Hot babe getting that feel good dick x traordinary pictures

Hot babe getting that feel good dick x traordinary pictures
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i awoke to a loud bang. My table had fallen over. I was still snuggled with bryan but now he was on top of me with a morning wood. I began kissing his lips and he woke up. He said "hey beautiful" hey sexy. Then Matt got up with a morning wood popping out through his briefs. Everyone else left a while ago so we put on some clothes and walked upstairs. We ate breakfast then headed up to my room.

We played MLB for a while then my mom came in and said that she was leaving and i would have to watch my little bro for the night.

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My brother was 12 5'2" 130 lbs. and he had a very nice bubble butt. so my mom left us $100 bucks for food and other stuff. So she left and my little bro came in with only a shirt and his pair of calvin briefs. he sat down next to me and said he wanted to go swimming so we al stripped down to just our briefs and headed out to the pool. we jumped in and swam around for awhile then me, bryan and matt got out and laid down our towels and began to tan. After an hour or two of listening to music and tanning we went inside and ordered some lunch.

We walked down the street to McDonalds then came back. We ate lunch then we went back up to my room and watched TV. After a few minutes of watching TV i see Bryan charging at me. He tackles me and we began to wrestle like the night before.

I grabbed him by his arms and legs and threw him on my bed. Then i grabbed the waistband on his shorts and i pulled them down. I started to make out with him. He grabbed the back of my head and began forcing my face down his slender body to his trapped member.

I kissed his dick through his briefs.

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Then i felt matt come behind me and pull my shorts and briefs down and immediately engulfed my dick. My little bro was shocked when he understood what we were doing.

So he stripped out of his shorts and shirt and was just standing next to matt rubbing his dick in his camo briefs. Then i grab Bryan's waistband and engulfed his dick. I bobbed up and down while moaning to matt sucking my dick.

Then Bryan began saying " Oh ryan oh suck my dick oh god, Oh its so hot, Kyle get over here Kyle my bro walked over and bryan grabbed his briefs and devoured his dick too. I began to bob really fast then i pulled up. I lifted his legs up and started licking his ass hole. He was moaning really loud even with a mouthful of cock.

Then i had bryan stand up. I laid down And bryan Sat down directly on my cock.

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He slowly lowered himself down and then i began to pump in and out of his ass. "Oh Ryan oh fuck oh fuck my ass oh god it feels so good oh fuck my ass oh ohhh oh god oh i'm gonna cum. Then i slowed down and matt also slowly shoved his dick into Bryan's Ass too. so i rested until kyle came over and shoved his dick into my mouth. I sucked him off while matt rubbed his dick against mine in Bryan's ass. By now bryan is screaming "Oh god i'm gonna cum" Then he jacked himself furiously until shot after shot of cum landed on me and matt.

Then i felt my climax coming so i pulled out grabbed matt and shoved my dick in his ass. i let him relax then i began to pump furiously.

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" Oh ryan oh fuck my ass oh god fuck my ass oh god i;m gonna cum. Then he blasted a load all over bryan as well. I was still pumping in and out of matt when kyle came behind me and blew his load all over my ass hole.

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He then licked his cum around my ass sending me over the edge. "Oh matt oh god oh god here it comes" Then i felt my cock exploded and i filled matt's ass with my cream. I pulled out and licked the dripping cum out of his ass.


We ran downstairs and jumped into the pool to cool off. We got out of the pool still naked and walked up to my room and got dressed. I called my dealer and bought 2 grams of weed and left to pick it up.

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I came back twenty minutes later to find Matt and Kyle sucking each other off. They jumped and pulled up their underwear and shorts. I grabbed my phone and called a pizza place and ordered a pie and wings.

We ate our food then headed down to my basement. then we put in superbad and watched that till Bryan and Kyle had fallen asleep so i grabbed matt and we smoked the weed that i had bought earlier. After we finished we headed up to my room and began to make out. I collapsed with him in my arms on top of me. He clearly had a boner.


He scooted off and laid next to me. He said that these past to days have been amazing and that his sexual preference had changed from curious to bisexual. I said well thats awesome. We made out again then i kissed down his body till i got to his jeans i opened the fly and pulled down his undies and jeans revealing his dick.


I lick up and down the shaft and lick his balls making him moan a little bit. Then i completely devoured his dick. I bobbed up and down licking at his perfect mushroom head. Then i pulled out and took off my pants and briefs. I had his suck my dick then i rimmed his sweet ass. I lined up my dick and shoved it in his tight ass.

I pumped in and out in and out. While matt yelled.

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"oh ryan oh fuck my ass of god oh fuck my ass oh god oh god." Then i moaned really loud and shot my load deep into his ass. I flipped him over and finished sucking him off till i felt him tense up and shot his load. I grabbed his head and we swapped his cum. Then we put our briefs on and fell asleep.