Jordan Levine and Greg Jameson

Jordan Levine and Greg Jameson
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Peeing Family Fun -- If you have any problem with sex stories involving children to a small extent, look for another story right now. -- My wife and I are a very open couple, with some odd tastes. As the title suggests, we enjoy "water sports".

We are on our mid-thirties and we aren't a bit ashamed around each other any more, so that fantasy is very common to us, to the point we do it daily. We both enjoy playing with piss.

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For a mid-thirties couple, we are pretty in shape. Despite a few wrinkles here and there, most people would believe we are in our twenties yet. My wife, Angela, has 36 C breasts with very little sag, nice athletic thighs from her usual workouts, a good sized butt and hairless pussy, and a thin waist with not much fat.

Her skin is tanned from her eventual artificial tanning, her hair is blonde, coming to the middle of her back, and her eyes are hazel, and seem to always have a glint of kinkiness. Me - my name's Carl - on the other hand, am fairly built from my previous college football practice, with a few ounces of fat from the time that passed after it. I brown eyes and short brown hair, and a fairly thick 7 inches dick. We have children too, who were, at the time, unaware of our practices: John, a 7-years-old boy, and Grace, a 6-years-old girl.

Both have their mother's eyes and auburn hair. One day, late in the midnight hours, as my wife and I were awake and thought the kids to be asleep, we left the living room and went straight to our apartment's only bathroom, closing the door behind us.

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We stripped naked and entered the shower cabinet, Angela sat on the floor and got ready to get showered by me. I focused a bit to pee with a hard-on, and started to flow a stream of hot piss on her face and flowing down her body.


A lot hit her on her open mouth, and she always tried her best to swallow it all. After the long piss, she was glistening with urine and had a wide smile on her face, just as I did. We were going to change places when there was a small noise coming from the door.

We looked at it and it was opened ajar, and we could see little eyes peeping. I ran to the door and opened it to find both our children sneaking up on us.

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They looked afraid of what I was going to say, and I had no idea what to do, so just told them harshly to come inside. Both entered and sat on the toilet. "What are you two doing up so late, and what were you doing peeping on us?", was the first thing I came up with to say. "Daddy, don't be mad with Grace, it was all my fault!" John answered quickly. "What do you mean it was your fault?" I asked my son. "I woke up last night wanting to pee, and saw you here.

So I told her and we sneaked here so she could believe what I said." "I'm sorry, daddy! I didn't mean stay up late!" cried my small daughter.

"Don't worry, sweeties, we won't get mad at you." my wife answered to our children's worries. "So, what do you think of what you saw in here?" I asked them. "I think it was nice, daddy.

I really liked when mommy peed yesterday too.", John said.


"Daddy, I wanted to play with you too! I wanna see mommy pee and need to pee also!" answered Grace. I didn't know what to do and looked at my wife for support. She had the fire of lust in her eyes, and mouthed the words to me "Let's try it." I looked at the last droplets of piss on my erection, and offered to my daughter's mouth.

"Ok, so open up", I said, "taste a bit of daddy's piss." My daughter opened as wide as she could her tiny, childish mouth, and I let my cockhead touch her tongue. She made a little frown face, probably because of the acid taste, then closed the mouth around it and sucked a little. After about ten seconds of her sucking, I made her stop.

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It should be just about pee tasting, for now. I looked at my wife and saw she had almost completely stripped our son already, with him standing there in his little underwear and his PJs lying close to him on the floor.

I took my cue and took Grace's nightgown off, and slipped her little panties away. I slipped a finger between her little hairless cunny, and saw her shiver with excitement. Meanwhile, John had his 2 inches little penis pointing straight up, a weird smile on his face as his mother stroked the hairless skin of his pelvis. "John, do you feel like peeing?" I asked him. "Yes, daddy." "Good", his mother replied, "Grace, darling, come lie with mommy on the floor so your big brother can pee on us." She followed her mother's instruction and soon they were lying on the floor, side by side, and John was positioned over them.

"Go on son, aim it at their faces and mouth." That was all the encouragement he needed, as his stream of piss began flowing and hitting them straight on their faces. His stream didn't last so long, though, and his mother lifted herself a little to suck the last drops from his now limp pecker.

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Just then a last jet blasted, a gift for his mother's hungry throat. She smiled and rose to her feet. "It's mommy's time to pee now", said Angela. She did had been waiting since the beginning of our little game and should have being bursting by now.

Me and John laid on the floor, and I positioned Grace to be lying face up on top of me.


My hard cock rested on her barenaked, young pussy lips, and sent another shiver through her body. John got a little jealous of his sister and held the base of my dick with his little hand, much to my surprise. We all opened our mouths' wide and Angela squatted over as and let herself go. We were presented to a rich tasting flow of urine that had enough for the three of us. I swallowed as much as I could, but saw John dropping most of what he got.

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Grace, on the other hand, swallowed some, but seemed to be filled, and her last mouthful was transfered to her mother's own lips when she bent over and kissed her. As they kissed, I felt Grace let go and started to piss all over my erection.

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Her brother saw that, and bent in time to feel some pee on his face, and lick some of the stream running down my balls.

When the flow ended, he licked up my cock and stuck my cockhead inside his tiny young mouth. I felt the pleasure of his velvety mouth, and saw his little boner had risen again.

I reached for it and gave it some tugs, but very quickly his penis get to tender to keep going, and I removed my dick from his lips. Now I was in desperate need for a sperm relief, resulting of our water play and both my children suckling on my cock. Since the kids were so involved already, there was no fear of going forward.

"Sweetheart", I told Angela as I lifted to my knees, "come here." I pulled her and we passionately kissed, rubbing my prick on her shaved pussy lips. "There's no going back now.", I told her out loud, so the kids heard it too. She understood the hint and got on her hands and knees, so I ram my rock hard cock in her cunt, making sure John and Grace could see it too.

They watched wide eyed, as I drove their mother to three orgasms, and finished myself off by sticking it up her asshole all the way and let one of the biggest cumshots of my life fill her arse. John assumed position behind his mother when I withdrew my semi-hard dick, and, following my example the night before, licked his mother's asshole clean of all my seed. Meanwhile, Angela and Grace shared the cleaning of my shit and cum coated semi-hard dick.

Grace untrained mouth felt great around my cockhead, taking up to half of me in.

We all showered and went to bed right after. The next day, we talked and agreed to make the water play a daily all-family fun time play. It would take some time to initiate the kids completely to sex, but they seemed happy to have the opportunity, and knew better than to tell anyone out of the house.

They grew up to be nice kids, with good grades and habits, since there was no need to look for trouble outside our house. We kept the routine until they grew and went to college, but we still get together once in a while and remember the old times.