His Sweet Tight Ass is Mine

His Sweet Tight Ass is Mine
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my little brother's friend --------- please leave comments of what you think! thank you! I woke up hot and sweaty my thin shirt showing my pink nipples and my b cup shape.

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I stretched and let out a yawn. it was perfect weather to.well, give myself a little present. I slid my hand up my shirt and started pinching my right nipple.

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it was still night so I tried to be quiet I bit my lip and gasped a little. I then started rubbing it and fondling my breast. this was such a turn on,my breasts were the most sensitive part of my body if I could lick them I would. I twirled my nipple under my finger I could feel it getting harder as I played with it. my other nipple started to poke up as well but I payed no attention to it.

I could feel myself getting wet so I slid my other hand down and into my panties. I spread my lips apart with my index and ring finger and then started playing with my clit with my middle finger rubbing my juices around. I let go of my breast and had it join my other hand I stuck my other middle finger in my slippery hole and circled around in there both my hands went to work on my wet slit.

I let out a moan and got embarrassed. I wasn't alone in the house after all. I slid my finger in and out and circled my clit with another. I bucked my hips and moaned softly I couldn't take it anymore I needed something bigger inside me.

I slid out of my sheets revealing my soaked panties and shaking legs. I hopped of the bed and walked over to my closet.

I pulled open the shoe drawer and pulled out a brown box I opened it and like a beautiful sight was my new dildo. it was purple and shaped like a cock the head and shaft it even had little vein details I yanked it out of the box and practically sprinted to the bed. I pulled my panties to the side and slid the tip in. I slid it in and out and circled it a little. I wanted the full thing in me now so I pushed it in hard I moaned and grabbed the sheets with my free hand I was loud but now I could care less if they heard me.

My panties were in the way so I pulled it out and yanked them off as quickly as possible. I then shove the thing back in me I pushed it in as far as it would go an quickly. oh how I loved the sounds my pussy made when it sucked on the monster dildo. I licked my lips and used my free hand to bring up some of my juices to my mouth I licked it off my fingers and then spit on my finger and rubbed my clit while I played with my dildo. I could feel it coming so I started going faster and rubbed my clit fast as well.

I moaned and squealed and bucked my hips god it felt great. I grabbed my boob and started playing with my nipple I pushed it hard and pinched it and twisted. I screamed "oh fuck! oh fuck!" I bucked my hips one last time and my face felt hot and shivers went down my spine I pulled out lovely companion and let the juices flow I even squirted a little. I gasped and was breathing hard ,my sheets were soaked and I liked it. I got out of bed and walked over to the closet, I almost forgot my companion was slick with my juices so I licked it clean almost giving it head.

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I heard a small creak, my head shot up an looked at the door. a figure was standing there and blue eyes peered through.

I put the rubbery cock back in my mouth and then pulled it out making a popping sound when it escaped. could they have been watching me the whole time? The pair of eyes jumped and the door closed.

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I turned my head to the side and walked up to the door and slowly opened it. The figure was sitting down and the hallway was dark.


"hey." i whispered ,the figure looked up "come in" I said in a tired voice the figure jumped up and barged in my room closing the door behind it. It was my younger brother's friend he was about 16 well I think he was. he inched towards me "hey" he said. I grabbed his shirt and pulled him close to me. I kissed him hard while I pushed my body against him. I was horny still and he was perfect. I pulled him in to the light revealing his toned body. I bit my lip softly and started right away I yanked his shorts down and his cock stared at me.

I grabbed ithe jumped a little. I stroked it slowly and softly. He let out a little grunt and it started to get hard. I licked the tip and it twitched. I stroked it faster and flicked my tounge back and forth on his cock head. His hand shot up and grabbed my hair his head tilted back and he moaned. I shoved it in my mouth and sucked on him. Moving my head up and down I pleasured him. He was a moaner and I kinda liked itit was better than the usual grunters.

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I pulled him out of my mouth and he tried shoving it back in. I stopped him of course I stood up and said " let fuck" his eyes grew wide. I peeled off my top and showed him my breasts. I guided him to the bed and pushed him down he adjusted him self so his whole body was on the bed.

I made him take off his shirt I couldn't think of fucking someone with a halo 3 shirt on it wasn't my fancy. so he did god his body was so hot. I straddled him and started lowering myself on his dick it didn't go in at first and just slipped away because I was so wet so I grabbed it and guided it in when the head entered he trusted and shoved it in me. I threw my head back and humped his dick. circling and grinding on him I pleasured myself I reached up an pinched my nipples and my hips were going at it.

"let me on top Lindsay." he whined so I slid off him and laid down spreading my legs open wide and opening my lips for his grand entrance he smiled and got between my legs he shoved it in hard "fuck!" I yelled his hand shot over to my mouth and he shushed me I moaned and licked his hand childishly he shoved three fingers in my mouth and finger fucked my mouth I sucked and licked his meaty fingers god that was a turn on. his balls were making a slapping sound against my butt "harder" I managed to mumble through his fingers he thruster his hips harder and he was moaning "yeah.yeah.your pussy feels good." I was pleased to hear that he took his fingers out of my mouth and grabbed my boob he caressed my nipples and pinched them all while doing me my saliva was being sloppily spread across my perky pink nipples "I'm gunna cum!" I sai under my breath I gasped then bit my lip my juices streamed out and leaked on the bed.


my hips bucked and my back tensed up that was it I was done for he was still going. " how in the hell are you still going?" I gasped while I was trying to cling on to him he was still fucking me now he started to grunt I took this as a sign he was almost done.

he did me hard and he was rough I started to feel another wave come on. he twisted me over and then slapped my ass, he held my hips tight and his nails dug into me that pain turned me on if he was going to make his mark ill make mine I pushed him off and flippd over "fuck me harder you ass." I growled as I bit my lip and held my legs up open for him he jumped right on that shoving hard into me I grabbed his shoulders and dug my nails into him I saw him flinch and I continued I trailed my fingers down his arms then I stopped and dropped my arms, I came.

he let out a grunt geeze I was hoping he wouldn't " want you to moan! don't grunt." I commanded this guy had a lot of stamina for how young he was he moaned for me "inside or out?" he groaned "out. on.my.tits" I said in between breaths. he yanked his dick out and stroked it furiously he moaned more for me I winked at him and opened my mouth and stuck my tounge out he was still stroking it like a mad man and finally he came shooting loads and loads of his hot sticky love juice on me little bits and streams hit my face and most got on my chest and nipples he was out of breathe and he leaned over and laid down next to me I rubbed his cum al over my breasts and played with my nipples one last time and then licked it off my fingers I wiped my hands off on my sheets "go back to Jake's room" I said while waving my hand in a shooing motion he got up pulled my sheets up and wiped his dick off I watched him get dressed and stared at the red lines going down his arms "you're mine now" I whispered to him "come over anytime ill give you my number" he shrugged then left the room I was still playing with his sticky goo then I flipped on my side and fell back asleep --------- thanks for reading