Straight guys naked asleep gay A Very Homosexual Holiday Special

Straight guys naked asleep gay A Very Homosexual Holiday Special
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This is an entirely new work from the original. AS ALWAYS! I write for money. Please email me at [email protected] if you are interested. I accept DONATIONS also. This helps me hire editors to edit and rework my massive archives into something at least somewhat worth mass reading. My original products are solid and exceptional and I hit the points my clients require hitting ---- even if some of you don't agree.

These arn't written for mass publication but individual people who want some exceptional plot with their smut. As always. comments <3'ed . even if they bad. BB P1 It all started out so innocently, as innocently as most things start out. I had always had an itch, I knew not what it was, just that it was there -- whatever it was.

I did not know how encompassing scratching that constant itch would become. Back then, you see, I was an ordinary young man prime in my youth. My mind so filled with ideas, that I couldn't help but act upon impulse. But I should remind you, an inch given to temptation will lead it to consume your entire soul. Such consumption; acts I never thought myself capable of -- but now, now I couldn't imagine not acting the way I did, and have been. The story begins long ago when I was in high school, a simple yet prestigious boarding school called Kelly's College.

It was by design co-ed, and that made all the difference in the world. In that place our minds were young and susceptible to perversions, which were closely guarded and banished by the faculty. The school maintained rigid discipline and ethics, doing us no good. In fact, they were pouring fuel upon the fire of childish indiscretion and desire; sins of the flesh. My friend Dave, a tall lanky African American with hands bigger than my face and a voice deeper than his age, performed a simple act that exposed all our fiery itches.

That one (innocent) act brought my own awareness to something so sordid, so despicable by contemporary morality, that it was only dabbled in by pranks of the most sinister kind. Dave brought me to label the itch I sought to scratch, and once I snatched upon that which my heart desired, I never let go. With curiosity I explored these longings and emotions, introducing them to my cohorts with twisted delight.

One might say I corrupted my constituents in ways neither life nor age could produce. As I was saying -- it was innocent. Innocent as innocent could be for what we were doing, until Dave opened the gate and all hell poured freely forth with wanton delight.

Back then in Kelly College, there was a female by the name of Rebecca "Becky" Diaz. Becky was kind. with a heart of gold, but she was also shy and secluded. She was gentle, perhaps "meek" might be the best word, with hope and strength that excelled her years. It wasn't just her personality, it was her soul and not many knew her true nature.

I didn't, nor did I care. Though quiet and reserved, she was the paradigm of her Spanish heritage, straight from Mexico. Thus while being meek she was still a spitfire, and had spirit which I just had to have. I had labeled my thirst to scratch -- caging innocence with a dash of breaking it.

As I said, all was innocent. The original plan for our Mexican friend, Becky, was to embarrass her only slightly. She swam at night, a little fact that trickled down the grapevine to my ear -- and any knowledge I possess I exploit to the best of my ability and to my own ends and gains. Late at night when no one was around she would swim, practice.

After all, she wasn't just a somebody, she was one of THE somebodies of the school. Straight "A's" and a model athlete who excelled at her chosen sport of swimming.

The coach was all too willing to allow her unsupervised access to the campus pool facilities. We hatched a plan, or rather I did. I pulled some strings and my friends did the rest. When Becky finished her laps and went to shower the chlorine off her glorious, gorgeous, graceful Mexican body -- Dave would run in like an assassin to retrieve her clothing.

This would force Becky to run as stealthily and demurely as possible in her one piece swimming suit, until she was safely back to her dorm room in all female Eden House. It was good for a chuckle or twenty. Dave, having known me for so long, had acquired a touch of my opportunistic talent to capitalize upon any situation. I may give him too much credit though, for he admitted -- after the fact -- that he had no idea why he did what he did.

My best guess is that his hormones demanded and controlled his actions. This reaction would be natural, especially given the stern and strict conditions of Kelly College.

As Becky sang carefree in the shower, Dave snatched her clothing. As stated, he went above and beyond the call of duty and -- acting on impulse I presume -- snatched her swimming suit as well.

Being out of our dorms was punishable by the administration, keeping us hushed as we waited around the corner of a long and vast hallway. With a tinge of guilt, but passionate excitement, Dave quietly explained that he had obtained her bathing suit along with her clothing. He produced the garments and we all looked upon them with mere wonderment. Dave also produced a new plan; now that Becky had nothing to wear she'd run naked back to her dorm. Ever adaptable, I realized a flaw with his plan.

My concern for the fact that she might, indeed, have a towel. As quickly as I spoke, Dave's narrow face grinned knowingly before he tossed me the towels he had stuffed in his backpack. She truly had nothing to wear. Like predators, we waited. Chris and Alex, friends who came to my little league of pranksters together, chatted here and there but hushed when they realized that excitement was getting the better of them.

We all wanted to see, there was no mistaking that. Dave reminisced about how heart pounding it was to sneak into the female locker room. It was a forbidden place, at a forbidden time, and he had stolen all he could -- including Becky's backpack, which was as forbidden as it got. Somehow it all felt right, he recounted her lush form to the best of his limited linguistic skills. I found it to be useless though, he was giving us the imagination of what he saw when all I cared for was to see the real deal for myself.

It took hours. We all knew what she was thinking, given the current predicament she found herself it.

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So we were very patient, rather impatiently patient. We just wanted to see her naked now, to see what Dave saw. Halley, an English-Indian boy with broad shoulders and a nose thick and large, was clearly jealous of what Dave had seen and he had not. As a leader, I realized this and calmed him down by flaming his fire, reminding him that we would all see her in time.

all in due time. I informed him that anticipation was a good thing, but it just made him even more listless. So much for trying to calm jealousy, I am not a miracle worker and hormones of teenage boys, well, they cannot be reasoned with.

We formulated our plan, over and over and over again. So much to the point that we didn't need to speak of it anymore but we did anyway. Keeping our minds and eyes on the prize as well as to calm the swelling, throbbing, longing that burned in our bodies -- searing our souls. The moment that door opened, we would hear it.

We'd hear the squeak and snap into action, getting into our own little individual places. Just to sneak a peek, just to watch her. And if we could, follow her to soak and bask in all her feminine glory as long as possible. We waited, yet no one came. Peeking around the bend of hallway to hallway, Becky was not there.

She'd grown shy, embarrassed, and retreated to the comfort of the locker room. By the sound of it, she took another shower to calm her nerves before she finally peeked out again, dripping wet and naked. Our imaginations went wild, but we didn't confirm what our minds saw, not yet. Didn't want to scare the little doe, now did we? No. Definitely not. Somewhere down the line she confronted the problem head on. She steeled herself to do what she was going to do, and that made me smile -- one of those cheesy smiles that you just cannot help.

You know you are smiling, you try to stop it, but it remains all the same. She needed to get back to her dorm room, before the boys swimming practice in the morning. It was no longer just growing later, it was now exceedingly early. So early, that the worry of someone -- anyone -- frequenting the halls became a factor. Hearing Becky's forced and new found resolve, the boys retreated to the hallway, where they'd originally planned to watch her.

But the longing and waiting, for her to come out of her shell, made them grow bold, bold enough to wait outside the school. Each boy softly walked with excitement, taking individual places in the bushes, to wait and watch. Becky appeared outside and then surveyed the vast distance to her dorm, her lack of clothing making the distance seem even longer. Each boy licked his lips in delight as she came into view. Each boy remained hidden, moving only to push green nature away from his eyes, while straining to get the best vantage and clearest view of Becky's humiliation.

There they found themselves mesmerized. The Spanish masterpiece jogged out of the building, her body on full display for their delight. No longer did they need to live and feed off the limited illumination of the female nude body as gifted to them by Dave.

It became reality. Her form was slender, athletic even. Though her body was lean and toned, she was all woman and that fact was only enhanced as she jogged. As she made her escape, her breasts jiggled and her wet feet splashed upon the concrete. Her flesh was two parts ebony, and three parts white but her ethnicity was obvious.

She was all woman and all Mexican, no other race had the qualities that she so wielded with perfection. They saw her in a new light, one filled with perversion. They saw parts of her they'd never seen before, even though they'd thrilled to her qualities day in and day out. Chris actually had dreams of her, but not even the most detailed dream could conjure up what they feasted on. They had a new appreciation for her delicate and pouty lips, but her thick and filled legs were brand new to them, even though they were very much on display for swim tournaments.

Her legs were long, though she remained average height, with most of the boys either as tall if not taller than her. Smooth and silky legs that glimmered in the light illuminating her path from point A to point B; the pool and dorm, respectively. Her erect nipples poked outward densely and not at all discreetly, a byproduct of her being wet and the night being slightly chilly. Chill enough for her sensitive and childish body to respond to, without control.

Her heavy chest recoiled and sprang up with each new hasty step, as her eyes frantically scanned the surroundings. Honestly, she knew that no matter what, if she saw someone -- they'd definitely see her as well. Even without anyone around, she still suffered the thought that someone COULD be looking at her and that brought the virgin, inexperienced, star athlete to a point beyond being uncomfortable.

Her curly hair remained in form as it wetly nestled along her angular, prominent, back. Slipping in between her shoulder blades, and down her naked spine. The dampened tips made her hair ends sharp as they grazed upon the small of her back, most sensitive. I was not content with this view, though the others might be.

She came to a sudden halt, almost tumbling upon herself and into the grass as I made my presence known. Stepping from the bushes like a lion, I stood tall and firm in front of her, she was now merely inches from me. Her throat swelled as her eyes almost wielded in tears. Instantly she knew what was going on, her mind was nowhere else but there, she had not made it to the dorms unnoticed.

It was unthinkable, and her mind quickly processed her failure as she stepped back. With a wide grin my eyes noticeably lingered upon her quivering frame, her heaving chest, I was thirsty for more. Certainly she would grow perfectly into her stomach where a touch of baby fat still remained, perhaps even rolling upward to her breasts -- which were already considerably impressive -- not to mention that thick Latina ass.

I didn't need to say a word though. The action was done and the die cast, the others appeared from their hiding places. She was so petrified, she had not even attempted to turn around, or even escape. In fact, while I could see all of my friends, she hadn't even noticed them.

Her eyes burning upon me, upon my eyes, watching them as they traced her body with longing and enticement. She could smell the delight I obtained from her body, what she saw burning in my eyes -- greed.

Greed that wouldn't be sated by just lingering looks. Her slender mocha hand collapsed, delayed, about her cunnie, covering it from my inquisitive eyes. The arm of her other hand wrapped around her considerable chest, it didn't much block her flesh from view as the flesh of her breasts spilled and enveloped her forearm that protectively sheathed her innocent, unexplored assets.

I should mention that although seeing her naked was intoxicating, what excited me most was when she tried, in vain, to cover herself. Seeing those pudgy breasts mold against her arm with complete disregard, spilling outward even more prominently than they would if she'd remained still, and so forbiddingly naked.

She, however; saw something else in my eyes -- my desire for more. Not just her flesh, but her. I wanted her. She knew it, I knew it, and my certainty of wanting and having her was definitely not lost on her. "Mr. B. What are you doing here?" She spoke softly, trembling, her lips pushed out even more.

She was at a loss for words as we stood off for what seemed like minutes, but finally that thick accented voice lyrically spoke, music as beautiful as an opera. "What are you doing here, BB?" I replied, my heart racing. Racing much more then Dave's ever had in the girls locker room, with the star athlete naked in the showers. As we traded looks, I couldn't help but notice her eyes, big and black. Although she wore not a lick of make-up ever, it seemed her deep eyes were outlined exquisitely, drawing attention to just how delicious they were.

In those eyes, however; I was lustfully spirited away by the horrors that beamed in watering orbs. She then heard the steps of the approaching captors, though they didn't intend to capture anything.

They just wanted a better look. She twirled around, her hair trailing in the brief wind and gravity of her turning form, as she realized how a bad situation went to all hell --- and worse. And then soon, something worse than worse. Worse than hell even. So bad, that not even I have the proper word to convey the atrocities yet to come from my mind -- which was currently working overtime. Never before in my life, had I thought so fixedly and deviously.

Soon Becky's hopeful passages of exit, escape routes and the like, shrunk before becoming non-existent. "What -- what is going on?" She spoke in a voice that revealed her knowledge and the gravity of the situation. That was the voice that I have grown to love and long for. "You tell us." Dave chimed in as he neared her. All four boys closed in on her, forcing her to step back.

Back enough for her luxurious and plump ass, wet and goose bumped, to rub against me; rub against my manhood which I soon realized was raging. With her back turned my hands snatched outward, grabbing what I wanted to grab, her famous and ever popular breasts. This mind of mine melted, a heavy fog took over and I acted on pure instinct. A rarity for someone of my, my. caliber?


Yes, caliber. Before any of my friends had a chance to sample her body's tender, and ripe for the plucking, fruits -- I set the pace for what was to come. My hands snatched with ferocity upon those fleshy orbs of fat, the parts of her breasts that her arm couldn't hope to control or even contain. Pulling her closer, my cock -- hidden painfully inside my pants -- poked at her plump ass cheek. I squeezed against the breasts, bringing her form closer to my embrace.

I could feel her hair, wet yet twisted, coiled and wavy, slip upon my throat and chest. I could smell her fresh and fragrant hair in my nostrils. Frantic, Becky brought both hands to her chest to better cover it from molestation but as she did so, as she transferred her attention to protecting her vanity and preciousness, I sunk my hands to the exposed chest, now doing what she intended to do, clasp her breasts protectively.

Unlike her own meek and shy grasp though, mine was rougher.


As I said, I set the pace for all those to follow upon her innocent and pure body. My fingers easily found those hardened, distended dark nipples, thick and about as big as a cherry.

I grabbed all the flesh I could before giving a cruel twist, a twist which made her wince and whimper in shock.

It was lightning to her, I could feel it as much as her, and it excited me so much -- perhaps even more so then I ever thought possible.

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In my experience, considerable as it is now, no one I've ever known had nipples so engorged and so wonderful to twist. Becky didn't like that either! Good. Sizzling, she cried out but she added to her cries as each person fell upon her, snatching anything and everything in sight.

As I held her captive, Dave's abnormally large fingers scraped over her shoulder and arm, just sampling the tender touch of her warm yet wet flesh. Her wetness allowing each of the boys to dance and sleek along her shimmering flesh without any hindrance, providing them a glide that would not be possible any other way, regardless of how unblemished and unimposing her flesh might be. Dave, like a zombie, looked ready to tear off a chunk of her body for his own. He pulled her arm away from her body, along with the hand that had weakly tried to pry my hands away from her itty bitty titties.

Stretching her arm, his hands both collected and gathered upon her hand, spreading out the "clenched in pain" grasp she had, before twirling his tongue upon the naked flesh of her palm. She looked over at Dave, and whimpered at the horrific scene.

Taking a finger here and there in his mouth, Dave sucked and licked. He was the first to taste her flesh literally. Alex, my roommate who originated from Germany, forced himself upon her, collapsing her body against mine.

He made a meal of her by snatching her chin, forcing her to look upward into his own eyes. Seems he enjoyed looking at those deep pools of terror himself. His hands ran up and down along her sides, nails dragging along her bronzed flesh. A wake of white snagged flesh was left across that itty bitty portion of baby fat that, you know, collected upon her sides and stomach. As the others did what they wanted, I looked off to the side to where the grass was, and stepped backward.

My hand snatched a collection of her hair before tugging on it, bringing her quickly upon the grass blanketed ground with a thud.

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I, however; parted ways with her nipples giving them one last squeeze, a squeeze fixated intently to pop the nipples themselves. It did not happen, but she screamed like it had. Thankfully, I did not accomplish my task, those little sensitive raisins would be around to be tortured much more thoroughly later.

Now that she was on the ground, I stepped back to watch her. I looked at her, into her eyes. Each boy made their fantasies come true. As she cried and desperately pleaded to be released, often times questioning with words why they were doing this to her, and more matter of point, what they were doing to her; she never once looked away from me. I liked that.

I held her attention as I casually observed, my mind twirling with a torrent of new and impressive, horrific ideas. Becky, that sizzling succulent Mexican, struggled to regain her freedom but against four guys, it was utterly useless.

While on the ground, their energetic exploration manifested in such a way that her sensitive, paper thin flesh scraped upon the grassy ground. It left stains upon her back, while rubbing her body clean of wetness. Her full lips remained glimmering, along with the front part of her body. Her pudgy ass pancaked upon the ground, filled out and ballooning outward so while she was on her back, her ass cheeks could still be seen with ease. As she screamed, Chris placed his hand against her mouth, stifling her struggle.

Her screaming continued as little more then muffled moans for liberation. Liberation, however; would never come. That's when I decided BB would never again have the life she once knew and loved. She wouldn't be sheltered, because to shelter such a sultry body and mind as hers was somehow tragic.

I instructed my friends to snatch her ankles and pry, and pry they had to, as she fought with might. She was strong after all, and her calves had small indentations outlining her toned, yet still smooth muscles. Poised in front of her, I looked down, my eyes then wandering from her own downward towards her twisting and contorting body to that plump little mound where her virgin pussy lay. It was bald, no hint of hair anywhere upon her body other than the flowing tresses of now frizzy hair.

The slit of her pussy stretched outward as she was spread wide and open. Her pussy lips opened like a rosebud, much like her own lips upon her mouth which were considerably lighter than her flesh tone. The stark color contrast of her pussy lips was brought out much more vibrantly, as her pink folds peeled aside to reveal her most precious of parts.

I told Chris to uncover her mouth, he was confused but soon obliged. Her light, pouty, lips spread wide and she resumed screaming. She would continue this unless she learned otherwise, and I was intent on teaching her. I crouched down to where her legs were spread very malleable, as if she were doing the splits. She looked downward past the caverns of her chest which Dave was now manhandling. He was pulling and tugging every which way, giving her cleavage just that much more emphasis and then separating them to the extremes of each side.

Allowing her to clearly see that I was investigating her cunnie, which was forcefully spread by the position of her legs. With a finger thoughtfully upon my lips, I smirked before I slowly brought said finger downward, latching it and holding it back with my thumb.

Curling into an "O", a flicking position if you will, as it neared her cunnie. "If you keep screaming, people will come. Sure, you will be safe from us, but God -- even teachers talk. Or worse yet, what if a student comes to your aid? Surely everybody will know what type of terrible thing had been done to you. And though we haven't done much, hundreds of students will speculate and wonder and think upon you, naked, being molested.

Mistreated by several guys who are, might I add, younger than you. How embarrassing for you! Not so much us. We would be the talk of Kelly College, BB." As I continued to inform her, she didn't stop her shrill cries for amnesty and freedom -- but somewhere deep down that voice echoed illicit emotions after all. She might not want to be touched, especially as roughly as we were, still her body responded.

Deep down, her body ever so sensitive, warped and knotted to understand the pleasures and tortures she was feeling. "Quiet yourself, BB." I demanded, before my finger unlatched and with incredible force. My finger flicked upon that spread pink patch of pussy flesh and extended upward, snagging her clit. While protectively hidden under her hood, it still was no match for the strength and speed of my finger, flicking the hood upward enough to make direct contact with her clit.

I had never done anything like this, and never thought it would entice such a provocative response from Becky either. She tendered up and flailed, her screams now echoing as the lightening of blinding pain subsided -- but it didn't disappear. Grinning, my finger playfully ran along the length of the pink pussy, becoming covered with thick translucent fluid, I sampled it. I sampled it in such a displayed way that she had see the rope of cream connecting my finger, now in my mouth, to her inner pussy where this cream originated.

Sufficiently pleased with it's taste, I gathered another glob of it and stood up, pacing around her as my minions did the heavy lifting, mostly snatching her flesh and pulling and tugging upon it. With a saturated finger, I glided it upon her trembling, quaking lips. Now her lips glistened as much as the rest of her body, if not more so. It made me happy. She unintentionally tasted her own perverted fragrance as her teeth collapsed upon her lips, digging almost bloodily into them, trying to focus her mind against the overwhelming pain and embarrassment that seethed and seized her body.

Her eyes were wide with fear but now understanding that she was hopelessly outmatched, she found herself attempting the best she could to stifle her horrific shrieks. Her eyes burned with fire as she looked up at me, still standing overhead. My feet were now near her shoulders, forced this way and that as my friends made use of her soft and tender body.

Their actions were fueled not just by arousal but pure and sheer curiosity, eager to explore what did what upon the innocent lass, cause and effect.

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Some gropes turned into soft and tender caresses, just to explore how perfect Becky's flesh was. I continued to look down at her, the sound of her pain was interwoven with odd sensitive pleasure; having men use her body in this most abhorrent of manner.

"That's a good little girl, now keep like that." I spoke heavily, my body already overwhelmed, it was hard to contain myself to enjoy the finer things in life. Her breasts were oddly unmolested at this point, her feet and hands becoming the main focus of the boys' assault.

Sucking, licking and perhaps even biting each and any toe or finger their mouths could find. Crouching above her head with my legs spread wide, my throbbing cock begged to be free from my pants. It nuzzled into that wavy wet hair and tapped her upon the head unintentionally, my focus was keen on another little experiment.

As I leaned forward I felt my manhood rub against her head and I shuddered a little, before reaching out to snag her breast -- but not in a mean, cruel or vicious manner. I just wanted it close by and in my grasp. Becky knew, she looked and watched my hands carefully, protectively, before her eyes shut.

Feeling my touch upon her nipples, over and above that of the others busily and hungrily devouring her, made me happy. She clenched her lips to stifle her cries; those tits were definitely delicate. "Do you consider yourself a role model?" I asked before my fingers slowly formed a vise grip about one of her nipples, not the nipples itself mind you but a portion of the expansive breast flesh as well. She was mute, focusing all her energy to block out the mind numbing effects of having her legs repositioned.

From spread eagle they went upward, the knees coming to rest under her breasts and giving them the appearance of being firmer than they were. With her legs tucked away her rear end was revealed to the boys, and I got one hell of an eagle's eye view. The breeze was unimposing, yet still chilled her bronze butt cheeks.

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I could see that plump little ass, it was like pudding. With his lustfully exploring hands, Halley discovered that the ass was rather firm under that little excess of weight. After all, years had been spent in training; sculpting her a perfect body. My fingers latched upon the nipple with just two nails digging in, snatching a piece of breast flesh. I tugged, drawing her softly featured face to look up at me. "I will not repeat myself." I was genuinely interested as to whether she had been listening to me, while her precious ass was being forcefully pushed and pulled in display.

Dave had found a liking to running his fingers along the crease of her well exposed ass. She whimpered "no," as her breasts heaved up and down according to her frantic breathing.

It seemed the guys had cooled their viciousness down, finding contentment in exploring her rare and precious gem of a pussy. Thankfully, they hadn't penetrated yet. I had told them that if anyone was breaking a hymen -- or any other unused hole -- it would be me. "Dave, put your hand to good use and spank our naughty, lying, little toy." I said softly, evenly, my eyes and attention still so immersed in her exotic, foreign body.

I felt her pulse race at the discomfort of nails dug into her flesh, but her attention went to her rear end as a loud, echoing slap occurred. She whimpered in pain, as her poor precious ass cheeks glowed red, but paid as much mind as she could to keeping quiet.

"Ever the modest one, huh? I happen to know a lot about you, I have had my eye on you for some time. Everybody has, really, but where they saw fat overgrown tits and a thick tanned ass -- in a despicable, daring swimming suit -- I had my eyes on the prize. The entirety of you.

mind, body and soul. You're like the champion of Kelly College, you are a role model. Because of you, our student body has grown threefold -- especially at your Olympic swimming prospects. Girls want to be you and guys want to have you. But I have to believe that you know you are a role model, someone that people look up to for inspiration and faith. Now, are you just blind to what other people think of you or are you just lying to me, or to yourself?

Be a good girl and you might not have to suffer so much." I lied expertly for my last statement and she was naive, unaware of how far seeing her in pain and suffering had taken my mind. The boys continued to enjoy their time, but slowed even more, listening to me speak.

When I talked I usually gave instructions or orders. I like people, I am a people person. She confessed "yes, I am a role model." It seemed she knew that but didn't want me to know. Didn't want to give me the satisfaction that an ideal female, an idol, could be put in such a terrible and horrifying position.

She sounded truthful, of that I was sure. She covered the heated anger of her admission, but covered or not -- the anger was there. To reward Becky, that little Mexican swimming star, I loosened my vice grip on her nipple allowing the stretched flesh to slowly and oozingly slip back into place.

Her ass was beet red and not just because of the spank. She struggled harshly and more spirited each time, and she'd rubbed her body so furiously upon the grass that the plant life had done its toll. I mean we were, for all intensive purposes, raping her.

"And you don't want anyone to find out about this, right? That is why you are a good girl, keeping that pretty little voice of yours quiet-ish." Playfully I slapped two fingers across the tip of her nipple. She instantly responded by arching her body up and tried to move away just an inch, as much as she could.

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She bit her lip where the cream from her cunnie still stayed, so thick that it would take more than accidental effort to clean those pouty, swollen lips. Her wide eyes looked at me before she moved her head to and fro, nodding that she agreed completely. She broke down just a little, and I immediately followed that with a smug grin. My fingers spidered outward, my nails upon her nipples as they widened and deepened to the point where my palm spread, tenderly expanding those fat orbs.

I wasn't sure what the effect would be, but I hoped it to be one of pleasure. "Why?" She shut her eyes, tears falling as her face twisted into shame and humiliation.

I needed her to know why she was keeping her mouth shut. Needed her to realize that before I did anything else. She was fearful of being spanked again, but was much more suspicious and cautious of my actions. I literally held one of the most precious and sensitive parts of her body in the palm of my hand. She thought about the consequences if anyone found out, she would be expelled and no longer a role model. "They will think you are a whore, a slut, even if you were violated without your permission, you would still lose your virginity.

People will look at you so differently. I will make sure you aren't expelled though, I will make sure you remain at this little college just to be sure that you are always around the very same people who know what type of impure, godless, puta you are." I laughed a little, but my words were steady in her listening ears.

"I am not, not a -- stop saying words like that! Please let me go, please Mr.B.?" She pleaded, sensing that this was the time to make her case. Maybe she could reason herself out of this, even if her mind was partially gone at having her precious life snatched away from her. She would never forget this night, never forget the faces of these students, never forget how it felt to be violated and degraded in front of her own dorm.

Thankfully no one, other than these boys, had seen. For a moment she thought she could still escape this situation and maybe hide it from everybody, forget it with much effort. but she could never forget the sensation of having her clit flicked and her body groped by uncontrollable and lusty boys.

"You aren't a slut, BB, you're a role model. Everyone loves you, and yet no one is going to help you. No one is going to help you." My eyes locked with hers as I stroked each nipple delicately, before taking two fingers and lashing them upon her chest again and again.

Quickness and precision made the light blows well up and become stronger, causing her a tingling pain that melded with the multiple other slaps. I repeated myself to her, emphasizing what I wanted her to tell me.

I wanted her to know it.


"No one is going to help me." She chimed in now that both my hands were digging into her breasts, squashing them punishingly against her body, I leaned on them with my full upper body strength. I watched as her pain intensified and her face turned blushing-ly. Her hands, which had been idle upon the ground, now flew to her mouth to cover her shameful whimpers. Her voice raised as she felt the boys spreading her ass cheeks, their nails cutting into her ass flesh.

I batted the cherry nipple every so many seconds, as I continually told her that no one was going to help her. No matter what she did, if anyone other than them found out about this, her perfectly exceptional life would be turned upside down.

Standing up now, pinching a nipple as I rose, dragging it almost impossibly upward before I released it. Funny how Becky pulled herself up to rest on her elbows, trying to close the distance between her stretched nipple and her breast, which molded and elongated to accommodate the pulling of her sensitive nub.

She was probably afraid it was about to tear off. For awhile I continued stretching it, just to see if I could tear it off, but soon I felt the need to do more.

"Come on guys, the sun is just around the corner. People will be out soon." I informed the boys and they followed suit, standing up to leave but they staying in a circle around her body. She looked up fearfully at us, her captors, and her weak hands went to protectively shield her naked body from our still burning and lustful eyes.

The fact that we each still had a rock hard penis begging to be free and used -- again and again -- did not escape her. It was disgusting to her. Her hand rubbed one of her breasts, trying to put out the burning flame of sensation at having it stretched so much and so ruthlessly.

"If you agree to go back to my dorm room with my friends, we promise we won't tell anyone at all about this and we will not have sex with you. We just find you very gorgeous and we want to explore a female's body. That is all." I spoke to her as she lay helplessly at our feet. "But if you choose to run to your dorm, we will tell everybody. We've got your clothing to prove it, but I don't think that we would really allow you to do that.

We might just explore your body out here in the open. daylight is coming and some people might become very interested in who is screaming their pretty little Puerto Rican head off." "I am Mexican!" she said quickly. I knew that would get under her skin more than any nail dug into her reddened breast.

My friends and I spread out a little, walking away slowly as she remained upon the ground looking used and pathetic. She was in tears and obviously relieved the ordeal was more or less over. As she got up and started walking away, each step she took was painful.

Her feet had been rather abused by Chris, who had pushed his fingernails into the soles. Protectively covering her pussy, which was damp from water and cunnie juices, Becky turned and walked back to me and my group.

She knew that we would tell any and all people about what she'd so whoreish-ly done, or rather was made to do. Five guys had man-handled parts of her body that she herself blushed while washing in the bath. It was erotic, to say the least, seeing the collegiate champion walking towards us naked. A little lost doe, innocent and ripe for the picking. END OF PART ONE!