Wild sweethearts and men sex games are full of lusty surprises

Wild sweethearts and men sex games are full of lusty surprises
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Hi I have had some stories on my mind recently of things that have happened in my past. So I decided I'm going to go ahead and start from the beginning. Growing up my parents always went out on Friday and Saturday nights they would leave me and my four siblings with my older female cousin who would babysit us. Mostly because her parents where out with mine. For a while it was fine but after after a few years of this happening every Friday and Saturday night my cousin started getting mad because she wasn't going out on or having a life of her own.

I was smart enough to know that there was issues between her and her parents, I made sure to help her with my siblings to make things easier on her. That also allowed me to stay up later then the rest. Every time we would watch something on TV sitting on the couch. One Friday night when we were flipping through the channels she suddenly stopped as she seen a naked boob on the screen.

The movie turned out to be on cinemax back in the late 80's. I was kind embarrassed with the whole situation so I had my face in a pillow. She seen this and started laughing at my reaction to the movie. This made me mad so I stormed off to my room and went to bed. The next night after we got the kids to bed. Were sitting on the couch once again and she turned it back to same channel and Willow was on she decided to watch it.

At some point she went and got a blanket and stretched out. Putting her feet in my lap. Which she asked me to rub I was used to this. After the movie we was watching ended another one started. It was another softcore porno on cinemax. However this time I was expecting what was going to happen and I was also pinned down by her feet. From time to time she would fidget back and forth on the couch as if she was trying to get comfortable.

I kept my focus on rubbing her feet and looked down when a sex scene came on. The movie ended I went to bed. The next weekend came and she showed up and she seemed to be limping a lot. So we went through the routine of getting the kids fed and getting them to bed. With my cousin being hurt this time as I sat on the couch with her she asked for me to get a thin blanket so I did. I was sitting on the end of the couch again as she came out of the bathroom I noticed she put on shorts.

She handed me a tube of bengay and laid back like before. "I strained my calf muscle in volleyball today your going to massage it." Jessica stated as she flipped the channels. I will admit when it came to my older cousin I would do just about anything for her.

So I started massaging your calf rubbing in the bengay. She covered herself with the blanket when the after dark movie started. She moved around a lot during that movie. I got bored with massaging her legs and feet so this time I watched more of the movie.

And I started to get a hard on that I tried my best to keep concealed but I know her feet touched my cock a few times and she felt it. "Mike have you even kissed a girl yet" Jessica asked randomly "Yes I have kissed you and Mom and your mom" I replied "Not like that have you kissed a girl like these people are kissing?" She asked "No have you kissed like that?" I responded "Me and my old boyfriend did all the time" she responded "So is that why you got in trouble because of your old boyfriend?" I asked "No I got caught sneaking out one night." She replied as she shifted again bending a knee and hung it over the edge of the couch she dragged her foot across my lap.

"Ohh." I replied as I tried to sink back into the cushions a bit more for her to not touch my hard-on. "So do you have a girlfriend yet?" She asked "No my parents would kill me if I did," I replied seeing movement under the blanket I looked away at the TV "So your just have Rosey Palmer huh?" She said "Who?


I don't know a Rosey Palmer."I stated "Your hand." She replied as her voice changed "What about my hand?" I asked "You use it to jack off with." Her voice changing again "What are you talking about? I don't jack off." I said "Yes you do when you use your hand and rub your dick. All guys jack off." She said "Maybe guys your age but I don't." I said Feeling my face turn red from embarrassment The reason for my embarrassment was because I actually didn't have a clue what she was talking about.


That's due to the fact I had just started to get hard every once in a while when I was sleeping. I would wake up and it would go away when I went to the restroom.

This was only my second time getting hard without sleeping the first time was at the pool 2 weeks before this.

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"Your what five years younger than me?" Jessica asked me giggling a little bit and straightened both her legs out. This pushed me down into the cushions more. Her foot hit me just right and I tried to move because it hurt. She used her legs to keep me pinned "Don't you dare move." This caused me to push her legs harder and I was able to start to slide them off me and she hit the floor.

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As I stood up and started to walk to my room. "Damn you I said don't move! I was almost done." She spat as she grabbed my leg and twisted it and I fell to the floor with her on my legs.

"You kicked me in the nuts what did you expect me to do?" I said as I tried to twist out of her hold. Her being almost five years older than me and out weighing me by at least 30 pounds. She was able to keep my 75 lbs frame pinned down. Now my cousin was 5'11" with dark brown hair and golden brown eyes. She had a nice set of tits that I have been caught looking at to long several times by her. She used her athletic build and volleyball strength to wrestle with me.

"I expected you to stay still until I was done!" She said moving up my legs a little bit more. "Till you were done with what?" I asked starting to fight back "Something you wouldn't understand since your nuts probably still haven't dropped yet." She answered as she started to fight to keep me pinned down.

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I was just 5'5" tall and on the scrawny side since I played a lot of soccer. And at this point I still had not started to develop yet. You could see my body was wanting to but mother nature had other plans for me. I struggled to get out of Jessica's grasp twisting and turning.

And using my strong legs to lift her off the ground a little. We were hand fighting a lot as she decided to start tickle me. I used my legs to push up this caused her to slide up to my waist.

I used my hands to try and get away from her tickling me. That is how I ended up grabbing one if her tit's and squeezed it. Something switched in her at that moment.

And she laid flat on me pinning my hand between her tit's and my chest. "So you finally get the nerve to feel my tits." She said slightly grinding on my chest. "Do they feel as good as you have been hoping they would?" "I never thought about how they would feel." I replied starting to move more trying to push her off me. "You little liar I see you looking at them all the time. You had to think about touching them." She said slightly out of breath.

"Not really sure what I thought about. I just like the fact they are bigger than all the girls at school." I struggled to say as I twisted again this time rolling us over. She locked her legs around me holding me in place. And held my hands to her chest "So you like my tits do you?" "They look really good on you. Plus they are almost eye level so yeah I look at them." I said thru gritted teeth as she squeezed me harder She started slightly sliding her crotch against my abdomen.

This caused my hand to move on her tit's with her guidance. I stopped struggling to be able to breath a little more. She ground my hands on her chest harder and squeezed them something seemed to not be to her liking. As she guided my hands more on her tit's. "Why are you not squeezing my tits?" She asked "I didn't know you wanted me to." I replied. "You really don't have a clue what you are doing?" She asked "No I have never done this before." I stated.

"You really are a virgin. This is great just squeeze on them. I'll tell you when to stop." She said in a breathy voice.

So I started to do as I was instructed and feel her chest more and more. She removed her hands as I continued to play with their tits. I felt her bra under her shirt and her nipples slightly. She released her grip from my waist and layed on the floor.

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That's when I got my first look at her shorts and seen the zipper down. I tried to get my hand under her bra better. That's when she sat up and moved towards the couch.

She was under her shirt playing with her bra in the back and pulled it out of her shirt. "Well since you stopped me earlier get over hear and keep playing with my tits. Oh and pinch the bump on the top a few times too." She said laying back down and putting the blanket back down. I followed her instructions and found a rhythm she seemed to like. I would pinch her nipples and watch her for signs to stop.

This didn't happen she had her hands under the blanket and started to fidget more. Suddenly she grabbed my hair and pulled my face to her chest. "Suck on my nipple now." She demanded "Suck on it like a sucker Mike, Harder please." I followed her instructions and sucked her nipple thru her shirt.

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And played with the other one. I didn't have a clue what I was doing but I liked it. She started moving more and more and breathing harder. Then she let out a long low growl and went stiff as a board.

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I stopped playing with her chest and just watched her. "That was exactly what I needed. You and I are going to have a lot of fun if you listen like that from now on." She said as she looked at me I started to get off the floor and head to my room. "Why are you leaving. Going to jack off are you." She asked "No just need to pee." I replied " No you aren't you can't pee like that.

Get back over her and jack off under the blanket." She demanded "I don't know how to do that." I replied embarrassment was all over my face "You really are a complete virgin this will be fun for you. Sit down right there and I will show you." Jessica said So I sat on the couch and was wondering what to do next.

Jessica pulled my sweats down and fished out my dick. She then slid her hand up and down it twice. She picked up my hand putting her's on top of mine. She then guided me on my own dick like she did her tit's. After I got the motion down she got up and went somewhere. She came back with a bottle of lotion and her shirt was lifted in the front showing me her tit's.

She took my hand off my dick and placed lotion on hers and stroked me again. She then sat next to me and stroked me more. "I feel like I really need to pee now." I warned her. "No you don't it's called cumming." she responded "Now suck my nipple as I stroke you." After my lips made contact with her nipple my body felt really strange.


My dick twitched and something in my brain felt like it exploded. That is when I had my first ever orgasm I would later learn. Jessica seemed disappointed about something as I finished and started to get soft. We seen headlights flash across the windows and she ran off to the bathroom and I went to my room. I knew my parents would expect me to be asleep by the time they got home. That was the first time I had any sexual experience.

But that was just the beginning of our sex life together. Those are all stories for another time.

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