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Hentai anime cartoon hentai free sex movies besthentaipassport com tube porn
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Just a quickie ;). Every time you wear short skirts I try to peek! I know and love all your little panties Mom! I love your tiny panties. I rush home from school every day to be the first in so I can search your dirty laundry basket for your tiny wet Mommy smelling panties. Knowing they have been so close to your pussy makes me throb n throb.

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Yesterday I found a pair of your tiny panties that were white and lacy. Wow they were soaked and if I am not mistaken - still warm?? I sniff and lick your tiny panties Mom as I stroke my 8" ? year old cock. I have many many dreams Mom but my ultimate dream is to sniff and lick your tiny panties while your still in them.

Oh you smell so sweeeeet, so inviting, sooooo. .

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. . motherly. Last night on the couch, Did you let me see up your skirt on purpose? I mean did you catch me looking? Did you keep crossing your legs on purpose Mom? I saw them you know ;) your beautiful white see through panties.


I remember last week when you and Dad came home a little drunk. You looked fantastic as always Mom in your tight white blouse and short black mini skirt. After a while I heard a snore from you on the couch. Me and Dad both looked at you then each other.

"there's no point waking her son" Dad said, "She will be fine there" anyhow there's a film about to start if you want" Sure I said looking over my shoulder one more time ;) Good job I did as at that very moment your legs that were up and bent, just opened up really wide showing me, your horny son the whole front of your tiny white see through panties.

Wow Wow Wow! Mom you looked so amazing! As the film progressed I heard Dad yawn. Soon I was thinking - - Soon Dad will get up and go to bed.

I had been wishing it for ages in my head when he got up.

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"I'm knackered son I'm off to bed. See you in the morning, Have fun".


(have fun? oh I intended to, with my very sexy Mom;) I looked at you as you laid there on your back. Your big,heaving breasts moving up and down as you breath. The top 3 buttons were undone and I could see a little bit of your tit.


Your little black skirt had ridden up above your knees but your legs were down and closed. I lifted from my chair when I heard my Dad shut your bedroom door and as I crawled across the floor towards you heard the squeak of your bed. Knowing Dad was in bed above me made it so much much hornier even naughtier Mom, I mean here was I kneeling down at the side of you with really naughty thoughts running through my mind!

I had seen your panties earlier and wanted them then, but I had no idea I would be here about to try to look closer;) I moved myself down the couch so I could see up your skirt. I could only see a tiny bit of white material so I reached out and gently touched your knee. You didn't move so I gently creep-ed along your thigh. I was About mid thigh and you moved slightly and opened your legs a little more.

;) A little bit more white.

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So I did it again only this This time I didn't stop and traced my trembling finger all along your gorgeous thigh till I reached the top of your leg, then back down to your knee. I think it must have tickled (or you was awake) but you opened your slender legs wide enough for me to see what I wanted. ;) Wow Mom the sight of you laying there with your legs wide open showing me, your son your pantie covered fanny.

;) made my cock throb and throb (still does) I wanted more Mom !! This time I touched your other thigh and gently pushed it back against the couch exposing more of your tiny white see through panties;) As I lovingly stared at your heaving mound I had a thought! Maybe this is the time I get to live out my ultimate fantasy and lick and sniff your tiny wet panties while you were still in them (unfortunately asleep but I'm not complaining) Upon close inspection of your tiny panties I noticed I could see right through them and was staring at your big dark fanny lips all crushed against the thin tight mesh like material.

Mom I was in heaven!! I leaned in and stuck out my tongue and ran it along the groove of your panties from your bum to your clit. I could feel your clit harden under my tongue as I circled my tongue around it and back down the groove of your tiny panties while jabbing my tongue causing your panties to slip up inside you and your huge fanny lips fall either side. Wow I'm good ;) I gently closed my mouth over one of your juicy lips and began softly sucking and nibbling.

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My other hand reached over and I manage to get another 4 buttons un-done on your blouse. I could see your lacy bra under your blouse and soon had it off your shoulders;) I could see your big brown nipples poking through the lace. Soon my expert fingers had pulled down the cups and I was watching the wrinkles appear around your nipples as the hardened;) Did you forget about my other hand Mom?

lol it was slowly creeping along your thigh. When i reached the top of your thigh I looked up at you. You still had your eyes shut but you were softly moaning???

;) I leaned in again and slowly dragged my tongue all along the groove of your cunt through your tiny tight panties. My fingers reached there goal and I curled my finger under the edge of your wet panties and eased them aside. Oh my god Mom your fanny is awesome. Your lips are big and dark and your clit was poking through. I look up at you to see you shudder as my tongue made contact with your heavenly hole. I ask again Mom, was you awake? Soon I was lapping at you like a starved animal.

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All you did was writher and wriggle around on my face as I, your son ate you out. Hmmmmm ;p I pushed my tongue as far as I could up inside you Mom and felt you bounce back to meet my thrusts as continued to lick you out enjoying both you pushing back and softly moaning ;) xx I was in ecstasy as I lapped and drank all your motherly juice when your legs closed around my face trapping my mouth to your steaming fanny.

Wow what a feeling!! My 'Moms thighs either side of my face and my expert tongue working its magic inside you, over your clit and back inside you. Soon I felt you tense up and began leaking hot sweet Mom's Cum into my waiting mouth ;)Mmmmmmm beautiful Mom. I drank it all up and cleaned you up with my tongue then gently eased your tiny soaked panties back and gently closed your legs.

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I just sat on the floor with your cum all around my mouth wondering if you knew we had just done that?? Your bed squeaked and I legged it.

Mom, I am sorry if that upsets you but I had to tell you. x Let me know what you think and perhaps even leave a comment ;) Thinking of you!! Your loving hard and horny Son.