Step Mom alone at home

Step Mom alone at home
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MISTRESS JPART TWO FANTASY CONTINUED She was covered and crusted in cum when she headed for the shower.

Hubby dispersed the men who'd made his wife a cum receptacle at his invitation. The room smelled of sex, cups of semen had a way of doing that.

Ten men plus hubby and her had covered things in DNA, from spit and sweat to loads of jism. If the walls and mattress could talk, the next guest would run away screaming. As the Jacuzzi filled she stepped into the shower to get the cum out of her hair and off her body. She was jizzed from head to toe and felt a spatula was needed to remove the cum cake from her body.

The spunk clung to her skin and hair in varying consistency, some already hardened like glue, still more like gelatin, and some cum still wet to the touch. What a dirty slut she was&hellip.finally! As she cleaned each part of her defiled body she remembered the cock or cocks that spit their load on that specific area.

She recalled the facial expressions and exclamations of her violators and her hubby's mesmerized look as he viewed the show. She felt her freshly fucked pussy get warm and wet again and fingers found gash for further exploration. Hot water and soap lather had her bucking in short order, clit swollen and juices squirting! Shower over and soaking in the Jacuzzi with the jets running, she was oblivious to everything except the sexual glow that traveled her body to provide complete and utter contentment.

She was spent, satisfied by a slew of cock, her fantasy of cum covered slut had been fulfilled. Laid back and eyes closed she basked in the stew of sexual desires, dreaming of cock and cum. Lips pressed against her neck, a tongue and nibble leading into soft sucking.

She purred and tilted her head to allow better access to her neck. Hands entered the water and each grabbed a tit, gently massaging and pinching at nipples with soft nimble fingers. Soft lips and hands, the gentle touch, the unfamiliar contact made realization hit. She opened her eyes to view the latest surprise, the sweet, smiling face she'd seen once before. Gazing lustfully into her eyes was the bartender from the gentlemen's club. "I hope you don't mind…your man thought you might like me?" The surprised wife didn't miss a beat.

She reached up and hooked the back of bar winch's neck and pulled her in for a kiss. A deep, passionate kiss it was, tongues probing and flicking as the little sluts heated up.

When they separated from the lip lock both were ready for some action. Her name was Kim and she loved other women. After quick intros and some quicker disrobing she was in the tub with Mistress J. She gazed at her new playmate with admiring, lustful eyes. The bar winch had an exotic look, one that oozed sexual desire. Jet black long hair and emerald green eyes were complimented by luscious, full lips High cheek bones and a perfectly shaped nose and jowl. Sheer beauty she was, a body of the finest sort.

Her tits were firm, full, round and tipped with dark areolas and milk-bottle nipples. The shapely, smooth thighs hadn't escaped Jessica's attention as Kim stepped into the tub. Her tight, high and firm ass was also delicious to the sight. Jessica was feeling the inner heat and wetness start to rise and she pulled her latest fantasy in until tits were pressing tits and lips locked together.

The hot little sluts explored each others body with excited hands and hearts. Jessica ran fingertips down the smooth back to waiting ass cheeks and squeezed.

Kim's tongue went deeper into her mouth and a hand found Jessica's cunt. Fingers split pussy lips and gently went to clit.

Jessica moaned to the skilled touch, even with Kim's tongue buried in her mouth. Jessica laced fingers in her new lover's hair and gently pulled away, "My hubby was right, I do like you…very much!" Kim stood and revealed all her glory, bath oil laced water made her tanned skin glisten, fine droplets of water clinging to neatly trimmed bush. Dark pussy hair over top the perfect camel toe quim had Jessica reeling with desire. Kim read her mind and placed one foot on the tub edge and positioned her cunt right in Jessica's face.

That was all the invite needed and tongue went quickly to cunt. Kim spread her pussy lips with one hand and grabbed a handful of hair with the other. Jess ran her tongue from slit to clit and back again.

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Kim moaned as probe entered her gash and licked her honey. Clit was tingling and wanting of attention and Jess was quick to accommodate. She suckled the swollen button and slid two fingers in the wet opening targeting the sweet spot. The vixens pussy was tight, but very moist with lust and desire.

She moaned and pressed her cunt firmly in the diners face, grinding fingers and tongue into a frenzied state of ecstasy. Jess ate the pussy like a last meal, sucking and licking and tasting the sweetest juice to ever pass her lips.

"Oh fuck you can eat cunt. Sooo damn good!", Kim began to buck and now had two handfuls of hair. Jess's tongue was out and wide, spreading pussy lips and working as a rubbing pad for the digit like clit. Kim's cunt tightened and Jess knew from experience the girl was ready to geyser. She popped fingers out and tongue in, fingers went to clit. She wanted to drink a river of the barmaids cum.

She wasn't disappointed, when with a howl of delight Kim unleashed a torrent of sweet elixir. The juice literally sprayed out her gash and Jess greedily lapped it up.

"Oh fuck…oh fuck…oh fuck I'm cumming like a bitch in heat. Oh god …you pussy eatin' slut. I love you and your tongue!" She got hotter with the dirty talk and really went to work on draining the cunt of all it's juice. Jess was dripping herself, so fucking turned on. Like never before! "Oh god,… stop…can't take anymore…oh fuck, you are a great cunt lapper!" She voiced a delicious, sexy laugh and pulled the hungry slut off her drained pussy.

Kim lowered and met Jessica face to face, pulling her close for a kiss and a taste. Jess had a mouthful of jizz and was happy to swap with her new lover. Tongues danced together and sweet juice was shared. Both women melded as one in a kiss for the ages, locked together like two dogs fucking…only much more pretty a site. But locked together they were, hugging with arms and legs and sucking face like high school sweethearts.

Neither even heard the shower come on, all their senses were in tune with the others. Finally separated, at the lips anyway, Kim gazed at Jessica's beautifully glazed face. She took her hands that had been holding the juice covered face and licked at her fingers Jess grabbed one of Kim's hands and joined in the finger sucking. She couldn't get enough of the new, fresh taste. Of course she had sampled her own flavor before, but this was the first time she'd ever been drenched in pussy juice.

She was ready for a return of the favor. "Let's get out of this tub before my pussy turns into a prune." She stood and took Kim by the hands and eased her up and out of the warm Jacuzzi. They would make all further heat themselves. "You ladies enjoying yourself?" Hubby stood with shower door open in plain view. The show off had a wet wash clothe draped over his hard cock. The flesh pole stood out straight and proud with its helmet shaped head poking out the end of the cover. It looked like a race horse sporting a warming blanket, idle but ready to run.

The girls looked at cock, looked at one another, then giggled like teens and scampered out of the room. "That's right, run away you dirty little sluts!" He laughed and pulled the door closed. Jessica looked at the revamped room, fresh bed linens were illuminated by candle light and softer, more sensual music filled the room.

The aroma of the candles, combined with the removal of the cum soaked sheets had freshened the air further. "SLAP!!" Stung and startled, Jess released a little yelp and jumped away from a rear assault. Kim grabbed a hand hold of hair and yanked the escapee back. "Not so fast bitch! You move at my command, not your desire." She wrapped her free arm around Jess's midriff and pulled the slut tight against her.

Jessica could feel hot breath brush her neck right before teeth clamped down with a pinch and hair remained grasped and taut Another yelp uttered, but no surrender given. "Good, you're a tough little bitch…going to have to break you…rough you in like the little cum slut you need to be." "Why the candles and soft music if romance isn't the game?" Jess wondered aloud She liked the game, but soft and sensuous wasn't in the plans. Not if the kickoff was any hint of what laid ahead.

"The music was to soothe and disarm…the candles we'll find a use for other than light." She led her slave to the bed by pulling the hair like a leash.

Once to the edge, knees to mattress. a hard shove sent Jess sprawling. She straddled the slut, pussy pressed against ass and pulled Jess's arms behind her back.

Kim next tied the slut's hands with soft, yet strong satin cloth restraints. "That should hold you just fine while I decide…" "Decide what?!" Jessica interjected. Kim thought she heard a little fear creep into her slaves voice. It turned her on even more. Time to turn the heat up and see just how kinky the bitch wanted to get…how much fantasy that she could take!

"Decide what hole I want filled first on you my little slut." She grabbed Jess by the shoulders and rolled her over. She now straddled her prey cunt to cunt. After shoving a pillow under Jess's shoulders she grabbed a tit in each hand and squeezed them hard. More whimpers from the slut followed and Kim smiled like an uncaring dominatrix. Ice cubes hit nipples and instant swelling occurred. She bent down and suckled a tit until Jess moaned, this time in pleasure.

"Sounds as if you like that. Do you want more slut?" "Oh yes…please more!" She squirmed, wanting free hands so she could pull her tormentor back to her swollen nipple.

Her cunt was getting wet and she needed the beautiful vixen to give it some attention. If it took some pain to receive the ultimate pleasure, so be it.

"I'll do whatever you want, just please don't stop!" Kim had reapplied ice to tits and the girls nipples stood out like new pencil erasers, every bit as hard and ready for work. She took one melting cube and slowly ran it down the stomach and within an inch of hot quim.

Jess writhed with freezing stimulation to tit and cunt as Kim shoved the cube home, leaving two fingers stuffed in the pussy as well. She removed the ice off the frozen nipple and inhaled the tit into her hot mouth, her tongue working the stiff tip furiously. Jessica squealed with pleasure and pain as her assailant bit the nippage and didn't release. Thumb was manipulating clit while long fingers massaged g-spot, and the encased ice cube was rapidly melting with the heat of body and action.

Kin released her tooth hold of the nipple and doused the pain with ice causing even more bucking and writhing from the slut. "Oh fuck…please…let me…cum! Oh shit…you are pulling me too many ways at once." She wanted a mouth and tongue on her cunt and wanted it then. Now she knew why Kim had tied her up. She was truly at the girls mercy.

If Jess didn't release soon her head might explode from the internal pressure of contained orgasms. "I'll let you cum…when I'm finished warming you up." With that she grabbed a candle off the nightstand and without warning she poured hot wax on unsuspecting tits. Jess damn near bucked her off the straddle position as she let out a howl. Ice water and cubes followed to cool the heated meat and soothe the frazzled victim.

What was left of the ice cube in her cunt shot out when the hot wax hit tit and her body convulsed. She liked the idea of being wet, but her preference fell to it being by her own juices. "If I untie you, will you remain obedient?" "Yes! Please! She wasn't going to make her ask twice. Her arms were getting numb and she wanted freedom of movement. At least she wanted an ability to use her hands in defense of further punishment.

"I'll be a good little slut if you free me." Kim rolled the vanquished woman over and slapped an ass cheek…hard! "You better be good…or else." A red handprint was forming on the sweet damaged ass as she loosened the bondage. Again she sat straddled cunt to ass. After freeing her slave she grabbed another hand hold of hair and got up, pulling the subservient bitch with her. For the first time since the assault began she saw her hubby and couldn't help but wonder how long he'd been there watching her abuse go on.

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She thought that maybe she should be angry, but she'd brought it all upon herself. One other problem with being angry, she was sopping fucking wet! Her excitement of being dominated exceeded any pain she'd suffered. "I think it is time we gave the dirty slut what she needs…just maybe not how she expects it." There was a sinister tone to Kim's voice and it only served to getting Jessica hotter with anticipation.

"Get over here and let this bitch suck on that big cock of yours. I want you ready to go when I'm ready." With cock in Jess's mouth, Kim stepped out of sight into the vanity area. When she re-emerged she was sporting a never softthick, eight inch dildo attached to a strap-on harness. She had transformed into a smoking hot chick with a dick, ready to continue the assault. With Jessica on hands and knees, doggy style and sucking cock, Kim moved in from the rear.

She spread ass cheeks and licked the target from clit to shit, rimming the brown tight hole before probing the entrance with a stiff tongue. Jessica was experiencing ass hole stimulation for the first time and wished she'd tried it before. She pressed her smooth, full ass backward against the wet intruder, wanting more of it up her ass.

Kim figured the slut was primed and shoved a finger all the way in the virgin hole. Jess gagged on cock as she moved forward because of the unsuspected rear assault.

Both hubby and Kim let out laughs as each backed out of respective holes to give the slut a little breathing room. Both were surprised when Jess greedily sucked the cock back in and rammed her ass back on the inserted finger.

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"Looks like the dirty girl is ready for some real fucking!" Kim's finger popped out and the glistening asshole winked shut. She grabbed Jess by the hips and pulled her off the cock and instructed hubby to lay down. "Mount that cock slave. I want to see it jammed in to the hilt. Should slide right in you wet bitch." Oh so right she was, juices ran down the sluts inner thighs as she mounted the flesh pole. "Stay down on that cock…no riding yet bitch." With cock buried in snatch Jessica was instructed to lay forward and give hubby a kiss.

"I want him to taste what you've been eating, to smell the dried glaze on your pretty face." She complied and drove tongue and spit into her mans waiting mouth. Now with cock in cunt and locked at the lips the couple was truly connected. Kim put her tongue back to asshole and freshened the juice, then two fingers were slid in the loosened hole. Unlike the first entry, this one met no resistance.

In fact, Jess immediately started to grind, fingers and cock filling her holes. She felt a stream of thick liquid hit her ass and run down her crack.

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There it was collected and inserted into her tight backdoor by piston pumping fingers. A third and then a forth finger eased into the slut's well lubed ass and Jessica broke free from the kiss and screamed in delight. "Oh fuck…oh fuck…damn it's so fucking good!


Give me that cock in my ass too! I want to be a dirty slut bitch!" Jess was wet with juices and lube and she desperately wanted to add some cum. "Please give it to me. I want to be penetrated by both hard cocks" She was steady riding the four finger fuck and hard cock while begging the vixen for her dick. "Careful what you wish for honey…it's going in deeper than my fingers." Kim pulled her lubed fingers and hand to her artificial cock and stroked the weapon.

No added lube would be needed, the slut was ready for another first. Insertion was slow but unending until fully in the sweet, slick ass. The slut groaned, but didn't protest., each stroke pulling and pushing lube and ass juice in and out the broken seal. Hubby could feel the other dick traveling in the companion alley and couldn't believe his lady was being used as an umbrella stand for cocks, whether real or rubber.

He was also moaning. The dominating vixen continued to slam ass with a delicious grin on her beautiful, candlelit face. Her asshole was stretched nicely and Kim admired the view as the unrelenting mass of plastic pecker bore a new sized hole. She pulled out completely, only this time the hole remained open and inviting. Slam, the cock jammed to the hilt, the girls thighs slapping together with each thrust. Synchronicity with the cock hitting cunt only made things hotter.

Moans and groans were accompanied by the sounds of bumping bodies and juices squeezing out the sluts holes. Jessica and her hubby were both in a state of ecstasy and ready to blow their loads. They weren't the only ones. Kim was wet with excitement and friction herself and had in fact released a series of small clitoral orgasms while pounding the ass. Her nipples were just as hard as her slaves, poking out and straining for attention. She tweaked her own tit tips and continued fucking the juicy slut.

Ooooooo! Damn I'm going to cum…oh shit you guys are fucking me crazy!" He knew his wife well and her tightening cunt and shorter strokes on his swollen cock meant she was about to erupt. He was ready also and wanted to pop with her. "Yes baby…I'm going to cum with you…god my cock is throbbing and my balls are ready to explode!" Kim quickly pulled out and leaned in for a closer view.

Jessica jammed her wet gash down the thick shaft until the cocksmiths tight ball sack was pressed tight against taint. She then started rocking, thrusting hips forward then ass back. She moaned and squealed, made guttural sounds like an animal mating and drove manicured nails into her mans tense chest. He let out his own groan, the slight pain of her grip along with the immense pleasure his cock was experiencing drove him toward completion.

Kim couldn't believe the amount of juice covering the couples genitals and legs. James, bottom of the pile, was doused in his wife's juices, leg hair matted down wet, balls moist and glistening. Jessica's whole ass was lube and juice, along with cunt and thighs completely rinsed with sex elixir from the sluts running spout.

Under the two lovers was a wet spot the size of a softball and strands of sweet juice wherever they touched.


With every motion forward and back her asshole puckered open and shut. Kim watched the lube squeeze out of Jessica's asshole like toothpaste from a tube, adding to the juices already there.

The couple had reached the crescendo of sexual stimulation and orgasms were imminent. The controller had one more trick up her sleeve to heighten the moment of ejaculation.

Jessica rode cock with her back arched and hands gripping James' legs for leverage. Tits were jutting out and both were covered with her man's strong hands, his thumbs working on stiff nipples. Her cunt tightened up and Jessica screamed, "Oh shit here I go…I'm going to fucking cum!" If there was a guest next door listening through the wall, they were getting a hell of a show. "Yes babelet's go now…fuck I'm ready to blow!

My damn nuts are going to explode! He was covered in sweat and juice and ready to give his cum to the mix. Kim moved quickly, now standing and looking down at the couple she put a knee on the bed and leaned in. The fucking couple was oblivious to everything, including her as they began to climax. Right as they erupted into mutual orgasmic scream, Kim poured the bucket of ice and water down Jess's tits and belly cascading it's way to James' stomach. Volume of voice and cum increased with the ice shower as the lovers orgasmed like never before.

Jessica could feel his cock pulse and squirt a tremendous load, warm jism filling and fleeing her sopping wet gash. Her own orgasm was unmatched by any she'd ever had. Waves and waves of heated juice released in a torrent. So much fucking cum the sounds of fluid smacking flesh enhanced the dirty sluts experience.

She loved being covered in jizz and this night had been a dream…no, a fantasy come true! Jess collapsed onto her lover, tit to chest and cock still buried in cunt, spent of all cum and fully satisfied. James was drained of his love juice and sapped of all his energy. He too was totally satisfied by the extraordinary sexual occurrence.

Kim smiled upon the two lovers before rolling the soiled slut off the cock. She wanted a sample of the sauces she helped to create. She placed her mouth on the deflating but still long cock and buried the shaft to the balls. Slowly pulling off the juicy flesh pole she sucked every drop of cum on the way.

James moaned as she milked his cock of all residual cum still in the shaft. Jessica gazed at the clean up in a state of total release and relief. Kim let the spent dick fall off her lips and then went straight to the cum filled cunt.

A pool of juice and jizz had collected at the open lipped snatch as more ran down taint to the waiting bed linens. She slid her tongue into the entrance and collected the cream, licking and sucking as much as possible into her mouth.

She loved the mixture and wanted another opinion…or two. Up to Jessica's mouth she went, jabbing a tongue through the sluts lips, feeding her the fruits of their labor. Jess willingly obliged and sucked the sweet load from the vixens mouth, savoring the taste of lust and desire. "Now let him taste it…turn about is fair play." Mistress Kim had given an order and Jessica was sure to follow. She grabbed her husband by either side of his face and pulled him in for a kiss…a deeptasty kiss.

He, now being a dirty male slut, accepted the exchange without reservation or hesitation. Both husband and wife had experienced a sexual awakening and the future looked bright…and filled with cum!