Kellenzinha Sentando Gostoso com a Buceta na Cara do Tio Enquanto o Corno Acompanha Tudo de Bem Pert

Kellenzinha Sentando Gostoso com a Buceta na Cara do Tio Enquanto o Corno Acompanha Tudo de Bem Pert
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This is my second offering in almost three years. I hope you enjoy it and I welcome feedback. It is quite long but hopefully it contains enough excitement and sex to keep your attention This is a story of a woman who likes sex in any size, shape, or color. Chapter One Jay The cock up my seemingly always warm and juicy cunt was once again doing a fantastic job of coaxing another bone-jarring come from me.

Whimpers of lust, enjoyment, and pleading were spilling from my body as I clutched the sheets in desperation. Suddenly another flood joined in and erupted as now my upturned ass cheeks received firm, but delightful slaps.

The rough skinned hands then went under my body to grab and twist my swollen, jiggling, breast flesh. A loud whimper of acceptance tore it self from my twenty - three year old body when the pink hard colored tips were pinched and then pulled. My sounds let the intruder who had his cock buried ball deep inside my quivering meat know that I wanted more of what he was doing. His big cock kept pounding away causing the nerves in my body to scream with pure delight.

Then suddenly, the big vein that runs the length of a male pleasure stick started throbbing against my vagina walls signaling that this round of lust-laden joy was about to end. With one hand rubbing my clit, the other pulling my tits, his hot bar of steel continued extinguishing the fire that had been started when he had walked in the door twenty minutes ago.

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"I…oh! Please! Don't stop! I pleaded. His answer was a slap across my sensitive nipples. Moaning, I bent my head down looked down and back between my thighs. Mesmerized by the sight of what was a once long and hard instrument of love, had now diminished to its original size and was slowly inching itself out of my velvet sheath. Whimpering in disappointment, I tried backing up but to no avail. Giving out a cry of disappointment brought a small laugh from my lover when his wet cock slid out and bounced against my leg.

I started to lift my head back up when suddenly I was mesmerized by the sight of my cunt returning to its original configuration. I smiled to myself as the results of my daily exercises were evidently beneficial.

Suddenly my firm breasts were cupped and gently squeezed. An upward pressure against them signaled that I was to lift up my body. Doing so I was spun around, I smiled at my present lover and let my arms circle his neck He grinned when I moved my hips against him as close as possible. A moan of happiness from my lips came out when I felt the piece of meat hanging between his legs. He kissed me again and when our lips broke apart he asked me where the bathroom was, Sliding out of the certaintly stained sheets he followed my swinging buttocks as we went down the hallway.

When we reached the bath, I stepped aside for him to enter. He stopped, circled my waist and pulled me close. The kiss was breathtaking! I ground my hips against his with true emotion.

He gently eased away from me and excused himself. I waited outside in anticipation and when I heard the shower turned on and his voice calling out for me to join him, I squealed with pleasure. Mixing the water valve until it suited him; he stepped inside and pulled me next to him. Pushing me under the stinging warm water, he took the nozzle and directed it over my still heaving chest. Whimpering when his knee pushed my thighs apart, my heart picked up an extra beat, as I knew what this person was going to do.

"____Ah! Oh, oh!" I gurgled as I eagerly awaited the inevitable. "Shut up! You will love it!" The intruder said with a small laugh A guttural cry ripped from my throat when the pulsing nozzle was jammed firmly against my pulsing pussy.

When my cry turned to a whimper, the intruder covered my mouth with his and used his free hand to alternate kneading and pulling my tit flesh. Our tongues swirled against each other with gusto. Removing the stinging spray from my crotch let me relax somewhat until I was pulled tight against his sinewy body. "I noticed that when I first squeezed your tits, you really enjoyed it.

I bet your husband keeps you happy by playing with then?" I was told as his other hand cupped and pulled on the other one. Before I could answer, my brown- headed lover slid to his knees and began tonguing my belly button. My heart continued to beat wildly as the roughness of his hands continued to cup and pull on my swollen globes. I could feel a pressure building up in my groin area and it was making me feel that my head was going to explode. "Ahh! Oh God! Please! Yes!

Don't stop!" "Don't worry!" He answered.

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I wanted to scream out that the only thing my husband does is give them a little squeeze and that's only once in a while. I wanted to confess all of this, but he did not seem interested in my problems.

He was far more engrossed in making me whimper and jump. He had now left my stomach area and was massaging my crotch area. "Does he keep this thing full of meat?" He asked as his fingers traveled the length of my coral colored labia lips.

Again my attempted answer was of no consequences as it was cut off by a gasp when the tips of his thumbs gaped open my labia.

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Perspiration popped out n my forehead as the thumbs massaged the sensitive area. My hand found the back of his head and pulled it tight against my inflamed flesh. His mouth acted like a vacuum hose as it pulled my pussy flesh into his mouth.

My head went back and I let out a song of lust as once again relief entered my throbbing body. Relief though was not on this persons mind as his tongue immediately lit another fire that shot through me. Within seconds, I was once again begging for more. When I eased my legs apart more so I get more of the sensation he was giving me, he leaned back and never once took his eyes away from my tortured pussy flesh.

Finally he looked up at me and again cupped my full breasts. "Hmm. Too bad I didn't bring someone with me!" "Uh, what! What do you mean?" What I mean, is that I think you need another cock, am I right?" He responded with a half-smile.

"I…I!" My body shuddered slightly at the memories of the good screws I had enjoyed in the past from perfect strangers. And…not all of them were men! Oh Yes! I have enjoyed the softness of a women many times.

My legs were again spread wide as my lover went to my labia lips. Opening them wide with his thumbs, I guided his head to my sensitive flesh. I yelped as his snake like tongue found my rigid clit. Laughing gently, he looked up at me, "Hang on baby, this one will knock your head off!" Laying his left arm across my soft belly, his hand slipped down and rested on top of my distended clit.

His right hand pushed the lips apart on my cunt and then he began flicking my little man in a boat furiously.

Within scant seconds my body began to tremble from the excitement coursing through it. Once, twice, my slit exited a torrent of semen.

My quavering pleadings for the man to stop fell on his deaf ears. On and on, he continued to whip the sensitive flesh back and forth. Tears fell from my eyes as my legs became rubbery. Again and again, my hips jerked as I orgasimed furiously.

I was on the verge of blackness when suddenly he stopped, stood and swooped me up in his arms. As I lay on back on the bed with my legs askew, I circled his neck and thanked him. He had given me what I wanted, and most of all, what I had missed.

An hour later, the sound of Paul my husband, pulled in the driveway. I met him at the door with a short kiss and no feelings of guilt or remorse from my afternoon of loving.


Our marriage was on shaky ground from a number of things with the most important one being sex. On this count, Paul was a zero. It was a wham-bang, thank you ma'am affair with him. Plus, his mother, Mrs. Allen, had as much told me that Paul was too good for me. She thought the sun rose and sat on him. And as far as she was concerned, I was like trailer trash to her.

So no, I had no true deep affections for this man.or her. But for now, I felt too good to dwell on this subject as my groin felt contented…for the time being, and I could still detect a small trace of semen in my mouth. Starting to speak, he stopped as my lover walked in from the kitchen. His eyes narrowed, and then widened in surprise.

He stuck out his hand. "Look here! If it isn't my brother in law, Jay!" Yes, Jay was my brother! Yes, Jay had been fucking me since I could ever remember. Before and after I got married, Jay would take me whenever we had an occasion. And we insured that there were lots of them! Many times he would push me up against a wall and screw me while our parents were in the next room.

He used to joke that these quickies kept me horny, and in truth, they did. Anything he wanted me to do, or have some else do to me, I never hesitated. For Jay owned me body and soul. Even my wedding day was no difference as I had slipped into his bedroom that morning and gave him a blow- job before anyone awoke After I had been married a few months, Paul soon got offered a promotion in the next state. It was a somber affair the morning we left. Jay gave me a brotherly kiss in front of everyone and whispered that he would see me soon.

That soon turned in to six long agonizing months. When he had shown up this morning at my front door, my eyes watered from joy. We had stood in the middle of the room kissing for a long time. Finally he pulled me to the floor where we continued our loving. I smiled as his work hardened hands opened my blouse and cupped my nipple hardening boobs.

My body shivered as his other one slipped under my skirt and covered my pulsing pussy. Positioning me on my hands and feet, I cried openly as his hard cock started inching up my warm and wet slit. It was like an old friend that had come home as he filled and thrilled me.

After dinner we were all sitting around the table when Jay began telling the main reason for his visit. "I have to be in South America in a week and look at some oil drilling sites. Our people have s received reports of new findings that look good." Jay looked squarely at Paul and continued. "The site is close to someplace named after…uh…oh yeah, Hernandez!" He said with a dead - pan look. At the sound of Hernandez, my head shot up.

Paul was grinning at my reaction for he had heard me speak of him many times. I loved to study ancient history and the Xavier area was considered one of the most important sites in the world.

Continuing with a dead pan appearance, Jay spread his hands and continued, "The Company is trying to hire a translator who is honest to accompany me this time." He had told us before about being cheated on a trip there. When Paul asked how long he would be gone, Jay answered, hopefully, I will be back in a month to a month and a half." He continued on and added, "I want to do some exploring on my own when the job is finished." He looked at Paul so innocently and asked if he knew of anyone who may be interested in the translator position.

Paul started laughing and said, "Jay, you are a low life, did you know that?" "Who! Me"? Jay grinned broadly as he turned around as if Paul was speaking to someone else. They both knew I spoke perfect Spanish. "Did you ask her? Paul asked in a somewhat low voice. "Not yet. I wanted to see what you had to say." He replied by giving him a knowing nod. "Well, go on." Paul answered. Smiling as he faced me, "Sis, would you go with me?" My face almost betrayed my feelings.


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I was ready to leave right then. My heart and cunt were both pulsating at the thought of having my brother any time I wanted. "I can't leave Paul for that long."I feigned concern at my husband as I rose and sat in his lap.

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"Who would take care of him?" I asked, but with no real conviction. "This trip may be the best thing for our marriage right now". Paul said somberly and with truthfulness. "I honestly think you should go.

It…it may give us both the time we need to…decide." His response startled me. I looked at him and agreed that he was right. Our marriage was ready to terminate and a separation may be just what we needed.

Giving him a kiss, I concurred with what he said and gave him a quick kiss. Looking at him and then my brother, I replied, "What time do we leave?" * "Finally!" I stated to Jay as the plane left the runway. Taking his hand, I glanced around and not seeing anyone looking, I stuck it between my legs and rubbed it against my crotch. Laughing, Jay kissed my cheek. We had a big laugh about a translator. Jay not only spoke Spanish, but he also knew several dialects.

Last night after Paul and I had our final, or at least I hoped it was, boring bout of sex. Afterwards, I went to the bathroom to clean up. Taking a long time, a smile came on my face as the sounds of his soft snoring was heard. I knew from experience that he was out for the night.


Continuing to smile, I knew where to go! Slipping into the guest- room, I could see the smile from the moonlight on Jays lips as I entered. Returning his warm smile, I slipped off my gown. His eyes widened at the sight of my nudity.

His cock which had been semi -hard when I first walked in was quickly growing to its majestic length. Whimpering slightly as I put it in my hand and sucked it down my throat. His hands massaged my tits as my head bobbed on his fullness. After letting me taste him for scant moments, he pushed me away and held a finger to his lips. Getting out of bed, he pulled me against his hard body.

Turning me around, his hand went to my stomach while the other pushed me over. Gripping my hips, his cock entered my always warm and hungry cunt.

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Finding my clitoris, he began rubbing it. I began to moan softly as his rod found the interior of my channel to its liking. With each stroke, my moans increased in volume until Jay cut them off by cupping my mouth. Stopping,Jay eased his cock from my chute.

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Pulling me to the carpeted floor, he straddled my heaving body. Working up my body, he stuck his sticky cockin my mouth. Tasting the mixture of our lovemaking on him made my cuntwitch with lust.

Licking its length on the top and bottom I opened my mouth to accept him. Bobbing my head, I swallowed and let the complete length enter me. His balls were now lying next to my lips and Jay slightly groaned when I gave them a gentle squeeze. The pressure of my lips brought a stream of honey from him that sprayed my throat and I had to work fast to keep the heavy effusions from leaking around the corners of my mouth. Holding him until I had sucked the last drop from his shriveling cock, I then pulled it from my mouth and lovingly kissed the head.

Pulling me to my feet, he eased me back against him as his lips and hands roamed over me. Knowing that I needed a release, his hand went between my legs and for the next few minutes he expertly worked on and inside my cunt until I exploded.


. This was one of the reasons why I loved Jay. He knew what I needed, when and how much I needed.