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Slobbery nun sucks on ginger cock
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On Jim's 15th birthday he received a laptop from his parents as a gift, along with the laptop Jim's father installed a router so that more than one computer could have internet. Jim loved this new addition to his entertainment as the coming summer was to be a boring one with the majority of his friends out of town on vacation.

The only downside with the router was that it wasn't wireless and that in order to have internet he would need to sit in the living room and stretch an Ethernet Cord from the router to his laptop. Jim counted it a small inconvenience for him to be able to surf the web on his very own laptop.

The summer days came and went and so too did the weeks. Finally the third Friday of the summer came around and Jim's older brother Tom (17) was set to return from his camp that night. Jim's mother made a meal of all Tom's various favorites: baked chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, and toasted rolls. Jim sat on the couch thinking about his brother's return, he had enjoyed having the bathroom to himself and there was no contest for the T.V. but overall he was glad that his brother was coming home.

Jim had always liked talking to his brother they talked about almost everything, they had even tried smoking together. The doorbell rang and Jim's mother was the quickest to respond, practically throwing the jug of sweet tea on the counter as she ran for the door.

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When she opened it up there stood Tom in the doorway, the growth of stubble on his chin marked the days since his last shave, the smell of cheep deodorant hinted the days since a proper shower, and his tiered eyes showed the days of his sleepless nights.

He stepped through the doorway and into the proper light of the hall standing there hugging his mother shaking his father's hand and moving into the house after smelling the feast laid out in the kitchen. Jim finally got a good look at his brother: he was wearing denim jeans, a blue shirt, and a black jacket, his sandy blonde hair came down just past his ears and swept across his face, his eyes a light green with a inextinguishable laugher in them.

Dinner passed by without incident as the four passed through food and conversation easily and quickly. As dinner finished and the parents started clearing the dishes away Jim's older brother looked at Jim's new laptop with great interest and no small amount of desire.

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Around midnight Jim and Tom's parents were sound asleep and Jim was in the shower. Tom was watching T.V. on the couch and he looked over and saw his little brothers new laptop in sleep mode but still signed in. After confirming that his brother was just starting his shower, Tom brought up an internet explorer page and logged into his favorite porn site. It had been two weeks since Tom had the appropriate conditions for whacking off, and he couldn't take one more night. This porno was his favorite, it started out with a man and woman making passionate love while her husband sat tied up in a chair watching.

Tom ran his hand over the quickly growing bulge, rubbing through the jeans quietly moaning as the movie progressed and the two on the screen became more and more involved in their love making.


Tom's quickly got up and found a box of tissues and threw them on the couch next to the computer and then grabbed a bottle of coco butter. Sitting down on the couch Tom gently unzipped his jeans and slid them off revealing his black boxer briefs with a sizable bulge in them.

With one hand Tom delicately picked up the waistband of his briefs and pulled it down beneath his ball sack and allowing them to rest there. Then after squirting a generous amount of coco butter into his hand he firmly grasped his fully hard, cut, 7.5 inches. With his eyes glued to the two screwing each other hard on the computer screen he began pumping his hand up and down his shaft while the other cupped his balls.

The faster and faster the couple screwed the faster Tom pumped keeping in time with the two of them. Tom became some entrenched in the movie that when his brother walked into the living room in his boxer briefs Tom didn't even notice. It wasn't until Jim stuttered out "s-s-sorry I didn't mean to." That Tom looked away from the screen and saw his brother standing there. "Oh shit man, I'm so sorry. It's just been forever and I can't use mom's computer." His little brother just stared in awe at the computer screen as the man and woman were at the fever pitch of their sex.

Tom standing there attempting to pull his briefs back up noticed Jim's gaze, "Ever seen anything like this before?" "N-no never; I just always…" "Imagined?" His brother finished his sentence for him.

"Can I watch it with you?" Jim asked. "Sure man!

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It's your computer." Tom replied as he sat down on the couch and placed the laptop in-between him and his brother. Tom started the video back at 30% and sat back and watched side-by-side with his brother. Soon that familiar bulge was back in Tom's briefs and he began softly rubbing his bulge through his boxer briefs and a side-glance at his brother told him Jim was doing the same thing.

A further side-glance at his brother and Tom noticed that Jim's bulge was every bit as big as his even though Jim was two years younger than him. Tom suddenly became overwhelmed with the urge to expose himself to his brother. "Hey man, you kind of interrupted me. Do you mind if I finish?" Tom quietly asked.

"Okay, do you want me to go into my room?" Jim replied.


"Naw man, we're brothers and this is your computer after all." Tom said as he slowly replaced the waistband under his balls again and started slowly jerking right next to his brother.

Jim found it hard to keep his eyes on the screen while his older brother sat next to him whacking off Jim couldn't help but admire his brother six pack and the happy trail that lead from his belly button down to his dick. Seeing his brother this way Jim took it as a sign that he was free to do the same and he followed his brother's example and placed the waistband underneath his balls and after applying some coco butter that his brother handed him he began stroking his 7.2 inches like his always had but it was different to do it with his brother on the same couch as him right next to him.

As the movie progressed onward the two on the screen built up their efforts and so too did the boys sitting along side one another the two beating in time with the two on the screen. The longer the two beat off together the more confident they became and the two continued their covert glances at the other both wanting to look but neither wanting to break the silence.

Finally Jim's older brother broke the silence by saying "Have you ever gotten a blowjob before?" Jim caught off guard by the question stammered out that he hadn't. "It's been a long time since I have gotten one and it wasn't very good." Tom said as he continued looking at the screen. With nothing else to say Jim replied "Oh." "Do you think maybe we could help each other out as brothers?" Tom said feeling bold.

"How?" replied Jim. "Well I could suck on you and then you could suck on me." "Would that be okay?" Tom asked hoping for the best, this would be make-it or break-it for them.


"Yeah, I guess if you want to." Jim whispered Tom smiled and shifted on to the coffee table in front of his brother and looked him in the eye and smiled. Tom then slowly bent down and grabbed his brother 7.2 inches and slowly parted his lips and lightly ran his tongue all the way from his brother's balls to the tip and back again Tom did this twice. After coming to the tip the second time Tom parted his lips and slowly took his brothers head into his mouth and began sucking on it, gently using his tongue to stimulate the sensitive glands.

Then Tom opened up his throat and began to inch his way down shoving more and more of his brother's cock into his throat until he gagged 2 inches from the base and had to come up for air. Jim was moaning and grinding his hips into his brother's talented mouth his was close to cuming and he knew it, but he didn't ever want this to end.

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From the way his brother was grinding and moaning Tom knew it wouldn't be long before his brother exploded so once more Tom opened up his throat and gently stuffed more and more of his brothers tick member into his throat, this time going all the way to his brother pubic hairs.

Jim was going wild with the feeling of the deep throating he was getting and his put his hands on the back of his brothers head and held his head there as he ground into his older brother.

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On the very verge of exploding he felt his brother start to hum and the vibrations sent him over the edge and he shot 3 ropes of his thick seed down his brother throat. Tom held still as his brother finished cuming down his throat and when he felt Jim was done he let his brother slip from his mouth. Tom then said "Your dick tastes so good and your cum is so sweet, I really enjoyed that." Jim lay melting into the couch as he recovered from the earth shattering orgasm he just had at the mouth of his own brother.

"U-uhm I guess it's my turn." Jim said softly to his brother who was lying back on the couch. Tom nodded to him and Jim got down of his knees in front of his brother and bent over him.

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Jim gently pulled back his brother's boxer briefs as he ran his hand over the bulge. Tom moaned slightly and his dick quivered beneath Jim's hand. With this encouragement Jim began to jerk his rock hard brother handling his cock with a near-reverence as he slowly began licking the head like a lollypop.

Licking the shaft up and down then sucking on his brother's full ball sack and hearing the soft but constant moaning of his brother only encouraged him on and he began to take more and more of his brother dick into his mouth going down past the bulbous head and towards the pubes at the bottom of the shaft eager to repay the favor his brother did for him.

Jim heard Tom's moaning getting closer and closer together after only minutes of sucking, the depravation must have gotten to his brother because Jim could tell Tom was very near cuming. "It is going to be a lot to swallow but do your best" Tom whispered in Jim's ear. Jim nodded as best he could with his mouth so full of his brothers throbbing cock.

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Knowing the time was near Jim opened up his throat fully and shoved the whole length of his brothers 7.5 inches down his throat and he felt his brothers hand gripping the back of his head and his brother began to thrust in and out face fucking his brother. It was the slightest twitch of his brother's dick, the slightest sharpening of his moaning that tipped Jim off that his brother was cuming.

And wow did he cum, he shot 7 ropes of cum into is brother's mouth with the rest of it dripping down his brothers chin. As Tom looked down it almost made him cum again, with his sum dripping down his brother's chin. Tom looked down at him and said. "Just think, three more weeks of summer."