Sexy black teen is having hard sex adventure with tattooed white guy

Sexy black teen is having hard sex adventure with tattooed white guy
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It was the night of the event and things were running smoothly we had stars performing all night. After the even finished up i was walking to my car i noticed a limo nearby rocking side to side i went over to investigate because why notas i walked closer i could hear grunts and clothes ripping i was thinking to myself somebody is being fucked but as i came into eye contact it was somebody grabbing a woman and pulling her towards the limo to this point everything came clear this guy was trying to kidnap then possibly rape this woman i think.

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i dont know his future goals, my aussie instincts kicked in i yelled out HEY! and caught the guy of guard enough for the woman to break free from his grasp the guy took a knife to me and swung it at me i went in to disarm him and managed to come out on top with just a minor cut to my chest nothing serious the guy got up and ran away before i could take any more action but at least the girl was safe.

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I approached the girl to ask if she was alright but was stopped dead in my tracks once i caught a glimpse of her face i thought holy shit its Taylor Swift i just rescued Taylor Swift i reached my hand to her still really surprised by her it was i asked her if she was ok she nodded and mentioned it was her limo driver quitting on her i thought to myself unusual way to quit Taylor's eyes immediately directed at the slash on my body she gasped yelling we need to get me a doctorgirls always so dramatic i told her it was just a scratch and asked her if she would like a ride back to her hotel she thanked me for my offer and followed me to my carthe whole trip down i couldn't help but check her out she is a hell of a lot more attractive in person it was taking all my will to focus on the road instead of her perky boobs.

We arrived to the back entrance of her hotel she asked me to come in for a drink implying its the last she could do for saving her life i wouldn't really calling it saving her life it would more be like saving her from a horny fan. Taylor;s room was really fancy more fancy than my house she led me to come sit with herwe chatted we drank we must have downed a whole bottle of wine between us i could see she was getting tired or drunk one of the two i excused myself and asked if she wanted me to leave because she looked tired she lightly grazed the side of my head saying she dosent mind i just lost my train of thought staring at her luscious red lips so red and full and puffy so kissable i was broken out of my gaze when she was waving her hands in front of me "maybe your a little tipsy" she giggled i just said to her she really has beautiful lips its alot more beautiful in person than on tv and album coversi thought to myself way to go man way to sound like an obsessed fan Taylor just giggled and asked the last question in the world id expected to hear from her "want to know what they taste like?" i just had to double check that she was asking what i think she was asking Taylor giggled and pressed her lips towards me i met her kiss and felt her lovely luscious lips touch mine i could feel her lips suck my lower lip Taylor looked at me with a very animal like look asking me how it felt i was speechless i i just didint know how to react i literally got kissed by taylor swift "your amazing" is the only words i could think of " well its the least i can do for saving my life" Taylor replied followed by another giggle Taylor went in for a second kiss catching me of guard this time the kiss went slightly longer her kiss became much more repetitive and this time instead of just sucking my lower lip i could feel her teeth slightly graze it Taylor broke of the kiss and looked at me again with those eyes licking her lips staring at me her thighs clenched together and her arms tensed up you could see her chest pushing back and forth with each breath she took i didint know whether she was filled with anger or lust her eyes her eyes were drawn to the rising erection between my legs i knew i was getting hard like who wouldn't if they were making out with one of the worlds most beautiful pop stars on the planet , Taylor got up and headed to the door i got up and followed her freaking out that i disgusted her and made myself look like just another horny fanboyshe played with the locks on her door but instead of unlocking them she made sure every lock was locked Taylor then approached me taking me by the hand leading me back to the bedroom and sittin me down "ill be right back" she announced then heading to the connected ensuite i sat waiting curious to what she was doing in their.

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The ensuite door opened slightly and Taylor approached me in a bathrobe with her makeup redone up she looked similar to the way she wore her makeup in her Bad Blood music video really hot and fierce to match the vibe she had been giving me all nightas Taylor approached me my heart sank my erection hardened my nerves went crazy Taylor looked me up and down and dropped her rhobe to the floor exposing her perky boobs her hourglass shaped body and the main part her beautiful pussy she had a cute pile of fuzz just below the weist now it was my turn to look her up and down and i was loving what i was seeing "like what you see" she asked i just nodded still staring point blank at her beautiful pussy she placed her hand on my shoulders and mounted her naked body onto me grinding her pussy on my erected pants placing kisses along my neck puling my shirt of then running kisses up and down my torso even taking my nipples into her mouth i could feel her tongue swirling around themTaylor placed her hand on my bulge and worked her way into my pants exposing it in front of her face her eyes widened at the size of my cock i was always happy with my size.

Taylor took the head of my cock in her mouth and went up and down my shaft slowly while her eyes still directly in contact with my own i placed my hand on her head to move her in deeper into my cock i took she wasn't a professional blowjob girl because she had her limit when she stopped me just before my dick reached the back of her throat didint stop her from using her hands for the rest of my length tho i couldn't stop telling her how good she is at giving head Taylor rose up and guided my fingers to her pussy i tucked them inside her and told me that her pussy is good to i tucked my fingers inside her and began fingering her slowly making sure i hit the right spot i saw the expressions on Taylor's face we both knew she was enjoying this she fell on top of me taking my dick into her mouth again then jerking it in her hand spitting on my cock and lubing my cock with her spit telling me to her fuck her now she was pretty much demanding me to fuck her and i wasn't gonna say no but i still had 1 more thing to do i rolled her over on the bed and positioned myself between her legs and darted my tongue in her fuck hole pushing my face as deep as i could go so my tongue can fully tongue fuck her sexy wet insides she grasped the back of my head running her fingers through my hair i moved my hands under legs pushing her up into a chicken wing position and without warning fully submerged my cock deep inside her i looked at Taylor's face i swear i saw the same look on her face when she was singing a very high vocal song.

I thrusted in Taylor's pussy hard digging my finger nails into her ass as she pushed my lips into hers it felt like she was gonna suck my face of she was enjoying having my cock inside her so much her animal side took over and rolled me onto my back and straddled my cock and rode my cock i could see her pussy sliding up and down on my cock my cock was all shiny with globs of white cum running down the sides puddling between us as her wet pussy takes my entire cock up and down she yelled at me she was cumming i saw more puddles of cum seep out of her pussy down my cock my hands were still firmly planted on her ass as she bops her whole lower body up and down my cock my time was coming close i didint know if the super star would appreciate it if i came inside her but she was to drunk and orgasmic to answer any question and i did not want my cock to slide out of her i want it to be inside her forever.


I pushed Taylor's ass up higher and began jacking my body up and down slamming my cock in her as hard and fast as possible i felt like my cock was gonna explode my cock expanded and twitched and filled the pop stars pussy with at least half a litre of cum it just wouldn't stop it went on and on i was surprised her pussy could take it all but then again tonight was a night full of surprises. We both came to from our intense sex Taylor ran her hand over the top of her pussy and caught a glob of gum that managed to slip through her pussy and my cock she caught it and took it across her tongue tasting it she dismounted me my cum flying out of her pussy all over the place she went straight down to my cock not caring about the mess we made and sucked of all our cum of my cock i could see it stain her tongue as she lapped up all our inner fluids.

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The orgasm i just experienced was the most powerful orgasm i think ive ever had in this world it was so powerful i could feel myself passing out the last thing i saw was Taylor bending over naked swallowing my cock and my cum running down her legs from her pussy.

I awoke the next morning naked in a bed by myself i honestly thought i was in my own hotel room i remembered the intense sex i had with Taylor i knew it would be a dream but it felt so real my dick was even sore from it i noticed my cum all over the place so now im assuming it was a wet dream i felt embarrassed that hasn't happened to me since i was 15.

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I went to walk in to my connected kitchen and was greeted by Taylor standing there wearing nothing but an oversized t shirt i thought to myself this wasn't a dream it actually happened i just walked up to her i dont know what came over my but i just grabbed her cheeks and made out with herTaylor put down her cub and reached for my cock bobbing it up and down and guiding it inside her i lunged into her pussy and fucked her on the kitchen counter Taylor flopped over me gasping at each thrust until my cock burst inside her filling her with a massive load of cum Taylor looked at me with those fierce eyes from last night telling me shes gonna snack on my cum while at rehearsals today and how much shes gonna think about me.

Towards the end of the morning Taylor had to go to her rehearsals i got one final kiss goodbye from her and that was the last time i ever go to spend with her.

Its hot to think Taylor Swift is gonna be rehearsing with her pussy full of my cum.