Willst du mit mir ficken

Willst du mit mir ficken
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I was a collage sophomore attending a university in Texas. I was living in the usual dorm room; small and with a roommate.

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My younger sister, Heidi, came down to spend the weekend with me and to experience the collage life. Heidi is very attractive, I will admit that and yes I have noticed her large breast size. Anyone who thinks that women can only have big tits through surgery is wrong; she has them and they are all natural. Anyway she wanted to experience the collage life so I of course took her out to one of the many on campus parties that go on at the end of the week, the first round starting on Friday night.

True she was underage but I knew she was already drinking with her high school friends once in a while and I knew no guy would tell her no. Well needless to say she got completely wasted and being the good older brother I made sure nobody took advantage of her. I pretty much ended up having to carry her back to my room where I laid her down on my bed.

I had one of those great 'homemade' beds that I had put together with my roommate; the usual dorm room type bed. I sat on the bed right next to her for a few moments trying to think if I wanted to go to sleep or screw around on my computer for a bit.

As I sat there I looked at my passed out sister, my attention kept focusing in on her tits. I watched them going up and down with each breath she took. Then I said out loud for no reason, "Damn Heidi.

You sure have big tits." She didn't respond. Then as I looked at her and at them a dark thought came into my head; I began to think about touching my own sister's tits! The more I tried to put the thought out of my mind the more I thought of doing it. Nobody was around; she was passed out, who would know? Then I jokingly said to her, "Hey Heidi, you don't mind if I touch your boobs do you?" Of course she didn't respond due to the volume of booze in her system.

So I reached out with one finger gently poking one of her breasts. I watched her to see if there was any response and there wasn't. I got such a thrill out of it I decided to do it again. I poked each of her tits a couple of times before stopping for a moment. Then that dark lust voice spoke to me again. I could hear myself saying, 'go on, give your sisters' tits a good squeeze. You know you want to squeeze them. She won't mind, she's passed out.' I looked at my younger sister, looked at her sweet pretty face then my eyes traced down her whole body and back up to her tits again.

I held my hands over her boobs as I looked at her face. "Heidi. Is it ok if I squeeze your tits?" She tussled around a bit but no answer. Then I said, "Oh so you don't mind." I smiled wickedly at her and very lightly placed my fingers on her tits giving them a quick squeeze. That nasty voice came into my head again. 'That wasn't a squeeze. Really squeeze her tits! Play with your sister's tits like other guys do!' I slowly squeezed her tits harder; soon I had my hands fully on them.

I spent 10, 15 or 20 minutes fondling her tits, I really have no idea I was just having a lot of fun playing with her breasts. My lust for my sister was building with each passing moment. Then the argument started inside of me, one part was saying this is your sister you shouldn't be doing this, the other side was saying to keep on playing with them; she wouldn't know.

The hormone driven voice in my head was easily winning the argument and soon it was telling me that I needed to look at her tits. I took my hands off her wonderful mounds and placed a finger just under the collar of her T-shirt.

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I leaned my head close to her face. "Heidi I am going to take a quick peak at your tits if you don't care. Call it a brother's curiosity about his sister's body. Is that ok with you?" Nothing, she didn't say a word so I pulled her collar out as much as I could and bent my head down to look down her shirt. Her breasts were covered up by her bra but I still saw enough that my cock went fully erect.

Then my evil, hormone driven voice said, "Take her shirt off and get a really good look at tits." I let go of her collar forgetting that it would snap against her neck until it was too late. But Heidi did not wake up at all! I ran my hands very slowly down body until I got to the waist of her jeans. I grabbed hold of her T-shirt and before I pulled it out of her pants I looked at her one more time. "Hey sis, I didn't get a good enough look at your tits.

So if you don't mind I will just pull your shirt up over them so I can get a much better look. Do you mind?" My wasted sister didn't respond as I knew she wouldn't. I pulled her shirt up revealing her massive tits being held securely by her bra. I didn't realize my sisters' tits were that big!

I was guessing 38D or even a double D cup. I fondled her tits for a few moments but in my mind I wanted her bra off. As I held her tits in my hands I looked at my passed out sister. "Hey, I'm going to have to take your bra off so I can get a better look at your boobs.

You don't mind do you?" She tossed around a bit but didn't respond. I pushed the cups of the bra off of Heidi's tits and her huge tits fell out. My cock nearly burst out of my pants when I saw her tits. "Holly shit Heidi! Your tits are fucking huge!" Without another word I buried my face between them.

I went wild, uncontrollable wild licking and fondling her tits. I ran my tongue all over them especially over her large dark red areola. Her nipples sprung to life, they were a great size, perfect for sucking on.

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I firmly held my sister's tits in my hands as I flicked my tongue across her nipples. As I ran my wet tongue all over her areola then flicked her nipples back and forth I kept looking at her pretty face.


She mewed a little in her alcoholic slumber but did not wake up. I didn't need to listen to the dark voice in my head to tell me to suck on her glorious mounds. I squeezed her tits then I bent my head down again, wrapped my lips around an areola and I gave her tit a nice long, hard suck. As I sucked on it I flicked my tongue all over her erect nipple.

After I worked over her right tit I moved over to the left one. As I licked and sucked my way to a very nice lustful frenzy I realized why incest is taboo; it feels so good. I have sucked on quite a few tits but none made me as horny as I was sucking on my sister's tits! After awhile I noticed my saliva was running down both of her mountainous boob's and it looked great.

I could feel my prick straining against the fabric of my pants and I could feel the wetness from pre cum as well. I stood up on my knees next to my sister on the bed. I gazed at her tits for a few moments but soon my eyes slowly ran down her body to her pants and I gazed at her crotch for a few moments. "I wonder if you shave your pussy." I reached my hand down to the waist of her jeans, with my other hand I unbutton my sister's pants, and then slowly unzipped them.

I slid my hand into her jeans and underneath her panties. I felt some neatly shaved pubic hair in an odd shape. Of course I was curious so I did what any horny brother would do if his attractive sister was passed out in front of him, strip her naked. I got off of the bed and simply pulled her jeans and panties off, tossing them into a corner of the room. She had cutest pussy I had ever seen but that was not what really drove me over the edge.

She had shaved her reddish brown pubic hair into a small little heart! That was all I needed to see. I pulled my pants down to my ankles, my hard cock jumped straight out just like a jack-in-the-box. There was a huge precum stain in my underwear. I pushed Heidi's legs apart then knelt down between them. I was going to lick my sister's sweet little cunt. I stuck my tongue out and lightly tasted her pussy.

She was wet and tasted so good. I ran my tongue up and down her pussy lips as slow as I could; I wanted to savor her flavor. When my tongue hit her clit my sister's body twitched as if she received and electric shock. At that point I rammed my tongue between her tight cunt lips, snaking it as deep as I could go into her pussy. With one hand I reached up to grab a hold of one of her tits.

Then I took my jacking off hand, grabbed my cock and began to stroke myself. I tried to picture what this would look like if it was on a porno movie; me eating out her cunt, jerking off with one hand and fondling my sister's tits with the other. I was so lost in my wild passion and forbidden lust that I never heard my room mate come into the room. I have no idea how long he was in there but I knew he was there when I heard him say, "Damn your sister pussy must taste great the way you are eating her out." I jumped up startled and scared shitless.

I thought I was in some much trouble; he would call campus police or wake my sister up. I started to make up excuses but all I was doing was stuttering. Karl is black guy about as tall as I am. He spoke up, "Hey man, don't sweat it. Your sister's tits are so fucking huge.if she was my sister I would be having sex with her too." I stood there in front of him, my pants still around my ankles and my cock still in my hand. "You won't tell anyone?" "Hell no man, as long as I get to join in." My hormones took over and I told him have fun with her.

He went right for her massive tits as I went back between her legs. I started back with jerking myself off. Karl then said, "Hey don't jack off! Don't waste the spunk there." He grabbed her tits that he had been sucking on, pushed them together and then said, "I would fuck her tits. Look at these man, these tits were made to be fucked! I'm going to fuck the shit out of your sister's tits." He had a point as the thought ran through my mind, my cock between her tits.

I ate out my drunken sister a bit longer before my erection finally got me. I was so horny and I had such an uncontrollable desire to release my wad. I stood up while still between my sister's legs. I held my throbbing cock in my hand as I looked down at Heidi's huge tits. Then I glanced up at my roommate. "Do you want to take a turn with her cunt?

My sister tastes great.


I'm gonna do what you said and fuck her tits." My roommate took my place as I got up on the bed, straddled my sister placing my cock between her luscious tits. My cock fit tightly between them and man did it feel great. I slowly began to slide my prick between them, just making sure she didn't wake up.

I saw no signs of Heidi coming out of her drunken sleep so I went wild and fucked her tits like it was her pussy! I kept moaning as each thrust of my cock between the soft skin of her tits and chest sent very pleasurable sensations surging through my body.

I could hear the slurping sounds coming from behind me so I knew my room mate was enjoying her sweet pussy. I lost myself with the joyful sight of my cock working between her tits. My sister laid there, her face turned to the side on the pillow. The more I thought about what I was doing to my sister the hornier it actually made me. The best part for me was it didn't take too long for me to cum. I could feel my load building up in my loins. My cock began stiffen as more and more pre cum slowly came out and coated the space between her tits.

I groaned out 'oh yeah' as I felt my wad about to explode out of my prick. Then as my prick slid between her tits my ejaculation hit. First a small spurt of cum shot of my cock, then as my prick head peaked out from the top of her mounds a nice huge spurt of spunk blew out of my cock.

I watched my sticky white cum hit her jaw and her throat. I pulled my cock out from between her tits, grabbed it with my hand and jerked myself off. I jerked my cock as more spunk spat out and landed on her areola. I normally only spurt my wad three or four times but they are always big spurts.

I was able to get a bit more cum out and onto her tits; I made sure I blew my wad on both of her massive tits. I watched my cum run down her tits, the cum I ejaculated onto her throat form into a nice little pool. I wiped my cock head on her tits in an attempt to clean of the remaining jizz drooling out of it.

Then I got up off of my sister. My room mate jumped up, "My turn!" and he quickly took my place with his black shaft between her tan tits.

His cock was an inch or so longer than mine but what stood out was its girth. Before he began to ravage my sister's tits he looked at me. "Man you should take a picture of this. You probably won't get another chance to see your sister naked with your cum on her." He had a great idea and I acted on it, I grabbed my digital camera and took a couple of pictures of Heidi and my cum on her tits and face.

Then I stood there watching my black room mate fuck my sister's huge tits. I have to admit I loved it! I took a couple of pictures of his hard black shaft working between her breasts. I quickly hooked the camera to my computer to download the pictures so I could take even more of her. I told him not to blow his wad yet I wanted to take some money shots of him blowing his spunk all over my sister.

He slowed down his pace long enough to download the pics and then to take my place next to the bed again. Then I watched him going wild just as I did fucking her tits. I saw the lustful glaze in his eyes as worked his prick on her tits. Then he hissed to me, "Get ready, I'm gonna shot my spunk all over your sister!" I held the camera in my hand hoping my timing would be just right and it sure was.

I got some nice pics of his got exploding with cum. His first spurt of cum shot out like a rocket and landed all over her cheek. Then he pumped another huge wad in-between her tits. He stood up, jacking off all over her. I watched his jizz pump out of his shaft and then land on her tits.

I used up all the memory on the camera by the time he was done. He just stood over Heidi looking down at the mess he had made all over her. He had very pleased look on his face, satisfied with fucking my sister's tits. I downloaded all of those pictures as him and I talked. Make sure you get some more pictures of the all the cum on her. These will be great to jack off to.

We spent the next ten or fifteen minutes taking more photos of my spunk covered sister. He suggested that I get some pictures of her pussy as well. I got down on my knees taking some close up pictures of her pussy and the heart shaped pubic hair.

I even spread her pussy lips apart and got some very nice close up's. I stuck my finger into her cunt to feel how tight she was.

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I was impressed, very impressed with her tightness and to my surprise I felt no hymen. So my sister was sexual active. I put the camera on the desk; I noticed my throbbing prick, worked up from taking all those pictures of Heidi. I looked at my roommate and said, "I want to fuck her." He told me to do it; this would be the only chance to fuck her. I was very hesitant to do that. I was afraid if she woke up, if I got her pregnant. I expressed my concern's to him and he responded by going to his dresser draw and tossing me a condom.

"There now you can fuck her. She's not going to wake up, she is fucking wasted." I held the condom in my hand for a moment as I stared at my incredibly hot, naked sister. I looked at her pussy then at my cock. That dark voice said over and over again to me, 'fuck her, fuck your sister.' I got that evil grin on my face as I un-wrapped the condom.

I quickly took it out and placed it on my throbbing cock. My roommate quietly cheered me on; "Yeah that's it man. Fuck your sister. Give it to her good so I can fuck her next." I guided my hard shaft into her pussy. Oh shit was it tight and it felt great! I got such an incredibly erotic surge of passion as I watched Heidi's cunt swallow my prick. Then I grabbed hold of my sister's limp drunk body at her hips as I began to jackhammer her cunt.

I don't know what I loved more, fucking my own sister or watching her huge tits bounce around with each thrust of my forbidden desire. I looked up at my roommate and he was watching her tits while slowly stroking his hard black shaft. He looked at me smiling with an almost equally evil grin as I had then he asked me how was my sister's cunt. I grunted back she was tight and the best pussy I had ever fucked! I increased my pace as the only thought I had on my mind was blowing my wad and fucking Heidi was going to make me shoot my load in record time.

We both got a cheap thrill out of watching our cum being thrown off of her tits as my thrusts into her cunt got stronger and faster. We watched our spunk splatter on her body, on her face and onto the bed.

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"Are you glad your sister came to visit?" I nodded back at him yes as I now felt my whole body 'glazing' over animalistic lust. I began to breathe very heavily moaning at the same time, "take this Heidi, yeah take my cock. Take all of your brothers' cock into your hot, tight pussy you little cock teaser." Then I felt my jizz load getting ready to burst out of me. I thought for a moment it was a shame to waste my cum inside of the condom.

I hissed under my breath to my equally perverted roommate, 'I'm gonna cum. The cock teaser is going to make me cum.' His answer was for me to pull my cock out of her, rip the condom off and jerk off all over her naked her body! I loved the idea! I thought for a moment that even my wasted sister liked it to as she mewing softly in her liquored induced sleep.

Just as my cum load was about to surge out of prick I pulled out of her pussy and tore the condom off of my prick.

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I stood up, as close as I could get to Heidi's stomach and then I jerked myself off. I was so horny it only took me a stroke or two and let my wad explode out of my prick. My roommate had grabbed our camera and got a nice picture of cum bursting out of cock. I watched with an insatiable delight as spurt after spurt of my thick white spunk landed on her stomach.

I aimed for her pierced belly button, when I got a gob of my cum into it I yelled out "2 points!" It was second best orgasm I ever had, the first being when I fucked her tits a while ago. Meanwhile he took a shit load of pictures of me cumming all over Heidi. A great selection of pictures that I would be jerking off to for months to come.

When I was done I stepped aside, gesturing down to Heidi's pussy I looked at my partner in this dark, nasty deed. "Your turn. Give my sister a good fuck, she deserves it!" He quickly got a condom out, encased his love shaft and without wasting any time he went to work fucking Heidi. I sat down at the desk and just watched him fucking her.

There was something so dirty about watching my own sister getting fucked that I found incredibly hot and erotic. "Yeah that's it man, fuck the shit out of her! Look at her fucking tits! If I knew my sister's tits were that huge I would have been sneaking peeks at her at home and jacking off every day! What do you think of her pussy?" "Oh shit her pussy is fucking awesome! Damn to bad you have been missing out fucking your sister! With cunt like this and those huge tits, I bet all the guys and male teachers want to fuck her." I just nodded my head yes as I watched him working his black shaft in and out of her cunt.

We both enjoyed how wet she was, the slurping noise was music to our ears as his prick thrust in and out of her. "I wish she was awake so I could hear her moan. I love listening to white girls moan as I fuck them." I thought for a moment then said, "I'll bet my sister moans like a real slut." He couldn't last long either and I am sure felt like I did, who fucking cares. Just fuck Heidi's great cunt and get off. I knew he was getting ready to cum so I asked him if he was going to blow his wad all over my sister.

'FUCK YES!' was all he said and all that needed to be said. He pulled out his black missile, yanked the condom off and then bent down at the knees a bit. He aimed his cock high as he jerked off. After a few strokes I watch his spunk launch out of his prick landing right on target, the target being my sister. "Oh yeah, oh yeah you slut take my cum. I'm gonna cum all over you!" With each spurt of his jizz he moaned 'oh yeah'. I added to our collection of pics of our sex toy Heidi by snapping quite a few of him blowing his wad all over her.

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His last spurt of cum landed right on her little shaved pubic hair heart. A fitting end to the debauchery that just took place.

The two of us rested for several minutes, surveying what we did to Heidi, very satisfied with the sticky, salty mess we made of her. Neither one of us could cum again but more to the point we both knew we had better not push it any further for fear of waking Heidi up. I then said we needed to clean her up and put her clothes back on. So as much as we didn't want to, we got wash clothes and towels, wiped our sticky goo off her body then dried her up.

We put her clothes back on as delicately as we could. She was still passed out so we put Heidi on his bed while I took my sheets off and stuffed them in the wash. The smell of cum on them was quite apparent so I needed to clean up that evidence too.

When we got done it was time for us to get some sleep and to hope that Heidi would never know what happened. My roommate did ask me if I was going to take Heidi out Saturday night to another party. My dark side took over as I smiled wickedly at him. "Hell yes I will, if she wants to. Then there will be a good chance for another party back here in our room." We both went to sleep, myself I had nothing but wild, wicked, forbidden thoughts about my sister and what I wanted to do to her next.