My College GF Taking A Huge Cumshot To The Face

My College GF Taking A Huge Cumshot To The Face
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Chapter 2 Temptation Just about an hour after we got home, I had changed and gotten out of the speedo, and into a normal pair of black shorts. I was in the basement rec-room relaxing on a couch while reading a Sports Illustrated. The basement is nicely finished so that we can use it anytime we want. Mom had finished it when we needed an area to relax at age 11.

She thought the basement would be the perfect place for us to sit back and watch movies or play video games. I heard someone coming down the stairs but I didn't look up right away. There were only two possible people it could be. Either Emma or Mom were the obvious options.

Emma slowly walked down the stairs, and soon was standing right next to me as I laid on the couch. I looked up from the Sports Illustrated magazine after she cleared her throat.

She was in a loose white tank top and her bikini bottoms still. "Can we talk?" Emma asked. "Sure, talk away." I said before going back to my magazine. "About today?" She asked. "Already forgotten." I told her. "It never happened." In truth I was trying to take my mind off of it, with little to no luck what so ever. "That's not what I meant!" She said before grabbing my magazine out of my hand and tossing it over her shoulder.

She climbed on top of me and laid down enough so that she was sure that I wouldn't try to get up. She was hovering over me in a fashion where I could see clear down her shirt at her tits, and as soon as I did, my cock began to throb. "I don't want us to forget it." She said. She laid against me. "We made love down there, and I don't want that to change things between us, but I don't want to let what we had in that cave go either.

Does this make sense at all?" Emma said. "Not at all, but I think I get your point." I told her. She was stricken. I didn't understand why, but I felt the same way now. Having her snuggle up against my chest like she was doing, like she had a million times before, made me the happiest guy in the world.

It felt so right, but at the same time, so wrong. Before I could say another word, she had stopped snuggling me, and had moved down to my shorts. She pulled them down, and my fully erect penis bounced into view. "Well that didn't take me long at all to get hard." Emma said. "Guess it only took me showing off a little cleavage." She said before plunging it into her mouth. I watched her in disbelief as her head bobbed up and down on my hardened member. It felt wonderful, almost as good as when I was inside her vagina.

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It was hot, and wet, and the way she licked my shaft and tip as she sucked was mind blowing. She began stroking it as she sucked, making me get close and fast. Then, without warning she stopped. She stood up, pulled my shorts up and turned away from me.

"If you want me to finish you off, I'll be in my room. I sure hope you want this as much as I do." She said before walking up the stairs towards her bedroom. I sat up. I put my head in my hands. What was I supposed to do? Every fiber of my being was telling me to go after her and fuck her brains out. To make her mine. To make her never want another man.

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But there was that small part of my brain, in the back of my head, that told me no. It was my voice of reason, telling me that what I wanted, what we wanted was wrong on so many levels. It told me that she was my twin sister, and even if we had already done it once, it had been an accident, and we shouldn't look to repeat that in any way, shape or form.

It told me that yes, I could find her attractive, but I must never touch her. It told me that I could try to measure my potential girlfriends up to her, as long as I didn't idolize her. But over all, it told me that I should tell her exactly what I was feeling, because it was wrong to lead her on. And god how I hated that voice. I stood up, and walked over to the magazine that was splayed open on the floor and picked it up.

I closed it and brought it over to the end table next to where I had been sitting, and set it down. I then found myself walking up the stairs and towards her room on the second floor, as if on a death march. Soon I found myself in front of her door. I knocked on her door, slowly. "You didn't come up here to fuck me? Did you?" She said through the door. I leaned against the door with my back and slowly slid down into a seated position. "No." I said before sighing. "I didn't Emma." I looked down at the floor.


"I want to, god knows I want to." I told her. "Then why?" Emma asked. "Emma.

I care for you. A lot. More than a brother should care for his sister, probably. We've been together all of our lives. You've been my best friend as long as I can remember. Going out for the swim team, becoming the person I have, it's all been to impress you." I started.

"That's why I need to explain myself here." "Explain yourself? What's to explain?" Emma said as I heard her sit on the floor in a similar fashion that I did. "Why I can't make love to you. Emma. I love you. For as long as I can remember. I've always thought you were the smartest, sexiest and hottest girl I've known. I've tossed away possible relationships, just because you either didn't approve of the person, or they just didn't measure up to what I saw in you." I explained. "If I wasn't your brother, I'd be trying to be your boyfriend with every breathe I have.

But that's the issue. You're my sister.

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And no matter how much I want what we had in that cave to continue for the rest of our lives, no matter how turned on you get me by just being near me, there's a voice in the back of my head that's screaming at me that this is wrong." "Can't you just ignore the voice?" She asked. I could hear the tears swelling up in her. She was about to cry, and it was my fault. The thought of making her sad was tearing me apart.

"You remember when we were ten and mom made us live in separate rooms? And we wanted to know why? And we couldn't settle for a simple answer, so she had to give us the talk?" I asked.

"Yeah." She said. "We sat there for hours as she explained to us everything she could about sex without having a complete panic attack." "Do you remember what you said afterwards?" I asked. "Yeah. I asked her 'If these changes may not start for years, why do we have to have separate rooms now?'" Emma told me.

"Yeah. She went red faced, and said 'because I said so, that's why!' trying not to scream in frustration." I said. "I think it's because she didn't want something like this to happen between us." I said. "She also told us that we should only have sex with someone we not only love with all our heart and soul, but someone we trust with our lives." Emma pointed out. "I know you're that person for me." "Emma. I'm not so sure of myself. I need to figure this whole thing out, and why my mind is still telling me not to, when it's taking every ounce of my strength to not fuck you again.

I feel like that rubble is still there, trying to push us together." I said. "But I need to be sure of us before I do anything like that." I told her. "So what're you saying?" Emma asked through the door. She pulled open the door and looked me in the eyes.

She was completely naked, sitting there next to me. I don't think she'll ever know how much strength it took me from not just pushing her to the floor and fucking her brains out right there.

"Are you saying that you want to take it slow?" She asked. "Yes. I want to see if we can. I want to make sure it's not just a physical thing between us." I said as I turned and looked into her eyes.

Emma threw her arms around my neck, giving me a big hug.

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Telling her what I felt had eased a bit of pressure from the back of my mind, and having her hug me felt wonderful.

"Alright." She said. "We'll take it slow." She pulled back a little and looked down at her naked body. "I… should… get dressed." She said.

I smiled at her, as I looked into her soft blue-green eyes. "Yeah, it might help. I doubt mom would want to see you running around naked when she gets home." I said. "Take it in now, Cyrus, because you may not see me like this again for a while." She said before she got up. She flicked her hair over her shoulder, very slowly turned away from me and as I stood up, she closed her door. I walked to my room and went inside.

I turned on my desk light and walked over to my door and closed it and locked it. I sat down at my computer. I turned on my computer, opened my desk drawer and pulled out a bottle of lube. I took off my shorts as my computer booted up, and the opening sound for Windows played. I brought up my video files, found a nice porn video, killed my sound and turned on the video. I started jacking off, using the lube. As I watched the video, my thoughts weren't on the video in front of me, but my sister, and the feeling of her giving me head, and then I played out mental images of me fucking her.

Before long, my balls emptied for a second time that day, coating my hand in the semi-transparent liquid that was my own cum.


After recovering from my solo session, I cleaned up, put on a fresh outfit, and headed down stairs. My mother had already arrived home, and dinner was being made by Emma. Neither of us told my mother what had happened to us that day. Frankly, we didn't know how to tell her at that point, or if she could take it.

After dinner, Emma and I retired to the rec-room downstairs to watch Robin Hood: Men in Tights, followed by Space Balls. Emma, in a pair of shorts, and a loose fitting but short t-shirt, without a bra, had snuggled up to me for both movies. The only reason I knew she went without a bra was the fact that I caught a glimpse of the underside of her tits when she stretched.

After the second movie, she gave me a sisterly peck on the cheek, and walked up to bed, saying that she was exhausted from the day. After watching History of the World part 1, I, too, was ready for bed. I shut off the TV and DVD player, and made my way up stairs to my room.

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As I walked down the hall, I caught Emma in a towel just outside her room. She just gave me a playful smile and a wink before going in and closing her door.

I staggered to my room and went inside. I laid down on the bed without turning on the light, and soon I was out like a light. I dreamt that night of a date that I was having with Emma, a picnic in the park.

She was wearing a red sun dress and we were enjoying the day. It seemed so perfect, there wasn't a cloud in the sky, and we were talking like the old times.

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It was all so perfect. When I awoke the next morning, Emma was hovering over my bed. She was in a loose yellow tank top, and a pair of black shorts. I didn't see any bra straps again, and the fact that her erect nipples were pressing against the fabric made the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra again. She smiled at me as I opened my eyes. "Good morning, sleepyhead." Emma said to me. "Emma? What're you doing in here?" I asked sleepily. "Just wanted to let you know mom wants to talk to you as soon as you get up." She said as she bent down and placed a kiss on my cheek.

When she did, I could smell a distinct smell on her. It was the same basic smell that I caught in the cave after we were freed. "Emma? What's that smell?" I asked. "I thought you showered last night." "I did." She said. "Then why?" I asked. "I was masturbating before you got up. I'm sorry, I have to relieve my urges, since we're taking it slow, there's only one way I can do that." Emma told me.

"Wait, did you do that in here?" I asked. I was kind of turned on to hear her admit that she was doing that, and kind of hoped that she was doing it while watching me sleep. "No, I did it in my room." She said.

"Why?" She asked. "No reason." I said, blushing. My blushing caused her to laugh, before she took a seat in my computer chair. I sat up in my bed. "So, this is kind of interesting." Emma said.

"Anyways, Mom wanted to ask you about yesterday." "Did she talk to you?" I asked. "Yeah. I only told her that we felt the quakes at the beach. I didn't say anything more." Emma said. "Alright." I said.

"I might as well get up and talk to her." I pulled off the covers, and saw Emma blush brightly. I looked down to see my morning wood at full mast. "After I use the bathroom of course." I said, looking back at her. She kept her eyes on the front of my shorts, on my erection. It was kind of thrilling, actually. She licked her lips. I knew she wanted it inside her, in her mouth, in her pussy. She wanted to taste and feel it again, and it was taking all her strength now to hold back from tackling me and sucking or fucking my brains out.

I got up and walked out of my room to the bathroom. After peeing, which calmed my morning wood, I staggered down stairs to the kitchen. I poured myself a glass of orange juice and walked into the dining room, where mom was sitting going through some paperwork. "Hey mom." I said. "Oh, Cyrus! Good morning!" Mom said. My mother was 36 years old. She had short black hair. She was wearing a turtle neck that hugged her tits, which were about the same size as Emma's.

Her body could easily pass for a teenager's. She also had on a pair of jeans, and had on her reading glasses. She took off her glasses as I sat down across from her. "I was so worried about the two of you yesterday, during the quakes. Where did you two go?" Mom asked. "We were at the beach, but I'm betting Emma told you that." I said.

"Yes. But she didn't tell me what you were up to." Mom said. "That's because she's still in a bit of shock about it all.

We were exploring the caves, and the first quake trapped us in the cave, blocking off our exit. The last one opened up a gap enough for us to squeeze through." I told her.

I wasn't exactly lying. We had been trapped and couldn't get out. But I wasn't going to go into intimate details about it. My mother's eyes had widened at the news. "I don't think we'll be going in those caves again. I was thinking that maybe I'd go petition the city to close them off or put up a warning sign." I said.

"Yeah, we wouldn't want any kids getting hurt in there." Mom said before again putting on her glasses. "So I'm guessing the two of you are just gonna stay in today?" "I know I am. I'm not sure about Emma." I told her.

"Knowing her, and your thoughts about what she's thinking, I don't think she'll be leaving your side for the rest of summer break." My mom said. "I'll be picking you two up some new movies on my lunch break tonight." "Okay, mom, anything else?" I asked.

"Yeah, I'm working late again tonight, but I don't want you two staying up as late as you did last night. I don't like you two sleeping that late." She said. "Alright mom. I'm gonna go surf the net… maybe I can talk Emma into making me breakfast." I said. "I've gotta head to work.

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Remember, I don't want you two staying up too late." Mom said. "Alright mom." I said before getting up. I walked out of the room and back up stairs. I walked to my bedroom to find my door was closed. I opened it and entered to find Emma sitting at my computer, shuffling through my porn and playing with herself. Her shorts were on the floor next to her. Her lower half was exposed and she was using her left hand to tease her clit while clicking and scrolling through my folders.

It was hard not to do anything right there on the spot. I, instead, closed my door quietly, and walked up behind her. "Enjoying yourself?" I asked. "Cyrus, thank god you're here. This is nuts. I haven't been able to get off since the cave." She said as she looked over her shoulder at me while continuing to tease her clit. "Please!" "I told you Emma, I wanted to take it slow." I said. "But what prompted you to start checking out my porn." "I wasn't going to, but when I turned on your screen, the folder was open, so I thought I'd look through it." Emma said.

"You weren't lying when you said you were physically attracted to me. A lot of these girls have my same body type, or look a little like me." "So, you think it's alright to go through my porn?" I asked.

I reached down to her sides and began tickling her. She got to her feet trying to run away from me as I continued tickling her.

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She pulled away from me and ran down the hallway. I caught up to her at the door to the attic, and grabbed ahold of her. She grabbed the handle as I picked her up, turning it and opening it. I kissed her on the lips. Not a brotherly kiss, but a passionate one. Our first kiss. It was something special, something meaningful.

There was no voice in the back of my head telling me it was wrong this time. In fact, it was saying something different. Telling me that it was perfect. Rooting us on. When we broke the kiss, she smiled at me. "Wow." She said. "Whoa." I said as I noticed the opened door. The attic had never been left open and the fact that it was this time peaked our curiosity. I set down Emma, and we both just stared at the door.

"What do you suppose could be up there? I mean, she told us as kids that whatever was up there could hurt us when we were kids, but we're adults now." Emma said. "I know." I said. "But I don't have the foggiest idea on what could be up there." I said. "Do you think we should go and investigate?" She asked turning towards me.

"Yeah." I said as I looked into her eyes. "But first." I said before pulling her into another passionate kiss. Again, it was wonderful, and this time, we parted our lips and let our tongues explore each other's mouths.

Our hands explored each other's backs as we enjoyed the second kiss. Having her half naked in front of me had me aroused, but this was helping me to fight the urge of bending her over right there and take her from behind. We soon broke the kiss, and she just snuggled up to my chest. "That was the best kiss I've ever had." Emma said. It was a moment before she regained her senses.

"But what do you think, should we head up there now?" Emma asked. "Don't you want to get dressed first?" I asked. "No. I'm too curious of what we may find." Emma told me. She, of course, was saying exactly the way I felt. I wanted to know what was so dangerous about the attic. But sadly, that's a story for the next chapter, as again, it's getting late.