Chinese old man xxx story and yang girl

Chinese old man xxx story and yang girl
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Sequel to Jenny.

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It had been two months since the party when Will and Jenny had finally revealed their desire for each other. Will had heard nothing since and was desperate to hear from her. She had said she would call when she could and Will knew he had to wait it was killing him. Each night he was fantasizing about how they would be the next time they met up, often bringing himself to orgasm imagining her yielding to him.

Wills phone buzzed with a text from Jenny: "Hi, you free Weds afternoon to meet up. Jenny X". Will was so excited he replied immediately: "Yes, can't wait. X". Familiar doubts about the morality of what they were doing were overridden by the ache in his loins for this woman and the desire to feel her flesh.


Wednesday could not come soon enough&hellip. The doorbell rang and Will grabbed the intercom: "Yes?" "it's me" Jenny's voice was unmistakable and a sounded a little shaky.

He pressed the button and waited the agonizing minutes it took her to take the lift to the 3rd floor and his flat. When Jenny finally knocked tentatively Will tried to look composed and opened the door beaming. They looked at each other briefly before smiling and both trying to say "hi" at the same time, before laughing nervously. Both were really tense and breathing rapidly. She handed him a bottle of wine and he welcomed her in leading her past the kitchen into the lounge and onto the balcony.

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"It's lovely!" she exclaimed, taking in the view of the river and boats parked in front. "So are you" he said sounding dreadful and wishing he hadn't. He grabbed a glass of wine from the fridge and handed it to her leading her back to the balcony. He felt clumsy and tried to keep the small talk going.

Jenny was feeling butterflies in her belly and relished the sensation of the wine beginning to calm her down. Shaking, Will nervously put his arm out to touch hers and she smiled back. As he tried to speak she reached up and kissed him quickly on the lips. Will looked deeply into her eyes and feeling a sudden rush of blood to his loins he leaned in and kissed her fully on the lips, at first a little tentative until she started to kiss back and then more and more passionately.

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With each second Will's desire was growing and becoming more lustful as his cock started to throb and strain, aching for her. Finally they broke the kiss and Jenny stepped back slightly looking at him, her face all flushed. He took the wine from her hand and put both glasses on the table and took Jenny's hand slowly leading her through the flat to the bedroom.

The didn't speak but Jenny followed not taking her eyes from him and he could hear her breath coming in short rapid bursts. Once in the bedroom Will just started to undo her blouse at the front. Jenny just stood there letting him do it. She had never been like this before, but the fire between her legs was growing and she could feel her pussy just flowing with a lust and desire to be sexy, filthy and open with Will.

Her white pants were now soaked with her juices. She could feel her nipples swell and then harden as the buttons were being undone.

Will's cock was now so hard it was hurting him and he suddenly now wanted to get their clothes off and pull her onto the bed. He undid her blouse and pushed it back over her shoulders exposing her bra and bare shoulders. Her breasts were much bigger than he had realized and looked beautiful.

As he looked Jenny reached behind and undid her bra, letting them fall out. They sagged as she let go, but Will was transfixed by the huge aureoles and large stiff nipples and immediately leant in and started to lick one of her nipples gently before sucking on it.

Jenny moaned encouraging Will and so happy that he had not been put off by her age.

Will eagerly licked and sucked her nipples in turn while pulling at Jenny's skirt pushing it down over her ass and letting it drop to the floor. Jenny couldn't believe how much she wanted this and how she didn't care about being naked in front of him. Will now had his hand between Jenny's legs and started rubbing her slit vigorously through her pants excited to feel them soaking with her desire.

He lifted his head looking Jenny in the eye as he brought his soaking hard to his face and smelled and then licked her juices. Jenny started to undo his shirt and he helped almost ripping it off before undoing his belt and dropping his trousers to the floor.

They kissed again as Jenny reached for his swollen cock and started to rub it's length through his pants. Will groaned with the pleasure of her touch and put his own hand inside her pants searching past her pubic hair for the now swollen lips of her dripping pussy. As she felt his hand touch her pussy Jenny squeezed his cock and started to work his pants down over the throbbing member and down his legs.

She gasped as she wrapped her hand around his bare cock and started to rub it up and down. Will responded by pulling back and forcing Jenny's pants down her thighs, kneeling before her as he allowed her to step out. Briefly they looked at each other before Will took her hands and turned her round with her back to the bed. He couldn't believe this was happening but he knew he wanted to fuck Jenny so hard and to make her dirty and that she wanted it just as much.

He pushed her down onto the bed in front of him so she was sitting facing his throbbing cock. Jenny couldn't wait to be asked and grabbed his cock guiding it to her mouth while looking up at Will. She had never felt so bold before but licked the length of his shaft before putting her lips over the swollen head of his cock. Will groaned with the pleasure of her lips on his cock, and started to push against her.

"Please suck me Jenny, I've wanted you for so long". Jenny stared at him and started to suck then lick his cock, worshiping the throbbing meat in her hands. She wanted to kiss and taste his cock but the desire in her pussy to feel him inside her, on top of her, fucking her was too strong.

She lay back on the bed opened her legs as wide as her age would allow. "I want you to fuck me Will. I want your cock inside me, I want to feel you on top of me, pumping your cock in and out of my pussy". She could hardly believe herself saying this, but Will needed no more encouragement.

He knelt on the bed with his hands on her raised knees and shuffled into position. His cock was bigger and harder than he had ever felt it and he need to feel Jenny's dripping pussy all round it.

He rubbed the head of his cock up and down her soaking slit and looked her in the eyes. "Fuck me Will. Give me you beautiful cock, fuck me hard and make me yours by filling me up with your seed". "God I want your cunt!" He grunted and slipped his cock slowly but firmly into her waiting pussy. Jenny moaned "Yes, now, I'm yours". The feeling of being inside her at last almost overcame him. He leaned down holding himself up with his arms as he kissed her and started to pump in and out of her.

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"Give me that cock it feels so good. Fuck me as hard as you can!" Jenny hissed driven by a passion and lust she had not felt before. Will grunted and started to ram his cock deep in and out.

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He was going as fast as he could, hearing the slurping of his cock in her hot wet hole, driving him ever faster. "Fuck me Will, please fuck me, give me your cock, fill me with come, make me your whore" Jenny hissed as she wrapped her legs around his body pulling him in.

The thrusting cock was bringing her close to an orgasm and she wanted that release now. "Oh fuck me will, I'm going to come!" she shouted digging her nails into his back. Jenny started to shudder and moan loudly as her pussy clamped and pulsed over Will's cock with her first orgasm in years.

Will thrusted as hard and deep as he could feeling his own orgasm boiling over. "Give it to me, fill me with your seed" Jenny now whispered as she felt Will spurt inside her. Will was grunting and shouting "Fuck! Come, oh god Jenny I'm coming!".


Will collapsed onto her and she held him tight with her arms right around his body, both of them panting and trying to catch their breath. The hearts slowly stopped pounding and gradually declined to more normal pace, as their bodies slowly relaxed and went limp in each others arms.

Will just wanted to lay there inside her, feeling her warmth and whispering in her ear: "Jenny, I wanted you for so long, I never dreamed this would really happen".

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"I'm yours now Will, I know you need me, and want me now, I am here whenever you want me". After lying there in a sated haze for a few minutes, Will slowly lifted himself off Jenny slipping out of her warm wet pussy and feeling his own come pour out of her as he did so.

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He rolled onto his back and lay next to her as Jenny reached down to her own slit coating her fingers in their combined juices before sucking them clean in her mouth. Will turned on his side and kissed her gently and slowly on the lips enjoying the taste of their juices.

Jenny was suddenly slightly embarrassed lying naked next to this younger man worried her older body with its wrinkles and extra padding might put him off. "We might have that wine now!" Will laughed and got up putting on a robe. He handed one to Jenny too, saying "You are so gorgeous".

She took the robe and they sat on the balcony sipping the wine and catching up on what had been going on in their lives. "Jenny, I know it's wrong for us to be like this but I want you so much.

I want to feel you, be with you like his whenever we can. I don't want to be a pain and know it's not easy for you to get away, but I've never felt as sexy as you make me feel." "I know" Jenny replied, "Me too. I want to be yours to take whenever you feel like. I want to explore it with you, do things I've never done before.

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I want to be filthy and dirty, but I also want to make love sometimes". The moment seemed over and, slightly awkwardly they both got dressed again, trying to look to the outside world like nothing had happened.

"I've got to go" said Jenny. "I would like to do this again as soon as we can. I want you". They kissed a long slow passionate kiss before he reluctantly let her out the door and closed it behind her.

He knew that he would not be without her in some way now but not sure where it would lead. He wanted to have her, ravage her and fuck in all sorts of ways. Next time he would do a lot more&hellip.