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Slim slut is good at cock riding
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The Neighbor's Daughter V: Epilogue The weeks following the return from their Hawaiian honeymoon were busy ones for Jim and Alex. Their nights were filled with loving sex, but the days were, at times, hectic. Alex's college classes were scheduled to start in just two weeks and she still needed to complete the admissions process. Following that, they paid a visit to the university book store.

Even with his substantial financial standing, Jim had forgotten just how much college books and materials could cost. When the cashier totaled their bill, Alex went a bit pale. She seemed to be in shock. "Jim Honey, maybe we can put college off for a year or two. I don't want be a burden to my new husband." Jim merely smiled at his beautiful bride and wrote the check. So his wife would never need anything at school, Jim also set up an open account at the book store for Alex.

They then loaded her books and other supplies into his car. On the way home, Alex seemed to be brooding for a while. She then apologized for costing them so much money. Jim patted her leg just above her knee and told Alex, "Honey, you will never be a burden to me.

Besides, when you get your CPA degree you will more than make up for the cost of your education. Do you know how much our accountant is costing us?" "I'll make it up to you, I promise." She then giggled and added, "I'll start much sooner than my graduation." Jim then slid his hand up under her skirt. He gently stroked her pussy and replied, "I know you will.


You can make it up the same way you've paid night after night for the things I bought you that first night we spent together. Now don't mention it again." Alex smiled broadly and spread her legs. She happily gave her husband easier access to her pussy. She sighed and agreed, "Yes, Jim." Alex was good to her word as always. After they carried in her books she expressed a desire to begin making her first payment. As she stripped, she said, "Honey, you have a decision to make." "Oh?" Alex explained, "Yes, you have to decide which hole you'd like to use for you first payment." She giggled and then led her more than willing husband down the hallway toward their bedroom.

Jim not only ate his horny wife to two thrashing orgasms, he fed a load of cum deep into her hot pussy. They didn't come out of their bedroom for over an hour. Shortly after Alex started her accounting classes, they realized she would need an office/study to do her assignments.

She had books and papers scattered all over the kitchen table which had to be cleared before meals. That was not a good situation for either of them.

One of the members of the civic club Jim belonged to was a carpenter. So, while Alex spent her days at the university, Jim had one of his spare rooms remodeled into an office for Alex. His grateful bride repaid Jim in her usual manner when he surprised her with her own office.

This time however, she didn't give Jim any options. She fell to her knees, pulled Jim's cock free from his pants, and took it fully into her mouth and throat. Alex lovingly licked and sucked her husband's cock.

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In a matter of minutes she was swallowing a load of cum from her mate. Over the next four years of college, Alex worked very hard.

She would soon be graduating with honors and have a degree in accounting. Her husband Jim and her mother Ruth couldn't have been any prouder of Alex as she walked across the stage and received her diploma. In spite of her busy schedule at the university, Alex never let Jim forget he had taken a horny wife.

A wife who loved to not only fuck, but relished the taste of his cum, and enjoyed an occasional invasion of cock up her ass. Jim had been expecting her to ask a question she had asked on their wedding night. He was ready with the answer.

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When they got home from her graduation, Alex passionately hugged and kissed her husband and asked again, "Jim, I'm out of college now. Can I stop taking my birth control?

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I still want to give you a son and a daughter as soon as I can." Without saying a word, Jim smiled at her a took her by the hand.

He led her to the remaining spare room. Alex squealed with delight when she saw the room. It had already been converted into a nursery. Jim had to laugh when Alex insisted on calling her mother to tell her the good news. "Alex Honey, you haven't even stopped your pills yet.

Don't you think it's a little premature to call your mother?" With a bit of disappointment in her voice, she replied, "Okay, you're right." She then practically ran to the bathroom, grabbed her birth control pills, and flushed them down the toilet. Jim could only laugh at his wife as she called her mother. Her state test to become a licensed CPA was scheduled for the week following her graduation.

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Of course, she passed that test with the ease and self confidence she had during her university finals. That confidence was born of her hard work and the loving support of her family. She soon had her state certification as a licensed CPA hanging on her office wall. Less than a year later, Jim Jr. was born. Jim beamed as he showed his son off to his friends.

His mother-in-law, Ruth, was thrilled and immediately became a doting grandmother. Alex had, over the months she carried her son, taken over the management of their finances. Not surprisingly, their wealth grew even faster than it had been with their previous accountant.

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About two years after that their daughter was born. Ruth arrived to the welcoming joy of her parents and grandmother. Even two-year-old Jim Jr. seemed happy to see his sister as he gently stroked her hand.


He laughed loudly when she grabbed his finger and held on. Jim held up his end of the bargain as well. They traveled the world and Jim proudly showed his beautiful young bride to friends and business associates. When Jim Jr. and Ruth came along, he traveled with them as well.

Grandma Ruth came too as a eager nanny. There was no happier family in the world. Although they frequently made each other so sore they could barely walk or sit without discomfort. Her mother frequently laughed and told Alex, "Honey, you really should take it easy on Jim.

You will have a lifetime to wear him out."

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