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Black hunk gets his ass fucked by black cock
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His name was Thomas and he was traveling the kanto region with his Pokémon partner Charmeleon. Thomas was tall and wore a green short with blue jeans and sneakers. He had a backpack that held his pokeballs and other useful items.

His Charmeleon was an odd one compared to other trainers. She was very kind and would avoid battle if at all possible. Thomas didn't know quite what to do with her as they walked along a path and Charmeleon stayed close holding onto the back of his shirt. He sighed heavily and looked over at his Pokémon then smiled softly as he continued to walk along the path.

They neared a river and Thomas decided that it would be a good time to stop and have lunch. Opening his backpack he brought out a bowl and filled it with Pokémon food and placed it in front of Charmeleon. "I bet you are hungry huh?" Thomas said and patted her head lightly.

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Charmeleon gave a soft reply and started to eat while Thomas got out a fishing rod and walked over to the river. He sat there for a few minutes before his line went taught as something caught on the hook.

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Pulling the line up quickly and reeling in at the same time Thomas reeled in a good sized golden that flopped around on the ground. He took out a pokeball and released a Bulbasuar. "Use vine whip on golden" Thomas said. Bulbasuar used his strong vines that came out of his body and whipped the golden till it no longer moved.

He thanked the Pokémon and returned it to its pokeball then picked up the limp Goldeen and brought it over to where Charmeleon was.

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He set up as a campfire and had Charmeleon lite it then put slices of Goldeen meat over the fire. Soon there was a delicious smell in the air and Thomas' stomach started to rumble.

He picked up one of the fillets and cheeked to see if it was ready. It was and he started to chow down on the tender meat.

Soon stuffed full Thomas laid back on the ground and his Charmeleon looked down at him. He smiled up at her and scratched under her chin, which made Charmeleon give a soft but happy trill.

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Continuing to pet his Pokémon Thomas closed his eyes and started to drift off to sleep, before he slipped into slumber he felt Charmeleon lay her head in his lap. He had to be dreaming Thomas thought as a pretty red head girl with large tits was sucking his cock. He made a mnnn sound and in his dream pushed her head down further on his cock making her deep throat him.

He loved this dream about the red head, who would take his dick and milk him for all he was worth. Sometime the red head would just suck him and other times she would straddle over top and take his cock deep into that soaking pussy. But suddenly Thomas woke up from his dream and shot up from hearing a strange noise, it was Charmeleon who whimpered while sleeping. 'She must be having a nightmare' thought Thomas and shook her lightly till Charmeleon woke and blink sleepy eyes at him.

He noticed her staring down at something with wide eyes, following her gaze he realized the rather large hard-on protruding from his pants. Thomas covered himself and blushed as his Charmeleon lowered her face sniffing at his crotch.

He tried to push her away but she kept pushing her face closer and nuzzled his cock taking in the sent it let off. Blushing bright red Thomas moaned as his Pokémon had her face buried against his groin, her mouth basically kissing Thomas' cock.

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Finally he had to stand up and walk away from her and kept walking till Thomas was far from Charmeleon's sight. Quickly he undid his pants and dropped them exposing his throbbing hard-on and started to stroke himself. Thomas thought about the red head girl sucking him and was surprised when his thoughts turned the girl into Charmeleon. The thought had him Cumming fast than ever before, panting Thomas head spun and he head to sit down.

After catching his breath Thomas got up, fixed his pants and walked back to where Charmeleon was waiting.


When he got closer his cock twitched at thought of his Pokémon sucking him off and had to try and think of something else, or he would have to turn right back around to relieve himself again.

Charmeleon looked at her trainer timidly and when he sat next to her Thomas patted her head and gave her a wobbly smile. "I hope I didn't scare you Charmeleon" he said and stroked down her back "I know you didn't know what you were doing so I'm not mad" She smiled at her trainer and made a happy sound then leaned against Thomas.

Thomas had to stay incredibly still for a minute to control himself, then continued to stroke her back. Later after he packed up they continue on the path. Several day passed by and Thomas had a few incidents were he had to go and relive himself because Charmeleon would do something that triggered an instant hard-on.

He was starting to get exhausted at the end of everyday trying to hold himself back. Thomas had one time where he almost couldn't stop from dropping his pants and taking his Pokémon then and there.

When helping to gather some berries for lunch Charmeleon bent over and exposed her juicy pussy to Thomas, and he had to drop everything to go jerk off. His dreams were no longer filled with that sexy red head but his shy Charmeleon. In his dream Charmeleon would use that long tongue on his cock and slowly start to suck him. Then after she got him all slick Charmeleon would bend over and shake her hips at him signaling for fuck her.

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Thomas would now wake up with a raging hard-on or his underwear soaked in cum. They had just passed through Vermillion town and Thomas stocked up with supplies. Back on the beaten path the sun started to sink below the horizon and quickly the two found a place to set up camp. With the campfire blazing and just finishing their meal Thomas and Charmeleon just sat there in silence. He looked over at Charmeleon and lewd thoughts instantly filled his mind causing his cock to stiffen.

Charmeleon's nose twitched and she looked over at her trainer who was pushing something down in his pants. She followed the sent and suddenly her nose was at the source of the smell and pressed up against her Thomas' cock.

He groaned as at the feeling and moved his hands away and Charmeleon nuzzled his hard member. Coming back to his senses Thomas stood up quickly and Charmeleon fell back. "I have to get it together!" He said holding his head. Charmeleon made a sound and began to sniff and at his groin again as Thomas moaned.

Looking down at his Pokémon his cock twitched as Charmeleon licked him through his pants. He was frozen and all he could do was watch as his Pokémon nuzzled and lick at his cock. Thomas couldn't understand why Charmeleon was acting this way, last he could remember she never was like this before when he got hard or pleasured himself.

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"Oh god Charmeleon" he moaned and gave into all of the fantasies he had been dreaming about. Quickly he undid his pants and let them drop while his cock strained against his underwear.

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Charmeleon got even more excited and tugged at his underwear pulling it down exposing his hard member. Blushing Thomas groaned as Charmeleon's tongue licked at his cock and balls. She kept up the licking and when reaching the tip Charmeleon slid the tip of his cock into her mouth. The pleasure was almost too much for him and it took everything he had not to cum right away.

Charmeleon brought him deeper into her mouth and started to suck his large cock. Thomas couldn't help it he grabbed her head and shoved his cock fully into Charmeleon's mouth. Charmeleon struggled against him and realizing what he did Thomas stopped and pulled away from her. He bent down and looked at his Pokémon "I'm sorry Charmeleon, I hope I didn't hurt you" Charmeleon smiled up at him and rolled over getting on her hands and knees exposing her dripping pussy.

A thought just occurred to him that Charmeleon might be in heat and that is why she has been acting so weird. So why should he deny Charmeleon what her body was craving.

Getting down on his knees Thomas bent over and with one hand supporting him the other went to his Pokémon's quivering pussy. Charmeleon made a gasping noise as her trainer rubbed a finger against her sex. Slowly he inserted his finger into Charmeleon and the Pokémon moaned and trembled with pleasure. She was so hot and so wet this was better than any dream Thomas has had as he slowly fingered her. Charmeleon dripped as his finger slid in and out of her tight pussy causing grunts and moans to emit from her mouth.

Thomas couldn't help it she looked so tasty and lowered his mouth to her slit and licked tasting Charmeleon's juices. She was sweet and salty all at one and he just couldn't get enough of the flavor that filled his mouth. Thomas shoved his tongue deep into her pussy and drank down all of Charmeleon's juices. She looked back at her trainer and squirmed seeing his face pressed to her sex and his tongue was doing amazing things.

Humans had such odd ways of mating but it felt so good that it didn't bother Charmeleon one bit. She grinded her hips against Thomas face trying to get his tongue deeper and felt him start rub her clit. Charmeleon moaned and pleasure washed through her body Thomas sucked and licked more, drinking all of the juices flowing from Charmeleon's sex.


Thomas sat up and licked his lips that was coved in his Pokémon's cum, Charmeleon looked back at him with a curious look. He smiled wide and pointed to his dick that had pre cum oozing down his hard shaft. Thomas scooched up and placed his throbbing member against Charmeleon's pussy and she mad an excited noise. "Are you ready Charmeleon?" He asked looking at his Pokémon with lust. The Pokémon nodded pushed her hips back and Thomas' cock slid into her tight hole, they both moaned loudly.

Slowly he pushed his hard member deeper into Charmeleon and then out again enjoying the tight slippery hotness that engulfed his cock. Then he started to thrust a little faster and could his Charmeleon making such lewd noises. God she was gripping his cock so much as he pounded his Pokémon. Charmeleon cried out in pleasure and Thomas could feel her get tighter as she came all over his cock.

He could feel himself getting close to Cumming and started to thrust faster and faster into Charmeleon until with one last plunge Thomas shot his seed into her. "Oh god, Charmeleon that was amazing" Thomas said looking down at his Pokémon who was panting.

He pulled his cock from her trembling pussy and watched his cum drip slowly down Charmeleon's thighs. Thomas collapsed back onto the grass and breathed heavily while thinking of what just happened. Charmeleon crawled next to him and laid her head in his lap still trying to catch her breath.

"Let's do that again once I have recovered ok?" Thomas said looking down her and Charmeleon nodded.