with the sound of the key in the lock. Unsure what to do I kept fucking my ass and looked over my shoulder to spot the Doc.

"Look forwards!" He said sternly and I lept to obey, my heart leaping at his return. As I looked forwards I felt him move my hand away from the dildo and him pull it out to the rim, it was soon replace though with something a lot bigger. +++++++++++++ The sight of my slut on all fours fucking her little round shapely arse made me instantly hard again. Slapping away her hands I pulled on the dildo, before taking my cock and lining up with her back door.

Pushing in past her little brown hole, I instantly felt her clench, and scream at the intrusion of something much bigger that she was used to, The feeling of the vice like cgrip on my cock was enough to make me lose myself, and after showing the doldo into her open mouth, I grabbed her hips, thrusting into her with wild abandon, eash thrust causing those titties to swing widly beneath us.

The tightness of her hole, and the beautiful little whimpering noises that she was making meant that I did not last long, soon shooting my load into her back passage. I slipped out, a little bit of cum trickling out too, then went round to her face. Sitting her up, I took the dildo out of her mouth. Tjhe slut lept to my cock and licked all the cum off of it before allowing me to stand her up. "Your amazing" I told her.

"I felt so bad that I had not done what you asked" she replied pointing at the weight, "In truth, 3 minutes was pretty damned good" I told her, leading ehr through to one of the surgeries. In this one there was a birthing chair, that we had repurposed for when vaginal sugery was needed. I handed her a small bag with was stuff in it, some body lotion and pointed at the staff wash-room.

Please go and do all your "necessaries", then rub the lotion onto you tits and belly. It will help with the stretching after the operation. Whilst I waited for my slut to come back, I prepared a few other things for after the surgery. In our recovery room, I hung 2 large straps from the ceiling to support the massive tits whilst the stitched healed. I also hung a drinking system so that she could drink without needing to leave the room, and some items.

Slut returned from the bathroom and I strapped her into the birthing chair. "Sleep well Slut" I told her, taking out my last item. It was a vibrating dildo about the same size as my cock, with 2 metallic strips running up the sides. "This is state of the art" I told her. I set an alarm on the phone app, and at those times it lets out a measured electric charge. Now as you managed about a 6 on your nipples I have set this to be power level 4 on 30 minutes intervals.

"Oh Sir!" Slut gasped as I slid it into her well lubricated cunt. I also shoved the dildo back up her arse. Taking her soaked panties from earlier, I pushed them into her mouth and taped them in place. " This is your punishment.

It's about 12 now. Ill be back in tomorrow about. oh. 10am?" I told her and walked out as she gazed on with lustful eyes. I returned the next morning to find my slut passed out from exhaustion, and a small puddle of her cum on the floor. Taking the dildo out of her pussy, and the panties from her mouth, I let the slut sleep, and did some paperwork until I her her come round. Untying the slut, I sat her down in the office and made us coffee. "OK Slut. As I said out agreement was that I would be the man that you wanted,and to make sure that I can be that man I think that you should live with me." "mmmmm" she replied, wiggling on her seat.

"Therefore, take the next 2 days to get you affairs in order, as I intend to keep you very busy for the next few months. Your also going to need a whole new sluttish wardrobe." I gave her my credit card "There is a $10,000 limit, but I expect photos of everything before you buy". "Thanks Doc" she said, slipping to her knees and reaching out for my belt. I soon enjoyed another session of skull fucking my own painwhore, as I slapped her face and pulled her hair., before she 'dressed' in her shirt and skirt and left my office.

The next 2 days were filled with preparations, constantly interrupted by a string of videos and pictures of the clothes Lisa was buying, which let to more interruptions as I had to wank off to relieve the pressure in my pants. Surgery day came however, as did all of the people that I required. Lisa was very charming, thanking them for their time, and being the slut she was "repaid" them all with a mass gangbang, one of the truly best night of my life to that point.

Luckily the surgery went well, and Lisa recovered quickly, but I shall not bored you with 2 weeks where by very little happened and ski[p forward to the day that I brought Lisa home.