Healer invade studious youngster observations

Healer invade studious youngster observations
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I saw her walk by my house everyday on the way to school in her school uniform. A white shirt and I short black and red skirt. With the top button open so I could see her breast.

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There where a pretty big c cup. Her long black legs where so magnificent. She had coal black hair that came past her shoulders. I really didn't know old she was. Her face looked like she me have been twelve but her body looked sixteen.

One day when I was washing my car she came walking by with her breast hanging out. When she got pass me I got a look at her nice ass. It was a fat apple bottom. I made up my mind that I had to have her. For the next two week I took from work and watched her every move.

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I knew everything she did. The day before I was going to put my master strategy into motion, I rented a cabin way out in the woods. It was an early Monday morning. I was acting like I was fixing my car when Naomi came around the corner. I could hear her coming. The sound of her hills got closer and closer. She walked past me as I got up. I took out my stun gun and put it on her lower back. She fails back into my arms.

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I picked her up and put her in my car. I looked around to see if anybody was watching. I walked around to the other side of the car and got in then pulled off. I drove use deep into the woods of Rock Creek Park. I pulled up to the cabin, walked around to pick her up to take her into the cabin.

I put her on the bed and took her shirt and skirt off. Then I tied her to the bed. All she had on was her black lace panties and bra. I rubbed my hand over her bra and looked down at the beauty I had before me. I could wait till she woke up. To kill time I went downstairs to eat. When I finished eating I started to watch the Asses for the Masses, as I was just about to ejaculate I heard her upstairs trying to break free yelling let me go.

I ran upstairs and entered the room. She looked up and saw me standing at the door. She said how are you? Where am I? You don't need to know.


But you should get ready for so fun. Let me go you sick asshole. That hurts; a little girl shouldn't talk like that.

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I slapped her and put me had over her mouth. I pulled I gag out of my back pocket and put it in her mouth. I looked down at her and saw she started to cry. I wiped her face and kissed her. I ran my hand down her body to her panties. I reached over her and got my pocket knife off the night stand and cut her bra off. Her breast came bouncing out. I took her right breast in my hand, been over and sucked her light brown nipple. She started to shack, so I bit down on her nipple.

I could her cry even with a gag. So I slapped her and told her I she fights me on this I would kill her right then and there. I went back to sucking her right nipple. I started kiss her whole breast and move over to the other breast. I kissed her down to her panties and I want between her legs to kiss her pussy. I got up and pulled her panties apart and smelled them and throw them down.

I kissed her bare puss and shoved my tongue. My tongue darted all inside her sweet pussy. I came out the hit her cunt and lightly bit on it.

Then sucked on her cunt. I put my fingers into her cunt. I started going even deeper with my tongue. She pussy tasted so good kinda like a fresh T-bone steak with A1 steak sauce.

I got up and pulled my pants down and whipped my ten inch penis out. I rubbed my penis across her face and down here breast to her soaping wet pussy. I hit her cunt the slide it in just a little. I moved it around inside her it was so tight it almost hurt a little. This was the first time she ever had a penis inside her.

She started crying again. The tears came down her face and I could hear faint cries coming from the gag. I pushed it in even deeper and started fucking here. First I was slow and picked up speed and force. I couldn't help but look at her tits bounce up and down, so fast.

I grabbed her left breast and squeezed ih as hard as I could. I could tell her she was getting to like it just a little if she didn't I really couldn't give a fuck. All I knew was her pussy was getting tighter and wetter. I was in heaven.

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I was yelling Oh you little slut you feel so good. Your so fucking tight. Right then her body started to shake with a powerful orgasm.

I just kept fucking that sweet light pussy of hers.I could feel my nuts getting tighter and tighter till I came right at the end of her orgasm. I wiggled my penis around in her. I laid on top of her for a while and pulled my limp dick out. Dripping wet with her cum. Her cum was pouring out off her little fuck hole, all over my white sheets. I wiped the cum off all over her panties from off the floor. I got from on top of Naomi and went to get a little snack.

I got some leftover pizza and I soda. I went back up to that sweet piece of pussy. I looked her up and down as I walked over to her.

I put me fingers in her pussy, toke the out and sucked her juices off. I told her I was going to untie her and flip her over and if she screams I would cut her jugular. So she would die within minutes. I reached up and undid her ties and flapped her over so her apple bottom. I redid the ties and smacked her ass. I sucked on her ass and started licking her asshole. For an ass it tasted pretty good. I went deeper into her ass. I came out and started using me finger. Her ass was even tighter then her pussy.

I got on top of her ass and slipped into her ass.

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More like I rammed it in. in tore the hell out of her ass. The way it sounds with my big black balls hitting her pussy. Her pussy was getting wet began to get wet again. Me balls was covered with pussy juice. My balls got even tight then they ever got before and I came I up in her ass. When I finished cumming Naomi rubbed her ass against me dick.

I didn't care if I just bust a load in this ho, I wanted to keep fucking her ass cuz that was just driving me insane. In kept fucking her with my limp dick faster and harder. I bust a even bigger nut in her ass. As I pulled out my dick my cum came rushing out.

I let some cum run on my cock, and slapped her in the face with it.


After I took a long nap and let my cock rest up I fucked her ass again, but this time a untied one hand so she could play with her cunt.

She just started cumming as soon as she toughed her cunt.


I pulled out and sucked her hand clean. When I was finished sucking her hand my cock hit her and she grabbed it out of nowhere and gave me a hand job. It felt so good. I could have swore she have done this before. It wasn't to tight or weak. When I came on her hand. She took the cum and smashed it on her breast and nipples. That made me get hard all over again. I knew if I didn't get rid of her now I never would. So I pull my hand gun from the nightstand where I had my knife.

I hit her in the back of the head. Her limp body fall to the bed. I cut her ties and turned her over and kissed her lips. I picked her up and put her in my car. We went deeper into Rock Creek Park almost into Caseville. I pilled over to the side of the dirt road. I got out a made her a grave.

When I was finished I walked back to the car and pulled her body out and throw her into her grave. When she was in I pulled my gun out and shoot her once in the head and twice in the chess and drove off