Petite babe Yui Kyouno sucks hairy dick and gets doggy styled

Petite babe Yui Kyouno sucks hairy dick and gets doggy styled
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Chapter 1 my name is Sohil Johnson and i live in a small town near NY. It all began with a very long weekend mostly staying in bed because I was sick and had a fever of nearly 110 F so that was hard for me to even use the washroom. Well, my mom was a nurse in a clinic nearly by so she knew right meds and gave that to me time to time. While at this time we stayed in the same room. On Saturday after watching some part of a movie I was watching my mom said she'll stay in the room and asked to turn off the TV as it was already very late nearly 11 PM.

I had to do the same took me pins that were scheduled only 5 mins prior to sleep so afterwards I didn't know a thing and woke up in the morning.

After waking up I felt better and made my self to the bathroom that was right next to my mom's room. Mom's room was slightly bigger than mine but didn't have much of the space because she had two draws. one for her clinic clothes one for her non-clinic clothes. I didn't know how she managed with the clothes and her bed.

Every Sunday she does the laundry all the clothes by her self. As usual, she woke up not to find me the bed with her and she called for me. I said "in here mom", coughing a bit. She knew what I need so she made me some herbal tea and pleased her self some my all time favourite coffee. Also, she made me some egged milk which tasted nothing like egg or milk. I knew it was that good old medicine of hers that had ginger and honey in it. That cleared my throat but gave a bitter test.

That is when tea came to saving and made feel comfortable and within just a few moments I had no fever. On that day I noticed that she was wearing my basketball kit that she liked to wear every time I played and she was always the hardest when I scored.

It still feels like yesterday when she watched me play the first time and I scored a full-length two-handed dunk, jumping over a guy. That day we won our first game after two months of losing to every team, that game was not managed me the manager or coach or any figure of that matter, we played a game that we knew. After winning that day my mom came to me and said if I ever want to go pro she'll support me with all her heart and kissed me for the first time in a long time.

So under my kit, she was not wearing a bra because her side boobs were clearly visible from both the sides. She was 5'6 tall for a woman and looked beautiful as she did go to the gym, did yoga at the age of 36, she was pregnant with me at the age of 18, I turned 18 last month and mom had a very surprising party for all my friends and team, dads left after I was born because mom wanted to be a nurse, not a stupid kid with a rich dad giving money for everything she needed, though granddad supported her to get a job at his friends clinic, she never speaks of both man, dad and granddad.

That day, after watching mom's boobs I realized that there were some moles on the boobs and it was clearly visible to me that whole morning. Nearly the time when she went to the clinic, she took a very sort shower, she usually takes like 30 mins but today she only took 5.

I thought she was in hurry to go somewhere but forgot to tell me. She was wearing her grey thigh long top and matching skirt and grey high heels that made her almost 6 foot tall.

"Where are you going, Mom," I asked. "Nowhere just felt like having a quick shower" "But you took like two seconds, I thought you were in hurry" "Okay, actually I have this underarm hair poking me, and this is making me uncomfortable" "Let me have a look" We were actually quite open to our relationship to a mom and son.

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My mom liked that and that also made me quite comfortable at the home and didn't want to leave home as all my friends did, I and my friends did parties at home and sometimes we asked mom to stay at her friend's if possible, expect of one time she always went to party with her friends. Chapter 2 My mom went back to the bathroom for changing but when she was nearly in the bathroom she called out to me.

"Come here, son" "What's the matter" "Just come here, I feel like lazy to come back down and you know the rest" Sunday's were the only days when she was lazy, it was like Sunday had a part switch in her.

She was so active all the time that she was paid extra at work for her activeness and working hard that much managers of the clinic also said she would be senior and may have a team of nurses if she continues to work there. When I went to the bathroom after walking very slowly for my walk. I saw my mom, with no top and her arm raised was the first time that I saw my mom without a top. Her boobs were clearly reflecting from the mirror her nipples were quite red as a rose and boobs nearly matching the size of a professional pornstar, after having that look I noticed my dick was going up and making a tent in my boxers.

I fixed it by taking my dick all the way up and put it between my skin and boxers elastic, though it was visible to me I thought she wouldn't notice. "Wear something mom," I said. "Oh! Just come on in, you don't need to be shy" "No, its like you are my mom and if someone knew that I looked at you in this fewer clothes." "Don't you worry about anyone else, no one will know" Saying so she took my hand and took me inside the bathroom, I went with her with no resistance.

At this time I noticed that she threw her clothes while she took the shower and now her top, she put her hand up again showing her really clean armpit and just one single thread of really thick hair, matched with her brown hairs.

I took my moustache cutter and cut it place and enough to make it go away inshave. "Now shave it off, it will be gone", I said. "Thanks to my son" I again had a look of her big white boobs and again noticed the mole, this time there was a cut that could have been healed for long enough to not even make it visible, thanks to lights in the bathroom I say that.

"Why do you have a cut here, do you have a shave here too, though it don't look like a shaving cut", I asked. "No, we girls don't have hairs here, it was when you were born, your dad was angry at something, and he did while I was feeding you for good night sleep" I gasped because she never mentioned dad at any times, it was liked he never existed. "Son you worry nothing went the wrong except he fucked me really hard and while he was about to shoot he grabbed this beauty and made is mark with his fingernail." She added.

At this moment I was angry with a man I every knows and surprised because my mom was talking about him and the look on her face saddest I've ever seen her. I even forgot that my dick was now poking mom in her belly, very near to where her pussy would be. She hugged me and I noticed that she was sobbing. I didn't know what else to do, so made her comfortable by holding her. I also noticed that my dick was moved aside and back in boxers. I felt cold fingers touching it.

I knew it was moms. After nearly 2-3 mins we went back to the hall. I saw and knew that my mom was the long-faced sad whole day, I cooked her favourite lunch, snacks and dinner but she was the same.

I also saw her sobbing in the night nearly around the time to sleep she came to my room. "Don't you worry, I'm okay, it's like after some good sleep I'll be normal again?" she said and gave me meds and left. In the morning I was feeling good and more energetic, I went to the kitchen and my mom taking on the phone. "I want to take a leave for 2days if possible three days as I'm sick and can't work today.", she waited for response "thank you, sorry of suck a late call for a leave" she added And hanged the call.

"What's wrong mom" "Nothing I just want to stay at home, as you also don't have a school anymore and college is still 2months always, you don't have any more training to do as the new coach gave a 2-week leave" I didn't know that there was a 2 weak leave from the gym, "rest is all good" she added. "Okay" "How are you feeling, BTW" "Better, you" "Same" "If you mind me asking this can you please tell me what happened yesterday" "Nothing just I've been grouped with a coworker and she has he wedding in next month, she has been talking about for ages and I don't get offended easily but you know its hard for someone like me who had really bad experience with a man I loved", she jumped right next to me and added "I want you to promise me one thing if you ever love someone and you'll never leave her or him".

"Her and him" were in a very different tone than she talked, it was like she was questioning or confirming something she doubts. It was hard to differentiate. "I like girls mom, it gives me creeps when I see gays and lesbians", I said "That's good." Sounding like she was waiting for my response and added: "I never asked and as the culture goes it's better to be sure" "Yeah" Chapter 3 In the afternoon I felt a lot better, but every now and than a cough would make its way, well we enjoyed a very old 70's movie that mom used to like and for me, it was boring as it was turning half black and white and sometimes brown and green, it was hard for me to focus on the movie of such type.

I fell asleep not knowing that my head was on moms boobs and when I woke up I was embraced by that. "Sorry, I didn't know, I fell asleep you know this bores me." I said "It's okay, don't be sorry for what you've done, tell me what would you like your favourite sams pizza or Sweden sandwiches with eggs" "Anything you can make it at home" "Good lord, sandwiches than" She smiled and left for the kitchen, I herd knife, pan, fridge open and close, stove turn on and off. I went to the kitchen.

As there was nothing interesting on the TV. After turning off the TV i went to kitchen ans saw my mom's hand was in her pants and it was moving, I knew she masturbates but openly in the kitchen for her was not normal, I saw my tent again but this time I was saved by the wooden table, I sat on the chair and said "what are you doing mom, you never do it in the kitchen" "How did you know, did you." She turned angry "did you went into my room and saw something funny" she was normal again, she is never angry like never ever.

But her only two words anger was good enough for my dick to lose its hardness and to scare me too. "No I don't go to your room, we agreed on this ages ago" "I know but how did you know I do all this stuff" "I can hear it from across the wall you know it had a hole that we fixed two weeks ago" "Oh!!!" She gasped almost out of her breath "so you know all about this and that I do in the room" It was surprising that she forgot about the hole as it was right next to her bad quite a bad angled and the only thing you could see of that hole is her bad lamp "I know what I heard, never saw anything and never tried to, if you ask me you are quite loud sometimes" I knew it was wrong to say but at that time I was scared like my death was on its way.

Now she took her hand out, while so I heard that elastic only made noise once, she actually loved undergarments with elastic grips on them and she always puts grips at two places so they would not make a tight grip(i came to know about it after our sessions).

She was looking at her hand and was rubbing thumb like she had something on fingers. Her looks changed and looked worried, her nose was in sweat, clearly visible from lights reactions from above, it only happend to ger when she was in worry.

"Anything wrong, you look worried" "Nothing." Turning off the stove and making a run to her room she added: "don't come near to the room or the bathroom" "What" I don't know if she heard it or not she shut the bathroom door, I didn't hear the lock click and next thing I heard as she fell on the floor. I made a run to the bathroom, I know it was open so stopped where only voices can be heard, I heard she threw her pants and top on the door and she sat to the toilet seat and pulled the curtain.

I said "anything wrong, just tell me, I'm worried" "Its nothing, like you wouldn't understand, but I can't tell you" "But mom, you fell I suppose" "I did but don't you worry. Aahh" she was hurt I knew that as she fell again. Now without a knock or even asking I went straight I'm the bathroom, drew curtains and saw her naked, boobs not so much far from me.


She was just great and scared at the same time. Her pussy was shaved and was just clean and red because she had blood coming from it. I only knew there was the only time when girls have blood in pussy, periods. I didn't think for a second that she was going through one now. "Are you having monthly periods or is it something else?" I said. "Its periods and why did you come in, I think I told you not to come in" looking surprised and I can only imagine when she told me that how surprised I looked.

Now for some moments, I looked at her from top to bottom from I noticed her perfect hairs, her blue eyes looking at me, her chicks looked cute without any facial products, her near long but round chin. Followed by her really nice neck and a gold chain with a diamond on its end, nearly touching her deep cleavage. Her boobs were huge and gape in between then was nothing more than a centimetre, she had 6 perfect abs, next was her pussy that was red and was shaved. Her thighs were like she was worked out her tight too much and her calves were just goods as her tight.

"What are you looking at just get out and pass me that pack of tissues and pad," she said. I now noticed that I had one of the best rock solid dick in days, as I moved I got uncomfortable as it was long and boxers were at its limit to starch, boxer was just new so it was pushing my dick back and it all got me in pain at the balls and dick was just waiting to be used as I could see pre-serum making boxers wet. I looked of the tissues and pad in medicine drawer at the back of the mirror, both were not there.

"I can't find it here, anywhere else," I said "Just go down I can manage now," I noticed she was feeling better as her voice suggested.

At this moment I saw her stand in front of me and she was just right in my face and her boobs were nearly touching me. her hand was one on my back and she started to push me was like I wanted to help but I was forced not to.

the whole afternoon mom didn't come downstairs, now I was really scared if she had something really bad health, but nearly around 6 PM Mauli came. Mauli worked with mom and was just bad as she looked, I didn't like her much, she is also mother of my friend AB, we played basketball together, he was centre for new team he said the first thing as we saw each other, we only said "hello" and Mauli was already in moms room.

while both the girls had there a time we talked about the new coach and talked about the college that I wanted to join. After nearly 5 mins Magi came back and said: "she is okay, nothing to worry and just feed her in her room don't make her come down tonight, I possible check for her in the night". "Okay but what happened to her" "You need to grow up, get a girl and you'll know" in her time cheapy voice that I hatted.

She left in just 15 mins as she came in. I went straight to moms room and saw her wiping her tears, she was in sheets I knew she wasn't wearing pants, I said "what's wrong mom if you can't tell me just give me a hint" "Its just like you have unusual two periods at once and this the reason why some people have twins, I never had one like this rest I'm okay, then what did Mauli tell you" "Just nothing you know get a girl and you'll know" she smiled.

"Why the tears" I added" "Mauli just told me I got promoted today any that is the reason bossman wanted me to come" "Congratulation mom" hugged her and kissed her, but when I wanted to kiss her she turned her face and I kissed her lips, her lips were just dry. We both said sorry at the same time and laughed at the same.

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Chapter 4 Till this moment I only had hard dicks but never thought to have sex with her. But that night mom was sleeping with her room open, when I went to her room I noticed that she was sleeping on her belly and I saw that she was in her panties only.

I made a clear knock but she didn't move a bit, so made a knock again she moved and said "go away son let me sleep I'm tired and had really long Monday" I left, but as soon I went to my room a thought went by and turned back to her room I said "can I sleep with you tonight, Mauli told me so" Well, she didn't say anything g like that, I just wanted to see if she was fingering herself again.

"okay come in, but you'll have to bring your own sheets I'm not sharing" I brought mine and at this time she was turned and she even removed her panties, it the second ye she was naked in front of me, this time in bed, that moment I thought if I could fuck her, she looks great, has a great body, I'm 18 and still virgin had a dick of 9 inches, matching girth. I went to her bed and slept in her bed but in my sheets, that night mom slept nice, but her likes of position kept me awake and I was fantasising the whole time like she would like my cum in her pussy or ass, blowjobs in the morning and fuck all nights.

Watching her great body in very dim lights from street and hall made her even sexier, her pussy had no bush, boobs were separated by a gap in which I can put my dick. Having these thoughts made me hard again. This time I had the liberty to throw away the boxers and let my dick breath in sheets, at that moment that was the best I could do.

I fell asleep, I don't know when, but the morning was surprisingly awesome. The clock was saying 6:30 AM, out both sheets, were gone and mom had her right leg on my both legs, knee touching my balls and her hand was on my chest, head on my shoulders, whereas my one hand was on her back and other on her pussy.

For some time I stayed there and tried to move my hand on her pussy, into her pussy. But before that, I had to make sure that she was sleeping, made a move in my shoulder holding her head. I moved my first finger on the clit but it was dry, as I expected. I moved my finger in a clockwise direction and thought it was right for her, with my hand on her back I tried to get it in her ass but didn't want to rush too.

So only keep the motion on pussy, in some moments I went a step further tried to get a finger in her pussy. It was hard and even drier. So I left it, I was also scared that mom would wake up to find me in her pussy, but my dick was hard again.

Soi had to something now, I moved my hand from back to her ass pinched it a bit so she would wake up, she did move her leg even up, now my dick was touching my navel and was forced my mom's knee. I pinched it again and she moved completely opposite direction, showing me her back and ass. Her ass was huge, soft like bubble butts, sized nearly 40 inches, it was lying a few inches away from me.

But I knew if I fuck her butts, I'll rape and I didn't want to rush so took my boxers and went to the kitchen naked I made us some breakfast and wore new dark-coloured boxers, I tried to wake mom up at nearly 7:30 AM, asked her to wear something or she would like a shower, she said no to both and had some breakfast any Feed me too, after having some she said "so do you want to discuss what we had in yesterday" "What?" "Like if you have any more questions, because I have one" "go ahead" "How do you manage with this long, doesn't it hurt" I kind of knew what she was talking about but I said "what long, what are you talking about" "You come with me" She took the plate to the kitchen, she was walking naked I was in boxers with a tent and average soft Bonner.

She then turned on the TV, switched to a porn channel, and said "I know you have this long dick and I saw it yesterday and day before that" "A lot happened in two days, and yes I have a 9-inch long dick." "Show it to me, I want to see, you have seen naked so many times, I'm walking with no clothes rights now, you have a long dick, longer than I thought" I pushed my boxers to knee but she pushed it even further, she was on her knees and looking at my dick from every angle, I was rock solid by now, and mom was measuring the girth, she said in very low voice "it would not fit in, but I have to try" "You said something" "Just looking for a spot" She pushed my balls and at a very sensitive point she pushed her figure and it made me even harder, I felt like length and girth also increased a bit, but moments letter i felt my balls to go long and deep under themselves.

"What was that" "Just some magical tricks, no matter and no doubt you are virgin" "How did you know" "I'm the mom I know everything" pulling up my boxers she said don't go to the bathroom and throw it all away, she went to her room and bathroom with a brushed and went back to her room. She was walking naked all the time. "I need to take a loo", I said. "Oh come in but I'll watch you" "Oh k" I went to the bathroom, mom was already in it, I took out dick via zip lock to piss, but rock solid made its way to the wall opposite to mom and mom took dick in her hand she turned it towards to seat but she couldn't do it.

"You are really horny, do you want to fuck, or want to let go" "Fuck everything I just need to get rid of this rock solid dick for now" I only said this and mom took away boxers, I pissed in them too and mom was having a bath in it. I was abrased by how much I pissed to make her so wet.

We went to the tub that was already full and was at the right temp. I set in it, mom set right next to me, though it was large enough of both of us, she was sitting on the floor, she said "where but no in my room" "Mine than" "Its small" "Couch" "Let's go but let me wash my self and I promise you I'll take revenge" "I'm not scared now"I stood up but mom pushed me again and she came in the tub. She was sitting in the front of me and having a look at my dick and after two mins she stood up took her bath robs, only put it not tieing laces.

I stood up next wet and warm, used a towel as my bath robs were in my room. Chapter 5 When we got down she turned off the TV that was in for this long. It was only 10:30 we sat there for some time saying nothing and my boner was on rest. "I like anal, you know last anal was 17 years ago" Saying only this she made me hard again.

She stood up and said have you ever tested my pussies or asses. I obviously said no, but before I could say anything she turned me shown me her asshole. It was pink just like her pussy and nipples. "Lick it like a candy" I made my way to her asshole and licked it from bottom to top after a few times it was wet in my own saliva and so wet that I could drip.

She was moaning, now experience of watching porn came it, I made my way into an asshole, as I put my tongue in she made a drip and moved a bit further, forcing my tough out. She turned and said "lay down on the floor" I did the same. As I was laying down mom threw away her robs and my towel was already gone. She set on my face and put her asshole on the mouth, I put my tough in by stretching ass a bit by pulling than away from the hole, As soon as my tongue was in I left the butts making a clap on my face.

After nearly 15 mins of her face sitting she stood up and made her way for a long-awaited blowjob. It was just amazing when she only took the head of the dick in, it tickled a bit but after that, it happened, again and again, I was almost about to shoot after 20 mins. She suddenly stopped and my play with her butts and pussy stopped too.

She said up again and turned toward me and said "I love you son" "I love you to mom" She took my dick and set on it with her asshole taking the dick in. She hissed a bit everytime time she took it.


It was like girth was too much for her and she was taking in more and more. Hisses turned in to moans and for the next 15 mins she was doing it all by her self and I was holding her boobs and looking at my dick going in.

"Mom I'm about to shoot" "Shoot in me.mmm. shoot in the asshole.aaahhhh.shoot like you don't have shoot rest of your life. Mmm.aaaa.aaaa.ahh.mmm" She was shouting a lot and for the next 5 mins she fucked her self like crazy and when I cum shot she took my whole dick in and I gave nearly 10 long blasts and a few smaller ones, her ass was full of cum she sat there, with my dick in her ass. After a few moments, she said least go to the bathroom and stood up from dick, it felt like dead but wet in cum if my own.

Chapter 6 We went to the bathroom and she was taking the shower and gave my dick awash with her mouth. Her blowjob made me hard again and this time I did something that she didn't expect. I grabbed her head with one hand and pushed it on the dick making the head of dick go as deep as her throat, and let go in just 30secs and she was coughing and was out of breath, but I loved it.

So after 15 secs I grabbed her head again and gave her more deeper deepthroat. She also liked it as she got comfort after a few shots of deep throats. After that, I grabbed her head and made her stand, saliva was still at her mouth and she was drinking it. As she was done with drinking she told "how did you know to give a deepthroat, and deep throat like that" "I just knew, I didn't know what I was doing most of the time but I liked it hope you did too" "I got it but I didn't like deep throats much back then and I think I'll like them now" After she said that she looked at my dick again that was now touching her pussy was basically in her pussy, just the head but it was in.

"Hold your horses, we'll do it in the night but for now we need to get a shower and have something in, I don't what to make you weak by starving you" By now it was 1:30 and I realized that I was hungry and also needed to have some water so went to kitchen had a nearly half bottle of water and realised that mom was watching me, she said "keep yourself hydrated all the time, always have at least a glass of water after you shoot or masturbate" "Okay, but who is cooking, I don't think you can cook and I don't want to cook lunch" "I'll do it get a shower and I'm making us tuna" I liked the tuna and I remembered that we bought tuna last time we went shopping for the kitchen.

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I had a shower, wet and hungry came down to have lunch in towels and set right next to mom who was still naked. She took one bite and chew a bit, and said "lets do something funny to make it more fun", she stood and sat on my lap, her lips were near to mine and she kissed me, we kissed for the first time she was playing with my lips and tough was in lock with mine. She broke the kiss after nearly 3-4 mins and said "you know how to kiss too, you are your mamma" s perfect boy" She only said "perfect" when she needed something that she has said no to and the time the only thing I can think of was her pussy play.

"I know what you need but wait, it's have something, I'm starving and a bit tired too, I think I'll rest for sometime and as you said we have a night" She made that sad face but smiled, she was still a child when it came to acting like one, she jumped and jumped and after a few jumps, she started to clap.

Her boobs we also making the jump and moving in the round, I hear that her ass was also clapping. She was acting just like kids act when they are given candy. I laughed but she didn't mind it at all. We had lunch and moved back to our rooms, I was not able to sleep at and turned to changed sides in every minute, I didn't know what time it was when mom called for me and asked me to come to her room.

"Son do me a favour", who was wearing just her bikini "What it is" "You'll hate it but you need to go to Mauli's place she has some medical wash that I forgot, I've asked her where it is if you can go to her place and get it for me" "As you said I hate it, and why do you need a wash" "It's used to make pussies and asses clean after they are fucked and its a needed thing after creampie, I think you know what creampie it" "I know, it's like boys leave their cum in pussy or asshole, and did you told her about.

That" "About us, having sex, you creampieing me." "Yes.yes.yes"every time she paused to have breath.

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"No, I didn't, why would I, I told her I need it because I need to ways my pussy after yesterdays periods and I feel uncomfortable down here" "I'll go now, will bring you some fruits, I'll make you some juice and your favourite fruit salad" "She said it's in her room and keys are below her rose pot" she smiled Chapter 7 When I went to Mauli's home after taking some fruits for my friend, keys were below her rose pot as they only had one key for herself and she always lost stuff.i know of one time when she stayed at out place for just one night and we both buddies had movie Parth in our room as those two knew, but we watched porn and compared our dicks in length and girth.

I won with flying colours as he said but I think he is just great as I'm, well not now that I've fucked my mom. As soon was in her room I heard her car come to the garage, I came back to the hall, I think she took an early leave that day. she was wearing her golden red dress, she looked above average. "Hello," I said. "Here for the was I think," she said in her usual voice.

"Yes" "Wait" After two minutes she changed her cloths to our old team shirt and now I know why these two like each other, her boobs were also visible from cuts, very were also big and white as her skin tone. She went to bathroom and she said " how much she need" " i don't know she only told me get it from you" "K", she went to her room, after some time she came back with a huge bottel of some liquid and there were no markings on it.

She took the bottle to Store in basement, but befoe she was gone i asked. "Mauli, i need to take a loo, I'll be in AB's room" "Wait flush so broken, just use mine" " okey" I went to her room, vut before i was done she came back and knocked on the door, she asked "just flush everything you do, i dont want anything funny in the toilet" in her usual creappy voice that i hatted.

"Will do" "Just wait i eant to see you flush it, i wamt pprof, your AB dont do it" "I promise I'll do it" "No just open the door, i need to check" I insted on not to ipen the door and flushed, but was just as bad as she could be, she didn't let me out of the bathroom and pushed me back in. She took my hand and almost draged me towards the toilet seat.

This time I noticed that her bathroom was just like a girls should be she had everything pink or dark purple, even the light near the mirror were some shade of pink, one the other hand her toilet and bathtub here the only two things in that room that were black, I didn't knew that there were some black toilet and black bath tubs. But what happens next I didn't seven thought that could happen and Mauli of all people could be one doing it in front of me. She dropped her pants and she wasn't even wearing her panties, she sat on the toilet seat and said "not I'll show you how it's done" and she started to piss.

I closed my eyes amd tried very hard not to hear her pissing noices, but bathroom ecoed like there were some speakers ecoing the noices. As soon as she was done i heard flush, i was finally opend my eyes and started to move out of the bathroom but Mauli held my hand again. "Now what,you have shown me how to flush, what elese you wamt to show" i got a bit angry this time because it was going too far for me.

"I want you" she put my hand that she was holding on the bush, that was thick and looked like over due for a shave or a cut. I was more pissed, not because she was doing something stupid like trying to get me fuck her but because she is my friends mom and I are respaced our friendship so I respaced her too. I took my hand off and moved out of the batthroom and said "I just need that medicin nothing else, look you are my frriend's mom and on matter i respect my friends and above all you are also my mothers friend and I respect you in both senses, i won't do anything crazy to brack two relatltions at the same time" and moved out of the room and got down to hall.

She came down too, he was till naked down the waist, her bushs werr clearly hiding her her pussy, if she was grwing them for that purpose. Not that i want to be dis-racpectedfull to anything.


"IF YOU DO T DO IT I'LLCAL YOUR MOM AMD TELL HER TTHAT YOU TRIED TO RAPE ME" she shouted and she was very angry, saying that she took her top off with ger bra showing her boobs and they were slightky smaller than my mom and were not perfect round, they were pulled from down and we're ovel i shape.

"I just do it i won't do it, i told you" "So you won't do it then why are your parents are growing up, show me your dick, of it an't eric you can go" "What,it's defiantly Eric, that a wrong deal and if you insist I'll only do it of you don't anyone, if you did I'll tell everyone that you fuck for money and when you couldn't pay back the rent you fucked me for rent" She took the deal, and came near me and took of my pants and took of my underwear too and took my dick in hand and said "this is huge" and took in mouth nearly deapthroating herself in just Frist time, i don't knew that she was also also had one of her fingers in my ass too I was surprised but it got me horny and want to fuck her bad so as she was done stroking me for nearly 2mins I took her head and gave her a really deapthroat.

she was so of herself that she pushed her finger in my ass more deep, I don't rid of that took that hand and pushed it in her mouth and lifted her in arms, she was lighter than I expected and fingers in her mouth, she took it too deep, she almost choked herself. Chapter 8 I dropped her at her couch I put my dick on her pussy and gave it a push, I was only head in almost screamed "lick it first, make me wet" "I won't, your bush is ugly and I don't like it" only saying that I gave another push and put hand on the mouth to block her screams, I was only half in and waited for a moment to give her some rest, she was screaming down my hand had tried to push it of.

I took my dick out and alsrremoved my hand from her mouth. She said "you are a monsteryou need to lick it first" she put her hand on her bush and said "I'll make it way go away for you, just come with me" She took me to AB's room and looks in his drawers, she took out his trimmer that I knew he used it to cut the bush, they took me to bathroom and plugged the trimmer in socket and plugged the size 1 on it.

She was so agrasive with the trimmer so I hold her hand and said "take it easy, I'll do it" I took the trimmer and stared to cut, minding her pussy between her bush. After just a few seconds of trimming her dark coloured pussy was in front of my fact, I could tell she was still horny because she was still breathing high. She said "When you are done make my pussy do through water" So after nearly 5 mins i was done she was so dence that floor was all in bush hair, and her pussy was in it too, I turned on the water, just cold to make her suffer, but she didn't have much of a notion that she didn't like it cold.

She was now wet and said "you are good at it, not eat it I can't hold my self anymore" I put my mouth on her pussy and kissed it like I would kiss lips, she pushed my head in, I pushed my toungh in and moved it around, I was now pushing my mid finger in her asshole but it didn't regist much and took my whole finger in in just one shot, I was now licking her pussy and was two finger in ass.

After some moments I stood up and took her to the room and pushed her to the bed, turned her up so I could see her boobs and pussy again, I put my dick on her pussy and she said "just wait and go slow", but I didn't listen, I knew I hatted hershe arranged all by her self to get me my revenge. I pushed in and before she could say anything I was nearly one fourth of my dick in her, with another push I went half in and waited there I took it out but gave another push and this time I was stoped by what I think a wall in her pussy that was nearly 7 inch deep her pussy.

She was in a different world when I touched that wall, she screamed so loud that I had to take it out and give her pussy rest, I was up to no good at that time I knew her ass can take me all in so I fixed dick in her ass and gave a very powerful push she was nearly fainted as I pushed.

She took a hold of her self and said "fuck you and take it easy on my ass and pussy" "Oh!fuck you bitchyou'll regret getting fuck by me for rest of your life, and if you try to forget me these two holes will remind you again" I was still in her asshole.

Took it out a bit and pushed it again and took out and pushed again but this time I was balls deep and bolls touched her ass it made a pop sound. And I liked it so I took my dick all out and pushed all in just one shot and the pop was louder than last one.i noticd that she was not cooperating with me and she was now now holding her ass apart so I could fuck her harder, after nearly few shots she was now figuring her pussy so I said "don't you finger in from me" I took her hand off and took my dick out and pushed nealy more than half in she screamed again.

"Why are you screaming" "I don't like it fast in pussy, asshole can do but not pussy" Now I knew what I need to fuck, so I took my dick out a bit and Puch again and repeated for nearly 20 mins she was screaming all the time but never got full in. "Do you fuck your mother like that." "What the hell" and I pushed too hard and welt full in nearly destroying her pussy and she screamed so loud that my ears started to ring, she was now dancing on the bed, but it was easy to hold her, her dancing got my dick out and soon came the squirt It was hot and she made me wet in her squirt.

When she was done she said "thank you for doing that to me, and I'm sorry for saying that I know it was our of line" "No worries, I'm nearly done so where would you like it" "All in as deep as your can go" I grabbed her boobs and pushed it again in but slowly, after a few shots I posed all in with all straight i had, it was nearly the time I was done.

After a few more shots I was about to cum, I gave another very powerful shot an cummed all in. I have her nearly 12 long shot and a few small skits of cum. I took my dick or and gave a also at her pussy. She laughed and I laid next to her.

She said "I've been with many guys and girls but never with someone like you" "You never will, you know where to find me" I stood up and moved to bathroom to wash my dick and face as it was all in sweat. But Mauli came in and said "wait wash your dick with this, it will be clean and better" she gave me a cap filled with liquid smelling like nice perfume but in alcohol, it was transparent blue and was very cold.

As I applied it on my dick,I cold and I couldn't feel anything for nearly 30 sseconds. She took a step further she took a measuring cup and poured Nealy 30 ml and asked me to give it all in her pussy, that was now dripping cum that I left in and as I tried to starch it a bit to pour it opened like a bottle and nealy same as by dicks girth, she didn't felt cold I think because she didn't even had one mussel on her face after a few seconds she stood up and gave it all a wash.

I took my clothes and bottle of liquid and moved out to go to my home, where my mom waiting for me. Chapter 9 After slow driving for 20 mins, i dot home and while i was driving i was thinking what if my dick didnt wasn't able to perform to night as i was nealy feeling nothing because of cold i got from that stupid liquid, i stoped about a mile away from home and searched on the internet about the liquid and found out that it os just sanitizer that can be used in side yiu body, but cold i felt is just after effects of it and it will be gone in few hours.

I also searched for dick outperforming after two session on sex, i found that if i do it again without anymore performance issues I'm all good or else i have got testosterone deficiency. I laughed, amd went home. "You took a lot time, and I just called Mauli and she said you left nearly half hour ago" she said and was standing naked as i came in as i came in. I had to come up with excuse, and as someone said 'saved my the bbell', phone rang and it was clinic.

They wantes her to come and finish up some files as the guy befor her left in morning and he wasn't happy with her promotion. She asked me to come as she will have an excuse to come back soon. She got dressed and we left in my car as i didnt like her's it is a pink car and only she can drive it.

After a minutes into the drive she said "whats that smell, it smells like in body sanitizer and i didnt used it yet" "I dont know, i don't smell it" "I dont know but where were you, as you took so long" I need an excuse, so i was fucked and i couldn't tell mom about fucking her best friend after just a few hours of fucking her.

"There was too much traffic and car alsi needed refueling" i did refuel car when i was going to Mauli's place. "Okey" so she took the bait i think.

After just few miles we were at clinic, she had a very warm welcome, she was happy and everyone gave har some sort of gifts, i think it was the usual joke in clinic as she laughed at everyone and evey gift she got.

She was sent to her room/office. Sue was happy and had some really nice things that were really costly but it was all in her office. She closes the door as everyone was gone, she jumped and hugged me, she crossed her legs to mine amd kissed me again, she waa just more tham happy at that time.

After nealy 10mins she got a call on intercom and she waakes to sign some files as someone she admitted was going home after successful surgery, he also gave her a relly nice looking card made by his daughters and also gave her a hug, she was more happy, her birds of happiness were flying in clear sky. After nearly one hour wait we got out of her office and her clinic she said "lets go and get a bottle tonight whatever you like" "I don't drink neither should you, you just got promoted amd i dont think any nurce would like you if you came to clinic drunk or in hangover" "I dont know that i need a 3-4 can of beer, yiu can get whatever you need" "Okey"we turned to a whine shop that was not so far but we gad to travel extra for the shop.

We got 6 can of beer, and i knew i would get drunk in just one can but still got it as it was cheaper to but the pack of 6. We got home, she made some chicken and it tested really great with the the beer. I always knew that there was something missing but veer was one i did never expected that. After the dinner we sat on couch, mom was really 3 cans down and i was on 2nd, she was rwally drunk and she said "do you know why you should drink alteast one can of beer in a week, it will never give yiu a stone, cardiac arrest, liver problems." In her drunk voices.

"Know, but i dont like the test." "You will, after a few of them you will like" I took another sip but it was empty and i need another one it was like it was calling for me. I got one for my self. When i turned to the couch i saw mom was getting naked she didn't had any bra or panties whole time she went to clinic.

She said "you promised me your dick in this pussy" saing so she put her whole finger in her pussy, she hissed, i knew it was painful and she was not so much wet to do do any of fingering. I took her hand out. "Just wait yiu are drunk, and I'm too, i dont think we should do it now" "Dont you love me" her drunk voice eas now mixed with her kid like voice.

"I do but i dont want to fuck you right now" "No you don't, you dont love me,no one loves me" she started to cry. I didn't knew what happened to me but i dropped beer and took beer from her and lifted her up and took to her room.

She was asleep in my arms, naked, drunk, her sexy boobs were bouncing with every step her pussy was nearly near my thumb and was just as great as it could be.

I put her in her bed amd she said "Paul, is that you" "Who is Paul, im Sohil, mom" "Its your dad, that fucker was Paul and you are just as handsome as he was" ".mmm." I didnt had anywords to was ut was first time i herd his name i was drunk too and didn't had much if the thought.

"He fucked me, he loved me, you dont love your mamma, yiu are a bad boy, you don't keep you promises." She was totally drunk and i didn't had any idea other that just doing what she asked me what to do. So i looked at her pussy again and said "i love you, i m going to do whatever you say". She pointed her finger to her pussy. I looked at it again, and there was no sing that it was wet amd ready to fuck. I separated her legs and started to lick and basically eat her pussy, her walls ware just of great test and she was moaning.

She said "you come to lick or fuck it you asshole" I didn't had any reply. I took of all my clothes and put my dick in her mouth as needed some blowjob to make it had, but she refused by turning her face and pussed me away.

I knew she only need it in her pussy. So i gave it a hit. I did put head in her pussy and she moaned again, so i gave it a push and she hissed but she was just as great to fuck as i gave another push i got nearly in to full length. She shouted and said "that is what i like". I took it whole out ans looked at her pussy it was now wet and i could also see that my dick was also wet. I gave my dick another puch to all in and i was all in and i want hit by any walls like Mauli's pussy.

I kept on pulling amd pushing. She was just holding my dick in every time. After nealy fucking her for 25 mins, changing position in every now and then. I was about to cum and i said "I'm about to cum, where do you like it" "All the way deep in" she said After just a few more shots I was cumming in her pussynas deep ans my dick went.

I slept in there with my mom. In the morning I woke up first and found my mom on me with my dick in her pussy, i was in a headache of hangover, she was lying on me with her boobs on my chest and hands on my head. i woke my mom up and she just hung as me. She fucked my dick till I cumed again in her pussy in just 5 mins. She got down from me amd said "I was never fucked like this, and do you remember what happened last night" "Nothing but it was just great as it could be" She took me to the bathroom and was now dripping my cum, it was making ita way from her legs, she took some on her fingers and licked it.

She said "your cum in good, you just need a healthy diet and you can even fuck for 5 times a day"