Juicy banana Velvet Rose with big tits calls for Prince of Darkness on the graveyard

Juicy banana Velvet Rose with big tits calls for Prince of Darkness on the graveyard
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Payback I was setting at home one night in late September when the phone rang; it was Doug, a friend that I had gone to school with who had moved south after he got out of school. Doug told me that he was going to come home the second weekend in October and that Mark and Les, two other old friends and party mates, were going to come back at the same time.

They wanted to check into a hotel for the weekend and spend the weekend chasing hot college pussy like we use to. I said that it sounded good I would run it past my wife and get back with him as soon as I could. When I told Andréa she went through the roof, I was told under no terms would I do that, she said she knew that I would be hitting on every hot women I could find and that I should stay home with her.

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Any time I brought it up I was told no, this went on for two days until the woman who lives down the street came by to talk to me when Andréa wasn't at home.

She had a thong that she said wasn't hers and that her husband told her was my wife's. She wanted me to know that Andréa was fucking her husband and that it had happened at least 3 times over the last month.

I thanked her and told her that I would take care of it on my end. When Andréa got home she walked in and kissed me then saw her thong lying on the table. As soon as she saw it she knew that she was busted.

She fell to her knees on the floor and started to sob, begging me to forgive her for sleeping with a man who she didn't love.

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She said it was just a thing that she did when she was horney and I wasn't there for her. I looked at her and said "It ain't no thing baby", I then picked up the phone and called Doug to tell him I was in for the weekend. Andréa went off, screaming at me that I couldn't do that to her, that two wrongs don't make a right, and that if I loved her I would stay at home and work things out with her. I looked at her, walked over and picked her up off the floor, hugged her, kissed her, and told her that I thought the Holiday Inn would be the best place for the four of us to stay.

She ran to the bedroom and slammed the door behind her. It was on the cool side around my house for next two weeks.

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We didn't say 10 words to each other from that day until the day that I went to meet Doug and the guys at the hotel. Just before I walked out the door Andréa asked me to least tell her what rooms we would be in incase she needed to get a hold of me.

I told her the room number and walked out the door. I got to the hotel and found that I was the last one to arrive. I carried in my bag and the two cases of beer that each of us agreed to bring to party with. The plan was to drink at the hotel until 9 or 10 and then hit the bars to see what we could score. We ordered pizza and drank a good part of our beer up before it was time to go.

I had stepped into the shower to get ready to go, when I came out of the shower Les told me that I had someone looking for me in the other room.

I walked through the door between the two hotel rooms to see Andréa setting on the bed drinking beer with Doug and Mark. I was not happy to see her; she set there with a big smile on her face as the guys all drank in her body. She had on her shortest black leather mini skirt and a black garter belt and stockings. Her skirt was so short that there was an inch and a half between the top of her stockings and the bottom of her skirt. She had on a thin white cotton blouse with no bra, her ample 36DD tits strained against the fabric of her top.

You could look right through the thin fabric and see her dark nipples. She had the top two buttons undone and showing lots of cleavage. When I told her had to leave we were on our way out all three of the guys said that we could hang out for a while longer at the hotel, we weren't in that big of a hurry.

As the night went on Andréa put on more of a show, at first the top two buttons on her blouse were un-done, then the bottom one, then the next on up, then one more at the top so she only had one button holding her blouse close. She said she would be our bar tender and ever time someone needed a beer she would go to the cooler and bend over at the waist to get a beer. Her short skirt would ride up until you could see half her ass and if she didn't have a thong on we would have a great cunt shot.

She took to wiping the cold water off her hands onto her blouse every time she got a beer, right over her nipples most of the time so she was giving us a wet t-shirt contest all night.

After a while when everyone was pretty far gone Andréa got up to take a piss, Mark asked her if she liked to wear a garter because his wife didn't like to undo it every time she used the bathroom. Andréa turned around and told him that his wife was wearing it wrong and said that she needed to wear her panties over the top of her garter. She then reached down and pulled her skirt up as far as it would go and showed him how his wife should wear it by pulling her thong down to the top of her stocking flashing her pussy to all 4 of us.

She held her thong down for half a minute so everyone could see that she had trimmed her strawberry blond pubes into one thin line pointing down to her clit before going into the bathroom to piss. While she was in there Doug turned to me and told me to ether send her home or to leave myself because if he saw anymore of that kind of shit he was going to nail her where she stood.

When she came out of the bathroom I went to her and buttoned her blouse up and told her that she had to go home that the party was over for her. Andréa told me that she was not going to leave and that if I wanted to go, go because she was going to stay and party with the guys.

With that I wrapped my arms around her and undid the zipper on her skirt, I then turned her around so she was facing the other three men and reached around grabbing her blouse in both hands and ripped it open, shooting buttons across the room.


I then pulled her skirt down and saw that she had taken her thong off in the bathroom. Andréa stood there, all 5'4" 36DD-24-34 of her in just her garter belt and stockings while three very horney men drank in her body from the front. I grabbed her by her long strawberry blond hair and shoved her down on the bed and told the guys to take it as I walked out the door. I went down to the front desk and hit on the very hot half black and half white desk clerk before I jumped in my car and drove to the nearest drug store.

When I got there I picked up a tube of KY jelly and went back to the hotel. Stopping again to talk to the desk clerk I asked her to go up to party when she got off work.

I then went back up to our rooms. When I opened the door I saw Andréa flat on her back with Doug eating her pussy.

Mark was sucking on her ample tits while Les was on the bed beside her head getting a blow job. Les had her by the hair and was fucking her mouth as fast as he could, seconds after I walked in the room he pulled his cock out off her mouth and shoot his wad on her face before putting his cock back in her mouth for her to suck the rest of his cum out. When everyone saw me they all froze, not knowing what I would do.

I stepped over to the table and put the sack down; I then took my clothes off and walked over to the bed. I told Doug to get on his back and put Andréa on top of him so that he could fuck her.

I had Mark get in front of her and had Andréa give him head while I got the KY and lubed her ass up before sliding my hard cock up her ass. As I slid in her tight ass she moaned around Marks cock, Andréa gives up the ass every once in a while so she is always tight when I do get to fuck her ass. I watched as her tight little ass opened up and my cock slid in slowly until it was all the way in I then pulled it out until just the head was in her ass before sliding back in a little faster and harder this time.

I kept this up, every time giving it to her a little harder then the time before until I was pounding her ass as hard and as fast as I could.

Doug picked up on the rhythm and did the same thing to her pussy until the heat was more then she could stand. Andréa pulled Mark out of her mouth and screamed as she came very hard. Shortly after that I shoot my first wad up her ass in a gash of hot cum. Mark pulled out of her mouth and stepped around behind her to fuck her up the ass while Les stepped up to her and shoved his half hard cock into her mouth. In a few minutes Doug got off hard in her pussy as Andréa had such an intense orgasm that she soaked the bed with her love juices.

Les moved to fuck her while I walked over and made her suck the KY and shit off of my cock. Until now Andréa was giving as good as she was getting, but she had never had a cock up her ass or in her mouth for as long as she was getting it tonight.

When her jaws started to hurt and she started to pull off of my cock I grabbed her hair and fucked her mouth harder. When Mark came in her ass I walked around behind her and filled her ass with my hard cock once more as Doug made her suck his cock. This time when I shoved my cock up her ass it slid right in, her ass was well fucked and reamed out by this time so I started right in and pounded her ass as hard as I could. By this time we had all cum in her at least once and we were not going to cum again soon.

Andréa was coming a lot as the three of us fucked her. I fucked her ass hard for a long time before I shoot a wad into her ass. Les and I came at about the same time so Doug moved around to fuck her and fuck her ass at the same time while Mark grabbed her hair and shoved his cock into her mouth.

It had been about an hour since I first thrown Andréa onto the bed and the hard fucking she was getting was starting to tell on her. She moaned whenever anyone entered her and her eyes were glazed over, it was like she had gone into a different zone and no matter what was done to her she was going to take it and keep going. I drank a beer and then walked over to her as Les told Doug that he wanted to fuck her ass for awhile, Andréa looked up at me as I reached out and grabbed her by her hair and made her suck my cock again while Doug fucked her and Les fucked her ass.

While Andréa was sucking my cock this time the phone rang. Mark picked it up and told the person on the other end that I was busy and would be there in a minute. I traded Mark places and found that it was the hot little desk clerk calling. She said "I would like to bring a bottle of whiskey and a couple friends up if that's alright." "Sure," I said, "that will be fine." "Do you have a whore up there with you, I had a woman come to the desk that sure looked like a whore, ask where your room is and I never saw her leave after that." I said "Well, something like that, she is showing all of us a good time." She laughed and said"Mmmmm, maybe I will too." And hung up.

When there was a knock on the door a few minutes later I opened the door in the nude. The desk clerk, Leah, looked at me and smiled and walked in with her friend's right behind her.

When Leah was behind the desk I could tell that she was very short and I thought a little plump in a good way. She had a sweater on that hid her body from view. When she got in the room after she saw what was going on and got over the surprise she took off her sweater and I saw for the first time that see had for her size a massive set of tits.

I looked her over and then looked into her beautiful brown eyes and smiled. Her two friends stood there staring at Andréa and one turned to me and asked me what was going on. I told them that Andréa was my wife and that she thought that she could fuck around on me and then fool around with my friends in front of me and get by with it.

I then told them to fuck her anyway they wanted to while I got to know Leah better. I then took her by the hand and took her to the other room with her jug of Crown Royal.

I heard Andréa call out oh God, so I knew that she was coming again as I bent down to kiss Leah. I then undid her blouse and un-hooked her bra to free a very large set of tits.

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I looked at the tag on her bra and saw that it was a 32D. This was on a woman who stands 4'11", with a flat tummy, slim waist, and has a very small tight ass. I kissed her deeply and passionately as I reached down and undid her slacks, I stopped kissing her and pulled them down to see a perfect little ass with a thong down the middle.

I picked her up and laid her down on the bed as I slipped my tongue between her lips to give her a deep soul kiss as I rubbed on her tits and felt her nipples harden at my touch. I then lowered my hand down to her thong and slipped my hand into the waist band to find her clit.

As soon as I touched her she moaned deeply and opened her legs a little wider for me to have better access to her. Leah's clit stuck out and the more I rubbed it the further it stuck out. Soon it was out there almost half an inch, like a little hard cock. I pulled her thong off and slid down her body to her pussy, she was waxed bald and her pussy was so tight that it looked like she had never had sex in her life.

I licked and sucked on her clit as I slid one finger into her tight little cunt. Leah moaned as I started to work on her pussy, I tried to get a second finger in her but found that she was so tight that I could not get it in her at that time.

Soon she started to thrash around the bed and grabbed my hair to grind her pussy into my face, and then she gushed cum all over my face. It felt like someone had thrown a glass of warm milk into my face, I freaked, and never had I had anything like that happen in my life. She pulled me up to her and told me how sorry she was that she did that as she licked her cum off my face.

Leah told me that she didn't cum like that very often but the way I sucked her clit and fingered her pussy at the same time, and the fact that Andréa was getting gang banged in the next room, had made her cum harder then normal.


Leah then pushed me down on my back and started to suck my cock. I wanted to spin her around and eat her at the same time, but she was so small that I couldn't reach her pussy to eat her. Instead I fingered her out and worked a finger into her very tight little ass.

After a few minutes of this I pushed her off of me, laid her on her back and put her legs over my shoulders.

I then grabbed my cock and lined it up with her tight pussy and shoved my cock into her. I had to go very slow as I started to fuck her. Leah was very wet, but she was so tight that I couldn't just shove my cock in and pound her right away.

I watched my cock slid into the tightest pussy that I have ever been in one inch at a time. I had just over half of my cock in her when I had to pull it out and slid it back in.

it took me a long time to work my hard on all the way in her tight pussy. When I finally got my cock buried in her tight cunt up to my nut sack I didn't move for a while. I was enjoying the feeling of being in a hot moist vice.

Soon I started to fuck her, slow at first but picking up speed as I went along. Then Leah started to fuck me with her cunt muscles. Grabbing my cock with her pussy and then letting it go.


The effect made this the best piece of ass that I ever had in my life. Leah moaned as her orgasm built as she fucked me hard, meeting every thrust and using her pussy muscles at the same time. Soon Leah came and I thought that she was going to pinch my cock off as she came. Her pussy got even tighter when she came. I picked her up and put her back on the wall as I pounded her as hard as I could. Her pussy juice was running down my legs as I fucked her standing up.

After a few minutes of this I put her face down on the bed and fucked her doggie style as I played with her tight asshole.

I spit on my finger and slid it up her ass, after I had worked the second finger into her ass she started to cum almost like she was having one big, long orgasm. Soon I felt my own orgasm start to build as I fucked Leah for all that I was worth, when I felt her pussy tighten as she had a big orgasm I shot my wad into her pussy as I shoved my two fingers all the way up her ass.

I fell on top of her as we both tried to catch our breath after I had shot my cum into her. I then rolled over and pulled her to my chest as I laid there and tried to recoup. Leah kissed me and thanked me for a great lay as I wrapped my arms around her and held her close.

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I heard Andréa cry out in a way that she never had just then and got up to see what was going on. Leah's friends were the only ones fucking her as Doug, Les, and Mark watched them double fuck her. I walked into the room and saw the two of them had their cocks in her cunt at the same time. After fucking her for a few minutes like that they pulled out of her pussy and then worked their cocks into her ass.

Andréa screamed but when I asked her if she wanted them to stop she said no. Soon she called out for them to fuck her harder, she then started to fuck them, slamming onto her cocks as hard as she could. When the two of them shot their wads in her ass shortly after that Andréa turned around and sucked both of them clean before laying down on her back with her legs speared wide and asked if anyone else wanted more.

I walked over to see her cunt was opened up with cum running out of it into her asshole that was gaping open wide enough for me to stick two fingers in without touching ether side of her sphincter. Meanwhile the sperm that was shot in her ass ran out onto the sheets of the bed to make a brownish stain. Leah said she wanted some and climbed on top of Andréa to get into a 69, sucking the combined cum of 6 men out of Andréa while Andréa sucked my cum out of her.

The two of them went at it for long enough to get every man in the room ready to go again, I grabbed the KY and lubed Leah ass up as they ate each other out.

Doug got in front of Leah and fucked her standing up after I had worked my cock into her ass. We stood there with her between us double fucking her while Andréa took on the other 4 men at one time.

Doug had Leah's legs over his arms while I reached around and grabbed her by the tits to move her up and down between us. Leah moaned and said that she had never taken two men on at one time before. Mark said that we should all come on Andréa's face so Doug and I pulled out of Leah and walked over to where they had put Andréa on the floor and took turns fucking her mouth while we jacked off around her.

Soon one by one we shot our wads on Andréa's face and tits. By this time I was shooting dust but I did manage to get some cum on her face. After that I took Leah and went to my room where we went to bed and slept like the dead.

Andréa spent the night on the floor while the others drank and fucked her when they wanted. The next day I took Leah and went home, Andréa showed up late in the afternoon and soaked for three hours in the hot tub while Leah and I made love in the bedroom.

Andréa joined us later but she didn't want to have sex or do anything but lay around in the nude. She couldn't even stand to wear any panties. Two days later Leah moved in with me while Andréa moved out two weeks after that. She slept with most the men and half the women in town before moving to the southern part of the state.

She has married 4 times after we broke up and last I heard was working on the 5th. Leah and I never married, but she has given me a son. Her pussy is still as tight as it ever was because of the way she works out.